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  1. Thanks Yota, I think thats what was throwing me off....GO RV!!!!!
  2. So I don't know if I can wrap my head around this....So can someone simplify this for me? lol Like what does that mean for us for this article? I know this is Iraq
  3. So yeah after taxes about enough for a new car. So we need $1. GO RV!!!!!
  4. Great news!!!! Go RV!!!!! I would like to see this happen for everyone that has waited so long in this investment. Also for all the great contributors to this board and posters that are no longer here with us. RIP! Go RV everybody! Thanks Adam!
  5. Love these topic guys on the rumor section this is the only thing I even look at. GO RV!!!!!
  6. What about the great Mountain Goat.....I mean the ships are at
  7. So.....lets just get the $1 for $1 on Oct 1st...Go through that little Western Union deal and I will be ok with it. lol...Lets go RV!!!!! Man that train has been coming around the corner for a LONG time now....
  8. Bros..Can we cash in this morning or nah? GO RV!!!!!
  9. You are correct I am a partner in a CPA office and about 8-9 years ago I called the IRS and asked them about it. Talked to a few different employees there and they have no clue. They just kept reading a statement saying the same thing that any gains has to be reported on a tax return. I asked them if it would be reported as a capital gain and at the time something else was mentioned by filing it another way and I asked them and they couldn't give me an answer, but then again that is pretty typical with them.
  10. Maybe that is the smokey mirrors lol...GO RV!!!!!
  11. Push the button give us the 1 to 1 and lets get it done and finished...GO RV!!!!!
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