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  1. zeros went on and can come off just as quick...september is our month.
  2. This is great! They have never talked about insurance sector in 16 years!
  3. Collapse will be huge they expect this will trigger Reset
  4. This is great...they have not talked in 40 years....Saudis opened their border crossing first time in over 40 years didn’t they?
  5. Saudis will protect their investments and deal with Iran
  6. Either this weekend or next, realistically anytime between now and end of October, lower denoms same time
  7. This will be a September to remember....roll on end of the month and let’s see if we have a further wait...
  8. I certainly don’t want to wish bad things on many people but wish away.
  9. could be FATF AML/CTF agreements...prelude to going international who knows!
  10. They asked congress and got 700 billion bail out....companies will not get it this time...the system has been engineered to collapse.
  11. When did Lehman declare bankruptcy sept 14 2008....when did rainbow and wishes release second copy....2007? What did they mention in the sand “9:11”
  12. This is the start....Iraq is part of the reset and I am hoping by end of September is what we want....
  13. This just tells me that we are closer than ever. Wasn’t it trump that said in interview with the Japanese prime minster that they can’t wait til all countries are on a level playing field...Japan will remove zeros as well!
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