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  1. there was never a discussion regarding over $11
  2. very big news.....i would say there could be no international banking or open market while on this list. this is FATF? or European Union equivalent?
  3. the fact that they have seated and elected these three says to me we have a very stable political party and government. next step.....RV
  4. lets hope that what we all want happens soon and gives us enough to move on
  5. bills paid inf full bet you its in dinar.......just before rate change
  6. peace in the region is directly linked to $$$$$$$$$$ lets remove the zeros and get this party started!
  7. if Saitama reaches shibu price I am up 30 plus million!
  8. for those that bought Saitama, I am up 50K, watch for the 8th they are launching Saitamask their DEX.....also huge launch in Dubai this month...I am expecting that when the launch on the 8th they could also list on a number of top exchnages now considering they passed their Certifk audit...get ready for boom!!!!!! i expect 2-3 zeros within the next months or so possibly sooner!!
  9. you and me both...I have bought more shares and have not stopped since 2013
  10. yep running kill sqauds in iraq funding attacks and pressuring and threatening politicans!!!
  11. everyone forgets the three files.........that make up the UNSC rosulations gainst Iraq. People also forget about what they need to join the WTO
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