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  1. Look all of those smiles. Hmmm wonder what the significance is of those bills in that frame. hint hint
  2. Check this article out about Mr Rhame. The guy was an Air Force LTC. Unbelievable.. About Tyson Rhame A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy who holds the rank of Lt. Colonel in the USAF Reserves, entrepreneur Ty Rhame credits his military background with giving him the skills he needed to become the successful businessman he is today. He is owner or partner in a diverse portfolio of businesses and continues to seek new opportunities for investment. Ty Rhame is also committed to philanthropy and has made significant charitable donations both personally and through his businesses. He established the Rhame Family Foundation in 2012 to enrich the educational experience of k-12 students in Atlanta public schools and support local nonprofits.
  3. It always amazes me that people can defraud and or steal that much money and think they will never get caught. $600M is not something you just casually walk away with and not get noticed by the big guys. Anyways the part that stuck out the most was that they paid individuals to spread lies about a potential "RV". Goes to show why so many people were popping up over the years with all this knowledge and dates and now they have all vanished. There are still a few of course
  4. This came up for me on Live market rates I want to convert From USDUS Dollar To IQDIraqi Dinar 1USD = 1,192.27IQD 1 IQD = 0.000838738 USD1 USD = 1,192.27 IQD US Dollar to Iraqi Dinar Conversion Last updated: 2018-10-10 20:48 UTC Read important information about the IQD.
  5. chris2028

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    Thanks LB! I really believe we are getting closer!
  6. chris2028

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    Absolutely Fred!
  7. chris2028

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    Its actually funny to me that for all these years they CBI has done what it pleased issued currency did this did that. And now apparently the GOI and others must know something big is about to happen to the IQD, and the CBI Governor stamps his name on the money( like a boss) lol, and they all wanna get upset. Not because its against the "law" but because they don't want him to get all the fame now that the whole world will be seeing the IQD in transactions. That right there ladies and gents is the biggest clue to me that we are close. Think long and hard about how long this worthless currency has been bought and sold. Why now are they suddenly so focused on the freaking signature of someone on the currency. Reminds me of when your older sibling gives you their old clothes and you put them on and wear it better than they do and suddenly they want it back and say you stole it or some other lame excuse. 🙂
  8. I agree with that as well. There are so many things that Iraq has accomplished that we seem to be waiting on and boom they show up done in a day. It basically implemented. I truly believe the HCL is completed but not yet being shown. Time will only tell since we are so close!
  9. HA HA Yes brother. Its because we are both NE Patriot Fans!! We are so close man.
  10. That is a very good theory! I saw something about this on Youtube a few weeks ago and found it pretty interesting indeed. There are a lot of strange things going on suddenly in regards to money and the world at large. I got an email out of nowhere yesterday from a dinar dealer stating they were now doing direct deposit for foreign currencies. Never seen that before. Of course the "Emergency Text Alert" the other day really had me thinking that soon very very soon something could come up in regards to currency as a whole. Also to add that Iraq not only picked a president without a hitch and then he picked his PM within a few hours shows me that we are truly about to get some big news. Its this weird feeling going on right now. I compare it to this feeling of butterflies in the stomach, when you know you something good is about to happen but you don't know exactly when.
  11. Good choice Botz! I joined the "HA HA" camp a few months back. When the positive energy is high you gotta receive it and believe. We are close. As I've said in a few posts over the past few months I'm watching only the CBI's actions. The news is always encouraging and shows me that things are moving along no matter what the naysayers mention.

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