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  1. miquel

    Go Iraq

    can u translate this please?
  2. a quick search under that name, not sure this is the same guy for sure, but he doesn't seem like the kind of guy you want for a neighbour....
  3. Yes! Makes sense to me. All of this smoke means someone's in the kitchen with Dinar! Someones in the kitchen I know oh oh!
  4. Smart money has them adjusting their exchange rate BEFORE Iran gets paid.
  5. Thanks for everyone's thoughtful input. I predict, I prophesy, I spy with my little eye... before the end of 2018 significant monetary change will be part of ALL of our experience! Enjoy the ride!
  6. I believe before the end of the year we will see monetary change. I have personal reasons why I believe this which I won't go into, but I am primed for this baby to pop in the next 6 weeks. Push Iraq, push!!!
  7. miquel

    Adam Montana 24 October 2018

    First a red wave, then a green wave our way cometh! May it be so!!
  8. miquel

    RV 2019 or Beyond?

    This pov doesn't jive with all the press we've seen recently with respect to pay pal coming to Iraq, banks streamlining etc. Would you say it's like there are two countries in Iraq, the tiny portion of elites and the rest of the minions who have next to nothing? So, from your observations, these elites are living high off the cow (not hog) and will keep milking that heifer until the day they die? I guess that's a lot like everywhere else on earth, more or less. Thanks for sharing. Miguel
  9. Yikes. Maybe it's time we all start praying for Iraq instead of bashing them for being lazy and backward etc. Calling them names is getting us more chaos and what we don't want. Well intentioned prayers might help God help them across the finish line and bring peace and prosperity to their long suffering people. Right now, they (and we) need God more than ever.
  10. miquel

    XE Heart Attack

    Can someone please vouch for and help throw out the idea this is a hoax by them? They are a legit outfit yes?? I would love me some numerical surprises!!
  11. WOW. You so matter of factly popped the huge collective balloon of anticipation that was filling up toward ready to burst. 3% chance? As good as you'll get in Reno.

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