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  1. I am actually glad to see it say $30,000 IQD for each citizen instead of it saying $350,000 iqd or some high figure like that as it normally would say. Points to some sort of change possibly on the horizon IMO.
  2. In an attempt to make light of things did anyone else read this part of @ronscarpa message "I am no pumper, but I do hold a significant amount of IQD ", in Leam Neesons voice from Taken when they read that part? Lol!!
  3. Yes from what I recall... Very Similar
  4. I agree @6ly410 . I haven't posted in months as I saw myself getting way to consumed with the Dinar status etc. But I see this as the almost perfect storm for this to finally RV. We always look for the 3 day weekend or something more direct that would lead us to believe an imminent RV. But this is the type of even that we would never expect and would then possibly lead to Iraq revaluing their currency. It just seems like the most perfect unordinary storm for us. They could change it right before our eyes while all the chaos is happening. JMO
  5. Absolutely agree with you brother. On another note I believe we will get one more AFC Championship under our belt this year and Super Bowl birth. I'm not calling it quite yet on the super bowl but we for sure have the AFC Locked down! As long as Brady and Belichick are there I have no worries! 😊
  6. @umbertino you sound like the kind of guy I would be honored to hang out with and converse with over a good cup of coffee. You have an abundance of knowledge on world cultures and some great stories to share. Thanks for your contributions to this forum!
  7. Good question @Pitcher. I believe many purchased years and years ago but have since moved on to other things or sold them off etc. I know the lady who told me about them 10 yrs ago moved on and gave up because it didnt happen overnight. I would think the numbers are rather low on those who own dinar in the U.S. I kinda look at it in regards to crypto. Before it skyrocketed and folks made a killing, hardly anyone bought into it. But right after millionaires were made everyone talking crypto this and that. But even then only a small percentage f the us dabbles in that. Shoot they barely even talk about Iraq on TV. Lol
  8. My only thought on why it would be an issue is similar to a convenience store or grocery store that sells lottery tickets. If you are employed there you aren't "allowed" to purchase a ticket and even more so you could never win the lottery. I am assuming that is what @ASUMama was referring too. It reminds me of when I worked at MCD's back in my teen years and we would scratch off the monopoly cards in hopes of finding the winning ones until our manager told us it was against the rules etc.
  9. @nfire I was just getting ready to ask the exact same question.
  10. I just have to say I love this thread although I am standing on the sideline reading each update as it pops up in the email. This thread seems to be even more Hyped than the original Bro thread. With that being said I compare this thread and the original news thread like this- The Bro Thread is delivering news like any other regular news station however the commercials are funnier and keeps you coming back for more. You don't wanna change the channel. The other news thread has some great articles and stories. But it's on a station like a PBS with no commercials at all. But both deliver great news! Thanks for keep everyone hyped up and the hopium going strong!
  11. This gentleman is a very wise economic and banking advisor. I really hope when he gave Al- Al- Aalak his copy of the book that he highlighted all the important things in there to lead to the" light at the end of the tunnel". Go RV. Thanks Yota!
  12. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    Now that was freaking hilarious!!!!!!
  13. Thanks Adam!! Greatly appreciate the update! @6ly410 Bro you have been a beast lately with the articles!
  14. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    Did anyone see a story online that Mcdonalds is accepting any foreign currency to be used to purchase items for just one day this Thursday. It was on my local news earlier. I thought I was hearing things but it was a true story. That should get me what two small fries or something right if I used a $5k or 10k dinar right. lol. I would bring the link over but I don't know if its allowed. But Im sure you could google it.
  15. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    @Botzwana Thanks for sharing that!
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