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  1. No. This is 100% wrong. mRNA is how information from DNA is passed on to the cell's protein factory. Normally it is produced as a copy of a segment of your DNA but here an external piece of mRNA is used to make the cell produce a particular protein (which is enough of the covid virus spike to teach your immune system to recognize it but is not itself damaging). The presence of mRNA does not in any way alter your DNA. Once the dose of mRNA you get in the vaccine degrades and falls apart, that's it, its impact ends (which happens fairly quickly thus the need for 2 doses to give your immun
  2. Upstairs in the thread of the same name Ididitfirst asks: The answer is that this has no impact on the value of the current curency (that folks here hold). As the article explains if Iraq were to delete three zeros a NEW dinar would be worth 1,000 old dinar. This is a nredenomincation or what the RV crowd likes to call a "LOP". It is the only way to undo the effects of PAST hyperinflation (it does nothing for or against current inflation but Iraq's current inflation is under control so this is not a concern in any case). Hyperinflation is of course how the IQD went form be
  3. To be clear its not your safety that is being protected by (for example) you giving up your "right" to not wear a mask, but the safety of those around you. Your safety is protected by others doing the same thing. Don't want to wear a mask? Fine, just stay "out of town" as it were. You have every right to swing your fists wildly when you are by yourself, but that right ends when you are next to someone else. Or to exhale smoke, etc. Want to drive like a madman on our own property? No problem. On a public roadway however you must observe traffic laws. Sometimes the line here is dawn ba
  4. It's hard to say. I expect that China is fudging its numbers, but they also are able to enFORCE policy on their population. I'm not suggesting that is a good thing, only that it allows them to really lockdown for example. I think Taiwan's numbers are much more believable. Both countries had 2 rounds of practice and preparation with SARS and MERS so were very much ready for this then was the US (at least under Trump). So your prescription for handling infectious diseases would be what? just let it go and let the dead fall where they may? The nxet one might be a lot more dead
  5. Here is the data set for deaths by all causes for 2019-2020 (up to july) Its by state, but totals for the US are at the bottom, its not the easiest UI to navigate) Putting that through excel (dropping of the total deaths so the others are easier to see and dropping off minor causes we get the following). Note cardiovascular issues are UP (cancer stays steady however, and here are 2 covid categories so the total is about double either of them).
  6. Its a strange bug, no doubt about that. Unfortunately I do not see that the huge age variance leads to a useful prevention strategy. Certainly much greater caution should have (and still should be) taken at places like nursing homes. But for the general population I don't think its possible to segregate by age. There are about 115M folks 50 and older and 190M 49 or younger in the US (according to the census data). If the younger group mostly ignores the threat then the virus will be spreading like wildfire in that population so that any contact between the two populations will have a muc
  7. I had a great one that shows death from all sorts of cases over the years, but naturally have misplaced the link. I'll post it later. Whether it made sense to shut down is a different question. I agree that we should have handled this very differently. We should have jumped on the issue when we first knew about in the end of Jan (we saw the same posts the doctors in Wuhan made), and then be setup to test everyone coming in, jump on any outbreak including a local hard lockdown, but then that can lift when the cases go away. The way we did it was sort of the worst of both worlds. We
  8. This is simply wrong SD. Just look at the total number of deaths from all causes combined on the CDC site per week for the last few years. There is a big bump of 200,000 or so deaths this year (that follows the infection rise) that has not occurred in other years. If that is not from COVID, then what? If these 200,000 excess deaths (as the CDC calls them) were just normal deaths where the person happened to also have COVID then the increase in the total number of deaths would be much much lower. If say deaths by heart attacks were being labeled as from COVID but really it was just a heart
  9. Right, so the tests being done do not report the amount of viral load. It would be very good if they did, but they don't Yet another indication that the entire testing infrastructure in the US is pretty bad (contrary to the administrations claims). The length of time it takes to get a result also often greatly reduces their usefulness. Even it it's true that many or most of the "cases" are not contagious at the time of testing it still shows that the person is infected. The bottom line still is that the virus is spreading very fast in the US, otherwise the deaths per capita would be muc
  10. Here is the article for those that would like to read it with out OAN's hysterioncics. Note "...may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus...". But this still means they are infected. Even if their viral load is small enough at the time of the test that they were likely not contagious at the time of the test, that does not mean they were not contagious before (if at the time of the test they are getting over it) or that they will not be contagious in the near future (if they were
  11. I know you are not offering OAN as a non-partisan fact checking site, so if you want to post a link to such a fact check article I'll be happy to check it out. "yes in part", what part would that be?
  12. 1) That is obviously a wildly partisan site that is doing their best to misinterpret data to match their views, or maybe they are just really stupid, I don't know which. 2) When someone dies from an infection (virus or bacteria) there are of course many things that are going wrong. Just having the infection is not what kills you, it's how the infection interferes with the proper functioning of major organs. But if the infection were not the key factor, if someone died (e.g.) from a heart attack and just happened to also have an infection then the overall death rate would NOT go up. B
  13. Oops I meant "that is MORE than the official COVID-19 death count" . Perhaps if the above post gets approved teh mod could fix that for me.
  14. The torrent of conspiracy just won't stop. upstarts we have But if the poster actually READ the article they post they would see that this only discussions tests "in vitro", i.e. cells in a culture not even in animals let alone humans. So does this deserve further study? Of cause, and it IS being studied. But the claim that somehow other countries have found the miracle cure is NOT remotely supported by this (or any other article I am aware of). Then we have the ever present (deaths are over reported) theme Again if the slightest attempt at investig
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