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  1. I don't know man, this mention of "White Paper" sounds kind of racist.... Maybe they should start making shades of black & rainbow colored toilet paper to satisfy ALL people, ALL things & ALL beings......or whatever they demand to be called.
  2. Once Upon a Time.....approx Two Lifetimes ago, The Goat Mentioned an Uplifting Conversation she had with her CBI source, to which I replied "Maybe the Goat Does Actually Have a Contact in the CBI She Just Spoke With ". To which Yota Quickly Responded, "Yoo Stoopid Fool, Yoo Can't be Serious about Believing This Twit Headed Goat Fiend"......or something like that. Yes, Yota Actually gave me the Master Smackdown...... .......which was Well Deserved. Then I Recalled Several Years Back, when the Goat Was Jive Talking.....and Walkin..... .....and Mentioned a Friend of Hers Who Just Cashed in. Since that Big Lie, I've not put Much Faith in Anything the Goat has to Sayy....or Neah!!
  3. . Exactly, Really nothing more to be said......they just don't get it....... ......and their digging their heels in deeper to create even more Trump Supporters in 2020!! Let the Clown Show Offense DThug!!
  4. Only a "D-rat" would insult a "Dead Guy", a "Christian Dead Guy" who made statements which came true after his death? Uhh, It's on video......Duh!! If it looks like Schiff & if it smells like Schiff, it's probably a "Big Steaming Pile" of Schiff!! God Bless William Barr!! Oh I forgot, God is bad too........Right??
  5. I've viewed several Kim Clement prophecy videos over the years, but I've never seen one this spot on before. If this is a repeat that has already been posted, my apologies!!
  6. A few Climate Scientists (dumb guys from what I hear) enjoying the moment. The mic drops at the 1:45 mark.
  7. Anyone who has seen jG1's posts over the years, which are most of the members here, understand what he was trying to say, though some may interpret his words as very callous and not so elegantly written. I agree with Starr, give jG1 a break, what he said is true. Unfortunate as it is, Iraq remains a Savage Nation, any female in Iraqi who seeks attention remains a target of the radicals....of which there are many. Blowing up & killing people is part of every day life, although life in Iraq seems to be very, very slowly changing for the better......did I say slowly. Furthermore, jG1's photo does not in any way resemble a ****** or a bag. Here's some douchebags for ya......
  8. This is Amazing, I feel we've been transported to Cartoon Land, we have...... Chris Coons (same hair) / AKA "UltraMan" Richard Blumenthal (The Teeth Talker) / AKA "Ed Grimly" Hawaii Dem Ho-Ho / AKA "YO-YO" (her jaw goes up-n-down, but nobody wants to hear her speak) .....and of course, Cory Booker / AKA "El-Sphincter" Trump/Senate Republicans, Please Save Us All........"Approve Kavanaugh ASAP"!!
  9. Thanks Shedagal & GregHi, Yes, please keep us posted if anything newsworthy comes across....
  10. Hi GregHi, I believe I was the first to respond to one of your initial post's on this site approx 2-3 years ago, asking if Greg was High, since you were new to the site & were providing some pretty detailed info about the Dinar. I also wrote a poem about you (GregHi) and GregP getting high in a tree together a while later.........yes, that was also a joke.....Hi Gregp. But as soon as you jokingly responded to my inquiry, you immediately gained everyone's interest due to your contact in Iraq, who was providing some really good intel which we have not heard before. So I'll ask this for everyone on this site: Have you had any recent discussions or updates from your contact in Iraq? With so many things in motion right now, we are anxious to hear your feedback & we look forward to your continued updates as you receive any news from your Iraqi friend. Thank You Sir!!
  11. Nothing like being slapped by The Master with a Hogwash-O-Meter to bring me back to reality... ...thanks for bringing me back to my senses Yota. I DO NOT have a link, but there are certain things I remember people stating that stick with me, and this was one of those things. As I mentioned above, ever since she made that statement several years back, she's put out some good info and much of it makes good sense. But as Yota reminded me, this is the rumor section & you must remain realistic. Maybe one day soon, The Goat will state she's at an ATM Machine for real & withdrawing her Dinar at a much Higher Rate... ...but probably not.
  12. You are correct "Mr Flash Sir", The Goat stated several years back that one of her friends cashed out..........then she went into hiding for awhile. When she returned, she's been pretty level headed with her info since & has provided some good reading material......but yes, taken with a grain of salt. If she really does have a friend at the Central Bank, maybe she's onto something. Even if she's off by several months, "I'm ok wit dat"!! .....and that's assuming the Goat is a she. In the meantime, I'll stick to the "Clown News Network"!!
  13. ....ohhh, and Davis, after his first sip of Canadian Beer...
  14. Baby Action Photos of... Yota... Our Favorite Clownie Thug......His First Recorded Smile... Bruce Lee... and of course, Satan... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
  15. My Kind of Woman...............No Alcohol Spilled!! I've been working out at the gym next door... We even started a "Fight Club"... That's Right, We're Baddazz!!
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