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  1. Your colors are in the same order as the flag of Iraq.
  2. Holy cow, as cool as this group is I just assumed everyone would be using an Apple product 😳🙃 Sorry folks I couldn’t resist. We ‘Appleites’ are so spoiled, no hoops or problems, stuff just works.
  3. You’re still in the prayers of a lot of people. find some peace and comfort and just feel the love of a huge website
  4. DV sort of an online family. Many close ties and emotions. In a situation like that everyone shares emotions, joyful and painful. many prayers are being said for you and your family.
  5. Potential VP candidate for Biden: Stacey Abrams. waaaayyy Left, woman & black. From Georgia and is well liked in Florida (a key, must-win for either party. IMHO
  6. Thanks but not REALLY on point. The answers to my questions are actually binary; ‘yes or no’. i, too, “hope” and “feel” things about Iraq but.... The laws are either in place or not. Iraq either has a complete, functional government or it does not. Based on reality on what the government in place has ESTABLISHED, countries and corporations will feel safe to infuse huge sums of money and people...or not The “crooks” are either in a position to do more damage to either/or delay an RV or they are not. This is not like buying a pair of pants that may be too loose at the wa
  7. Hopefully this will not be considered any kind of critical comment about Adam or any of the thoughtful members of DV. I’m seeing so many positive comments about how close we are to an RV. I was wondering if we, actually, are. 1. is there a complete and functioning government? 2. Are the crooks and other ner-do-wells still able to do harm? 3. Is the banking system (and laws) up and ready to handle an event like an RV? 4. Is Iraq safe enough for countries & businesses to actually infuse tons of money into the country? there are so many
  8. Let’s not forget the only 2 elected people in the White House are Trump and Pence. Everyone else...Everyone... serves at their pleasure. Also the ONLY one in that building who sets foreign policy is Trump. Everyone else is there to implement that foreign policy. Those are facts not opinions. The head man is the head man. Remember Henry Ford fired Lee Iacocca, Truman fired MacArthur, Godfrey fired Larossa, Tiger Woods fired ‘Fluff’ Cowan, Steinbrenner fired Billy Martin...3 times!
  9. A few months ago I posted a well received article by a very smart young man I know who is in the financial industry. He recently sent me these articles which, to me, make a lot of sense. Iraq does not, still, have a complete government and they do not have all of their banking laws in place...anyway, here are the articles, they are from someone who's been mentioned here before, Kaperoni. 11-28-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Iraq will float the dinar allowing market forces to dictate. As investment comes into Iraq, the exchange rate will rise. Balassa-Samuelson effect! I think m
  10. Anyone else get this email? Actually, it ‘feels’ a bit fishy to me.
  11. Someone who has posted at DV in the past, and was praised by you for the quality of the post, was trolling and found this. It ties in with my earlier question. Do you give this idea any credence?
  12. From page 2… “Let me start off by stating one fact: Iraq doesn’t care about you, not one bit.“ Again, from page 2… “Iraq doesn’t care about us! They don’t give a fart in the wind how much either of the Bush’s, Obama, Donald Trump or the Pope has invested in Dinar!“ From page 17…”One thing I do know for a fact... the Iraqi Dinar will not stay at 1170 forever. “ With that in mind....WHY would they RV even as high as a dime? Why not just float it from where it is now and as the dinar increases in value the CBI makes money on the spr
  13. Well it is, now, just after midnight on Friday 3/30/18. Wouldn't we know by not if the HCL was addressed in parliament?
  14. JS214....My wife and I are both retired. She, being far more intelligent than I, worked & retired from a large company and has a great 401k and other cool stuff. I did not so all I have is social in-security. This all means we're on VERY limited budgets. We figured long and hard and TOTALLY trust Adam. We're VIP, OSI and Corporate. It was a stretch! Neither of us regrets one cent of our investment. While waiting...and waiting and...(well, you know)...we've learned a huge volume of great information about this investment, safe guarding that investment and safely building on it. Al
  15. Mr Haney....WELCOME! To me the main difference between this site any any other is the integrity of our leader, Adam. I have learned during my 5 year membership that he will not, under any circumstances, lie to us. We may not like what he says but we know it is well conceived, well researched and truthful. The members, Paperboy, Synopsis and so many others are truly helpful, knowledgable and truthful. Welcome, you'll learn much and (eventually) enjoy the fruits of your investment.
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