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  1. This video should be required for all premarital counseling sessions:
  2. Acronyms can be tricky.....when Frankie uses IMO it means "Incredible Malarkey Overload".
  3. Also......treatment and therapy for wildlife are not subject to CDC and NIH regulations.
  4. I picked up a beef order from a local packing house last week.....had a sign posted "No deer processing this season due to Covid"
  5. Agreed Keylime.....time and time again in scripture satan's schemes have been flipped to show God's glory in the earth. This will be no exception!
  6. That definitely rings a there was a lot of camel trading going to resolve to resolve the balance owed.
  7. There were several articles like 8-9-10 years ago where they were "baby sitting the watermelon".....go figure! Also, typically they will use a comma where we would use a decimal point so that really screws things up too!
  8. That is what it appears to be saying.....but I haven't trusted any translations to English since they babysat the watermelon.
  9. This thread has been very entertaining, to say the least! Thanks for all the contributions....except for that one downer.
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