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  1. Maybe that is the smokey mirrors lol...GO RV!!!!!
  2. Push the button give us the 1 to 1 and lets get it done and finished...GO RV!!!!!
  3. Lets hope we get to RV while these are in the SINGLE digits...GO RV!!!! It's Friday Bros.....
  4. For tire rotation? They work like the Iraqi government lol...GO RV!!!!!!
  5. Still going on....I hope this is some type of sign...I'm not saying the ships are at sea or anything...but I will say GO RV!!!!!
  6. Navira....What is your take on this being it has for so long (hours)? I have saw it be like that for 30 minutes or so but never an extended amount of time. I hope the train is coming around the bend....GO RV!
  7. Did it get corrected? Lets go RV!!!!
  8. Great minds think alike...Hey I haven't got a TEST text message from him in about 5-6 years + I hope that is still active lol
  9. Since this is the hotest post going and I haven't purchased any Dinars in years. Was thinking about buying another couple hundred. What is the easiest best place that is used since I used to use Ali back in the day....Go RV!!!!!!!
  10. That information is BROTASTIC.. Go RV!!!!
  11. So....even though it seems like we are getting close....From all the be honest 45% I have no CLUE what they are talking about....Is Sept a 50% chance?
  12. Good question....That is my plan also.....
  13. Let's hope this is the 5 years they are talking about. lol GO RV!!!!!
  14. I will get just as much joy in helping others then I would paying off my own bills and not worrying about money....God Bless everyone... I hope I never speak of the work DINAR in less then 2 months lol....GO RV!!!!!!!
  15. We need some bromation??????
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