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  1. As the saying goes, "that's gonna leave a mark..." Thanks as always, Thugs, for another classic and memorable laugh!
  2. I dont think that this will happen; this seems like something that happened years ago actually (their threat that is.)
  3. That's an interesting link. I'd feel more comfortable if there was a real time visual. I suspect all Forex activity would be synchronized worldwide when it goes live, but it's a nice thought and strange things have happened.
  4. Pitcher- thanks for writing such a pleasant post which eloquently expresses what many so many of us feel- peace~
  5. Zul- thanks very much for your explanation - much appreciated. Things really feel like they are lining up - despite the resistance of some Iraqi government officials...(I recall reading an article on DV a couple of years ago in which the author said that everyone in Iraq - including himself - was corrupt. Hopefully things are starting to change.) I notice that the price of gas is continuing to rise in the northeast- and I certainly hope it correlates with an increase in the ppb and is further reflected with an increase in the IQD.
  6. 6lyr10- thanks very much for locating, highlightjng, and posting this article. Its extremely pleasant to see the viewpoint expeessed by the Minister Of Commerve regarding Baghdad, Erbil and Basra is as positive as it is - and that the article is dated April 12th 2019! This post is an awesome indicator of where we are and what's to come in regards to Iraq's presence and transition in the global economy~
  7. I really like the way this law was written (at least the portions of the text which I happened to read) I dont know how the language and structure in the Financial Management Law compares with the language and text in other Iraqi laws, but from my view, this law like it could be an excerpt from GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) or some other U.S. accounting or law book. I'm curious if the text above was translated and what the original text looks like since it looks like if it was as it appears to be written from or with a western perspective ( ie, from an international point of view.) Hopefully this law was written or influenced by some of the international auditors referenced lately, as it would be a great indicator of where we are - and what's to come!
  8. Thanks for posting this mylilpony- this is a great find. I appreciate your comment regarding Article 35 as well, which is probably the next best thing to cliff-notes!
  9. Beautiful - This reminds me of the second to last scene in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...."
  10. GreedyDinar07 and Karstan, Thanks very much for your posts, comments and link. I have to admit there is always more to learn and know when it comes to Iraq and this exotic currency. The last thing I want to see is the Iraqi Dinar remain at a low post-war rate....(post-war currency rates are worth investigating)...for an even longer extended period of time. In any event, despite the track record that Iraq has had since 2003, and the problems you both mention, there is still another variable to consider: Trump. Just look at what he did with North Korea (despite the track record that all former US presidents.had.) I recall seeing an article in 2014 or 2015 in which Trump said we should simply take Iraq's oil. At some point- and hopefully soon...(hopefully by June - wasn't that what someone's energy healer predicted...?) the rest of the world (Idan and Iraq) is going to know that they can no longer go about their way rhe way they did when Obama (and John Kerry) were around......
  11. Thanks very much Adam,- for the last couple of uplifting weekly updates,- and for your continuous effort over the years to keep us informed , grounded, and prepared for what's to come! Iraq's momentum toward a capitalist society from that of a dictatorship certainly appears to have accelerated over the past couple of years; and I don't believe that the recently expressed concern regarding Iraq's influence on Iran's sanctions is going to impede the rate of progress. Delarue machines will identify counterfeit currency and minimize attempted fraud, and forensic accountants and international auditors will eventually get the chance to bring justice to the thieves (at least the major ones) who posed under the guise of legitimate Iraqi officials...
  12. Good morning DV, Thugs, thanks again for the laugh! Now then...years ago (a decade actually) I got as suckered into signing up with a Wall Street group that supposedly had a special tabular rate of success picking stocks.....24 hours after signing up, I re-considered and demanded my money back, which I actually received thanks in part to Bank Of America (which is one of the very few benefits I recall banking with them...) A year or two later, I received an email from the FBI that seems similar to the one mentioned by above. The email contained information letting me know the outcome of a federal case involving a white CV kollar criminal. I was fortunate and didn't lose a dime but I'm sure others weren't as fortunate. My guess is that this is basic protocol for the agency, which isn't a bad thing at all. I am pretty certain there were a couple of ed mails in a short perio6of y i'mne, so f ok not be surprised if there's another on th he way. The way to e certain is to look up the case detail and search by party name in federal or state court. Something should show up....
  13. Thanks for another laugh,Thugs- much appreciated. I don't usually find physical falls comedic, but the gentleman in that clip looks unscathed; he didn't even lose his glasses! I hope you get some rest this month Adam - my male intuition says you are going to need it!
  14. Wishing you a happy, healthy and memorable birthday, Chuck - and many more...hopefully this is one for the record books!
  15. Yota691- thanks again for your continuous updates and efforts in keeping all of us continuously informed... ...and thanks Adam, for all your work over the years and for the suggestion to cliick on your name to see your recent posts and comments- Go RV!
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