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  1. A number of media sites published news about the launch of Iraqi companies shares in global stock exchanges. There are no truth to such information .Thus, the Iraq Stock Exchange ISX - the only official market in Iraq, disclaims its legal and financial responsibility from any action or damage inflicted on any traders because of such news.
  2. Looking at these lists not going to be many companies left to trade..... From Sunday 8/18/19 Traded Companies 37 High Companies 6 Low Companies 16 General Assembly Co. 0 Suspended Co. 21 Non Traded Co. 45 Based on the Securities Commission book number (1610/10) on 18/8/2019. It was decided to suspend trading on the shares of mixed joint stock companies - Ishtar Hotels. - Palestine Hotel. - Al Sudair Hotel. - Mansour Hotels. - Production of ready-made clothes. - Al Kindi vaccines production. - Iraqi Engineering Works. - Al Hillal Industrial. - Light industry. - Electronic Industries. - Iraqi Carton Industries. - Modern Paint Industries. - Modern construction materials industry. - Fallujah for the production of construction materials. - Iraq for the transfer of oil products and goods. - Al Badia General Transport. - Iraqi Land Transport. As of Tuesday's meeting on 20/8/2019 for not meeting the financial disclosure requirements and not presenting the final accounts for the financial year ended 31/12/2018. Based on the Securities Commission No. (1609/10) on 18.8.2019. It was decided to suspend trading of all banking companies - Al Qabidh Islamic Bank. - Region Commercial Bank. - National Islamic Bank. - Bank of Babylon. - Middle East Bank. - The Economy Investment Bank. - Union Bank of Iraq. - North Bank. - Dar Al Salam Bank. - Bank of the Tigris and Euphrates. - Bank of tender (former Islamic countries) As of Tuesday's meeting on 20/8/2019 for not meeting the financial disclosure requirements and not presenting the final accounts for the financial year ended 31/12/2018.
  3. “Due to the approaching Eid al-Adha holiday, the exchange’s management has decided not to organize trading sessions for the days from August 11 to August 15 due to the Eid al-Adha holiday,” the stock exchange’s management said in a statement received. The statement added, “The first trading session in the Iraqi market for securities will be after Eid al-Adha and as of Sunday, 18/8/2019.”
  4. National Company for Tourism Investment (HNTI) will resume trading tomorrow (Jul. 29, 2019) after discussing and approving 2018 annual financial results and deciding to distribute 18% cash dividend (IQD0.18 dividend per share, 1.96% dividend yield). The opening price will be IQD9.010 with +/-10% change.
  5. Bank Of Baghdad (BBOB) General Assembly Meeting was held on Saturday 20/7/2019 at Grand Millennium Hotel , to discuss financial statement of 2018 , cash dividend , elect (7) original members and reverse members of Board of Directors . Trading has been suspend at Tuesday 16/7/2019
  6. Also posted today in daily newsletter The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) announced on Thursday the signing of a new agreement with the US stock exchange on the technology of trading and deposit securities. "Nasdaq and the ISX have signed a new agreement to expand their technology relationships for the next five years starting in October 2019," Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, chief executive of Nasdaq Stock Market said. "Nasdaq will continueLicense, support and maintain ISX systems and upgrade the technology of trading and securities deposit (CSD) for the next five years," he added. (Alsumaria)
  8. This is where I got that info and they post when dividends are available. Look here : Then click newsletters. One should be coming out this week, Works 2019/ISX Newsletters/4 July 2019/mobile/index.html#p=4
  9. Mamoura Real-estate Investment (SMRI) decided to distribute 5% cash dividend (IQD0.05 cash dividend per share, 2.8% dividend yield) in its AGM that was held today (Jul. 15, 2019). Credit Bank of Iraq (BROI) decided to distribute 2% cash dividend (IQD0.02 cash dividend per share, 5.1% dividend yield) in its AGM that was held on Jul. 13, 2019.
  10. Book of the Iraqi Stock Exchange (stop trading companies not to provide quarterly disclosure for the first semester of 2019). (10/1288) in 2019/7/4 it was decided to suspend the trading of the shares of the companies below as of Monday's session 08/7/2019 for failing to meet the disclosure requirements and not to submit the financial statements for the first quarter of 2019. List of companies that did not submit data for the first quarter of 2019: 1- Dar Al-Salam Investment Bank 2- Erbil Investment & Finance Bank 3- The modern company for animal production 4- Ashour Hotel 5- Ishtar Hotels 6 - Iraqi Carton Industries 7. National Furniture Industries 8. Al-Khazer for the production of construction materials 9 - Manufacture of modern construction materials 10 - Industries of modern dyes 11. Gulf Insurance 12- Badia for public transport 13 - Iraq to transport petroleum products and goods 14. Al-Khair Financial Investment
  11. In accordance with the duties of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) provided for in its law and in order to ensure the stability of the banking sector and increase trust in it, the CBI announced the approval of the company registration department in the Ministry of Commerce to establish the Iraqi Deposit Guarantee Company. The Iraqi Deposit Guarantee Company was established with the participation of 42 banks, including 6 government banks, 21 private Iraqi banks, 15 Arab and foreign banks, the National Insurance Company and the State Pension Fund, with a capital of IQD100 bn. (CBI) Would like to see if Warka Bank is anywhere on this private bank list?
  12. The Council of Representatives will complete Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's cabinet on Thursday (June 27) if it votes to approve his latest nominee for education minister. The Prime Minister’s office sent an official statement to the Council of Representatives nominating Zahida Abdulla Mohammed. Abdul Mahdi has also sent six additional nominations to the parliament for five non-ministerial positions. Ali Abdul Amir Allaw has been nominated as central bank governor and Salah Nuri Khalaf as head of the financial control bureau. Mohammed Abdul Mahdi Mohammed Taqi was nominated for the position of PM’s adviser, Fayaz Hassan Nima and Hamid Younis Salih as deputy ministers of oil, and Adil Kareem Ahmed as deputy minister of industry and minerals. (NRT tv)
  13. If i was to expand into this investment what is the difference in purchasing a gold coin or a gold oz bar? My thought would to to sell it back when the prices rise substantially. 1 oz Gold Bar - Perth Mint (In Assay) $1,374.19 1 oz Gold American Eagle BU (Random Year) $1,379.19 Thank you
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