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  1. Exactly....ignore the flog
  2. Suddenly when no one is expecting it and soon.
  3. 37 Iran's CB Discounts Effect of FATF Ruling on Forex Market Iran's CB Discounts Effect of FATF Ruling on Forex Market ..... Governor of the Central Bank of Iran said whatever the anti-money laundering Financial Action Task Force decides on February 21, the decision will not affect the currency market. The Paris-based global anti-money laundering watchdog issued a four-month deadline in mid-October, giving Tehran a last and final chance to comply with international anti-money laundering rules by February 2020. “The upcoming FATF decision, whether or not it extends the deadline, will not significantly affect our currency market,” Abdolnasser Hemmati wrote in a note on his Instagram account on Sunday. He was referring to the government’s political opponents and currency speculators who have launched a propaganda campaign claiming that the global anti-money laundering watch-dog will put Iran on its blacklist this month. Join the international monetary system or else?
  4. yep and feel sorry for those that listen....😅
  5. worked for kuwait! easy to do....corruption will always be there.kuwait has sacked their parliament numerous times and will continue to do so
  6. this has been the plan for years...NATO to take over..US to have bases
  7. 18 suits me fine and inline with april timeline and history of exchange rate changes for iraq which is 29th
  8. Iran will be eliminated soon Sadr will run soon
  9. What we want will be answered soon
  10. You will never rule out corruption
  11. love it how they put emphasis on "TRUE" as different for all the socalled intel and guru bs clearly NOT True!
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