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  1. Gregh- I agree with your view in that -there's no 'visible reason' for the holdup. I had a thought, just recently (for obvious reasons) that one el ed ment behind the scenes had to with Trump's impeachment trial (which just concluded-with a correct and outcome.) Regardless of the post-Hussein era duration, and the fact that there appear to be legitimate reasons for prior 'delays' (dasholes), I get the sense that a perfect time ('in today's standards') for an RV is one with minimal potential for future retrospective question or interpretation of Trump's 'status or influence' at the time.
  2. Thats hilarious Thugs! Really non-stop on your part. Tiure a cure for misery and despression at times.... Pitcher makes a good point: Perhaps Adam.should amend the rules on this site to include a statement stating or suggesting that people not eat drink or carry scolding hot substances when reading your comments!
  3. I agreewith you wholeheartedly Ziggy Imagine what the neyseyers will think when the wwe orldwide economic ramifications of his presidency really start to sho themselves. Nothing. They will be speechless. Regardless of politics, he's proven his consistency in many ways- and wd are watching the 'icing on the cake' be formed in a matter of speakibg. I viewed 3 or 4 classic Letterman episodes on YouTube last month- and in one of them Dave keeps leading up to and fi ally says:, " yeah, but if you want something done right..." They are truly spectacular interviews-ahowing a grounded and reserved Trump -and Dave at his best. I can only imagine how long Trump's been 'licking his chops' over the thought of running for office- and God Bless Him, America, and the world for that matter that he chose to dive in when he did: The World is a safer place. The latter words aren't my opinion, but rather a fact, as every president before him has strived yet fallen short of his mark to date in achieving 2 sinple goals: peace and prosperity. He's anti-war, and proven his ability to reach prosperity - especially for and in America - despite the relentless resistance surrounding him by the democratic party (and many baffled Republicans as well. (The thing that really gets me is how you have dems in office who went out on a limb to get things accomplished when Obama (Barry S.) was in office, but changed their tune to 'no' simply to go against Trump. Shumer is on record stating he was in favor of $6 billion for the wall in 2011 - but vehemently states absolutely not when Trump is around. That unfortunately is a sign of extreme prejudice - which is another thing I look forward to seeing less of in the coming years. Sorry to rant... Go RV!!!
  4. Thanks for the post 6ly410- very much. Happy belated New Year to you -and to all of DV for that matter. This is 'something't that I've been waiting for for a while and am pleased to see. Something being Trump's influence- on Iraqi finances- in a way and at a time that no one can or will ever be able to predict. I've had strong hunches in the past on 3 occassions- regarding a chance in value- and been wrong thus far.( Although the word May always comes through tp me strongly in an energetic snd intuitive sense) . Regardless of my latter shortfalls in my own insight, one thring is becoming very clear- this is going to hit during Trump's presidency-which is fine with me.
  5. Thanks Yota - very much. Happy belated New Year by the way, and thanks again for your continuous effort in locating and posting relevant news on this site-
  6. Thanks Thugs-and everybody else for all the Caddyshack clips-a true classic and one of the few films I could watch repeatedly without fatiguing... "Kind of like reaching under the rug..." Happy Holidays~
  7. Thanks King Bean! If you can find the scene where Bill Murray comes in with Judge and Mrs Smells, my day will teuly be complete!
  8. Thanks for your reminder about what this thread was all about, mr.unlikely. i was about to take this in a too versus to direction. In all seriousness, hopefully the Iraqi Gov't realizes they can't continue their endless corruption sooner than later. If only they would listen to Judge Smells from 'Caddyshack,' and "start abiding by the rules of a civilized society." Happy Holidays
  9. But I Couldn’t Pass The Entrance Exam....... Thanks for your brilliant wit, Thug, yet again..I needed that!... i recall seeing the image of that Far Side cartoon on one of our coffee cups growing up- a great choice if I say so myself. And thank you Adam, for once again keeping this chat grounded and real - andfor sharing aspects of your own life and endeavors with this group-
  10. Thanks for the post, Yota - very much. Better late than never. When the dust settles, Iraq will have a geeat opportunity to progress in all aspects of its development - correctly- and without the resistance of their elite. Regardless of the extent and length of the enormous sabotage inflicted on the innocent, justice will prevail, and the economic distress felt by its citizens for decades will be a thing of the past, as they embark on a new beginning.
  11. Good evening DV - I hope everyone had a happpy and healrhy Thanksgiving as best as possible. Thanks for the link Yota. It appears that consistent protests have weakened points in long-term corruption, or at a minimun, the protests have brought attention upon corruption enough to reach 'center stage'. I oook foreard to the eventual freedom that many in Iraq will soon rxperience for the first time in their lived. In the mesntime, I Couldn't help but notice a similarity to the structure of the Arab Monetary Fund as shown above with nother governmental body from years ago...
  12. Bump... (almost's been a long couple of of which in my case started long before '03...also - we wait- ..just a tad bit longer...perhaps after Thanksgiving....but definitely before Christmas....'19)...
  13. It's interesting and nice that Bulgaria expressed a desire to work with Iraq and ""Parliamentary for the "Covenant News": a new scale of salaries of employees at the table of parliament"....almost simultaneos to the aforementioned meeting.and shortly after "The Chinese Connection" (which happens to be the name of one of Bruce Lee's finest movies.....)
  14. Thanks Yota - very much - for the continous effort o keep all of us informed. Much appreciated.
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