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  1. Nothing changed except the narrative put forth by the Iraqis. We’re still there like we were last year. There’s a reason they want the world to see their sovereignty.
  3. Saw the article on Fox. Saying how Sadr would be positive because he doesn’t want Iran involved in Iraqi politics.
  4. I’m very familiar with him. I subscribe and listen to all his audios he puts out. I thought the talks with Bob pertained only to taxes. I appreciate his very knowledgeable take on the situation. He hasn’t had an audio out in awhile. That’s why I was curious where this was quoted from.
  5. Does anyone know where this Breitling stuff is coming from?
  6. Thank you Mr. Montana!! Awaiting your text............
  7. Weren’t these limits put into effect awhile ago? Seems I remember a similar thread questioning the amount in relation to the rate? maybe I’m just getting old and remembering wrong.
  8. I think the article is stating if they diversify the economy beyond oil then the value will decline. I think we all know this and he’s stating the obvious??
  9. Couldn’t agree more RW. Such a different, more grounded plan now then years ago. Now we just need something to happen.
  10. I was really hoping for that “September to remember”
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