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  1. If i was to expand into this investment what is the difference in purchasing a gold coin or a gold oz bar? My thought would to to sell it back when the prices rise substantially. 1 oz Gold Bar - Perth Mint (In Assay) $1,374.19 1 oz Gold American Eagle BU (Random Year) $1,379.19 Thank you
  2. jb4388

    Go Iraq

    Here was a screenshot of it on 6-24-2017 ** For entertainment purposes only**
  3. Firefox this morning. Tomorrow morning I'll send an email using Explorer and Chrome.
  4. I'm still waiting for them to reply to my email to reset my password.
  5. On the occasion of Eid Al-Ftir it decided that : Last session before Eid will be on Monday Jun. 3 , 2019 First session after Eid will be on Sunday Jun. 9 , 2019
  6. Credit Bank of Iraq (BROI) invited its shareholders to receive their cash dividend (2.5% cash dividend, IQD0.025 dividend per share) starting May. 28, 2019 A current list of ISX company dividends can be found at A new ISX Newsletter is usually released weekly.
  7. Announcement 30/5/2019 The Gulf Commercial Bank awarded *(The Most Secured Bank in Iraq)* from the International Federation of Arab Bankers for the year 2019. And Al Karmal staff congrats their CEO as he represent the Vice Chairman of Gulf Commercial Bank Mr Wassim Al Jazrawy for leading the bank a high level of Risk Management and secure their clients liquidity cash on depositing procedures. The ISX index ended of the day at 494.05 (0.88% day change) . The number of day traded shares was 2,345,557,890 and the day trading volume was 1,088,268,667.
  8. Thanks those are the same email addresses I'm using.
  9. So I have looked back at May of last year to see if the ISX would provide any indication of more investment into Iraq and a possible clue to an RV. I'm no expert but here are the daily trades this month and last year at this time. I missed a few days but here are most of them this month. Starting May 7th I saw a larger volume of trades being made. 12 of 16 days have had a larger volume of trading compared to last year. Take it for what it's worth. Beginning with May 5th ( first number is 2018 second number is this year 2019) May 5th 589/127 May 6th 396/259 May 7th 367/449 * May 8th 368/500 May 9th 368/576 and the rest 420/469 411/581 478/387 404/475 460/308 295/578 332/600 301/464 274/444 268/393 254/464
  10. Q1 Has anyone communicated with Warka Bank in the past month or two? I have been trying to get access to my my online account. It says I'm using the wrong password. (I'm not) . No reply to my emails, all sent in the early morning hours. Q2 So I'm wondering if anyone can see their account info? Q3 If you have has recent communications with Warka Bank , what was the email address you used? Thanks all.
  11. I have done several wire transfer to Bank of Baghdad > Al Karmal Account > ends up in your account at al Karmal. MR. Ajina will give you the info. If you plan to do more than one (over time) set up a reoccurring wire transfer number. ( I believe that's what it's called) which I did at my State Credit Union. The second time you want to transfer money you give the bank teller your number and the info that they spent 20 minutes entering the first time is already saved on their screen. (usually) Onetime I asked for the wire transfer and gave the teller my a copy of the info just in case she needed to look at it again, she emailed me when it was complete. I didn't nee to stand there and wait. ( ps. I know the teller so she wasn't a stranger) The only cost was for the international wire transfer ($25) I think.
  12. Trading has picked up the last two days on the ISX.Lets hope these number continue to grow. Number of Trades the past 5 days 207, 127, 259, 449 and 500
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