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  1. I need help. I'm moving to Colorado springs from Florida in the next 5 days and I'm unemployed due to the job I had going out of business. So I would like to know if anyone from Colorado springs knows any place that's hiring or places I could try applying to.
  2. CBI: the return of the dollar exchange rate to 120 during the day The central bank said that the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar will return to normal by about the former “120-121″ in a few days, criticizing the lack of government control over the attack, which targeted the regional Iraqi market. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that “the Bank is dominated by heavily on the problem of the high exchange rate of the dinar, which is temporary and caused by the attack on the Iraqi market of some regional countries as a result the surrounding circumstances as well as trade openness-free controls sober.” Saleh added that “the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar will return gradually to the previous position of” 120-121 “after the Bank to study the problem of the rise and develop solutions based on Iraq’s economy strong and the high financial potential, which is the best thing is now.” The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, “The coming days will witness a decline at an exchange rate of the dinar and the end of the rise of the dollar in the Iraqi market and its stability over its past.” He referred to “the need to develop solutions and new controls for the development of goods and trade inflows into the country to help the low price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar is the largest and maintain the purchasing power of the Iraqi currency against world currencies,” noting “the end of the course of regional undertaken by the countries surrounding the country in the last period, which led to the instability of the Iraqi market and the rise of the dollar significantly. http://************.com/2012/05/16/cbi-exchange-rate-should-stabilize-in-about-4-months/#more-52293
  3. The video is 30 minutes long but please please take the time to watch it and help make a new change to this world. Make Joseph Kony famous and support everyone.
  4. Lol my barber just told my dad this and he just told me right now before i got on dv hahaha funny
  5. lol the psn will most likely be back in a couple hours or days. They just sent everyone an update thats all. I just updated mine and waiting for it to reach me so i can play
  6. Oops sorry it was suppose to be under Iraq & Dianr related news. Dinar*
  7. I do see it saying 1 USD for 1 IQD. But what about 1 IQD to 0.0009 USD
  8. God bless ya and everyone in the world he has something plained for everyone in life and i have faith he's going to bless us all with a good rv with the dinars that will help us all and i have faith its happening soon but all we can do is leave it in his hands now
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