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  1. Amen. Silent no more. The righteous should be bold as lions. God’s Word, not mine.
  2. Do I absolutely have to open a Binance account to benefit, or can I merely buy the currency? Thanks
  3. ......And why is their Gov and or State Bank straight out reporting exactly what date they are doing this (as compared to Iraq or any other country) ?
  4. Bingo. Perry speaks much from his flesh, not God's Spirit. Money motivated, related. Just like a worldly Wealth Manager - if what youre buying is not what they are selling, it's no good.
  5. When in doubt, see what God says, literally, in the 18th chapter of Revelation about Babylon (modern day Iraq). Joel Rosenberg explains the economic and maritime trading success of modern day Iraq, and, at the end of the chapter, its destruction by the hand of God Himself. Iraq's first destruction, centuries ago, was by man. Go onto, type in Joel Rosenberg / Glen Beck / Iraq, Babylon. Glen is interviewing Joel, a born again Jew who writes prophetic Bible based books proving that what God says prophetically, through Apostle John, eventually happens. There are millions of deceiving voices out there, but like Jesus always said, " my sheep hear my voice (only)."
  6. Knowing that Iran and Iraq are neighbors in business matters and the fact that B Obama had just given Iran that large USD amount, I perceived that as a reason to buy rial.
  7. I don’t think so because I bought through Currency Liquidator AFTER 2013. CL could and would not sell it to me if illegal. Like I said above, there was a time that they were unable to even get it. Then they suddenly were able to get it in via Miami US Customs. I used to phone them back then to wait for an opening so to speak. Apparently there was a short window of time there, but it was most definitely after 2013
  8. I purchased through but don’t know right now how to prove the purchase date except to ask them to review their records if possible. I only recall that I bought when legal because at first I kept calling them to buy but they kept telling me their shipment was being held up by US Customs awaiting clearance. Customs wouldn’t let it clear to a registered currency trader unless it was legal to purchase I suppose.
  9. Appreciate all the Rial instructional guys. Please keep it coming.
  10. DinarThug, the two above reports are very telling. Thank you again.
  11. One way or the other, I know Jesus will buy me some more shirts, because He IS my Source. Who do you believe is your source, the county, state, or fed?
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