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  1. individual loses when a contract is sold do not change the price. Its only the actually selling price, so in your example it would be $1, very low but not negative. But for a brief time, NO ONE was buying even at $1, so if you did not want to risk having to make arrangements to actually take possession of the oil, you had to pay to have some one take them. Folks likely could have just waited another day and there would have been buyers at a very low (but not negative) price as this happened on April 21st or 22nd (something like that) so not at the very very end of the month, but people panicked with a week left ("what if I'm stuck with this...") and paid to get rid of it.
  2. What went negative, and really DID go negative (i.e this was no reporting / clerical error) was WTI oil futures for delivery in May. WTI futures are handled with "physical settlement". That is if you hold the contract when it expires (monthly) you actually get the oil. Some traders really want this (refiners or users big enough to contract for their own refining like airlines) but most traders do not as they are only there for speculation. So in the end of April with the virus bringing transportation to a near stand still and oil / fuel storage capacity already full to bursting the buyers actually wanting physical oil weren't buying, thus leaving those holding contracts only for speculation in the position of having to take delivery if they couldn't sell which they are completely unprepared to do. So they were briefly willing to pay to having others take it, In any market if conditions are right, prices can go negative. That is when the costs of holding onto a large supply of something is costing the owner more than the item is worth so they pay others to take it. Perhaps environmental regulations has made its storage very expensive or a past use is no longer allowed. It's rare but possible. The oil case is such an example.
  3. "I just know". More precisely you have the sensation that you know. I didn't ask if you know why some people believe they have been abducted by ET, but if you believe those claimed events really happend. I'm not saying that the son is lying. All he is stating is that he believes what his father told him. The father may well have believed what he said, just like the folks that say they have been abducted by ET. I'm saying that such claims by themselves offer next to nothing in the convincing evidence department unless you have already decided that they are true. Video was available in the 80s as was film and both were certainly available to the Israeli government. Yes merely announcing the find would be little more than what you have already presented, it is offering clear undeniable evidence that would be convincing. People believe in all sorts of stuff, some of those beliefs can be beneficial to the believer whether they are true or not. But in neither case is that evidence that the thing believed in exists. Again I would say to read The Big Picture, if you dare.
  4. Oh Come on Markinsa, this is a video of Ron Wyatt''s son telling what his farther told him. If the first hand story is worthless the second hand one is even more so. I was asking for video of the official Israeli government excavation. You want me to believe that the most important religious, archaeological, scientific find in modern history if not recored history is know to the Israeli government and religions leaders but they chose to not tell anyone and just leave it buried but accessible to anyone who wants to dig around. Someone telling you that they believe X, is not evidence that X is true (even if they do in fact truthfully believe it). There are plenty of folks who (as far as I can tell) genuinely believe that they have had various sorts of encounters with extraterrestrials including being taken aboard spacecraft and "probed". Do you accept that as true (not just that they believe it but that what the say really happened)? If not why not?
  5. and the evidence of that is what? Where is the video record of this effort?
  6. It's an assertion of that, but it offers no evidence. The CGI video itself adds nothing. Personal testimony alone means nothing. A find of this importance to Christianity/Judaism and it was just left there? You find him truthful because you WANT to believe him. Suppose instead of claiming to have found the Ark of the Covenant he claimed to have found a fully intact alien space craft, but with the same total lack of evidence, just his say so. Would you believe that?
  7. If that were to come to pass (proof of vacine required to do certain things) it would only entail being registered in a database that you have had the vaccine, there is no RFID chip involved. Just you fingerprint, or face scan (the Austin program isn't even that frat they are just giving the participants cards tight QR code). This is about blockchain being used for record keeping (possible a good use of it) and eventually biometrics and does not involve RFID tags. Numerous conspiracy promoters have posted outright lies about this program. From
  8. To each their own of course. What do you think that video demonstrates? Its a slick production but otherwise is just assertions. We would expect that (for example) any ancient text dealing with aspects of daily life or current (from back then) events would have references to things that actually existed at the time of its writing. So the Bible containing such references is hardly surprising. What you call "evidence" is to me just your bias. If you want to understand how we decided what is true in the world (i.e. how science does so) I would suggest reading (or listening to) The Bg Picture by Sean Carol which has an excellent discussion of Bayesian Reasoning with examples specifically about about the supernatural. If we apply the same methodology to the question of "does God (any God) exist" as we do to other questions of interest like "will this plane fly", "why does eating this make you sick", "what are those bright things the night sky" and so on, the answer is "no". More precisely the probability of the hypothesis "God exists" being true is vanishingly small, but not 0. You can never to 100% certainty about anything as its possible we could all be brains in jars so to speak, though the likelihood of that is also extremely small from what we can tell. We all implicitly use and hence trust that methodology every time we interact with the modern world (i.e. constantly). But in matters of religion the believer says that methodology does not apply. I disagree.
