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  1. Hi, I'm Joe Biden....and I Smell.....Yoo..... ....and I Smell Yoo Too.... I Smell Real Hard, Like Jeffrey Toobin....Hard.
  2. Just Another Pile of "Fact Based FBI Documents" that will never see the Light of Day on any Mainstream Media Channels, let's see how the Haters try spinning this one....oh, that's right, you'll never even hear about this.
  3. Any "Honest Person" Would Agree, If Trump Remained President, All Major Democratic Cities Would Be "On Fire" Tonight....and Totally Ignored By ALL Dems & The Media, Just Like Throughout The Summer Months. The Following Response From "Fred" in the Weekly Chat, Fits this Occasion Perfectly: One thing for sure, the Biden administration is going to show us just how good the Trump administration actually was. Oh, I almost Forgot. Searching for Fun? For the next Two Weeks 24/7, Both CNN & MSDNC are having a 24 hour "Jircle Cerk" in their G
  4. Hey Fred, Just ignore the "Utopian Princess" (Utah Rock), if you disagree with him/her/it on "any point" , suddenly you're character is flawed, you're a terrible person and then somewhere in his response he'll throw in a quote from if he really cares. He's done the same to me and several of the most prominent "Patriots" on this site, we all just ignore him as he cries out for help. As Synopsis so elegantly states it, consider it a "Badge of Honor" when he negatively sends you a response from his grease dripping whiny fingers as they cry over his keyboard trying to fo
  5. Thank You for the update Sir. Rocker Badge "Block" Tested, That was one Surprisingly Informative Test. Did someone say "Block".... "Invisible Block"... "Strategical Block"... Go RV!!
  6. Comment Below Was By Utah Rock on August 14th (That thread was closed due to Utah Rock hijacking the thread & telling Moderators to shut up). My point there is you are not a majority, the fact that you openly repeat a lie, “ we are the silent majority “ says a lot about you. Like our president, you don’t seam to have trouble lying, that a big character flaw. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's my follow-up from Today: Hey Utah Rock, I'll ca
  7. Why yes he did lose the popular vote, you are very observant, but he Won The Big Ticket....."President of The United States!!". Take away the massive number of fringe lunatics in CA & NY who enjoy burning other peoples stuff and Trump owns the Remaining Majority. Maybe Trump will lose in 2020, but Republicans will get over it with civility like they always do. But if Trump wins again in 2020, Democrats will NEVER accept a 2nd WIN (just like the 1st WIN)........and the World will continue to burn, urged on by the Democrats & Media who never codemn the carnage they
  8. Sorry to hear about your best friends father Utah Rock, I'm sure plenty of people on this site will say a prayer for him tonight....including me, but that doesn't take away the fact that you appear a bit clueless. My guess is 90% of the people on this site are Republicans, mostly silent Republicans like the majority of the country, we don't feel a need to scream & yell like the few hundred fringe lunatics (100% Democrats) around the country that are burning down people's businesses, homes & spitting on police, while trying to force their far-left views upon us. Plus, you're
  9. I don't know man, this mention of "White Paper" sounds kind of racist.... Maybe they should start making shades of black & rainbow colored toilet paper to satisfy ALL people, ALL things & ALL beings......or whatever they demand to be called.
  10. Once Upon a Time.....approx Two Lifetimes ago, The Goat Mentioned an Uplifting Conversation she had with her CBI source, to which I replied "Maybe the Goat Does Actually Have a Contact in the CBI She Just Spoke With ". To which Yota Quickly Responded, "Yoo Stoopid Fool, Yoo Can't be Serious about Believing This Twit Headed Goat Fiend"......or something like that. Yes, Yota Actually gave me the Master Smackdown...... .......which was Well Deserved. Then I Recalled Several Years Back, when the Goat Was Jive Talking.....and Walkin..... .....and Mentio
  11. . Exactly, Really nothing more to be said......they just don't get it....... ......and their digging their heels in deeper to create even more Trump Supporters in 2020!! Let the Clown Show Offense DThug!!
  12. Only a "D-rat" would insult a "Dead Guy", a "Christian Dead Guy" who made statements which came true after his death? Uhh, It's on video......Duh!! If it looks like Schiff & if it smells like Schiff, it's probably a "Big Steaming Pile" of Schiff!! God Bless William Barr!! Oh I forgot, God is bad too........Right??
  13. I've viewed several Kim Clement prophecy videos over the years, but I've never seen one this spot on before. If this is a repeat that has already been posted, my apologies!!
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