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  1. Thanks for the surprise Sunday post, Adam, not that the last of it was especially uplifting. And I have to ask: How much credence do you place in the .10 scenario, vs something in the neighborhood of $1? Rendog
  2. Hi Adam I posted this in VIP more a week or so ago, and am still very curious as to your thoughts. When I originally posted, there seemed to be a lot of chit chat with regard to the "dropping of three zeros." I suspect you have addressed this question in the past, and it still haunts me insofar as ... what three zeros are they likely to "drop?" The 25,000 IQD becomes 25 IQD, or .00086 valuation becomes .86? Thank you. Rendog
  3. Hi Adam There seems to be a lot of chit chat lately with regard to the "dropping of three zeros." I know you have addressed this question in the past, and it still haunts me insofar as ... what three zeros are they likely to "drop?" The 25,000 IQD becomes 25 IQD, or .00086 valuation becomes .86? Thank you. Rendog
  4. Hi Adam At the expense of being a nag, I wrote several weeks ago with this same question: When Dinarians talk about Iraq "lifting the zeros," are they referencing removing the zeros from the currency (25,000 dinar note), or are they referencing the removing the zeros for the current value of the dinar in today's market (.00086, give or take)? You were kind enough to respond that you would be issuing your analysis of what it all means, "shortly." As I have not seen anything from you, about it, I thought I'd try again. Thanks Rendog
  5. there are two kinds of lops: the currency lop, which would remove the three zeros from the currency we hold, making a 25,000 note worth 25, as opposed to lopping the three zeros from the actual value of the dinar (.00086, give or take). Which approach do you perceive to be the more likely? Thanks Rendog
  6. Hello Adam I receive Irag-Business News, and today, Nov. 22, the following was posted, and I wonder your take insofar as how the move could impact the value of the Dinar? Thanks "Iraj Masjedi said Tehran and Baghdad are considering plans to use Iraqi dinar for trade transactions or develop barter trade considering the banking problems caused by the US sanctions on Iran."
  7. There have been posts recently suggesting Maliki may have a shot at gaining more supporters than Abadi in the coming elections, and thus becoming the face of Iraq, once again, with all that brings. If Abadi is in such a tenuous position in his government, and he could theoretically avoid losing power by orchestrating an RV, why doesn't he?
  8. I'm new to Coinbase; want to buy Ripple; is it possible to do that, or do you have to stick with the four Coinbase has posted on their site ... Bitcoin, Etherium etc.? Thanks
  9. If you were surfing Avila, then you MUST HAVE also surfed Hollister Ranch, Pt. Conception. Jalama, Cap Pt., etc. Best surf in the US of A
  10. You mentioned you used to hitch hike to the beach to surf ... which beach, if I may be so bold?
  11. Politifact and Snopes both saying Schultz and Ellison were standing and clapping for Owen, and that photo of them sitting was taken earlier in the presentation. Both accusing Conway of "fake news."
  12. Hi Adam I guess the question for me is: Assuming your scenario is correct -- they initially RV at .10, less 25%, which has my 2M dinar worth $150K. Following your reasoning, that the dinar will slowly rise from that .10, to .15, and ultimately (hopefully) to $1, $2 or more, what sort of time frame do you foresee for that to happen -- from.10 to .15, and finally to a buck?
  13. Hey, Synopsis, thanks for your easy-to-understand explanation about lifting/dropping the zeros. After all these years, I can relax. Ren
  14. I'm sure an explanation to this question has been given multitudinous times, and I still don't get it: When the conversation involves the deletion of the three-zeros, and every note I possess has three zeros, where does such a deletion leave me? Thanks
  15. Hi Adam Been in this for six or so years; follow it daily, always with hope; and while this may be a stupid question at this late date, it's become a nag of late: Can you answer with any degree of surety, is this an "IF," or a "WHEN"? Thanks Ren
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