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  1. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    That was hilarious Botz!
  2. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    I'll take a Jack Daniels, neat, please and thank you! ­čśÇ
  3. I'll attempt to be a peacemaker on this one, @DoD I believe @Artitech was referring to botz in the second half of that message and not you sir. I put that together by reading some other comments before yours and I'm assuming that it wasn't aimed towards you.
  4. It never fails, everytime i see this photo i bust out laughing. Lol. Thanks for the continuous news Yota!
  5. For some reason I can't edit the post and was typing on my phone so there were multiple errors. That should say collapse of the IQD. And then many IQD "investors"
  6. Please correct me if I am wrong, but is this essentially what happened in Iraq nearly 15 or so years ago. Military push from U.S and threat of war. Then the collapse or the IQD in the midst of sanctions and economic collapse. Then many IQD began buying currency and wait and wait and wait. Now it looks like this may be an exact mirror to the real life story we all are living. Things that make you go hmm...
  7. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    Kinda sad when you think about it... We will give you an exemption if you would be so kind and give the citizens of your country some electricity and a better quality of life. Smh
  8. My my my seeing that carrier brings back memories for me. Being a young 17/18 yr old getting told we were heading to the med sea to assist with Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11 was terrifying to me and alot of other young sailors. But once the nerves settled it was game on and we did our duties. Anchors away my boys anchors away!
  9. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    I agree @markb57 . This video actually made me consider the possibility of traveling to that part of Iraq in the future. It does seem like they are living a normal lifestyle with mostly modern conveniences. The part when they were given those drinks was absolutely hilarious. Very encouraging video for sure.
  10. Agreed @cranman it does look like the 10k note on the CBI site.
  11. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    First this was a great video, I actually enjoyed this couple and might look at more of their videos of their travels. Looks very entertaining. Secondly it sounded like the taxi driver said $25 and the guy said wow sounds expensive. Taxi driver then said my supervisor says $20 my friend. He said okay let's go. I also saw they got 4 $25k notes out the ATM machine at the airport as well. With no issues. Thanks for sharing @markb57
  12. Good catch PP. And looking at the pic and zooming in it does look like smaller denoms. It also looks like the older woman is trying to give us a hint by pointing at them. LOL. And the CBI Governor is showing her the rate?? I know I know wishful thinking! BTW I must say that is a very clear High Def Picture!
  13. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    LOL. Yea I don't listen to any of the videos when that guy Beny is on there. Seems the Beny guy makes a lot of predictions
  14. chris2028

    Go Iraq

    Yes i like to watch his channel. He simply gets the news and reads it. Doesn't forecast dates or rates and keeps it simple.
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