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  1. I N T E R E S T I N G !!! Thankyou @Dinareffic!!
  2. wc41

    Adam Montana Weekly 6 December 2018

    Holding pattern on HCL. This is going to break soon. I'm watching it like a hawk and can't WAIT for this to turn! It is going to be in our favor. I'm betting big on this. YMMV @Adam Montana @Synopsis The whole context makes perfect sense now. Thank you both and the whole DV team for filling in the blanks as we go along! 🙂
  3. wc41

    Adam Montana Weekly 6 December 2018

    YMMV???? 🙂 Thank you Adam as always!!
  4. wc41

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 November 2018

    Agreed... worth the wait 🙂
  5. I see from thiese reports votes are being taken on smaller parts of the greater whole toward ‘building’ the HCL Yes???
  6. wc41

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 October 2018

    All things in life, everything, are day by day prayer by prayer!! That's how we roll!! This is my life motto that certainly applies here in DV Land!! It derived from this; How many days have we lived where it was not yet 10:00 am and we were already saying "Dear God when is this day going to be over with?!?!"..... I had to break this down in to bite size chunks for my simple brain to digest so knowing prayer is the way to make it through the day I figured rolling out of one prayer right into the next seemed like the thing to do. I discovered that soon I made it through the day. Seems so simple but yet when you're living through one of those days and you experience it, it moves from simple to So Profound!! I have experienced the opposite end of the spectrum as well. There are those times when we're in the spot light, being lifted up, recognized, etc. This also applies going day by day prayer by prayer, in keeping me grounded, connected and humble!!! Recognizing I have a mission, purpose and value in this life I'll be able to receive the fullness of provision for my mission / calling with out getting so full of myself I hit an oil slick, wiping out, crash and burn!!! Thanks to Adam and everyone on this amazing team at Dinar Vets!!!
  7. Adam, Wow excellent!! Not saying this is your ultimate purpose in life but you are definitely appointed for such a time as this !!
  8. Adam, this is definitely 'sit up and take notice' whenever you personally post news outside your chat thread. Your links are always thorough and supportive in chat but here its stop look and take heed! Thank you sir!!
  9. What an excellent tone 🙂 A harmonizing encore would be wonderful 🙂
  10. The more often AND UGENTLY they meet increases probability of them satisfying ALL matters necessary to Reinstate their currency value!!! 🎯
  11. Flash, the original post is the translation, I think 🤔 yes??
  12. The link tells all!🙂 Dinareffic thanks for the find and translation 🎯
  13. Sovereign reinstated currency value any minute now!!...........

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