  9. I see there is a thread upstairs entitled "Dr. Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005 -- nobody needed to die". Gee sounds serious, but does anyone actually read the stuff they cut and paste? If you had looked at the 2005 NIH paper ( ) on using chloroquine on SARS (or SARS-CoV) you would see even on the first page (emphasis mine) It was a bench study on primate cells (which is of course where you start). It was not any sort of clinical trial even on animals but a test on cells in a petri dish and not even human cells (yes humans are primates but if human cells are used they usually say so). So this is a good first step, but only a very first step and since it was in 2005 and there was and is huge world wide interest in SARS every epidemiologist on the planet would have read this years ago. So its not only Dr Fauci that knew this and this is NOT an indication that these results would materialize in actual human use. The other claims also sound impressive (Dr ... treated 500 people with Chloroquine and none needed hospitalization and none died (which is of course redundant but sounds good). Does this tell us anything? No. Without a control group this is meaningless. How sick were these people, apparently not sick enough to require immediate hospitalization. The majority maybe the vast majority of people who contract COViD-19 have mild symptoms (especially if younger) so without knowing the demographics and having a control this random claim tells us nothing (is it even true? where did it come from). The human body is an incredibly complex system and the only way to understand how things work and what impacts various treatments have is good statistics. Just going by the seat of you pants is doomed to failure. Its annoying, but true. People want there to be a magic bullet, who wouldn't? (people also seem to want there to be some sinister conspiracy, which I do not understand). But so far there does not appear to be one including Chloroquine. The data so far (that I've seen) is contradictory. On the one hand it can result in a 30% reduction in the length of time people are hospitalized (which might seem small but would in fact be very good if true), on the other it has no impact on mortality. So is it worth study, likely even use as long as the side effects are monitored? Sure. But these wild accusations "no one had to die" are just nonsense.
  10. There was such an issue and court case for the original "typhoid Mary", yes that was a real person who was found to be a typhus super spreader in NY and was forcibly isolated. Tagging, since its not good for tracking wouldn't help. But the forced isolation issue (possible with an GPS ankle braclet now) might come to to the courts in the future.
  11. Oh for sure its possible to do the implant. I recall hearing about this one (from the wiki) "In early March 2005 hobbyist Amal Graafstra[6] implanted a 125khz EM4102 bioglass-encased RFID transponder into his left hand. It was used with an access control systemto gain entry to his office." back when it happened. Even without using your smart phone, fingerprint scanners can now be used for unlocking things quite cheaply. I'm not sure all transactions will go electronic but more and more most likely. However the trend is already to do it with your smart phone. Its more secure than any fixed ID (credit card or RFID) as there is nothing in the transaction that would allow another transaction to be made and the phones have been moving to biometrics for a few years already. Such systems (e.g. ApplePay) require a considerable amount of processing not just an ID. As for the prophecy I'll leave that to you. Being an atheist I put no stock in such things at all :-) .
  12. It's exactly that limited power of the implantable tag that means the reader has to be virtually in contact with the implant point that makes it not feasible for tracking. Especially when video solves all these issues. As for control, I'm not sure what you mean. Are you speculating that at some point the government will say no financial transaction of any sort can occur unless you "tag in" so to speak? I find that very hard to imagine (which doesn't mean it can't happen of course). But the biggest issue is that "tagging in" with a tag only proves the tag is there while biometrics ensure its really you. So even if this were to happen, I don't see that it really is very effective control. p.s. Thanks for approving these posts, even if you don't always agree with them.
  13. I think that a lack of reasoned decision making, part of the post truth world as its called, is a destructive trend in our society (ignoring facts, rewriting history, false logic etc). Given the absence of politics wrt the dinar (seeing the impossibility of the RV is just arithmetic ) I thought this might be a good place to gain some understanding in a less entangled domain. Anyone can get caught up in something or be a bit impulsive but in the cold light of day so to speak why keep at it? Given that this was advertised as a place to discuss the dinar I thought I might learn something. So far all I see is that folks want to believe and do not want to be bothered with reality.
  14. Anyone who is not cheering on the RV is labeled a lobster. All the more so if, as i have, you make the case that the RV is not merely unlikely but impossible.
  15. You can cut and paste all you want. The system is powered from the received signal by charging a capacitor. That charge then powers the circuit that decides the signal and sends the ID. Increasing the transmitted power of the reader does not increase the transmitted power of the tag.
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