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  1. This really confirms that “Delete the zeros” is not in fact a lop and will not be a neutral or negative event for us as investors. I think this is great news for us. I think we’re close guys!
  2. I’ll drink to that!!
  3. I think that scenario is more believable
  4. Unfortunately I didn't think the corrupt politicians give a damn about the growth of the country or the private sector. Hopefully their hand will be forced very soon!
  5. These gurus have yet to predict anything correct, whether it be positive or negative. What makes you think Kaperoni has any knowledge about what’s really going on. stay positive people!
  6. Sorry to say but if your investment strategy is based on Adams chats, you should get out.
  7. Not calling you out but can you share any events he’s been right about?
  8. Hasn’t all of Charlie Ward’s “predictions” been debunked?? Didn’t he say it was done months ago?
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