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  1. miquel

    Go Iraq Part 6

    Here's a NY Times article from August 3, talking about China buying Iranian oil. To me, Iran is not so cut and dry. Other countries, powerful ones, are still dealing with them.
  2. miquel

    Go Iraq Part 6

    Thanks. The first article is largely based off a US think tank's remarks, not exactly unbiased. I have no doubt the sanctions are having an effect, but I wouldn't put much stock in news from the same nation that is imposing the sanctions. What else are they going to say? Both sides are propagandists without question. Here's an article about the increase in exports from Iran to iraq this year : Yes, likely rose colored bs from Iran but if so, we have to admit the US is peddling the same. Jmho
  3. miquel

    Go Iraq Part 6

    Can u provide links demonstrating this financial ruin? Not saying it's untrue, I just haven't seen strong substantiation for making this claim. Thanks!
  4. miquel

    Go Iraq Part 6

    I thought dinar was Iran's currency term from early 20th century. Quite a few countries use, or have used, dinar as their monetary unit. The "dinar" as a term for currency is like "dollar" in the middle East and surrounding area.
  5. Bigger more informed minds than mine can hopefully answer that for you, sorry I don't know.. My point is, it's such an inexpensive gamble, I'm not concerned with past precedent even if there is one. Who knows what's going to happen??
  6. I agree, the champagne poppin' superbrovas are dinar pumpers par excellence, but with Iran, consider the economic deals they have with China, Russia and so many other countries outside the US, it's definitely not outside the realm of possibility a windfall of some measure is coming. It's not just navira, others are drawing similar conclusions. Dinarians who scoff are shortsighted,. Speculating on rials costs peanuts compared to the dinar. It's definitely worth a shot.
  7. Zeroes off the exchange rate not the notes. Same argument dinarians have been having since Allah knows when...
  8. I love all of this "supporting evidence" for a serious currency appreciation, but are we not at a different stage in 2019? With the renewed US sanctions and higher inflation rate at about 50%, these older articles don't really apply, do they? Appreciate anyone's insights and I'd love to be wrong btw!
  9. So are we fudged or is everything looking sugar and sweet for us rial (to)men?? Tomorrow will give us our just desserts...
  10. miquel

    Go Iraq Part 5

    I'll bet you 1 million of my Rial for 1 million of your dinar that the Rial makes a great return and holders very happy. 🤣
  11. Man, like that's so like spot on man! Like it's awesome! Excellent post, Socal. The dumbing down of our society is so pervasive, we are ripe for the picking. So sad to see such potential wasted.
  12. Maybe we're the Marks for this outlandish pumper??
  13. I think by "argument" he/she means making a case for your point, not actually engaging in an argument.
  14. yes please ! hotter the better! thank you for the Good News~
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