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  1. Thank you @Laid Back for your honest assessment and opinion of the situation. I have and continue to enjoy reading your comments. I do agree we all at some point have had rose colored glasses on and cling to every single positive thread we run across on here. I've tried many times to step back and not come online to look at anything but with me following so many threads and getting email updates I end up looking anyways. LOL. I truly believe we are very close to seeing something happen with the Dinar. Its almost the perfect storm of events right now. By far the taxes and tariffs being implemented show me something is about to happen. Good or bad. It could be a national emergency within the country when the citizens begin to revolt and demand change in their purchasing power. Who knows! I will say this, I have learned so many new things over the course of 9 years that I've been in this investment that I feel like I have gotten an additional college degree in international studies with a concentration in Middle East business structure. 😁 Even if it comes out at a penny and we make a decent return and move on, the information and friendships gained here is absolutely priceless. Stay positive everyone and keep the faith.
  2. Thank you for sharing this @KristiD
  3. Thanks @tigergorzow! I got 1205.80 just now
  4. @3n1 I had wondered in the past if the average Iraqi citizen was actually concerned about their purchasing power like we seem to believe they should be. I know many of them were not alive when during the last regime and have no idea what they may or may not be missing out. Looking at the pictures on the link you uploaded shows, to me, a country that seems to be moving in the right direction with normal day to day operations. Its really hard to gauge what really is going on there from way over on this side of the pond.
  5. I absolutely agree. I've said a few times now that once these tariff's hit and taxes rise slowly but surely it would begin to affect the citizens and merchants. Hopefully they begin to protest and demonstrate and put the heavy pressure on the CBI to do something about it.
  6. I would advise the citizens to go online and buy some yellow vests and begin to protest and revolt! LOL That will draw alot of attention from everywhere. Hopefully it doesn't get to that point and the CBI does the right thing. It never made sense to roll out tariffs without raising the purchase power of the currency.
  7. I have been waiting to see articles like this. Once those tariffs were implemented I posted they need to increase the purchase power or the citizens would begin getting upset. Here we go!
  8. I almost didnt watch this. But because @Butifldrm posted it I knew it must have some sort of credibility because you never post in the rumor section! Wow thanks for sharing this! Things are getting even more interesting
  9. Thanks Yota! Looks like they are pulling out all the stops to get the chunky money into the banks. Heck, why not try it on the next generation.
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