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  1. Bump... (almost's been a long couple of of which in my case started long before '03...also - we wait- ..just a tad bit longer...perhaps after Thanksgiving....but definitely before Christmas....'19)...
  2. It's interesting and nice that Bulgaria expressed a desire to work with Iraq and ""Parliamentary for the "Covenant News": a new scale of salaries of employees at the table of parliament"....almost simultaneos to the aforementioned meeting.and shortly after "The Chinese Connection" (which happens to be the name of one of Bruce Lee's finest movies.....)
  3. Thanks Yota - very much - for the continous effort o keep all of us informed. Much appreciated.
  4. This is a very interesting artivle - it's good to see that there isn't resistance to comments regarding -The Elephant In The Room" - which equates to more prsssure on the laquidasical government. That being said, I'm still of the belief that more is being and has been done behind the scene to eliminate the stagnation caused by the corruption of power and to ultimatwly 'recover the stolen loot.'
  5. Thanks very much ASUMama- That really means a lot. There were many times when the resistance I faced really got to me. At one point in March 2016 I actually told my attorney's that I'd be dempcratic and take a vote between the 3 of us and would give up my appeal and walk away from the whole thing if they won (the lead attorney was 86 at yhe time and friends of his let me know personally that he wasn't handling his portion of the countersuit well.) I lost - 2 to 1 , and for about a half hour sat alone in a court room reflecting on the prior i8 years. When my attorney returned from his discussion with the defense attorney, i was surprised to learn that the defense attorney was unwilling to drop his countersuit - due to damage his defendants experienced from my suit' - which forced me to continue my appeal - and ultimate victory. It's events like that which really give me hope as they have a way of educating me in ways that can't be obtained elsewhere - and which further strengthen my knowingness that we all get help from God- in ways we're sometimes aware of at the time and in other ways that we find out about later~
  6. Thanks vealthound- I appreciate your comment very much. Things in many wsys are just getting started but the worst is definitely over in regards the reference I made above. Essentially, my brother and I hired two realtors from Keller Williams within months of losing both parents in the fall of 2008 .We told them we had no prior experience or knowledge about real estate or real estate stransactions but trusted them because they rederred f rt om a co-worker of theirs that we were originally supposed to work with but was terminally ill unable to represent us. I had a bad feeling from the start - and questioned the price that they picked for selling our house, which we later found out was $1000,000 'to the dollar- less than the value assessed by our town weeks earlier. Things hot worse when our house was liated for $200,000 more 3 1/2 months later in January 2009. We had an opportunity to sell it at the peak of the housing market in September of 2008 but were instead robbed of the equity bye the realtors rehired in two of their co-workers who posed as a young couple that was supposed to move into our property but never did. I filed a grievance at our local branch of the National Association of Realtors in 2009 and won the majority of my complaint. During the five and a half hour hearing we found out that all of the ocuments in the contract were done incorrectly, inompletely or not at all; each of the two Realtors rehired actually submitted similar but slightly different cut and paste forgeries on signature page of the dual agency /designated agent signature page. Age realtor literally photocopy to signature from another page that my brother signed and they did so in such haste that each of the two versions submitted into evidence or similar but not identical forgeries. The panel ruled in my favor approximately 90% of the way and things seems fairly easy after that. However, that was not to be the case. In the weeks leading up to our first trial in 2015 I was pressured heavily by three different judges to switch from a jury trial to a bench trial in which the judge could decide the oytcome- as well as heavily pressured to accept an unacceptably low offer of $30,000 to go away. After my refusal, remember from the media showed up on the day before the trial was scheduled to start in which case the presiding judge and formed all the attorneys involved a new cherry wood have to be selected in that the trial would have to be rescheduled. 