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  1. presence

    RV Is Not For Joe Public...Elites Only???

    Luigi, I notice you post many contradicting 'rumors' in the 'rumor section' and that you have done so for a long time. I commend you on your interest in the Dinar, but question the reason why you appear to post any and all types of comments by people who have no proven integrity or track record when it comes to their predictions regarding the Dinar since the statements made by those in the majority of your posts do not appear to be factually correct. From my view, it appears that you re-post any and all comments you find online regarding the Dinar regardless of the original author's integrity or authority of the subject. I state the latter because the vast majority of your posts contain comments made by 'less than reputable' people and because none of the statements made by the aforementioned have turned out to be correct. That being said, is their a reason why you post the numerous amount of 'rumors' you do, especially when you yourself 'warn' the reader that your post is 'not verified' and that they should 'opine'? i know you are capable of making intelligent comments and I am not attempting to 'bash' or be disrespectful to you. However,, in retrospect, it appears that you alone have personally posted a high percentage of all the rumors in the Rumor Section,. I don't think that it's a stretch to say that the quality of the majority of the posts you make in this section are consistently different when compared to posts made by other members in this section. As such, I personally think the mods should consider creating a section - a sub category if you will - for you to place your posts. i am aware that many people view rumors as humor and as a place where 'anything goes' and that others may view your posts as warnings to 'newbies' so as to warn them of the various scams that are out there. However, there are also those who have a view along the lines of 'enough already'....or 'enough is enough.' I appreciate any insight you can provide as to the reason why you consistently post factually incorrect or inconsistent posts, and appreciate your response very much. (I in no way am trying to be disrespectful to Luigi or to those who enjoy reading his posts. As I said, I know there are many who view the posts in the rumors section as humor, but I also believe that are many who take all of the posts in this section more seriously)
  2. presence

    GCR RV...USD Is now Gold Backed Ready. "Luigi should check his facts before he brings his news." Agreed.
  3. presence

    CBI News 10/22/2018

    Good morning Yota and DV. Thanks for the interesting and intriguing posts. I can't recall the ICB issuing statements on foreign currency to the extent that this one does. "The central bank calls on all banks to inform their employees who are working in the field of foreign exchange..." This really spells international to me... Go RV!!!
  4. Thanks to everyone who posted and commented on this article, which from my perspective contains a historic recap regarding Iraq's currency standards and a signal of what's to come. I'm in agreement with Laid Back - a 1:1 ratio is quite possible and looking more probable as time progresses. The radio will not only minimize the learning curve for the citizens of Iraq but it would also be extremely convenient for the international community investing in and working with Iraq. There was a post a week or so ago that discussed Islamic accounting standards - which I suspect are going to be quite similar to GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, which would be a more than convenient reason for Iraq to go 1:1.
  5. Thanks very much for this post, Pitcher- and for all your previous ones and supporting supporting comments. I wonder what they will chat about...
  6. presence

    Chinese Elders, Reno, Paid...Canada Next.

    jg1, I like your comment regarding the author who posted this 'rumor.' I think there should be a separate section on DV for Luigi'a less-than-garbage quality-posts, not because I condone his '"rumors" but rather to separate his lower quality ones like the one made above from others of a more honest and genuine nature. What baffles me are the contradicting comments he makes to his own posts, which suggests little thought or critical thinking was made beforehand, and that the post may have been made instead for attention-seeking purposes. I am familiar with DV's policies, and have read statements from Mods stating there is a benefit to his posts as others can learn from the debate that follows his less than garbage-quality posts (not all of his posts are as bad as the one above but the overwhelming majority certainly are) I personally think it would be better to isolate what are known or assumed to be intentional and inaccurate posts by placing them in an area that is separate from those that are more genuine. Regarding Luigi's high number of positive likes, I think Thugs said it best about 10 months ago when he reminded us that Luigi used to have a staggeringly high amount of reds, which all went away one day from a form from of ruby welfare (I paraphrased Thugs' original comment which was much funnier)
  7. What a glorious moment! I knew this article must have been a good one when it had 27 replies within 7 hours. I am extremely pleased to see the Iraqi justiicial system has finally sustained enough inertia to support the pursuit of justice for everyone in Iraq - and beyond - who have suffered at the hand of this fiend-
  8. presence

    Project Finance

    blueskyline- Thank you very much for taking the time to locate and post this article and link, which is just one of several as of late that expresses the optimistic tone of,short term economic recovery coupled with long-term expansion. I am confident that the trend of these positive articles and viewpoints are being publicized for strategic reasons that will soon unfold~
  9. presence

    CBI News 09/17/2018

    Thanks Yota- much appreciated. I hope all is well with you. Presence
  10. presence

    9/11...Could This Be The Next RV Window?

    Pitcher -i'my very sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. I'm pretty certain he was one of a total of 343 first responders lost on that that - a staggering number. Star-thanks for your post in this and other threads - I enjoy reading your comments (and everyone else's in this thread for that matter -with the exception of the author who started this thread.) Nothing on my generation ('68) compares to the events I experienced on that day. I know exactly where I was when I learned of the tragic news. Perhaps the author who started this thread is simply a child as they may not have been alive in September '01. Regardless, youth is not an excuse. It is an opportunity to learn from prior incorrect the or poor choices by not continuing to repeat them...
  11. Thanks for the summation jeepguy- much appreciated. I've got my a rare pounding headache and dreaded the thought of making it worse...
  12. presence

    Guru TANK: Dire Warnings...USD Collapse.

    Thanks, Pitcher - I appreciate you writing your comments regarding this particular post. Presence~
  13. Thanks for your post, blueskyline. I enjoyed reading it - along with many others of yours over the years. This is just one of many recent posts of equal value that are being released nearly simultaneously, which is a great sign~
  14. Good evening Yota691, and all of DV. Thank you for posting this article, Yota, along with all the other ones - as well as your respective comments over the yesrs I've learned a lot from your efforts.... 10 YEARS LATER - I like the positive words and emphasis in your statement. I have always tried tried to take an optimistic approach to this investment (and life in general...)..which is sometimes challenging to do; not because of the IQD, itself, but rather because of the people managing it. The latter viewpoint is similar to that which humans had on the greatest racehorse to ever walk the Earth: Secretariat - who would've probably won every race he participated in were it not for human influence. Not to get off-track (no pun intended....)) The best thing of rhis,article is juat aa good as the words it contains....I certaibly hope this tuens into a,memorable week -and positicely so - for all of us patient investors, along with ev eryone in need.... Go RV! !!
  15. presence

    CBI News 08/19/2018

    Thanks for your feedback, Botzwana. I appreciate your input and enjoy reading your comments and posts as well. Things as of late, feel.unusually slow at times, and then updates such as the one in this thread come out. To me it feels as if the CBI is intentionally holding back info.for time necessity- against masses who are applying energy and pressure from an opoosite direction - in a manner that's beginning to feel like the starting line of the New York or Boston marathons. At some point 'soon' the CBI won't be able to or even need to keep up the resistance - and that will truly be a glorious moment!

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