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  1. That's us, too, baby in the US of A. Many of us have been waiting for this RV for over 10 years or more and are having to eat cat food to survive. Hope they do it and get off the pot soon. Cat food doesn't taste very good.
  2. Saw this on Google's top Feed just now. Wondered if the "Frank" on there is the one we saw from years ago on the chats. What do you think of this Adam and what effect does it have on our investment?
  3. DFlat7

    CBI NEWS AUGUST 28 2018

    Oh fifff fifff blap blap... The Pres said it, these guys are the Cleverist crooks he's ever seen... Yup...Going to take the Lord Himself to do it....
  4. These are Ali's Stores.
  5. Oh blah blah blah flap flap flap ENOUGH already. Iraq, do it or get off the pot!
  6. DFlat7

    CBI News 08/01/2018

    Me Three!
  7. DFlat7

    Adam Montana 23 May 2018

    The day Trump went down that escalator and announced he was running, we were watching. Right at that moment I went into my prayer room and asked the Lord "What do you think of Donald Trump" and the Lord answered me and said, "That's My Boy!..and he'll be in for 8 years and not a hair on his head or his family's will be touched". We had asked the Lord to Save our country and He was making that happen by His Grace. Interesting thing, it was my 45th year in the Lord. The Lord got a hold of me in 1972. Pretty cool. Since then, we have heard of many others the Lord shared the same thing with, too. So, get ready. The Great Revival has begun in the USA! Come on Dinar!!!
  8. DFlat7

    Adam Montana 23 May 2018

    Adam, and all you Dinarvets out there...this is gonna make your day... It's so easy to get down especially when bills are mounting and you've been waiting on this for like 9 years or more..... So, while praying, the Lord led us to watch the Word He spoke through Kim Clement. We were all thrilled that the Lord showed him President Trump, even though not by name, everything about him, and the 20,000 on the Dow...that happened the week of the inauguration in 2017. So, we were all sure since Kim said...and then the RV would be next...but, hold on...he actually said, "about the Iraqi Dinar...nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing..and then SUDDENLY everything changes".....There are 4 nothings there....we believe we've been in that time and we're now waiting on the "Suddenly" God's's the clip...hear it for yourself and start shouting....Hugs to you all, especially our Wonderful Vets!!!
  9. DFlat7

    Adam Montana 11 April 2018

    Ya know, similar thoughts were going thru my brain. Maybe it's the Holy Spirit shining a light on it. Just hope the RV happens soon or I may have to start selling my cat's poop for fertilizer.
  10. Okay, I feel like a dumby...but where the heck is page 2 ? Please send link...thanks....
  11. DFlat7

    Adam Montana Weekly 29 November 2017

    Hey Adam. This is a very good video re: the Bitcoin vs Gold by a renowned responsible source. Check it out:
  12. DFlat7

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 August 2017

    Dear Lord Jesus Christ, we ask You to please end the dispute and allow the RV to happen by Your Grace. We ask You to protect our Kurdish brethren from any more harm and bless them Mightily too! You know, Lord, that we have all been waiting on You for this to happen so that we can do ALL that You want us to do for and with You! Thank You, Lord, for hearing us and answering! We ask you to bless Adam Mightily too, for his faithfulness, honestly and integrity and for giving him Your Wisdom Lord. God Bless you Adam! We Love You, Lord! And everybody said...."AMEN!"....
  13. DFlat7

    Adam Montana Weekly - 2 August 2017

    Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations....;) Hanging 10 with the board all waxed and ready to ride like the wind... I remember in elementary school, those last two minutes before the bell rang were the longest two minutes in the world if you sat there and starred at the clock. But, if you were busy doing stuff you didn't notice and the bell would just suddenly ring and you were off and running... If we all just keep our eyes on Heaven and keep occupied, the wait will go smoother.... Be blessed!
  14. It also might be a sneaky way of the IMF preparing for the RV? Ya think? Maybe? It's a thought....

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