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  1. I have sent at least 25 emails, different domains, over the last 2 months to different depts and to Mr. Issa. Absolutely no response to a single one. GRRRR!!!
  2. I have received interest as "promised" by warka as scheduled. But cannot get access to my online account anymore because no one will answer my emails.....and I am unable to withdraw any either.
  3. If we have an account at Warka bank already, when the RV happens, will we have to cash out during the short time frame? Or can we leave the money in Warka and wait for the rate to rise?
  4. Found it.....
  5. meevans


    Even Glen Beck just stated the only way our country was going to recover was GOD.
  6. meevans


    God is in control....and He decided that since our country was turning its back on Him....that He would give us what we seemed to want....Obama. Now we are all going to have to take our licks for it (even those of us, like me, that DID NOT vote for him). When we turn back to God and do not legislate against the Bible's teachings, we will return to the great nation we once were. IMO.
  7. \We have some missionary friends in a Muslum country....they state that most of the area they are in shuts down during this it is a time of sacrifice for them. I don't think the CBI will RV during this time because of the reactions that their own people might have (not sacrificial). And lots of businesses will not be open during regular hours either so it will be harder to do all the things necessary to accomadate a RV. Maybe before! But I kinda doubt it, too.
  8. Thank you for the post! I did not mean that I did not understand the "health"care bill....I meant I cannot understand anyone in the public sector being for it....except those already dependent on public support. I am a healthcare professional and I know this will devestate the quality of our medical care within a few years. And my spouse is a pharmacist and we own a private pharmacy. The new taxes will cause us to have to lay employees off and will reduce our own personal spending in order to pay taxes....thereby adding to the recession! I do believe that some reforms needed to be put into place to deal with the problems associated with insurance companies, but not what has happened! Please everyone needs to pray about what all this is going to mean to our nation! And what it is going to do to our children and grandchildren. Thanks again for the link!
  9. I do NOT understand ANY one that voted for Obamacare....or those that supported it! It is going to cripple our country and ruin our healthcare! The recession is FAR from over with all these new taxes on the way. God has given this country what they (an apparent majority) wanted and now we all are going to have to pay for it. I pray everyone remembers all of this....but a lot won't know about it til after the elections in Nov.
  10. Thanks for the info. My only concern is that I have had the exact same amount in my USD account the entire time and I only received 1.5% interest. So the yearly interest is only 3%? That is not what I was told from most on this site (not DV's responsibility to be know this info).....and I cannot get Warka to answer any questions anymore!
  11. I only received a 1.5% interest rate on my USD account that I have had for over 5 months. I only got 2% on my IQD account that I have had for over 5 months. I was also led to believe that it would be much higher. And I have been asking through emails for a month what the interest rates were....but to no avail. I can not get anyone to answer me at all, despite about 10 emails sent! It is very frustrating!
  12. For me it is the way he went about it, not that he asked the question.
  13. Where did marketrally go? Being quiet now I guess.
  14. According to financial experts, the reason a country lops zeros from their currency without a RV is due to HYPERinflation.....Iraq has about as low an inflation rate as any country could it would be counterproductive to lop zeros off of their currency to control inflation.
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