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  1. Really? Tell me where to look, please. Is there a special section where it's posted? It would be fabulous if Trump got in by midterm. A dream come true!
  2. That was a shock, about Pelosi having a seven year affair with JFK. How do you know that? She is never on the list of women he had affairs with, and there were many.
  3. Seems like they're trying to "kill us off". Easier to manage less people. New World Order - sad situation. This senile leader we have is assisting by ineptitude.😟
  4. After careful consideration, I'm absolutely sure the whole thing is Trump's fault. Right? We'll probably be hearing about that on the news. Demorats can't be blamed for anything so disgusting and perverted. Right? They're doing so much to help our country: Gas shortages, food shortages, baby formula shortages, supply chain issues, printing money with no end in sight, and on and on and on. C'mon, they have a plan. I think it's called "New World Order", "Currency Reset", or something like that. It will all work out because they're such great fans of the brilliant Klaus Schwab.
  5. A public booking report by the Napa County Sheriff’s Office lists Paul Pelosi as being arrested just before midnight on Saturday and booked early Sunday morning on charges of driving under the influence.
  6. I have no idea. I think the Dinar will revalue whenever they re-set all the currencies. Don't know how long that will take, but they're getting us ready for it.
  7. Well, I'm thinking that absolutely nothing is going to happen with the Dinar until they "re-set" all the currencies with the horrible "Great Reset" and "New World Order" that they keep telling us about. Thanks to Klaus Schwab and his ilk, and Joe Biden who has no clue what's going on and could care less anyway, this world is "going to hell in a hand basket". I keep praying for good leadership for our country, but it ain't gonna happen til we get rid of the senile President and his liberal cohorts. 🙏
  8. With Biden at the helm, they could push us off a cliff and he wouldn't even know it happened. I have no faith in our government whatsoever. We need strong leadership and we have NO leadership.
  9. @sandsoftime I keep going back and forth. I really can't tell. Do you know the right answer? If so, how can you tell?
  10. PLEASE, PLEASE watch this 31 minute video. I’m sending to everyone I know. It’s all about “The Great Reset” and population control - “The New World Order” (dictatorship) to come into effect in 2030, and the “Plandemic”. Everyone needs to know what’s going on so that hopefully, this world domination plan can be stopped.
  11. Isn't that disgusting! I hadn't heard about this before. Liberal Democrat crooks! Thanks for posting it Bigwave.
  12. New World Order and all that crap! I'm thinking they're trying to kill off a bunch of people because it's easier to manage less people.
  13. I just emailed the Senators. Really hard to get a message to Rick Scott. No "copy and paste" allowed. No links allowed. I had to re-send it 3 times. A real pain in the A$$.
  14. YES! Congressman! Why didn't I think of that? I'll send him the movie right now, ask him to watch and do something about it. Thanks for the suggestion. 😊 Ya know, I may not be getting rich from the Dinar, but I'm sure getting a lot of knowledge from all you good folks on this board.
  15. Sorry, that was me. I took the "neg" off. I didn't realize it was sarcasm until I went back a page and read the rest of your posts. Please forgive me. I'm just so incensed over what's happened to our country. When I think of my grandchildren's future growing up in America today, it scares the hell out of me. I feel so powerless against so many crooked politicians.
  16. This is unbelievable! Last week, I paid $20 to watch the "Premier" of the above movie on Saturday, May 7th. Actually, $22.45 including fees. Today, it's free????? Lesson learned! That's the last time I'll pay to watch a "Premier". Anyway, everybody should watch it. And now that we know what happened, what are we gonna do about it? How can we get our crooked politicians to do something and throw Brandon out, and restore Trump to the office of President? Trump won the election and he should be President. Biden is a fraud. It makes me furious! It's like we're living in a 3rd world country. Americans just can't let this slide. Our country is going to hell with Brandon at the helm. Does anyone have an idea as to our best course of action?
  17. Now they need to throw the bum out, and restore Trump to his rightful Office of the President. Maybe there's still time and Trump can stop this country from going down the tubes. I hope the Dems did not do so much damage that it can't be fixed.
  18. And I have to disagree with you, Caddieman. My son's friend's parents both took the vaccine and booster. Soon after, they got Covid. Landed in the hospital, were put on ventilators and died horrible deaths, within a week of each other. I'm going to guess these people were in their late 60's, or early 70's. Neither of them had any previous conditions that would hasten their deaths. The family was devastated, losing both parents at once. This happened about 6 months ago.
  19. Thank you Markinsa. You are right! Everyone needs to watch this video. They're trying to kill us! 😢
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