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  1. Unfortunately that article is over a month old. Typical for these guys.
  2. Currently showing all denominations out of stock.
  3. Thanks Ron for posting. does anyone know where the Breitling chat came from? He hasn’t put out an audio since March 22.
  4. Great articles Thug. Crushing it! crazy that they’re even talking about this. I think it’s a pretty big sign of what’s coming.
  5. Thanks Kenny. I got it. I’m hoping this Pm takes care of enough of the corruption so Iraq can increase their value.
  6. I don’t understand why Iran wouldn’t want an RV. They must have or can get, plenty of Dinar.
  7. I’m agreeing with you. If it was an error it would have been corrected I feel. Praying this is it. I think we all could use this.
  8. Right. Wouldn’t they have been made aware of an error by now and made the correction?
  9. Oil prices approaching $17. I don’t know how they can survive on that.
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