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  1. And he better enjoy every minute of it here because his enjoyment here is going to match his coming horrors after he is judged by the Lord Jesus and sentenced to hell, not because of all his atrocities but because he refuses to repent from his sins against God and America and follow Christ Jesus instead of, well, nothing.
  2. My prayer is that the faith of many on here will grow after this and numerous other positive articles and not listen to “other voices.”
  3. I for one see right through you and your fake self righteous spirit of deception. You’re a deceiver, whatever your response.
  4. So you all throwing in the towel over someone’s opinion?
  5. Maybe Iraq has many financial and otherwise contracts with Washington that were agreed to long before todays BRIC Bank nominees/member States.
  6. If the Saudis join the BRIC Bank, can Iraq still be made a GCC member state and still be pegged to the dollar?
  7. Adams only gonna tell you exactly what you’re reading and hearing right before you! Please exercise some measure of faith here.
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