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  1. Same here, I’ll never get back the 15 seconds it took to read Wolverines comments 🙄
  2. I’m more encouraged now, than I ever have been before. I must admit even for a guy that’s been waiting for 14 years, it’s mighty challenging sometimes to remain patient. Especially given all of the positive movement in Iraq in the past 6 months! Sooooon, QUICKLY!!!
  3. You gotta expect that there are wealthy influential Iraqi’s, business owners, industrial leaders, etc, that have in their possession, butt loads of Dinar. They have to be pushing their political representatives behind the scenes as well, to add value to the Dinar. They want their payday as well I would think! I know, I’m stating the obvious 🥴
  4. I’ll lick a frog and eat a booger for at least a 1:1 RV as long as I get to pick the booger and the frog ain’t one of those little green or yellow ones from the Amazon Rain Forest😳
  5. I have NO doubt that the Dinar will be going up in value! My only hesitation is in how much and how it occurs. I would be happy with .10 if the note count that I currently have remains the same. It would really suck however if 1,000,000 went to 1,000 and then was .10 like I’ve heard some people mention. I’m not a 🦞, just thinking out loud. I’m more excited and confident that something great is coming, than I ever have in the 14 years I’ve held Dinar!
  6. Hopium is contagious! In the words of Mr. Huey Lewis, “I need a new drug”!!!!! My drug of choice is an RV!!!!! Soon I hope!!!!!!😁🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Just can’t help but wonder if the completion of Kuwait reparations was a much bigger piece than previously thought! Time will surely tell……….soon my actually mean soon!🤣🤣🤣
  8. 11.90???? Yeah right! I would be ecstatic to put it mildly but there is like a .00000001% chance of it coming out that high!!!! Just saying!!! I’ve always been a glass is half full kinda guy but come on 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I’m of the opinion that major reforming is taking place in the gut of a bovine!!!!😁
  10. I don’t know….I really liked Reagan….
  11. Me too!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  12. It would have been nice to have had an October Surprise headed in to the parliamentary elections🥴🥴🤣🤣🤣 I would have been cool with a .10 RV to rev up the masses!😁
  13. Me too! I recently found my seed phrase for a wallet I created many years ago. I thought I’d lost it forever! I was under the assumption that I’d purchased 3 or 4 BTC many years ago. I was excited to find it and once going through the process of recovering it, sadly discovered it empty. I probably got busy with life, raising my family, working….and never got around to actually buying a few of those little electronic coins…..such is life a day late and a BTC short! 🥴🤣
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