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  1. Those red rubies are worth more than the dinar right now.
  2. I hope they are heeding your advice and wisdom. Thanks Laid Back.
  3. Thank LB. You're thinking definitely 2020 and not before? No early Christmas presents for impatient DVets lol?
  4. That was my thought too. In other words, DJT is telling them to either #@*% or get off the pot.
  5. miquel

    Go Iraq Part 7

    I got .O0083 for 1 iqd. What chu talkin' bout Willis?
  6. I would assume the negative is a reaction to the message, not the messenger, Ron.
  7. Granted, this prediction was made in 2014, before the 5 year delay deemed necessary to reach stability in Iraq. Today, five years later, the message below seems to carry a lot more weight and I think we are ready to see the fruits of our labors.... Q. Can you take a look at what other monetary systems are doing such as the Iraqi Dinar. A. The Iraqi Dinar...looks really rock solid, I see people using it, I see people throwing one on the table as a tip in a coffee shop. I am also getting that even when the world currency comes about, that it will still hold true to it's value and be used as cash, and there will be two forms of valid currency, one being the Dinar and one being the world currency. Even though in my mind I see this gold coin, I am seeing some Iraqi guy, and he is saying that "his money is backed by oil" and there is just a look of strength in their money." 💪👑💰🎇🎖
  8. In my opinion it's really just a common sense issue.. Luckily, your opinion is not worth two common cents. What drivel.
  9. Iran's finance minister met with President Trump on the weekend. Now this from the President. Maybe skeptics might want to reconsider Iran and the rial...
  10. Thanks Navira. I think you might be correct in what they're intemding to do. I for one am glad to be in it to win it.
  11. It shocks me to see how so many dinar holders reject any chance of Iran doing anything with their currency besides the dreaded lop. They use the same argument about Iran that people have used to dissuade others from buying dinar, ie lopsters. Again, the rial is such a cheap gamble, why anyone wouldn't put down a few bucks to see how it goes, is beyond me. If they lop, I'm out $100. Boohoo
  12. miquel

    Go Iraq Part 6

    Here's a NY Times article from August 3, talking about China buying Iranian oil. To me, Iran is not so cut and dry. Other countries, powerful ones, are still dealing with them.
  13. miquel

    Go Iraq Part 6

    Thanks. The first article is largely based off a US think tank's remarks, not exactly unbiased. I have no doubt the sanctions are having an effect, but I wouldn't put much stock in news from the same nation that is imposing the sanctions. What else are they going to say? Both sides are propagandists without question. Here's an article about the increase in exports from Iran to iraq this year : Yes, likely rose colored bs from Iran but if so, we have to admit the US is peddling the same. Jmho
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