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  1. Apology accepted. As someone once said, "s*** happens."
  2. I can understand your frustration PrehistoricMan, regarding the response you received from your post that's about 4 hours old now, and am pleased to see you followed up about 2 hours and elaborated on your original post. I find that the written word is often difficult to decipher when emotions are strong. I can't think of many combinations of topics that could potentially hit a nerve than "Trump" and "the potential money at stake as described in the rumor section." Thanks again for your elaboration. Peace~
  3. The United States had handed over the Iraqi delegation accompanying Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, who recently visited Washington, the largest smuggled archaeological group. I'm not keeping score, but it appears that Iraq is following legal (in addition to GAAP-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) as well as accounting standards established by and used in the US. It's great to see the return of stolen items returned to their rightful owners, and awesome to see the comerodity between Iraq and Athens US in the fields of accounting and law (it makes dotting the I's and crossing the T's that much easier when Iraq returns to the global economic stage. Just a few days ago, a press release by the CBI came out stating that Iraq's reserves were protected (I'm parsphrasing) by the United States from other creditors. In my opinion, there's much more going on behind the scene- and each passing day brings us closer to learning what those unknowns are... Go RV!!!
  4. Well, it's been a while since I've posted - and my copy and paste skills have faded slightly.I was attempting to quote Dinarham's post... but instead....(I digress)... It's also been several months since the "chunky money" has been getting soaked up from the market adjustment to 1450... (It's possible my last statement is historically inaccurate and that I missed something since the date of the aforementioned, but regardless of those details other facts remain... To date,everything time we've seen a post stating that "HCL was to be addressed in next session..." the can has always been kicked down the road. In fact, its been kicked so many times that it's easy to expect the can to be kicked again. However, there is now even with even more additional pressure for a rate change -with a market that contains much less "chunky money" (thanks LaidBack.) No matter what happens and when, the ones that have been "kicking the can" are running out of time - and shown us the extent of their greed.(I will never forget the article from 6-7 years ago that was written by an Iraqi who said Everyone in Iraq's government was corrupt-includibg the author.) So, hypothetically, there becomes in time when the corrupt realize it's easier to raise the rate - substantially - to satisfy their greed than it is for them to continue stealing from the rest of the population. I believe we are nearing that point. Think about it: those in control have displayed such extreme greed over the years that a decent rate change is needed to satisfy their long-term selfish desires. And the ones in power at the time of the latter event- will probay be praised instead of prosecuted - despite the length and extent of their own corruption - because those in need (the rest of the country) will finally get a relief to their suffering.
  5. To paraphrase Laid Back - this is a great way to suck up some chunky money... From under the mattresses and any other types of bedding used by Iraqi citizens. If the CBI were a fortune 500 company this would be analogous to changing the price of a stock by 25%; short-term sways in stock prices ate ironically referred to as 'pumping." Despite the fact that Iraqi Dinar isn't a stock, the currency's change in value viewed by the public is far greater than the 2-3 pips I recall that took place early last decade, and very well may be an aggressive last ditch effort to sway the market with the ultimate goal of removing as much outdtanding currency (debt) as possible - before hypothetically transitioning from an 'exotic currency to an International currency. Iraq's natural resources, its position in the Middle East and its once in a lifetime opportunity to function as a free and Capitalist market have allowed individual investors (and many many governments) to maintain steadfast faith - for almost 2 decades- that the Dinar is artificially supressed and not a legitimate exotic currency. Border countries that share Iraq's ports.have had at least in one point in time a rate of $0.22. Raising the vslue of the Dinar to a similar rate as the aforementioned, will if nothing else, ease the interpretation of tariffs and taxes with the bordering nations, which is crucial as the Dinar graduates to a field monitored by internationally recognized accounting and auditing standards. The implementation of recent statutes, aimed at protecting investors, combined with the country's international accounting and auditing progress - combined with forensic accounting which enhance the recorery in hundreds of billions of dollars intended fo the Citizens Of Iraq, and a means to aid the fight agsinst againat fraud. The historical interpretation of the Iraqi Dinar whilst under the rule of a dictator, then to thar of a corrupt government-and finally to one that functions with less fraud with presend day monitoring is consistent with a trend that ultimately propels the IDinar to international status The Dinar's transition, although lengthy to some, continues in the right direction. Considering the overall resistance and corruption it faced while circulating during the post-Saddam era, such as war, famine, Maliki and Dasholes, it's remarkable that the currency has done as well as it has. As Apollo 13 Mission Commander Gene Krantz has been quoted as saying: "I do believe this will be our finest hour"
  6. Thanks Yota691. This seems as good a time as any to ask this question- although there is probably a better location for it: Does anyone know whats going on with WARKA? I haven't received any response from them in quite a while regarding an inquiry pertaining to annual fees - and access to my account - and I'm checking to see if anyone can shed light on my concern. Thanks very much- Presence
