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  1. Hey, Let's Scramble Artitech's Words into Something He Never Said....DUH!! Just Another Vile Left Wing Response, Brilliant.....Like This Kid!! We All Thank You Artitech for Sharing Your "Hopeful News" From Your Source(s). Anyone who's Been on This Site For an Extended Time Knows You're a "Straight Shooter" & Smarter Than The Average DinarVet, Your Initial Post Is "Very Much Appreciated". Please Continue to Share Your Info When Received. Your "Hopeful News" is Much Better Than "Hateful Feedback" From A Caveman (PrehistoricMan).
  2. My mistake, How could I forget , Newsome is on the Chopping Block first. Thank You for that Shelley.!! Thanks CSM (R) Thack Sir!! I didn't have time to search for the "Most Photogenic Comparison" , so I appreciate your Most Realistic Photo Research......and "Thank You" For Your Patriotic Service!!
  3. Yeah, Now Let's get BeetleJuice out of Chicago.!!
  4. Hi, I'm Joe Biden....and I Smell.....Yoo..... ....and I Smell Yoo Too.... I Smell Real Hard, Like Jeffrey Toobin....Hard.
  5. Just Another Pile of "Fact Based FBI Documents" that will never see the Light of Day on any Mainstream Media Channels, let's see how the Haters try spinning this one....oh, that's right, you'll never even hear about this.
  6. Any "Honest Person" Would Agree, If Trump Remained President, All Major Democratic Cities Would Be "On Fire" Tonight....and Totally Ignored By ALL Dems & The Media, Just Like Throughout The Summer Months. The Following Response From "Fred" in the Weekly Chat, Fits this Occasion Perfectly: One thing for sure, the Biden administration is going to show us just how good the Trump administration actually was. Oh, I almost Forgot. Searching for Fun? For the next Two Weeks 24/7, Both CNN & MSDNC are having a 24 hour "Jircle Cerk" in their Green Rooms. Just Like Their Reporters, No Experience Required!!
  7. Hey Fred, Just ignore the "Utopian Princess" (Utah Rock), if you disagree with him/her/it on "any point" , suddenly you're character is flawed, you're a terrible person and then somewhere in his response he'll throw in a quote from if he really cares. He's done the same to me and several of the most prominent "Patriots" on this site, we all just ignore him as he cries out for help. As Synopsis so elegantly states it, consider it a "Badge of Honor" when he negatively sends you a response from his grease dripping whiny fingers as they cry over his keyboard trying to form a sensical response, which never happens, all he can respond with is Hate, Hate, Hate......but he loves his God!! Now I may be wrong (probably not), but most Liberals in power today, along with their misinformed followers like " Utopian Princess" and "Adam (little lying weasel) Schiff" we're the outcasts in school and beat up as kids. Now that they or one of their half-wit friends is in a position of power, they feel the need to enact revenge on anyone who disagrees with them. I feel like I'm back in elementary school when he responds with one of his girlie-man quotes, which is why I just ignore him/her/it. It's just part of life, while we remain calm and the most popular, most athletic, most well respected "Patriots" in our communities, getting the best looking & most popular girls while helping out the less fortunate, they'll continue to sniffle & drool about how unfair the world is while spewing their Mantra of Hate, Hate Hate to anyone who disagrees. "Utopian Princess" as a child..... "Utopian Princess" grown up......(courtesy of a "Brilliant" old poster called WhatsHerName)
  8. Thank You for the update Sir. Rocker Badge "Block" Tested, That was one Surprisingly Informative Test. Did someone say "Block".... "Invisible Block"... "Strategical Block"... Go RV!!
  9. Comment Below Was By Utah Rock on August 14th (That thread was closed due to Utah Rock hijacking the thread & telling Moderators to shut up). My point there is you are not a majority, the fact that you openly repeat a lie, “ we are the silent majority “ says a lot about you. Like our president, you don’t seam to have trouble lying, that a big character flaw. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's my follow-up from Today: Hey Utah Rock, I'll call you the "Utopian Princess" moving forward. In your response to my statement in the other closed thread, you called me a liar with big character flaws.......and you spelled seam wrong. I should probably stop there...........but let's not, I'll just continue. I'm pretty sure the last time I was called a liar was in elementary school, probably around the same time I learned to spell seem correctly (I don't think that was a typo on your part looking at my keyboard). I'm still wondering what my big character flaws are, I don't understand that one, so I'll just chalk it up as another Dem hater who can't tolerate opposing opinions. But again, Thank You for your kind thoughts "Utopian Princess". When I mentioned the "Silent Majority" (in the thread that was closed due to you), clearly I was describing the "Silent Majority" of Republicans, those evil people you can't seem to tolerate and will never agree with. But like a good little Dem, you took my words, twisted them around and came up with another meaning....then called me a liar with big character flaws, so Thank You "Utopian Princess". Just like the infamous Synopsis would say, I kindly accept your insults with a badge of honor, knowing I struck a nerve with the "Utopian Princess". My "Silent Majority" comments were two weeks ago, I've now changed my mind to believe the "Silent Majority" who normally stand in the shadows and never comment, are not only Republicans, but also ex-Democrats who have been awakened by people like you, the "Utopian Princess". Just like KGreene who commented in this thread, and like myself and I'm sure MANY, MANY others who normally would never comment on a Political topic....your comments make us want to comment. Which is why I now call you the "Utopian Princess". Wishing a Wonderful Day To All.....and if anyone else cares to use the name "Utopian Princess" (instead of Utah Rock), I offer my full support!!
