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  1. What is the danger or possibility hedgies know or believe the stock market and economy is going to crash and burn soon? Thus, they're happy to keep up the charade because they feel they won't have to cover since EVERYTHING will be mammory glands up?
  2. If memory serves, this post mirrors another one you made a while back which unfortunately didn't pan out. Is this a different source or do you have more confidence in the prediction coming thru this time?
  3. Good morning Dinarrock! So, my understanding is Polosi dropped between $500,000 - 1 million for 20,000 shares in Alliance Bernstein near the end of 2020. Here is a link that shows AB's investment in AMC stock. Have a great day Dinarrock and apes / dinarians all over the world!
  4. Another angle that some are talking about is that Polosi's husband Paul has a boat load of AMC shares. He runs an investment firm for a living which owns a chunk of Alliance Bernstein, another global asset management firm. On May 6, AB disclosed it had almost 455,673 shares of AMC. Yet, on Feb 8 they disclosed having just 10,300 shares! That is one helluva increase in 3 months - to be precise, a 4,324% increase! The belief/hope is Mr and Mrs P will not allow these hedge funds to get away without paying up. So us apes have some fat, criminal cats on our team. Saddle up! We ride with the criminals to the moon!
  5. The translation wants to offer hope of something coming soóoonnn!! A little Father's Day hopium never hurt 👍
  6. Any other details you can add to this juicy rumour? We're on the crazy train these days with what's going on in the world so wouldn't be surprised. I'm praying your source is right!!! Thanks for sharing
  7. Interesting post from the heir to the Hermes luxury good company in France. Maybe we really are at the cusp of massive change... for the good. ------------------------- Alert now! All that has been going on in the ‘geopolitical background’ will now start to be revealed to the public. The ‘ten days of darkness’ is soon at an end. There will be much drama, and many of the population – those who are largely unaware of what is really happening – will be deeply shocked by emerging news and events. It will take a little time for these many people to integrate most of this new and positive information, as they are invested – often deeply – in the optics of what has been falsely promoted in the media for so long. The impending wave of good news – even though traumatizing to many – will herald a massive change in the fortunes of humanity. Although this will start in the USA, which has been the centre of covert actions to secure this great revision of the systems and institutions by which we live and are governed, this will quickly spread. In truth, the reach of the actions to shortly be revealed is global. Many governments will fall. The growing nationalist – populist movements around the planet will now gain real and practical traction, and take control of heavily revised government structures. Those institutions and political / religious structures that are the long-running system of controlling humanity will collapse or be taken apart – but it will be a struggle! Many people who have deep religious beliefs and commitments will find those beliefs morphing ‘back’ to the original inspired teaching on which religions were formed, teachings that have since been suppressed or perverted to serve the control system. This morphing will bring forward a significantly higher spiritual content than currently present in practices and dogmas of most conventional religions. Governments will become far leaner, and tasked to truly serve the people – always spoken of, but rarely followed through in practice. An era of creativity will emerge, a modern renaissance benefitting many aspects of our lives. The many ‘for profit’ corporations, formed around the globe to control and steal vast sums of money from Nations, states and almost all governmental services, constitutes a vast theft network to the benefit of the banksters, the Vatican, the British Crown and the small cadre of global elites. Systems of all-pervasive taxation have fed these control structures. It is reported that 34.5 quadrillion US dollars of value in gold, currency and artifacts was recently confiscated from the Vatican. These and other massive hidden resources are the main reason why most nations are hopelessly bankrupt, for their resources have been systematically plundered on an almost unbelievable scale. Usury has been a principal tool in further leveraging this theft system. The many ‘for profit’ corporations that are the operating structure for this global theft system will be systematically taken down. The central banks of almost all nations are private organizations owned and operated by syndicates of banksters. It was once said by a famous bankster ‘Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the law’. This has been applied to the fullest extend, and has allowed the elite to manipulate everything they set their focus on, controlling and profiting from their nefarious deeds without ever being held to account. That is why a tiny percentage, a small fraction of 1%, of the population now own around half the planet’s money and resources: it is the result of systematic, long term grand theft. Logically, trade and other transactions between nations should show some kind of balance, viewed globally. But not when the long running theft structure is factored in. As a result, many nations have been technically bankrupt for a good while. Central banks will either be closed or nationalized, and nations will once again issue their own money. Advanced computer systems will track all major transactions, providing the potential to eliminate vast tracts of institutionalised fraud on ‘we, the people’. The illusion is one of political parties serving the people within a claimed democracy, while all the while they are following the same long-term elite agenda. Political representation will now evolve to become genuine. The trend will be to nominate candidates on merit, and against specific criteria to ensure that each has the skills required to fulfill their duties in representing the people. Life long careers at the senior level of politics – often with the ability to leverage that position of ‘trust’ into much illegal money-making – will no longer be allowed. ---------------- With best wishes, Xavier Hermes
  8. It may be tasteless and crass humor but it is absolutely accurate in its estimation of Biden circa 2020. He is nowhere near mentally competent enough to take on a high stress job such as POTUS and the pathetic turnouts to his rallies makes it obvious that most people agree. Democrats are toast.
  9. I concur. I had a dream this week in which I was playing tennis. I won the match with a scintillating backhand down the line. Only in my dreams could I make that shot. When I shook hands with the chair umpire I told him I was leaving to play at Wimbledon! I was then in the locker room and had the feeling life was changing dramatically for me. I woke up. Wimbledon is cancelled this year but it would have been June 29 to July 12. So, I expect our blessing to arrive in the next 2 weeks or so.
  10. Does it make sense to have this event with the dinar valued as it is today? What's the point if the discussions and agreements have to be completely revised when the dinar goes international?? With high levels of unemployment, oil dependency and dilapidated public infrastructure, Iraq is in need for financial change. And the winner for understatement of the year goes to...
  11. She is implying big change coming for everyone and not pleasant if u listen to her carefully, I think she's letting people know the shtf now and it ain't gonna be fun for anyone. Dinarians may float on the top thank you God but say a prayer that we all survive the trials to serve the best way we can.
  12. Thanks Sage449. I see the speech as important for only one reason. Her use of the word "reset". To me, she is tipping off other crony elites as to what is on the near horizon. Her talk of greening the world, making it fairer blah blah, are empty and hollow but using the word reset in the title of the speech... imo those with ears to hear will know what is afoot! A lucky rvabbit!
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