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  1. Even after the rv I’ll still buy my 93 octane from Costco
  2. What’s funny is that Biden showed his tax returns for the last 20 something years he says but nobody questions how he even “prequalifies” for a mortgage on even 1 of those mansions. He couldn’t, on previous or current salaries, yet he has a few I think. Oh, he didn’t obtain a hard to get mortgage,? Then he paid cash, lol
  3. The tracked watermarked ballots, if true, will do. "After having done all, stand." The Lord God.
  4. You are correct and to think otherwise, you’d have to be absolutely naive. This Chinese-Democrat Party partnership worked too perfect like a Netflix production. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I know evil genius when I see it.
  5. FYI, any and all agreements we’ve ever had or will have with GOI has always been transpresidential and always will be.
  6. Just has to be a final play/reset on global fiat. They will do it for many reasons but mostly because they can, and I love it. Praise Jesus.
  7. They have a lot more money and better administration than NYC. US Treasury totally supports Iraq - not NYC (bad behavior - bad investment).
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