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  1. More China news… I would love to hear others opinion on this…
  2. Don’t know where else to put this…
  3. And our federal LE was totally complicit in turning a blind eye to all things surrounding the Biden’s, especially his son🤮
  4. My money is on him running! He’s done so much positive since being elected. His comments are meant to stir the pot in my opinion. He’s putting it out there so that Iraqis will respond and by saying he’ll run if people want him for a second term, he’s empowering them. Just my .02
  5. You can usually tell an awful lot about people by reading between the lines on things they post. For some, heck they just come right on out and tell you…….
  6. He’s the real deal. My prayers are that GOD continues to protect him from those who wish him harm.
  7. I’ll take .25 all day long! Bring it on Cha Ching!
  8. BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Tier 4B members were so excited that they shat themselves….
  9. They’re been giving it to their citizens Frank! And the rest of the world as well🤣 they’ve been giving us the ole bird salute 🖕🏻
  10. Dirty Dinar Dancer has a nice ring to it. I hope it’s not taken😳
  11. Judy Lyinton…….whaaaaa…..😆….I guess the last name says it all….let’s have fun with this……what shall I pick for my Dinar Guru (porn name)…..🤣🤣🤣🤣
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