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  1. Looking forward to the next chapter - vip/osi adventure
  2. I hope what he is saying is truth, but my gut is saying that he’s full of c~_p. We’ll see
  3. With the reading I’ve done so far, I think your absolutely right. Time to look for a solar generator. Thanks for sharing your assessment
  4. Even though I hold XRP and xlm, I really hate these elitists. I want Trump to win but the globalists will bring down our economy and usher in the digital dollar sometime in 2021. Buckle up, this will be one bumpy ride.
  5. Thank you CL, NEP and Pitcher for the the great insight and work you provide. It greatly helps people like me who have the interest but lack time to fully digest the this digital monetary transformation the we are entering. I believe XRP go paribolic once regulations and utility are implemented. Until then, we accumulate. Thanks again for entry points
  6. Charlie Ward states that all countries are on board with a gold backed digital currency. If he is correct in his proposition, what possible price range would that have of the dinar based on the gold that Iraq has on hand? This was just a random thought I had while on the road.
  7. Thanks Pitcher. You bring alot of great info and insight into this forum. much appreciated
  8. JGN

    2020 RV

    I agree with you NEPatriots. XRP for crossboarder settlements to facilitate the move to digital currency worldwide. It’s coming sooner than you think.
  9. Great to see you back, missed your many contributions
  10. Firstly – on the horizontal level: Deleting the three zeros – Transforming 30 trillion Dinars to 30 billion Dollars by deleting three zeros from the current currency and changing it to a new currency which eases the arithmetic operation with the smaller numbers on the example of the federal budget accounts, banking and corporate accounts as well as cash family accounts (individuals) without resulting in any change or difference on the normal value of income or monetary wealth of people and also without affecting the normal value of contracts and commitments between people. This is called Homogenous Function of Degree Zero. As long as the amount of new smaller numbered money covers the trading of the same amount of products What am I missing here in this article, I'm not a Lopster but this does not sound like the RV we are hoping for.
  11. Bought from Dinar Banker/Sterling. Uncirculated with certificate of authenticity. Willing to break up in lots of 1mill./ $950. per million. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, Will accept cashiers check or cash. Will pay overnight shipping or meet locally at my bank
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