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  1. chris2028

    Frank26 On the 30th, of December, lifted the 3 zeros

    @davis411 and @Artitech good catch! I thought I had read this yesterday but as mentioned read it rather quickly. I guess we shall see if this ties into what @bostonangler posted.
  2. chris2028

    Frank26 On the 30th, of December, lifted the 3 zeros

    Here is the post I saw yesterday in relation to Iraq already deleting 3 zeros. DWS112 Senior Member Members 3,054 776 posts Report post Posted 19 hours ago The largest deletion of zeros in the history of currencies ( IRAN ) 1/09/2019 Is this crazy? The largest deletions of zeros in history RT The Central Bank of Iran has proposed the deletion of four zeros from its besieged currency (riyal), according to Reuters, as it lost more than 60% of its value in 2018. Governments usually delete zeros when their currency loses purchasing power rather than issuing large categories of currency. The issue of canceling zeros is not new in Iran. It was preceded by Venezuela when it deleted 5 zeros and Iraq, which has already deleted zero zeros from Iraqi dinars. Turkey eliminated 6 zeros in 2003.
  3. chris2028

    Frank26 On the 30th, of December, lifted the 3 zeros

    I swear there was an article that I saw yesterday on the forums about Iran deleting 4 zeros and in the article at the bottom it said something about Iraq had already done so. And someone commented and said I guess we missed that one and it already happened. If so it leads some credibility to this one from Frank.... I'll have to find it and read it again. Maybe I read it wrong. lol
  4. I want to add that something that stuck out to me was when Pres Trump made a huge emphasis on the military pay raise this year and how it would be more than ever before. Now the MSM dissected that and made it look like it was pennies and the raise has been the same etc. But for some reason when I heard that I thought wait, could he be saying that possibly the dinar would increase the militaries budget capacity and in turn boost the troops pay in the process. I knows wishful thinking but of all places to announce it and make a big emphasis on it at that in Iraq. Also anyone who has served like myself in the last 20 years knows our raises were hardly anything especially when you have a family. You barely even saw it. Go rv!
  5. chris2028

    Iraq to launch electronic "visa" soon

    Absolutely agree about the timing. and the fact they added the wording about the end of the financial year etc.
  6. chris2028

    Iraq to launch electronic "visa" soon

    Thanks for sharing this dinareffic. Has this ever happened before?
  7. chris2028

    The bourse closes the week down

    If I remember correctly it seems like this has happened every year but don't quote me on that.
  8. chris2028

    Iraqi Dinar on the For Ex?

    I believe Cooper13 was referring to an article on that page that stated the "Iraqi Dinar Exchange Worldwide 6:00 PM Baghdad Time". Seems like that is getting a lot of buzz!
  9. WHOA!! Good news. Thanks for bringing this one over Mary B! Go RV GO 1:1
  10. Dude you are definitely on to something for sure. I really love your enthusiasm!
  11. Mines came up using Google Chrome but it was taking a lot longer to upload than before. Plus on the top left screen it still said it wasn't secure in red letters which I then quickly closed it out to avoid something crazy happening on my lap top. In the words of the great Synopsis, "Could be something, Could be Nothing". 🙂

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