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  1. So I email my broker (the pdf) and asked about transferring some of my Warka funds to them in order to purchase some more stocks. Here was his reply for what itś worth. Yes the translation is quite good for the letter you send me. And Al Warka bank is no more under custody. And they are almost do their operations 100%. But about their finical situation you may contact them if they can transfer the fund you have to us or not? It is up to you and them. So contact them and wait for their response if that possible and have the liquidity to get back your funds in the bank.
  2. Also on Rabee's Securities site. Based on the CBI’s decision no. (127) for the year 2019 that Al-Warkaa Investment Bank (BWAI) has resumed its activities and provides banking services such as issuing letters of guarantee and documentary credits for the purpose of working with the Bank through these activities and accepting the letters of guarantee issued by it
  3. Here are the addresses I've used to contact Warka in the past. I also attach a Word Doc. with my ID and Signature asking the same as what you have requested in your email. Mohammad Kamal <>;
  4. It took made several attempts to get my online password reinstated. I would email Eastern standard time around 3 AM on Sunday morning. And again on Monday at the same time. I never sent emails on Friday or Saturdays as it is their weekend off.
  5. The System Hosting in Iraq Stock Exchange, and All the Equipment and Applications of this Project will be inside the Iraq Stock Exchange. The system must be compatible with the ISX X-Stream and Equator Systems 3- System consists of three Modules, the First Module is OMS ,the Second Module is for Investor Services, and the Third Module is for Brokers Services.and the these Modules should be Desktop Application. read more here.. Works 2019/ISX Book/Ref.pdf
  6. Commercial Bank of Iraq (BCOI) decided to distribute 3.8% cash dividends (IQD0.038 cash dividend per share, 7.9% dividend yield) in its AGM that was held today (Oct. 2, 2019)
  7. Pretty much need to send a letter (email) yearly asking for you account to stay active. I have had it lapse a few times but with in a month more or less I have had it reactivated.
  8. Sumer Commercial Bank (BSUC) will resume trading tomorrow (Sep. 25, 2019) after discussing and approving 2018 annual financial statements and deciding to distribute 4% cash dividend (IQD0.04 dividend per share, 7.3% dividend yield). The opening price will be IQD0.510 with +/-10% change.  Mamoura Real-estate Investment (SMRI) invited its shareholders to receive their cash dividend (5% cash dividend, IQD0.05 dividend per share) starting Oct. 1, 2019.
  9. I use Firefox to look at my account. That link is the correct one to use. I believe it asked if I trusted this site etc. and something about security exception to bypass whatever was holding it up in the past. I said YES. I figured if I can't get my money from Warka surely a cyber thief can't either.
  10. Very true. I just hope no one buys this stuff thinking its the lower notes because it looked new.
  11. I went on the CBI site and did not see them in the circulated category. Should have looked under Withdrawn Banknotes from Circulation. That is why I wanted it to be shown here first. I guess it's buyer beware.
  12. I found this photo on FB posted 2 hours ago. I'm posting it in the rumor section because I have not see this before. Anyone??
  13. A number of media sites published news about the launch of Iraqi companies shares in global stock exchanges. There are no truth to such information .Thus, the Iraq Stock Exchange ISX - the only official market in Iraq, disclaims its legal and financial responsibility from any action or damage inflicted on any traders because of such news.
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