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  1. From And there you go.... The ISX will be closed from Jun. 7, 2020, till Jun. 11, 2020 06/06/2020 18:08 The ISX will be closed from Jun. 7, 2020, till Jun. 11, 2020 in accordance with the decisions of The Higher Committee for Health and National Safety due to the full curfew imposed on the country.
  2. Just saw this on twitter so I'm thinking it would apply to the ISX as well, probably get more info tomorrow.. The @IraqiGovt extends the nationwide curfew until Saturday 13/06/2020.
  3. Warka Bank is not currently listed on the ISX therefore you can't buy it. I do not know if Warka will get their affairs in order to be invited back to the ISX platform. If you hold Warka Stocks ( in your name , not in a proxy account) you hypothetically would stand a better chance selling them one day IF... Warka ever gets listed again on the ISX. Lots of unanswered questions at this point and Warka doesn't seem to be in a rush to answer these questions. There are other banks listed on the ISX if your wanting to buy bank stocks, you just need to open an account with a broker.
  4. The ISX will be closed from May 31, 2020, till Jun. 6, 2020 30/05/2020 16:43 The ISX will be closed from May 31, 2020, till Jun. 6, 2020 in accordance with the decisions of The Higher Committee for Health and National Safety due to the full curfew imposed on the country.
  5. Here was some news about Baghdad Soft Drink that I received right before the holiday in Iraq. Baghdad Soft Drink (IBSD) financial statement of 1stQ 31/03/2020 comparing with financial result of 1stQ 31/03/2019 The company has shown a big jump in cash liquidity from1st Q2019 to 2020 by 330% and the cash is equal to 70% of the capital. The statement showing the total liquid assets to the capital is 103% with the stock of row material covered the sales for 3 months later. In addition, the balance was showing, and the growth of the total assets by 20% in 1stQ 2020 compared to 2019. The book value per share is 2.125. The revenue has increased by 10% compared to1st Q2019. The profit and loss statement shows net profit before tax by 10.1B IQD equivalent to 8.4M $by 22% increase compare to the same period 2019. Historically, known the company has made 19.5% net profits for the year ended at 2019 and they can distribute dividends within the next GA as expected at end of June or July.
  6. Rabee Site as well... Note: ISX will be closed starting from May. 22, 2020 due to the religious holiday of Eid Al-Fitr. The next trading session will be held on May. 31, 2020. ISX will resume trading five days a week starting Sunday (May. 31, 2020). The lower daily price change limit will be maintained 5% and the upper daily price change limit will be maintained at 10%.
  7. Greetings …. ISX will be closed from May 21,2020 due to the National Holiday for Eid Al-Fitter, The next session will be held on Sunday May 31, 2020. Happ Eid Best Regards
  8. This was from the Rabee site on May 5th but not on the daily brief on May 7th. (Thier announcement is in red )
  9. Looks promising... Newly elected Government and....BOOM !
  10. Announcement Dear Clients, the Iraq Stock Exchange has announced the following: 1 - Reducing trading sessions from 5 to 3 sessions per week, organized on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for the next two weeks. 2 - Adjusting the limit down percentage change decline to 5% instead of 10% from the previous closing price. 3 - Keeping the limit up percentage at 10% of the previous closing price. And these changes were made in order to maintain the stability of trading prices and prevent the collapse of prices due to the economic conditions in the world and because of the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic around the world.
  11. 26/04/2020 Work 2020/نشرة التداول/April/26-4-2020e.pdf
  12. Thanks for that update. Yes I am curious about how things will be adjusted on the ISX if lets say IQD was valued at 1:1 . Any thoughts?
  13. These are the sites that I look at. I have not seen any news saying anything about changes in shares.
  14. From the ISX itself.. According to the decision of the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety (Combating the Corona Virus Pandemic) No. 35 of 2020 issued on Sunday, April 19, 2020. The ISX Board of Governors decided: 1. Trading session in Iraq stock exchange will be held from Sunday, April 26, 2020, in accordance with the electronic trading instructions issued by the Securities Commission. 2. Brokerage firms will trade from their headquarters offices - remote trading. 3. The investor Gallery in the ISX will remain closed until further notice.
  15. Just another source. From Al Karmal Dear client, we want to announce that, the Iraqi government extended quarantine, and the prevent wandering until 25th April 2020 to limit the spread of coronavirus. And according to this decision, the trading session will remain closed during this period. The trading session will be held on 26th April 2020 as the ISX announcement.
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