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  1. Thanks for the concise update Adam- very much. I look forward to the coming days - very much. peace~
  2. ...and thanks very much, Thugs- for also supplying the factual -and encouraging- articles......
  3. This is an interesting post. It reminds me of an analogy I read on this site years ago... "Where there's smoke there's fire..." I personally believe that committees have already been formed and that conclusions have already been reached on this subject and that that there are other reasons as to why this aticle is being published and released now. On a semi-related note, can anyone confirm for me that it was the IMF that was untimately responsible for the devalueation and replacement of the Sadam notes in 2003? I am pretty sure I read something on it in Adam's cash-in guide 9 years ago.... As another saying goes: "what goes up must come down"... which leads to... "what goes down must come up"... Go RV!!!
  4. Well, I certainly know what my wish (at least one of them) is- and hope its fulfilled immediately-
  5. Thugs- your wit never xeases to amaze me... I Think That We’re All Gonna Be ‘Filthy’ Rich ! Now thats f'n funny... Thanks. I needed that! ( I occasionally wonder if it takes you a long time to come up with some of the responses that you don and think about whether ot not you're browsing through a thesaurus or looking on every webpage that's got humor in it to come up with an appropriate response...I'm pretty certain it doesn't take you long to come up with an appropriate response, and give you tremendous if only the Iraqi's coukd bbe as quick as you!) I
  6. I was curious about the environmental challenges mentioned in this article, and wasnt surprised to see the reference to Iran - which is a temporary concern in my opinioon... And saw the following image further down the page...and couldn't help but think that these two are pretty trusting people (unless the guns shown in the image all have blanks) The bottom line is that extreme shifts in the world's political and economic environment- can and do occur at any time -
  7. Thanks 6ly410 - much appreciated. Iraq is going to.need to figure out what to do with all its money all the future revenue from oil and gas investments very soon...(unless they already have and just haven't publicized it)
  8. Thanks for your analysis. I personally havent read the report yet but look forward to doing so this week. One thing I am curious about - given the enormity of statements already mentioned) ((thanks Laid Back and others as well who have given their input refarding the statements conclusion)) is: when did the IMF initiaite its review, and how long sid they take to review it? It seems like some of the starements you highlighted have already been addressed. In addition, although the lack of electronic tracking and auditing departments by the banks referenced may not already be in place, it doesn't mean that oother utside organizations such as those with three (3) letter names haven't alreasy done the work. This is analogous to Trump's meeting with Kim in Vietnam - and Kim's departure from.the meeting when learning the fact that we were already aware of ALL of North Vietnam's nuclear production sites - and not just the already cloaed one one that he offered to give up in his negotiations).... I personally still have high hopes of what's to come - SUDDENLY - and soon! Go RV!!!
  9. So, it looks like theyre voting for a pay-raise for themselves...this reminds me of a scene from an early Simpsons episode when Lisa wins a trip to Washington and exposes corruption and bribery (of I think Congressman Bob Arnold.... I personally think there's more already done behind the scene and that it wont be necessary to send her to Iraq)
  10. Is it Tuesday yet? (I got hit with a summer bronchial infection and touch of pneumonia over a qeek ago and am justv trying to keep up)
  11. Thanks 6ly410- - Very , Very much! This article proves the behind the scene impact that the US government has had on the Iraqi government 's economic transition from that a dictatorship- ruled faux empire to that of a free- functioning society. Articled posted during the past three (3) weeks outoine a strong annd consistent change of Iraq's current economis position toward a stable and free functioning government. In addition to this extremely powerful article - recent statements regarding the positive improved relations between Kurdistan and Baghdad, the completion of article140, statements from the IMF, stability in the price and quantity of oil production, and the long-term market rate stabikity of the IQD - despite periods of extreme internal and d ternal economic duress since 2014 - all point to a positive change in status and position of the IQD and the Government Of Iraq in tbe international ang global community.. Go RV!!!
  12. This is a very interesting development- thanks very much Yota I hope Iraqi's get swift justice against the corrupt who tarnished their history and loss of innocent life~
  13. You get the 3 number name - and we all get a 3 number rate - with a number in front of the decimal point! As I've said many times lately- I love the timing of this ppst - and think its more than coincidental that this is coming out now! Go RV!!!
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