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  1. They have a lot more money and better administration than NYC. US Treasury totally supports Iraq - not NYC (bad behavior - bad investment).
  2. So, is some level of international currency strengthening, through Iraq, too much to believe here?
  3. Not “work,” but be “best.” I suppose he was thinking that Iraqis need added value to money “immediately.”
  4. Well, that secondary senario would possibly lead to their “plan B,” which Adam described a while back which involved a float. Maybe that’s why that economist? In I think yesterday’s article said a float would not work
  5. Dont fret, the world banking systems and treasuries will not let this crisis go to waste.
  6. World banks needed money prior to covit. Covit depleted further what they did have. Fiat the worlds financial saviour, but God is its Source.
  7. Exactly. And I believe that the foreign currency reserves within the Central Banks of the world will account for the next wealth buider and stabilizer that will precede a move to a digital currency. It takes money to make money.
  8. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Fear not. 1:1 minimum.
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