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  1. My favorite go-to for road trips.....good stuff!
  2. It's great to see private citizens involved in this battle that have the resources and guts and put it out there for the sake of liberty and freedom!
  4. This is amazing.....can it be true and enforceable?
  5. Still wacked.......10:40 am central. (sad face where ever its at)
  6. Fox was one of the coverages I was watching on election night.....shocked, completely sold out. Done!
  7. Thanks Shedagal....I have been really struggling lately with a lack of compassion for those that would seek to destroy our nation. At some point it will be necessary to "brush the dust off our sandals"..... this "love your enemies" is getting to be a real challenge. It has been said that "loving our enemies" is mostly reconizing their "inherent value" as creations of God. I only wish they had the capacity to recognize the "inherent value" of our great nation.
  8. X-22 Report today.....very interesting.
  9. Was anyone watching J. Sekulow covering the election last night? He showed live video of when Virginia stopped counting and people leaving the counting facility carrying ballot boxes under their arms....I was watching Fox news as well at the same time.....not a whisper about that. Let's see if that video re-surfaces.
  10. Good morning Adam! Thanks and have a great day.
  11. Odd choice of wording.....why would President Trump plan a coup if he was re-elected? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the deep state players were planning a coup if he is re-elected...
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