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  1. Good morning DV, Thugs, thanks again for the laugh! Now then...years ago (a decade actually) I got as suckered into signing up with a Wall Street group that supposedly had a special tabular rate of success picking stocks.....24 hours after signing up, I re-considered and demanded my money back, which I actually received thanks in part to Bank Of America (which is one of the very few benefits I recall banking with them...) A year or two later, I received an email from the FBI that seems similar to the one mentioned by above. The email contained information letting me know the outcome of a federal case involving a white CV kollar criminal. I was fortunate and didn't lose a dime but I'm sure others weren't as fortunate. My guess is that this is basic protocol for the agency, which isn't a bad thing at all. I am pretty certain there were a couple of ed mails in a short perio6of y i'mne, so f ok not be surprised if there's another on th he way. The way to e certain is to look up the case detail and search by party name in federal or state court. Something should show up....
  2. Thanks for another laugh,Thugs- much appreciated. I don't usually find physical falls comedic, but the gentleman in that clip looks unscathed; he didn't even lose his glasses! I hope you get some rest this month Adam - my male intuition says you are going to need it!
  3. Wishing you a happy, healthy and memorable birthday, Chuck - and many more...hopefully this is one for the record books!
  4. Yota691- thanks again for your continuous updates and efforts in keeping all of us continuously informed... ...and thanks Adam, for all your work over the years and for the suggestion to cliick on your name to see your recent posts and comments- Go RV!
  5. Thanks bamastorm- you beat me to it. And once again Thugs- thanks for the laugh!
  6. Thanks for the HCL updates, Adam - - much appreciated. I for one could definitely use some 'good news' - and a lot of money for that matter. Go Rv!!!
  7. Iraq is definitely not meeting my needs either....which will hopefully change - SUDDENLY - and soon!
  8. Adam, Happy belated New Year to you and your family as well as to all the mods and members who keep this site functioning at high and consistent quality. I like your perception taking into account the economics of oil. One certainly can't ignore the position Iraq has by not being part of a limiting agreement. I slso lkke the perception that chris smith pointed out (thanks Chris!) and the comments posted by others in this post. keylime, you are correct - oil was high a couple of years ago, but Iraq was still dealing with too many dasholes and the 'post maliki' recovery. I too have a good feeling about 2019 and truly hope that all those in need get the financial help they need from an increase in the artificially suppressed value of the dinar. Like many others, one of the things I like about Trump is his willingness to call things like they are as openly and easily as he does. I recall reading comments of his on this site in 2015 when he said we should just take the oil from Iraq and later comments when he called the Iraqi politicians thieves. I don't think he's going to put up with that behavior forever and am confident that he already has a plan in place to reimburse America as much as possible for the life, blood, time, money and effort we contributed to Iraq's benefit~ Go RV!!!
  9. ladyGrace'sDaddy- Thanks very much for your interesting and educating post - I really enjoyed reading it (along with everyone else's comments). Things have been lining up for quite a while - and the inertia feels like it's definitely increasing. I truly believe this is our year - and this month and the date of your birthday are fine with me~
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Davis411- and to everyone else who commented in this thread this far. LaidBack- your statement was very well said. I recall looking at a website years ago called the Hodges report or something close to that. The name Dave Hodges sounds familiar. There were a lot of 'facts' that he said would all point to a China/Russian invasion about 5-6 years ago on the U.S.. soil, and some of it almost seemed plausible if you read his predictions from the perspective of an anxious or scared mind. (I personally recall having the feeling that any foreigners lucky enough to be on our soil would simply defect.) Obviously nothing came to pass that he spoke of - with the exception of dollars going to his bank accounts. There's a term referred to a fractional banking or something close to it, expressed in an article written by someone who claims to have made accurate predictions in the past regarding the housing collapse, who now predicts the dollar will fail as a reserve currency and be replaced by something even Trump can't stop. I recall a similar but different prediction being made about 6 years ago, which I read and shared with a friend of mine that never went to college but who happens to have a very clear-thinking mind. His response was that although others have been trying for decades to de-throne the dollar as a reserve currency, "the dollar would always be king." His reasoning and explanation are a bit off-topic but his answers were sound and I no longer have concerns which I used to have in that regard. I think 1:1 would be the way to go - or .86 for some other reasons- and would be happy with either one at the moment. There have been 2-3 times in the past 8 years when I could practically feel things going into motion regarding the lifting of the artificially imposed rate on the dinar, and it felt it was days or less away each time. Although the reality in retrospect of Maliki and the dasholes that followed was was unanticipated, it had to be dealt with. I personally think that the implementation of SWIFT codes and development in relations with the WTO, the IMF, oil contracts with countries that are considered 'new business for Iraq', the new and extended pipelines built within the last 4 years producing record volumes of output, international accounting and auditing standards for Arab nations being applied in Iraq, the release of new forms log currencies designed to prevent money laundering and fraud, and too many others to mention (well, article140 seems to be coming up a lot lately) since June 2017 are definitely more than coincidental. One additional piece of info that I consider to be indicative of Iraq being "open tor international business" pertains to an email that was shared with me - originally sent to an individual I know who happens to be associated with extreme wealth. Unfortunately, the association is limited to just that, as the individual is not a billionaire - many times over - as they should be, due to an unfair business deal few are aware of that took place between the US govt and a family member of theirs .I was privy to a copy of the document they received from the Iraqi government - just a few weeks ago - which refers to investment opportunities on a large-scale. The latter isn't a rumor but is a fact. I am not disclosing who the individual is for multiple reasons, but the important take away is the timing of the correspondence - and the fact that it's unprecedented.