  10. Why yes he did lose the popular vote, you are very observant, but he Won The Big Ticket....."President of The United States!!". Take away the massive number of fringe lunatics in CA & NY who enjoy burning other peoples stuff and Trump owns the Remaining Majority. Maybe Trump will lose in 2020, but Republicans will get over it with civility like they always do. But if Trump wins again in 2020, Democrats will NEVER accept a 2nd WIN (just like the 1st WIN)........and the World will continue to burn, urged on by the Democrats & Media who never codemn the carnage they cause. PS - I also enjoyed Breitling's coments, Thanks for bringing it KristiD
  11. Sorry to hear about your best friends father Utah Rock, I'm sure plenty of people on this site will say a prayer for him tonight....including me, but that doesn't take away the fact that you appear a bit clueless. My guess is 90% of the people on this site are Republicans, mostly silent Republicans like the majority of the country, we don't feel a need to scream & yell like the few hundred fringe lunatics (100% Democrats) around the country that are burning down people's businesses, homes & spitting on police, while trying to force their far-left views upon us. Plus, you're yelling at a Moderator telling her to basically shut up.....if this site was run by a Democrat and you had an opposing opinion, you would have already been banned and probably doxed also. We are Very Proud of our Right Leaning Leader who runs this site from Cheese Central. From what I recall, Trump was the very first Leader of Any Country to ban travel into the US, which many "Reputable" non-bias doctors state saved millions of lives. At the same exact time, Biden said Trump was racist for making that move...and Pelosi was celebrating in San Francisco's China Town, telling everyone to get out of the house & to come on down, there's nothing to worry about. Of course the mainstream media will push the Democratic narrative EVERY SINGLE DAY AND EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, while spewing 100% HATE toward Trump EVERY SINGLE DAY & EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. In fact this morning I heard Kamala Harris is the next coming of Jesus Christ & Joe Biden is exactly what the World needs right now because he's a political genius , even though he can no longer put two sentences together & get's confused reading from a teleprompter two feet in front of his face. If you don't agree there's a MASSIVE BIAS GAP in the media, nobody cares to hear another word you say because you don't live in reality. Sure Trump has made some mistakes during the COVID Pandemic, as of today doctors are still learning about COVID and continue tweaking the system to make things better. In fact his Dream Team of Doctors hired to oversee the COVID Pandemic has made many, many mistakes & are still learning about the virus, these are the Top Experts in their field. But stating Trump did a terrible job during this pandemic (which 90% of news outlets repeat & repeat & repeat every day) and that Democrats would have done much better handling the situation is not realistic reporting, it's a guess at best, considering no Democrat was worried about the virus when Trump first banned travel, probably saving millions of lives. Everything the Democrats say they would have done Trump has already done, but you'd never know that was the case watching the media day in and day out. The 2016 election had a silent majority of AT LEAST 10% Republicans who were decent people, but none of them felt a need to scream & yell at the opposing side, while trying to force their thoughts upon them. I believe the 2020 election will have a much, much higher silent majority that will shock the polls again in favor of Trump. Republicans don't like the idea of making Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate their rallying call like Democrats do, we would just rather ignore the noise and go have a cold one. Republicans are ok with opposing opinions, if we don't agree w/someone we'll just say maybe some day you'll come around, then were done with the conversation. Democrats cannot accept opposing opinions, if you don't agree with a Democrat you are a horrible person & you must be racist..or whatever the hot topic word of the day is. Republicans like cops / Democrats HATE cops. Republicans believe a newborn baby should live / Democrats believe a newborn baby is ok to kill and they don't think twice about it. Republicans prefer a safe country with safe borders, but are happy to allow "Legal" immigrants in the US, as long as it's done "Legally",.....most legal immigrants agree. Democrats want open borders, unlike ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Democrats want to pay ALL BILLS for illegal immigrants, while we can't even take care of our own homeless population, but those issues are mainly in Democratic cities. Obama & Biden told us 1% growth is the new normal, the Great American Dream is no longer. Within his first two years, Trump proved them wrong and grew the Greatest Economy in the History of The World ...and Democrats can't stand it. Trump located that Golden Wand Obama said didn't exist, then he waived it all over Obama's Let's Make America Weak policy....and Democrats can't stand his success. Before Trump was elected most everyone loved Trump, then he became the Republican candidate and suddenly the World changed and Trump was suddenly Mr Evil. We, the Silent Majority cringe at some of Trump's tweets, but we know his actions are making America Great Again. If you want to take down a New York City Real Estate Tycoon, expect him to first kick you in the ballz, then he's gonna come back at you twice as's just business. The Democratic Party has NEVER had to deal with someone who won't tow the line, won't say exactly what they want him to say and who fights back for the American People and The Silent Majority, that same silent Majority who comment on this site every day & put up with opposing views. The Silent Majority is Very REAL....and we're getting sick & tired of hateful people trying to force our country in the wrong direction. We know right from wrong, you're just never gonna hear from us unless you push us too hard. In closing, I'd like to Thank the Academy......and God Bless Donald Trump!!
  12. I don't know man, this mention of "White Paper" sounds kind of racist.... Maybe they should start making shades of black & rainbow colored toilet paper to satisfy ALL people, ALL things & ALL beings......or whatever they demand to be called.
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