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  1. I will believe it when Possum and Mama confirm..... 🐀
  2. I have historically pushed back when the immediacy of the rapture would come up in conversation. While many of the markers of His return have come and gone, there is one that I just couldn't imagine would occur in my lifetime. It is found in the 14th chapter of Zechariah, “2 I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it; “.....How could we, America, not only abandon the nation of Israel, but join forces against her seeking her destruction? The answer to that question is sitting in the White House.
  3. On a there a thread on here that is following the sordid adventures of Mr. Potato Head?
  4. Weren't Sadr and Maliki bros during Potato Heads regime?
  5. Same here, 11 years ago.... "probably going to happen this weekend!" On the upside, we have modified our plans as to what we were going to do many, many times.....and many of the folks we had hoped to help managed without us. Now we wait on the Lord. 🙏
  6. Chatter first.....then dancing in the streets!
  7. That was my first thought......but probably only available to secret subscribers.
  8. This nation is being stirred....what we do know is greater than what we don't know, so we press on. Presently. our son and DIL have 2.6 sons.....Jonah, the rebellious little prophet, Zion, Mr. Chill.....and the forth coming Elah, the battle ground mentioned above. God is good.
  9. In either case, one would think that the CBI would know about it.
  10. Or.....just as the Taliban are over running Afghanistan now we may see an ISIS resurgence and back to the stone age for the next several years.
  11. No worries this year......we have DOMINION (wink, wink) on our side.
  12. Posted 1 hour ago 'Madam Speaker, You Are Not God!' Here is the dilemma....What if she self-identifies as god? I think that makes it so.....
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