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  1. i think 140 and HCL and budget have all been on hold for years as part of the reset and move back to gold standard....
  2. i think people need to think of the RV in the context of the switch for all countries that sign onto BRICS of the QFS and the move to gold back currencies. Iraqs is simple its mandated by law, they are linked to gold and silver!!!
  3. remember all countries will be on a level playing field, some will go up, some will go down and some will stay the per attention to countries joining the BRICS
  4. not for long all these countries have signed onto BRICS and the Gold Standard...Trump and Pompeii gave over Trillion dollars to support Vietnam, Indonesia etc to assist in the transition
  5. already completed and had two readings waiting on final amendment to be voted on and I believe its Kurds and their 17%
  6. me too, well said......will always hold now matter what. I have invested heavily in gold and silver and was told by silver guru on twitter that silver would hit 500 per ounce by jan or feb 2023. So also heavily invested in silver. Have stocks too in Iraq and they have just started paying dividends after 8 years!
  7. interesting I am told by sources not confirmed that all countries must stop using USD from now until Jan 2023 and Iraq is one of them. Remember when Trump recalled all USD out of the country, that was 2018. They cannot use USD for ever
  8. But if rate Change has to happen at start of fiscal year then anytime between now and Jan 1st is go time!
  9. Can’t confirm amount just been told they are paying and for me to send back sign form along with ID…
  10. Can’t confirm amount just been told they are paying and for me to send back sign form along with ID…
  11. I was always told never put all your eggs in one basket…never a truer word spoken….cash, digital Dinar and stocks…always spread risk
  12. The fiscal year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31 of the same year. The Iraqi Company Law No. 21 of 1997 establishes financial reporting requirements in Iraq.
  13. Denied the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the central bank measures to remove zeros from the currency in the month of May next. He said in a press statement that “what appeared in the media about the start of procedures to delete the zeros in the month of next May, is unfounded,” noting that such a move begins with the beginning of the new fiscal year and not in the middle of it.
  14. The Central Bank of Iraq and on to San bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh stressed the need for Iraq to the process of administrative reform of the currency cash and that the project to delete the zeros is a step comes as part of the country's need to the process of administrative reform of the currency in order to reduce the cost of cash transactions in the economic process as well as the need to provide currency cash used in small groups of small transactions daily circulation. The officials at the Central Bank as well as some politicians and economists urged the government to delete the zeros from the currency and the issuance of new currency denominations as well as large cash to the presence of small coins. Observers say that the government intends to delete the zeros from the currency as a step towards improving the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar is that economists played down the importance of this step, considering that the cost of raising the zeros will be greater than the expected benefit of raising the zeros
  15. the central bank promised that he could make a change of currency and delete zeros in order to reduce inflation in the country.”
  16. In turn, the economic expert Ali gnathion NA (range): The process of deleting the zeroes do not affect the purchasing power because the exchange rate is linked to the dollar, whether zeros exist or not exist, adding gnathion NA: The state is worried about the economic adjustment due to lack of visibility and there are many things must to be completed but fear prevents them, stressing that reform needs to be bold and success needs to be big steps. For his part, the citizen just a gesture that the deletion of zeros under the conditions of volatile economic and security threaten the economic reality of the existence of financial mafias lie in wait for the occurrence of such projects. Meanwhile, a citizen Ali Kemash that the deletion of zeros will reduce the manipulation of numbers by adding zeros to the accounts in banks and thus reduce or eliminate the economic corruption, banking, and made the home of Saif Amer shop owner for the franchise that the deletion of zeros will reduce the big numbers that contribute to facilitating the processes calculation.
  17. He noted the benefit to the new currency that contained the categories of paper and metal, stressing the importance of the project to delete zeros in facilitating financial transactions, and pointed out that government banks are the only outlet for the process of replacing the currency that will continue over two years. It is noteworthy that Article 36 of the Law on Central Bank of Iraq gives him the right to replace the currency
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