  7. Thats's extremely creative - and the palm looks real. Well done!
  8. This is a heartwarming thread to read - and learn from - as it provides a perfect example of great leadership.
  9. Thanks Mary B , for all of your posts- which have a tendancy to lift my spirit when it need dt most - The inertia itowards less corruption and a better life for the Iraqi citizens is definitely strengthening. There's no turning back - as forensic accountants have been hard at work for several years and audit trails now exist proving the historic extent of theft by th e CBI -and Iraqi government Everyone is responsible for their actipns - and in my opinion, it's just a metter of short time before the corrupt in Iraq (and beyond). will be held held accountable (anyone see 60 Minutes tonight?) Presence
  10. Thanks Thugs- for taking the time to research, post, and highlight all.of the articles in this thread (and for many laughs over the years.) One word stuck out in the first article: Deloitte - aka: experts in International Auditing and Standards of Genetalized Accepted Accounting Principles Which means that Iraq is being being continuously monitored by international auditors -at least behind the scenes - which means -based on the fact that Iraq can't get loans the way they used to - that the days of free-flowing corruption will soon be over - and the country will in one way pr another be forced to function more legitimately, financially speaking.
  11. Thanks for the uplifting post Yota691 - and for all your devotion to this site over the years. Hopefully the ride will be over soon- and not a day too soon from my perspective.
  12. I'm sure there is plenty of pressure on Iraq from each and every nation that loaned or donated funds in its time of need whist they were in the midst of eliminating the dasholes let in by Maliki. Hopefully it's a tour of "dotting i's and crossint t's." Next stop: RV!!!
  13. Great post Aryoseno- I notice that he never says "no" or..."that's simply not true"...and that he appears to dodge the question and water-down his response -which is a great sign!
  14. Thanks to everyone who responded in this post. I've read many positive and negative opinions about the Dinar over the yesrs, along with many factual articles There have been many fear-based articles posted about the IQD, such as one from around 2013 which was ppurportedly written by someone from Forbes claiming the IQD was a scam - which it is not. There have also been many negative opinions written about the IQD posing under the quise of fact, for the simple goal of misdireting or misinforming others. I don't question the current war on caah or the attempts by many to change to a cashless society. which in my opinion will not happen. As James Bond stated in the movie, 'From.Russia With Love', "Where there's smoke, there's fire." Such again appears to be the case o be the case with the IQD. I enjoyed all the responses in this thread - especially the one by iididitfirst-which in my opinion provides an excellent example of critical thinking, which helps immensly when analyzing situations like these.
  15. Thanks for this post, Mary B. At some point Iraq is going to function legitimately- and corruption will be replaced by genuine effort and hard work. The wheels are definitely in motion.
  16. Good morning Yota691. Thanks for all of your recent updates - and for all the work you and the rest of the DV staff does to keep its members correctly informed. I look forward to watching things unfold in the coming days. Hopefully Trump had a stern chat when the new Prime Minister visited DC weeks ago. If I wwre Trump I'd be pretty ticked off to learn how the international aid and donations from the US were squandered and essentially tolen by its government - and that I'd do what I could to rectify the matter and settle the score. I recall an article prior to the last election in which he stated publicly that "we should just go in and take the oil from Iraq." He now has an opportunity at a more civil means of balancing the debt between our nations. I'm confident in the outcome of the upcoming election, and I'm also confident that he knows certain things have to be dealt with while he's president (such as the SCOTUS hearings, etc.) Hopefully etc. includes pressure on Iraq to change the rate of the IQD, an to minimize and/or eliminate thee economic trade and currency wars - in one form or another. The US could substantially reduce or eliminate its debt -in a single move -if played out properly. I recall reading years ago about a currency deal in the Reagan or Clinton era that fell thtough "in the 11th hour" that would've alleviated our nations entire debt in a single deal; he's in a phenominal position to do just that -and for good reason as (to the best of my recollection) our nation's debt prior to Obama's presidency was only around 4 Trillion Dollars. Regardless of whether or not the latter occurs, the news out of Iraq has been more than exciting as of late regarding a realistic exchange rate in the IQD. It's a perfect time - and not a day too soon - from my perspective. Hopefully my choice of attachment properly reflects the size and importance of this thread's title... Presence
  17. LIts a greeat signal either way- out with the corrupt and in with the new. Who knows what took place during the 8-20 meeting in DC - hopefully we're seeing aat least a partial response to it now. "I'll lower my troops if you elininate your corruption -and pay us back for something we could've taken for free".... is a possible scenario.
  18. This is a very encouraging post- thanks very much Yota691- and for everyone who commented on it. I recall Shabibi saying publicly, that Maliki had built a home with proceeds intended for the Iraqi citizens, "that could house 30,000 people." Generally Accepted Accounting Principles -and international auditing standards, were applied and implemented years ago (thanks to Trump) and I suspect that the vast majority of assets stolen by corrupt Iraqi officials has alreadu been accounted for..
  19. "I look forward to a fruitful visit." (As do I.) Thanks for your input southbeach- much appreciated. And thank you Yota691- for this, and all of your other posts, and relentless efforts.
  20. I has the same thought after reading this jeepguy- and have had them many times before. My guess (despite being wrong in the past) is becore or on election day-of this year
  21. Very well said keylime- thank you very much for your enthusiastic and refreshing viewpoint- and decree~
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