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  1. Thanks Adam. Looking forward to hear your insight. The lack of news is depressing.
  2. Much respect to Yota for all the hard work and I’m praying for his parents. Would love to see him return and keep us informed. It’s like the lights went out without him.
  3. Awesome summary of the situation. Spot on in every aspect. I think we still have some time to go before we see any type of revaluation to weed out the Iranian influences. I’m not seeing anything to show we are as close as some are saying. I pray that I’m wrong! Definitely ready for this ride to be over!
  4. Even at that drastically reduced rate it has to be big. Do you have any estimates of the number of holders out there? Or an estimate of dinars in the US?
  5. I guess kind of regarding Trump and his legacy if you will. I remeber years ago hearing an estimate that about 3 million people held dinar. I have no idea if that was accurate and what the average person holds. Has there been any estimates of the tax revenue generated from an event like this. It has to be enormous.
  6. Oh believe me I’m not saying they are doing anything to fix the situation. I just think if the UN gets involved then a revaluation is not going to happen until Iraq is on their own again. But what the hell do I know
  7. I don’t know if the UN is good for us? I kinda don’t think it is.
  8. Could it be a fluctuation in the dollar?
  9. Does anyone know what drives the value that caused these pretty drastic dips over the past two days? It’s not much but not the norm.
  10. Can someone explain how a 1:1 exchange would be a lop? There’s zero logic in that statement
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