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  1. Ahhhh back from the beach where I was practising sitting when this takes off. Back to the real world is NO FUN. GO AMC!
  2. Yeah it was a year ago when I had it, that new strain is a little scary! I def don't want that one.
  3. Speaking of, I got my first shot 2 days ago and it set me back! Whew it rough I had Covid last July and it was the exact same symptoms. Whew dreading the second shot a little now.
  4. Thanks @pitcher we always appreciate your insight! GO AMC GO RV!
  5. I hope it boils over and floods the house! GO AMC!
  6. No that's different, you know what they say about a boiling pot! GO AMC!!!!!
  7. Ok I am NOT watching the stock market today! lol
  8. Batsignal for @Pitcher hope he didn't get lost in the Smoky Mountains! GO AMC
  9. I'm going to the beach next week so I'm sure something will happen when I'm gone, I guess i need to turn on notifications lol GO AMC!
  10. Please let me know about the Dinars! lol I haven't left this thread in many many months! lol
  11. @keylime BOOOOM ended over that $42 mark today! Great call! Whats next on the agenda!!! GO AMC!!!
  12. Bring it on...I'm cashing a little out at that point if not half lol
  13. Bring it on....GO AMC!
  14. If this is going to take sometime it sure would be nice for a squeeze up to $70 again and then back down a few times. Sure would make me feel better and sell a few at 70 and then buy more at $33. Can't we do that about once a month while we are waiting....GO AMC!
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