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  1. Even the GOI/CBI should have a tighter interpretation of "now" VS "in the coming days"!!! we'll find out if they understand SUDDENLY!!! 😉
  2. @Synopsis awesome very complete and timely update; including Bicracki PM! Thankyou for your consistent diligence!!!
  3. Relevant and insightful observation. This is an interesting one to watch because there is $$ to be made in both directions. We pray the favor of Iraq's developing natural resource based economy carries greater influence till they reestablish their currency in the world market.
  4. LOVE IT!! @Synopsis Your perception, translation and creativity make this fun!! Same for ALL our news hounds. My how things are about to change.... 🙏💰🙂🎉🏝🙏!!! (covered in prayer for wise stewardship)
  5. @cranman I've processed through this specific thing as well as responding to my full scope of responsibility. Here is what I received when I wanted to grow into this new level of fiduciary responsibility. I began "Allowing myself permission to release resistance to resources" Marinate on that!! I realized my doubt (no matter how simple or complex) about this happening and my ability as a wise steward when it arrived was captured within that word of wisdom. This is a very brief summary of my growth over the last several years. Yes; I'm ready for this or Any Resource from wherever that was previously beyond my wildest comprehension!
  6. @Dinarrock hopefully soon you can unpack their need to 'manage float'. Does this support RI verses RV??
  7. Thankyou Adam; you and all your in depth news hounds continue to keep us connected and directed. 🙏👀🏝👀😀
  8. True Dat Thug; and Thankyou for the constant flow Quality First Rate reporting of all things IQD / up to minute Iraq!!! You have served us well keeping us connected and directed in this journey!! 👀🏝👀🙂
  9. @Synopsis I like the attention you give to the 'old silk road' given the tribal affinity to hold on to the past; centuries of regional economic prosperity along the entire route. The wiser negotiators now will acknowledge that building it into current law and regulation. 🙂 Your amazing depth and detail is an exciting, encouraging reminder of what is afoot! Thanks-a-multi-million!! 🙂
  10. wc41

    Go Iraq Part 2

    An RI would be more than acceptable! 🏝🎉🏡😃
  11. Adam you've always been excellent in pointing those with a nose to know where to look; then you and Awesome news hounds dig up 'not so obvious' current events. This one is classic!!!! Thank you!!
  12. Ok Crew...... This is sounding pretty good!! 🙂 Great thoughts and coverage on SUDDENLY!!! 😄
  13. @Synopsis I absolutely love your enthusiasm together with your perspective/opinion; really gets the possibilities going!! It encourages prayer for the overall situation at a whole new level!! Thankyou!!
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