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  1. In this particular instance does "Next" actually mean "Next" and not "This" as in the 24th of this month? Normally when they have an article that says the "GOI will meet next Thursday" or what not, it really means they are meeting the Thursday of that current week.
  2. Also interested!! @screwball
  3. After the 21st came and went and he (Jeff) suddenly turned off comments on all his videos, I compared him to the type of person who swears the team he likes will win the game and brags and brags and brags. They end up loosing and he avoids coming to school/work or even worse acts like he knew all along they would actually loose. At minimum keep the comments open and eat your crow like an adult. Don't go and hide and then open a patreon to give out more "intel" when he was "knocking out homeruns" and out smarting all the other gurus all those days leading up. Lost so much respect for that guy. And i'm sure his subscriber list dropped that week too.
  4. Absolutely agree! As I made note of on Friday, this is exactly what we have been waiting on. Mass confusion, contradictory articles etc. They agreed, then postponed, then agreed again, then voted and passed it, then postponed again. This is being done purposely. What better way to cause dismay and confusion to outside investors. I have a sneaky suspicion that they probably did pass that budget. We wait and see.
  5. Over the past 13 years I've been invested in the IQD I've always heard that before the change we would get flooded with misleading articles and information. I believe we are about to see a change in the value of the IQD. They are purposely dragging this all out and putting out all types of confusing articles. It reminds me of when a good friend of mine who lives in Ethiopia would tell me about things going on there yet when I saw the news articles it was completely different from what they were telling me. What better way to get investors to not wanna buy or keep their IQD. GO RV!!
  6. Wow it's so obvious they are truly stalling for some reason . One of these gurus who shall remain nameless (but I'm sure folks know who I'm talking about) stated that they would say they are gonna pass it this week then some way some how it would be stalled again right on script. I think we all agree we are extremely close to this coming to an end but they have to keep up with the theatrics to keep investors uneasy etc. GO RV
  7. Thanks @yota691for this article! I'm still pinching myself that after all these years, of ups and downs in the dinar world we are actually seeing low auction sales. This has been something I think we all have been waiting to see. Its like a dream we have all had but couldn't see how it would play out. The literally changed the value in an instant and just like that the auctions began to slow down and now are their lowest ever. I truly believe the rate change in the right direction is upon us more than it has ever been. The time is now!
  8. Wow thanks for sharing that tidbit man. This is a crazy year for sure with all these changes in the economy and just how things are operating in general.......Including seeing one of my old players from the Pat's playing in an NFC uniform. But hey... we got a W with Cam and who knows maybe Bill will sign Odell to the team. Lol. Cheers @NEPatriotsFan1
  9. The only Charlie Ward I know of was a Heisman trophy winner back in the 90s. however I will say this gentlemen did mention the GOI must clean up their house and sure enough a week or so later we see a completely new cabinet or at least many new members out of nowhere. So there might be something going on and lends this guy some credibility. Not sure anyone else in dinar world foresaw that happening. I guess we shall see what happens next!
  10. I have a somewhat similar story but mine is the opposite reaction. There is a small family owned sandwich shop I frequently go when I'm flipping houses in that particular side of town. The owners are extremely nice and friendly. One day I decided to ask them where they were originally from as I detected an accent which sound familiar but couldn't place it and of course did not want to make any assumptions. The wife told me they were from Iraq originally. I told them I was familiar with the country and we talked a little about politics etc. Then I said I hope the country comes back to where it needs to be for the citizens and that I also invested into that idea by purchasing currency etc. She smiled and said oh you bought some Dinari. Then she said "I have some too" We both smiled like "ahh we see eye to eye" that type of thing. Anyways I guess its based on the perspective of the citizen. She and her family have the currency as an investment and are eager to make something off of it and were both happy about the direction the country is going. As a reference for everyone this convo happened around March like a week before Covid became a big thing.
  11. Great news conference for sure! At the end I found it absolutely hilarious watching M. Pompeo try to maintain his composure by not falling out the chair laughing at the lady yelling at the reporters. That was funny
  12. I am actually glad to see it say $30,000 IQD for each citizen instead of it saying $350,000 iqd or some high figure like that as it normally would say. Points to some sort of change possibly on the horizon IMO.
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