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  1. Yeah, you have the intestinal fortitude to bring up what a lot of us are thinking. I don’t like being negative, but not feeling positive as of lately.
  2. Thanks for sharing! Never known you to be a BSer. No ill will to you if your source is wrong about tomorrow. Prayers are that it is so! Have a Happy Memorial Day everybody be safe!!!!
  3. Breaking News!!!!! Montana mystery solved!!!! That’s some high quality H2O!!!
  4. I found Adam!!!!!!.......errr....sorry wrong Adam.....
  5. Me too SB! Thank you for bringing this to the group!!!!
  6. I’ll take that sucker rate all day long!!!!! 1:1 will put a smile on my face!!!! Call me a sucker, won’t hurt my feelings at all!!!!! GOD is good!!!
  7. Yeah, I’ll put on my Optimist Hat and hope for just once, these gurus are right.........🥴
  8. What is the pathway to this? Don’t get me wrong, I’m an unashamed Trump supporter. I’m also very much an optimist. I just find it hard to nail down a path to what you say.
  9. Good positive update with no BS spin. I like it!!!! Thanks Adam, for always being the honest, grounded guy in the room!!!!!
  10. I call BS as well on Frank’s saying Fed shut down so Dinar could peg to dollar! What a bunch of crap!!!
  11. So I wonder if there is a set amount of Dinars (??? Billion) they want to pull in from the street before they flip the switch in the opposite direction?
  12. Hahaha, smoke and mirrors, this is so by the playbook! Fasten you’re seatbelts my friends it may get a little bumpy!!! 😂
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