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  1. That is soooo awesome, I wish he didn't get caught up in that mess.
  2. Pitcher you always bring it, thank you so much for your info! GO AMC
  3. I'm about to make another post lol see if it can be as popular as this one lol
  4. I agree as I somehow get notifications from youtube all the time saying...It's over they covered....the squeeze has is happening today etc. I'm like you I'm selling on the way up. Even though it's not exactly the same I have a MOUNTAIN of baseball cards like Roger Clemons, Jose Canseco, Dwight Gooden, D. Strawberry etc etc etc...If I had sold at the time I would have a mountain of money. Now those are almost worthless. Should be very interesting. As Kenny says you have to know when to hold em and know when to fold em....Until then gets go AMC!!!!!
  5. Let's keep it going today!!!! GO AMC!!!!
  6. I want to see some 45-46 range today. GO AMC!
  7. So I haven't been off this post in almost 7 months. Can I get a cliff note update on the Dinars? lol Any news? lol...GO AMC!
  8. Pitcher LOVE hearing your analysis, even though I'm getting about 65% of what you are saying. LOL The Perfect Alignment is from the bottom, 200, 100, 50, 20, 9, and then the Price Candlestick and the Upper Bollinger Band. Do you see this in next week or more of a long term deal? Thanks so much!
  9. Hummm it hasn't let me log into my Etrade account the past 30 minutes hope that means ships are docking! GO AMC!
  10. Come on let's finish strong today!
  11. Here we go again....So sick of Red days! Just give one great solid green day!!!! GO AMC
  12. Hopefully it's the old smoke and mirrors!
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