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  1. DFlat7

    Adam Montana 15 February 2019

    Were with you Jaygo!
  2. DFlat7

    Adam Montana 15 February 2019

    Done! Back in the VIP...yea!!!!
  3. DFlat7

    Adam Montana 15 February 2019

    Hey Adam! Well, the Lord has blessed. A dear friend has given us the money to join the VIP again! WOOHOO! Heading over to do that now! So glad! We serve an AWESOME God!!!
  4. DFlat7


    Hoping we have the RV REALLY soon now!
  5. DFlat7


    Thank you Adam! And to you too! .and GO RVVVV! 😀
  6. DFlat7


    Actually have joined in the VIP several times, but due to medical bills and other set backs, haven't been able to continue. Hence the need for the RV in our lives too. We are so appreciative of your emails and info and know you're spot on with it Adam. We agree with Keylime that you are the only truly honest and honorable one in sharing the real Truth in what's actually happening. We thank the Lord for you and pray He blesses all you're doing abundantly!
  7. DFlat7


    Not offended at all. My Dad was a very conservative CPA and guided us wisely with our business which happens to be an 1120S. So, that's why I shared in case someone is looking in that direction. It's been the best for us. Always willing to hear what other options you have.
  8. DFlat7


  9. DFlat7

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    We actually looked, too, but it was back in 04 or 05 and they only had videos back about 7 years.
  10. DFlat7


    Best thing to do is to form an 1120S corporation and put it all in there and then go from there ie: putting it into CD's, Gold, Land, etc. With an "S" corp you can invest in the corporation and get a tax write off along with lots of other goodies. Your CPA's should be able to guide you with it. But, the corp acts as a separate entity and you can have the corp pay you either dividends or a salary. In the States, the cheapest place to form a corp online in Delaware. No State Tax, no annual fees, unless it's changed. Stay away from the non-profit 501c mess. Better to be a for profit 1120S. Yup, I'm a CPA's kid.
  11. DFlat7

    Adam Montana Weekly 13 February 2019

    1973 God's Horse Secretariat won the Triple Crown, the final race by 31 lengths, a record no horse since has ever even approached. As he rounds the final bend, the Scripture they quote sounds like it was written for Trump! Well, here we are, on the doorstep of something glorious God's about to do again! We all need to remember the ONE Who will be giving it to us all to do the things He wants us all to do for and with Him. Thought you'd enjoy seeing this....WOOHOO...GOOOOOOOOOOOOO RVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  12. DFlat7

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    We saw back in 2005 or so on 20/20 where they showed 6.4 TRILLION Dinar sitting in the US Treasury. It was a show where they were showing all the various currencies in there. At the time, we were not involved in any of this, but that 6.4 stuck in our heads. We didn't get into the IQD until 2009. We shared with Donald about it this past November and he immediately went over to Iraq to "see the military" but we knew he was also there to nudge the RV as he met with our Ambassador to Iraq and spoke with the PM. He was supposed to meet with the PM, but due to WH leaks they spoke on the phone...anyway, we concur wholeheartedly Adam and believe it will give him funds to help with the wall and everything! GOOOO! RVVVVVV! Hey, Adam, thanks for all you're hard work and being God's Trumpet on this! SOUND THE TRUMPET BRO! GOOOO RV!!!!!
  13. DFlat7

    Christmas week chat

    Hey Adam! Pres Trump & First Lady Melania are in Iraq. Actually they're now on their way back. He went to show support for our troops but you know there was more. We've told him about the 6.4 Trillion IQD sitting in our US Treasury. That would pay for the wall and much more! So, while there, he met with the US Ambassador to Iraq. We're praying the Lord uses this to push the final button to RV. HAPPY NEW YEAR! WOOHOO!
  14. That's us, too, baby in the US of A. Many of us have been waiting for this RV for over 10 years or more and are having to eat cat food to survive. Hope they do it and get off the pot soon. Cat food doesn't taste very good.
  15. Saw this on Google's top Feed just now. Wondered if the "Frank" on there is the one we saw from years ago on the chats. What do you think of this Adam and what effect does it have on our investment?

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