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  1. Keep the Faith Keylime. Don't lose hope. Remember, Abraham "believed in Hope against Hope that what God Promised He (God) was able also to perform (Romans 4: 21-22). And HE DID IT! .....WE BELIEVE!!!
  2. This is what the Iraqis Parliament reminds us of.... They're just keeping busy til Trump pushes the
  3. Merry Christmas Adam...this one's for you...You're the big horse at the end taking care of all the naysayers...enjoy and here's to the RV!!!! Merry Christmas!!!
  4. Good News! . A family member is helping us out. So, no need to put the money back on our card. We're relieved. Glad we can still be with you all. God Bless.
  5. Dear Adam We're very sorry but we cannot afford to continue with the VIP at this time. We were about to cancel.the renewal when one of your staff put it on our card. That's our grocery money Adam Without it we won't eat this week. Please return the $49.99 now. If things improve, we hope to return. Please do it now. Thank you... Dflat7
  6. Davis411...we agree wholeheartedly. It says that a Merry Heart works like a medicine, and Laughter is medicine for the heart. We love to laugh around here. We loved the old-time comedians like Red Skelton and Bob Nelson is this generation's Red Skelton. We're all for good humor. But when it's inappropriate or hurts someone, then, it not funny, especially when we've been paying to receive the quality information we have received until today. Seems to me, Adam, just an "I'm sorry or sorry bout that" would have sufficed. But saying "It's on you" is no way to speak to valued clients who were
  7. To Stanleypower and Adam Montana, although we have wonderful senses of humor, some of us being actors and comedians by trade, there are those of us struggling to put food on the table having waited over 10 years for the RV. A few of us weren't sure you were joking around about Friday at 3. Nerves are frayed, life is tough and when you're looking, Hoping and praying for a Miracle, that kind of actually mean. So, please be more professional and please be kind to the rest of us that are struggling while we wait. Thank you and God bless you.
  8. We agree with Stelardoc....Don't be in such a hurry to ditch it....your Dad probably wants to bless you through it.
  9. Hey the Dinar went up!!!! Ok from 84 to 85...first time we've seen this.... Check it out
  10. Yo Keylime. You bring the pies, we'll bring the sparkling cider and the salsa music. Here's hoping and a praying it's a-now. ..πŸ˜€πŸ™
  11. Hey Adam. We did the discount and it didn't go through... Please have someone fix it, as, we did it because you offered the discount as we are good until 5/16 and we use our money at the moment for food....yup, that's how tight it is here...until the Dinar comes, please have them do the discount for us and give us the credit back on our sad little card....sniff...sniff....thank you so much! GOOOOOOO RVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!
  12. The internet is lighting up like a lightbulb. So many are saying April 1st for the RV.... Some are saying that the IMF told Iraqi to RV.... Are they all lying through their proverbial teeth, or do they know something we aren't hearing here? These folks are Christians, or at least claim to be. Some are from Canada. Some of us need this to happen so badly it's not funny....and almost every Christian we know is going through a ridiculously hard time financially as well as health wise... We could all sure use some good news.... Any thoughts Adam?
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