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  1. Reform or US sanctions. One way or another it's going to happen, here and other developing markets on the edge, during this and next US Administration.
  2. Our US Treasury, through President Trump, is going to end up sactioning each and every known offender in the GOI and CBI IMHO. Iraq needs a disruptor CEO, who, by the way, has had a real job all his life, and can build a business, which Iraq, and America for that matter, is.
  3. This is why we have not been bombing out Iran for many months now, and Iran knows the US and UK game plan. Its a day by day convoluted mess over there in the region, but the US will manage it and overcome this chess game by the grace of God.
  4. GCC currency comps of sorts, but surely not less than the Saudi's.
  5. Amen. Silent no more. The righteous should be bold as lions. God’s Word, not mine.
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