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  1. Those nutty Iraqi's, leaving the most important step to last!
  2. Agreed, no it doesn't, but the message does make sense if it's meant to be a signal to investors that Iraq door's are now wide open.
  3. miquel

    Go Iraq

    holy moly has this been posted already? It's 6 days old but wow... why now unless...
  4. miquel

    Go Iraq

    Well Iraq, if you want to use that occasion to introduce or announce you're now playing in the big leagues with respect to your currency, be MY GUEST!!
  5. 4 hours ago - Three mortars landed at Balad air base, 40 miles north of Iraqi capital of Baghdad. US troops are stationed at the base. httpd:// Please God, let the insanity stop!
  6. miquel

    Go Iraq

    Dave is the host of that report. I used to listen to Phoenix. Dave and Phoenix are not the same person. Their voices are distinctly different. Or am I missing what you're trying to say here?
  7. What about the first day, 1, in the 6th month, June!!! Go 16!!
  8. I just discovered her last night and watched a bunch of her lectures. an amazing woman with tremendous knowledge of healing with natural ways. Thanks Markinsa and good health to all!!
  9. So..... all of this other crazy Iranian sabre rattling and embassy alerts etc is possibly "misinformation" before the silk road is completely paved?? Let's pray that peace prevails and the silk road is a speedway paved with gold (among other wonderful riches). Thanks Synopsis!
  10. Not sure this has been posted. Its today's news. Any Intel or insights? Iran sabre rattling....?
  11. I don't dislike Luigi's contributions. I read them with relish! I was pointing the irony of Luigi calling his, can we say, employers, "liars"? Its classic.
  12. But you're one of their chief mouthpieces, Luigi so if they're a bunch of liars, where does that leave you??!
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