2 months later a new chart showed up who happened to be a former real estate attorney that nobody knew at the tine and should have been recused. The judge refused to let the previously agreed-upon Witnesses testify fully and the jury was not allowed to hear all of our evidence. After five days of testimony, the judge inform the jury that they were relieved of their civil Duty and that she was going to decide the outcome of the trial herself cuz my attorney did not present enough evidence at trial. She issued a directive verdict in favor of the defendant who immediately countersuit me and my attorneys for $342,000. At this point, I was on my own and had to defend myself as I self rap party in the countersuit since each of my attorneys and I were now three individual defendants. I went to the local law school or in town I write some oceans and talked to a friend of mine who had more knowledge about the experience and was ultimately dismissed as a defendant. In October 2017 the Appellate Court in my state ruled in my favor and granted me a new trial which took place in the spring of 2018. Throughout this entire process three of the five attorneys hired committed fraud against me by leaving statutes out of our complaint, failing to put the defense in contempt of court, and by providing poor representation at the re-trial. It appeared that the goal was to leave me with little or mo money- qnd they almost succeeded. Despite the poor job by my attprney atvthe re-trial, the jury ruled in my favor on two of the seven counts - and one of them was finding the defendants guilty of insider trading- which opened the door for the judge th o weigh in on atyorney fees and punitive damages. I was immediately pressured by my own attorney to give up both counts and take $75,000 instead because he didnt think the judge would give us either of the above. I refused and the judge ultimately granted us both as outlined in his 34-page public document released on June 27th 2018 entitled "'Memorandum Of Decision." That still wasn't the end however, as my own attorney then violated our fee agreement and stole 2/3 of my portion by colluding with the defense atyorbey and the defendants insurance vompany- that actually wrote a check for $183.5k -(which wasnt allowed because Insurance companies cant pay for fraudlent clains). My attorney then tied up the funds for over a year in Probate since I was the plaintiff in the case it was representing my brother has his conservator from the start. In the years that, I plan on showing three of my five former attorneys as well as the judge from the first trial which should big an easy win in federal court. I'm contemplating going to law school in doing the work myself and we'll take the L S A T as soon as I resolve zn outstanding injury. All of the aforementioned went on while I was out of work and applying for dis I bility rleated to 20 prior orthopedic surgeries as nd while- my brother was diagnosed and recovering from two cancer (discoveted by pure chance and luck) and two surgeries. My previous comment and reference to Justice in the time we're living in refers to the judge's ruling and 34 page Memorandum Of Decision which is something that nobody expected or anticipated and Itruly.believe came with help from God
  7. At least they're taking things seriously. There's an aura of justice as of late - which is hopefully circling the planet and not just the West (Weinstein, Epstein, "Me Too", etc. ((as well as a.personal victory against the KW real estate company - which took 11 years to achieve -including 2 trials and a bogus countersuit brought against me by the defendants after the first trial was literally rigged - which I successfully defended myself from as a self-rep. party - thanks to corruption in my home state)) which fuels a sense of justice and optimism. I can only imagine how frustrated the Iraqi people must be after being lied to and robbed by their own Govt. - after decades of struggles and finally being free from.Sadam. Some people, groups and etntities never admit their guilt- even after getting caught - unless they're about to face enhancing. I'm sure there are many in Iraq who know that they can't "kick the can" any further and are out of time regarding their corrupt ways - and still pook forward to seeing a very positive return from this exotic currency!
  8. Thanks Yota- much appreciated. I recall reading some of the details in 2010 but wasn't able to recall with the process with certainty. I am sure there's plenty of back-room deals between the UN and the IMF as well as with and between the central banks, but it's nice to think that there's a consiatency in thr deval/reval of any currency-
  9. PS- Can anyome remind me as to whether or not it was the IMF (or another entity) that was responsible for devaluing the IQD in '03? I know I should be ressarching this myself but I am short on time at the moment. I would expect that the same entity responsible for the decrease in value and replacement of the old Sadam notes would be the one responsible for ultimately increasing the current and artificially depreciated rate) On that note, it sure would be interesting to compare thd timing and order of the current notes with the date we went to war...
  10. Ron, Thanks for the post and for your fantastic and efficient manner of describing the historical events you reference. I've seem.many comments regarding The Paris Club over the years but in all honesty never took the time to resesrch the work they're involved in. I will certainly take a closer look at the Bush-Cheney plan, which is consistent with '' and in all reality the true reason the US found itself in Iraq when it did. I very much like the timing of this article. Its consistent with Adam's avalanche analogy - whick makes me suapect that many other articles qith similar stored energy will soon be released...
  11. Thanks for the concise update Adam- very much. I look forward to the coming days - very much. peace~
  12. ...and thanks very much, Thugs- for also supplying the factual -and encouraging- articles......
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