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  1. It is funny all this is mentioned because I have worked in the same family business now for about 14 years. Here recently I have been getting down and burnt out as my wife is getting her business started and I am the only income it would be impossible for me to do anything else because I do make really good money. So here recently I have saw myself doing something else and felt this way for about 2 weeks with NO FEAR what so ever of what I would do for money etc. Could this God telling me not to worry, I sure am getting calmness from somewhere and the RV happening would sure solve a lot of problems in my small world, but even better then that it would allow me funds to help spread the word and help others. GO RV!
  2. 2nd from the bottom picture if you zoom in on the lady's computer you can actually see a rate and date....Hummmmm might be something...You have to have great eyes and or a great computer to see it. hahaa
  3. I'm ready for THIS AUGUST! GO RV!!!!!
  4. Man I miss SouthwestFloridaGuy.....RIP!
  5. Maybe goat was thinking or using THC just got confused...GO RV!!!!
  6. I've used all my reactions and votes on this thread well worth it!!! GO RV!!!!!
  7. Floridian...I just thought you were that excited....
  8. Floridian...That is what I read into it....
  9. I'm ready for this ride to be over..GO RV!!!!!
  10. I know this is a rumor section but PLEASE don't put anything Okie says. Please for the love of God! Luigi even you should know better then that! Anyways. Go RV!!!!
  11. Rico1 just saw your location, if I was you I would be getting out of Dodge!!!!!! GO RV!!!!
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