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  1. Very good news. I’m so glad that I took the advice of a former boss who encouraged me to take a look at this investment 10 years ago.
  2. patiently lurking for 7 years here, why stop now! Patience is a virtue, I think?
  3. It's nice to know that I'm in the company of like-minded folks especially you Adam. I never trust anyone 100% but you maxed out the trust meter today for me, my friend. It's nice to know that there are smart, articulate patriots with a pulse still around.
  4. I can tell you for a fact that one of my good friends bought his Dinar from one of our local banks on the MS Gulf Coast. A very reputable bank that wouldn't have sold it if it were not 100% legal.
  5. I normally don't respond to posts like this but it really irks me on two points. 1. Some poor unsuspecting idiot will actually believe this and rush out and buy more Dinar when they really can't afford it. or 2. Some poor unsuspecting idiot really believes the pumped intel they have received and reposts it.
  6. If I were getting ready to revalue my currency, this is exactly the type of press release I would be putting out...........Just saying......
  7. This is very good news. Identifying parcel ownership and both countries acknowledging it is a huge step in the right direction. This is just another big step in the right direction. How can you not get excited when you read news like this.
  8. Awesome chat......that's why I only use this site for my Dinar information!
  9. sgtsanders


    I couldn't agree more. Very well put!
  10. WOW!!!!! This could be it....What else could a global monetary stimulus be? I'm asking cause I can't think of anything.
  11. I just hope the USA wakes up and adopts this same approach.........WAY TO GO HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Awesome News........Praying GOD's blessings on you and your family!
  13. EBAY has gotten really scary. I know that Craigs list has got it's fair share of issues, but at least I'm selling face to face.
  14. There might actually be a little plausibility in what ole possum is saying.
  15. Israel running the US? Your kidding right? During this current administration never has Israel been placed in such a precarious position. Israel is not thought of very highly by our current admin. That is a fact!
  16. just an fyi. the term kool-aid has been around a lot longer than this dinar saga. so black sheep could have heard it anywhere...... phrase got coined back in 1978 right after Rev. Jones decided to feed poison laced kool-aid to his church members down in Jonestown, Guyana.....mass suicide or murder you be the judge....sorry for the history lesson...........Welcome black sheep.
  17. Hookd on fonics werkd four me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Your kidding right? This topic on BOA gives more support for a possible RV than anything I've read on here in a long time.
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