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  1. Big Pharma playing political games with peoples lives
  2. If it’s true, which it may be, I’m sure they knew about it and proceeded accordingly. Too many treasonous officials currently sit in the government looking to undermine the democracy.
  3. Sounds like it. I don’t who would sell now. So much going on.
  4. So funny how we recognize people from their avatars. I was like who’s the new guy?? lookin good Chuck
  5. So, if no ne can get Dinar from the dealers, what are these guys pumping????
  6. Shabibi gave a speech?? can anyone verify this? Thanks Ron for bringing these over.
  7. I agree it would be very positive. I don’t think we would see the impacts before the election though. Two weeks away. And although some here will go on spending sprees, I think most who have been on this ride this long will take the time to make the right moves.
  8. Glad to have you back Yota! Thank you for all you do for us!
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