  11. jmartin1145- Try not to stress or worry too much about 'the end of times' was just a year or so ago when many weee concerned about 'Rocket Man' creating a problem for many of us, but 'things have a way of working out' - all of humanity 'has protection' in unseen forms - thank God - peace~
  12. Floridian- thanks for your comments and inquiry regarding my post. I haven't read delta's comments, and am not sure if his statement is correct - I will try to locate, read and verify it- Jg1- I know you've been involved in this speculation a long time, and I don't disageee with your comment regarding the decimal points not going anywhere in past years same for you 3in1- (thanks to both of you for all of your contributions to this site by the way - much appreciated) The question I have is: do either of you recall when the previous time period of the appearance of the decimal point was? I can't recall specifically but I wouldn't be surprised if it was pre-isis (if that's the case, then it's hypothetically possible to to assume, perhaps - just perhaps -that the cbi was going to do something...and then Maliki...(fill in the blanks)) - again, the latter scenario is only a possible hypothesis... let's check facts- I'd like to know if the last time the 3 digits appeared after the decimal point appeared was pre-IBAN and pre-SWIFT codes; if that's the case then the appearance of the decimals may now carry more potential functionality - especially since they are showing up very close to the year-end accounting period. This current period of time reminds me of when I was in the fourth grade, ...while going to elementary school in a small New England town...we were assigned the task of learning about the value of stocks by reading the newspaper daily..., in any event, I can recall with absolute clarity that a few of us spent more time reading the sports pages - in early spring- and for several days straight we saw that the Red Sox were ahead of the Yankees (which was great if you were a Sox fan recovering from the two back to back seasons in which the Yankees won the World Series by beating the LA Sodgers ('77 and '78 I believe)....thanks to Bucky Dent and Reggie Jackson. After a few days of seeing that the Sox had the same division lead over the Yankees, excitement was lost - as all of us simultaneously realized that the season hadn't even started, and the Sox were ahead of the Yankees in the division standings for purely alphabetical reasons, since everyone in the division had a record of 0-0 (it's one of those learning experiences in life).., I share the latter sxenario because it's possible that despite the fact that the CBI shows 1190.000 dinar to the dollar, there's a chance an any moment that we may see that the 'the season has started' which would obviously be reflected in a rate change-
  13. Happy early birthday psdon - it's nice to see a fellow Capricorn. Although my birthday is a couple of weeks before yours, I have some catching up to do compared to you in other ways..... peace~
  14.$ mylilpony, Thank you very much for taking the time to write your post when you did. I enjoy reading your comments and am sure many other DV members feel the same way, so please continue sharing your thoughts with us. I sincerely hope your husband feels better, and that you both are able to get some rest and a sense of peace sooner than later- God Bless - Presence
  15. There are certainly a lot of great comments from critical thinkers in this thread - thanks to everyone who posted. So, if I understand this article correctly, the 250 and 500 referenced in this article are new versions of currencies which have already been n existence. I couldn't tell for sure if the recent versions being replaced are both presently being used in the market. Regardless, the bottom line is that they (the old currency) )are presently being used minimally due to reasons of making change for higher valued currencies. As some have pointed out, there may not be a lot to be excited about - at the moment - but in my view, this might be a good sign of what's to come, especially since the newer notes probably have more secure features which would help minimize fraud and money laundering so currencies are exchanged for lengthier periods of time. The positive factual takeaway I get from this is, at least his article is not referring to the release of 100k notes or currencies of even greater amounts; which would certainly be less desirable. I like the timeliness of this article when I combine it from the news of late regarding the decimal places on the CBI website. The latter is a big deal no matter how you look at it. Combining the decimal points to the thousand's position, along with the re-release of the 250 and 500 gives me the impression that the 1's, 5's, 10's fils etc. are on their way - and hopefully soon. When I worked as a mutual fund accountant years ago, I was assigned the task of calculating the NAV (net asset value) number for some of Aetna's domestic mutual funds. The daily stress from the job felt equivalent to being pulled over by a cop - all day long. The pressure was due to the fact that our work had to be completed and ready to be published- by 5:40PM -every day - and the accuracy of our NAV calculatin had to be with-in 1/2 cent. Any error in the calculation greater than that counted as a pricing error. To minimize the chance of error, a minimum or 32 excel spreadsheets were needed to calculate an accurate number for the $100 million -$100 billion plus-sized mutual funds. The important part of all of this, is that our calculations went to a minimum of 5 decimal places - and the accuracy of all 5 decimal places had to be checked off and verified by 2 managers throughout the day - daily - before the NAV was submitted to publication in newspapers around the world. i suspect that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes with the combination of the 3 decimal places and the new.currncies mentioned above - and I am more than hopeful - that we may see this go international this month; if for nothing else, completing year end accounting analysis would be a lot simpler twhen compared to analyzing a new rate for a lengthier period of time (such as first quarter.)
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