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  1. i dont follow that X22 report...I prefer to follow Q and Jim Willie etc...most peeps just repost from these guys.....people like x22 make a lot of money off other peoples intel plus he speaks way to long I just want the info, want to verfiy itm validate it and move on not 1 hour of bullshit....too many years in intel
  2. Vice Foreign Minister Deng Li Holds Consultations of Deputy Foreign Ministers/Special Envoys of BRICS Countries on the Middle East Affairs Iraq will join Participants of the countries exchanged in-depth views and reached broad consensus on the overall situation in the Middle East region, the Middle East peace process, Syria, the Gulf, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and other hotspot issues
  3. BRICS+ Iran, Argentina, Venezuela, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia will be good to see, a seperate banking system with separate currency backed by natural resources
  4. every 30 years there is a global reset last one in 1971 when we went of the gold standard, we are well past the used by date, they are trying to provoke a war with russia is the cover for reset of the financial system, NOT the fiat Cabal backed system but the new Gold backed, Asset backed system.
  5. Bank of America is bankrupt trading insolvent......get your money out invest in silver and gold, buys guns stock up on food get ready shite is coming
  6. iran set to join BRICS along with Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and the big one Iran!!! Iran within a month? the question will be about Iraq....will they be part of the new financial system or the old deep state Basil bullshite system! East takes over!
  7. actually according to Sadaams oil minister and the one above they have double so this puts them at second place!
  8. so two exchanges for registered and no registered not sure what "increase in rate change means" anyone?
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