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  1. Oh believe me I’m not saying they are doing anything to fix the situation. I just think if the UN gets involved then a revaluation is not going to happen until Iraq is on their own again. But what the hell do I know
  2. I don’t know if the UN is good for us? I kinda don’t think it is.
  3. Could it be a fluctuation in the dollar?
  4. Does anyone know what drives the value that caused these pretty drastic dips over the past two days? It’s not much but not the norm.
  5. Can someone explain how a 1:1 exchange would be a lop? There’s zero logic in that statement
  6. Thugs just posted. Looks like Allawi is going to be interim.
  7. Xe is down to 1183
  8. Looks like just a misprint
  9. I truly believe the US has a hand in this to protect our interests. Lots of stuff goes on that only a few know about. There’s no way we would let Iran take over Iraq.
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