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  1. Right, so the tests being done do not report the amount of viral load. It would be very good if they did, but they don't Yet another indication that the entire testing infrastructure in the US is pretty bad (contrary to the administrations claims). The length of time it takes to get a result also often greatly reduces their usefulness. Even it it's true that many or most of the "cases" are not contagious at the time of testing it still shows that the person is infected. The bottom line still is that the virus is spreading very fast in the US, otherwise the deaths per capita would be muc
  2. Here is the article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/29/health/coronavirus-testing.html?searchResultPosition=6 for those that would like to read it with out OAN's hysterioncics. Note "...may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus...". But this still means they are infected. Even if their viral load is small enough at the time of the test that they were likely not contagious at the time of the test, that does not mean they were not contagious before (if at the time of the test they are getting over it) or that they will not be contagious in the near future (if they were
  3. I know you are not offering OAN as a non-partisan fact checking site, so if you want to post a link to such a fact check article I'll be happy to check it out. "yes in part", what part would that be?
  4. 1) That is obviously a wildly partisan site that is doing their best to misinterpret data to match their views, or maybe they are just really stupid, I don't know which. 2) When someone dies from an infection (virus or bacteria) there are of course many things that are going wrong. Just having the infection is not what kills you, it's how the infection interferes with the proper functioning of major organs. But if the infection were not the key factor, if someone died (e.g.) from a heart attack and just happened to also have an infection then the overall death rate would NOT go up. B
  5. Oops I meant "that is MORE than the official COVID-19 death count" . Perhaps if the above post gets approved teh mod could fix that for me.
  6. The torrent of conspiracy just won't stop. upstarts we have But if the poster actually READ the article they post they would see that this only discussions tests "in vitro", i.e. cells in a culture not even in animals let alone humans. So does this deserve further study? Of cause, and it IS being studied. But the claim that somehow other countries have found the miracle cure is NOT remotely supported by this (or any other article I am aware of). Then we have the ever present (deaths are over reported) theme Again if the slightest attempt at investig
  7. The top 10% receive nearly half of all income let alone assets as well. Our system is progressive, no surprise here. (from https://taxfoundation.org/summary-of-the-latest-federal-income-tax-data-2020-update/) Table 1. Summary of Federal Income Tax Data, 2017 Note: Table does not include dependent filers. “Income split point” is the minimum AGI for tax returns to fall into each percentile. Source: IRS, Statistics of Income, Individual Income Rates and Tax Shares (2019). Top 1% Top 5%
  8. I believe it's "life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness". and speaking of "life", if you are not going let people die, it would be less expensive in the long run to let them get annual checkups then wait till they go to the ER.
  9. Its your company, why do you tolerate it?
  10. I am fully in favor of capitalism. Where do you get that figure? I have said nothing about "killing our incentive". I merely think the rate for high earners should go back up a few points. If we are going to continue to tax income I'd like to have all income taxed the same and get rid of lots of special interest deductions (even mortgage interest which got in just from lobbying by lenders). I'm not sure what you are talking about. If its health care, then the free market will never lower health care costs and keeping people healthy even if they
  11. Here you go. Deaths from heart conditions are up not down so patients with underlying heart conditions are having heart attacks from the added stress of covid, but those deaths are listed as caused by heart conditions not covid. I downloaded the data from the cdc. I didn't manage to put an image into the post so attached the spreadsheet itself and a pdf of the graph. The full data has weekly deaths by state but I dropped that and only kept the total for the US. It also looks like there is a 4-5 week lag for full data since all the causes trail off for the most recent week. US we
  12. The idea that there is a single GDP number that summarizes the entire economy is flawed to begin with . The US economy is a complicated thing. Still I think the claim that the GDP under Obama was some sort of low point is clearly wrong. GDP has been negative a number of times including the 2008 recession but from about 2010 onwards things have ben pretty stable and on average slightly higher than under Trump (prior to the pandemic) but again GDP does not tell the whole story of the economy so it wrong to reach a conclusion based only on this. from https://tradingeconomics.com/united-sta
  13. Did he? He took office after 7 years of every lowering unemployment and every rising markets. The average quarterly GDP growth for the last 3 years of Obama is slightly HIGHER than the first 3 years or Trump (i.e. the closest years). So (prior to covid) was the economy doing well because of Trump or in spite of Trump? Sure, but Trump has pushed lies to an unimagined limit, he lies about everything important or not. The problem with that is you can not trust anything he says. and "vanity" is the understatement of the millennium. Anytime a major money flow in t
  14. I'm surprised its needed, but sure. Total lack of empathy: He is well known as a bully yet expects others to give in to his bullying, where he would not do so. He visits a hospital caring for the wounded in the August 2019 Walmart shooting (23 killed) after which he poses for a photo with a big grin and two thumbs up with Melania holding a now orphaned infant. I mean who does that? Have you heard Trump speak off the cuff where he expresses caring or empathy or condolence for anyone? Any such words are read off a teleprompter in the speeches I've seen (but I have watched
  15. ok, I don't think anyone is disputing the mortality demographics so I'm not sure of your point here. Not that I've heard. It was basically shutting the door after the horse has left so to speak. We knew about the virus (i.e. that some unknown virus was serious in Wuhan in mid December but we did nothing (and the Chinese actively suppressed this). Since only a few percent of those infected get seriously ill that means that there would have been many more infections than just those that ended up in the hospital in Wuhan and for some weeks at least previously. About 4,000 peopl
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