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  1. Not calling you out but can you share any events he’s been right about?
  2. Hasn’t all of Charlie Ward’s “predictions” been debunked?? Didn’t he say it was done months ago?
  3. Idk who he is, sounds like a porn dude, but he has Charlie Ward tagged so sounds like guru talk.
  4. I'd like to step in and speak up for Adam if I may. Adam has done regular weekly chats for years and has provided extensive insight on the investment. It's kinda b*llsh*t people are bitching about him taking a few weeks to probably work on something that will benefit us. Read the news people and do a little due diligence of your own. Adam will fill us in if anything happens.
  5. I’m always thinking 1:1 in my head. I couldn’t even imagine the rate at 2.65!
  6. Didn't they state a while back that the auctions were a method to control inflation?
  7. Oh boy. Giving my notice tomorrow!! unfortunately I’m the boss and I’ve done this more times than I can count so I’ll probably be hired should it not happen.
  8. Blows my mind how wealthy these guys must be. Their existing fortunes and what's coming their way. Going to make Bezos look like a hobo.
  9. Agreed but how would he not also benefit from a revaluation??He must have billions of stolen Dinar.
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