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  1. Was it a Saddam rate or a rate calculate based on assets or as defined by law s rate based on gold and silver %
  2. Don’t they have to have a internationally tradeable currency before they can join? Isn’t a condition of entry? Asking the question because this has been discussed many times!
  3. Bus handles international settlements as Delta said big news
  4. The plan is the plan. Shabibi is the man anyone else is a flog
  5. Tell me when so I can send more money over get better rate and buy more shares
  6. Is this the cash outside the banking system that “83% of the current monetary mass (as financial wealth is almost idle) Which is nearly 50 trillion Dinar". He pointed out that "this block is still leaking to the public, and lies outside the banking system in the form of hoardings cut off from the income cycle in the economy and does not deal with the banking system, which means that there are large disruptive financial surpluses that can be borrowed and cover the budget deficit."
  7. the best trust are cook island trusts...look them up and then have you offshore shell companies or bank accounts if you need. also think about types of trusts, asset protection, family etc. Even binding financial agreements if you need for your children if you are distributing your wealth to your family and children.
  8. exactly. cash in once. remember when you exchange from dinar to USD is a taxable event. if you need to fly to cash in to minimize taxes then you need to do this.
  9. Warka worries me always has....its made up of foreign investors which causes a problem. a change of rate will cause a bank run and then **** gets frozen they have does this before. they have also sized peoples shares.
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