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  1. Why now?? This could get messy.
  2. Just when everything seemed to be lining up nicely, Iran is now threatening to close strait of Hormuz... 😕
  3. To understand your thinking, even if they have a stable country as per an open green zone, and a seated government that is operating in some sort of functional way, they cannot do anything to their currency until they remedy the extreme poverty in areas such as Basra? Is that your sense, Laid Back?
  4. Hear hear! I'm with you on this. What more, lately I've felt it's coming in like a train we've been waiting for forever to pull into the station. So what if it's a decade or so late??!
  5. Thanks - greatly that's great to hear. I had a dream just last night that a big birthday was coming. Not mine but a friend. His actual birthday is months away but I study dream analysis a bit and this dream can often mean some happy news is coming in the near future!! So let's see it Iraq!!
  6. Vote postponed to May 2. The Council postponed the vote on the draft Financial Management Law submitted by the Finance Committee to the meeting on the second of May to complete the discussion of the draft and the maturation of its articles before its legislation.
  7. Yes and who are the 47,000 chosen?? Now we see even the Iraqi people going more international. The futures so bright I gotta wear..😎
  8. May her birthday in Heaven be filled up with joy and an rv for all of us down below ! God bless.
  9. I know you've never called it but is it champagne time yet?
  10. Makes one feel a little unctuous right now, but i like it! Thanks for the morning fuel, Chief.
  11. miquel

    Go Iraq

    But i need the rv to buy the champagne! Is cheap beer ok?
  12. Hopefully it was printed in more than just the "Pumper Post".(Guru Times anyone?)
  13. But that's true of essentially every post ever made by those pumping bozos, n'est pas?
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