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  1. dang it ..... sorry for the repost . i guess i missed it .
  2. Iraq decides to launch budget early next month 24/02/2012 14:25 Iraq decides to launch budget early next month 24/02/2012 14:25 Baghdad 24 February (aknews) – the Iraqi planning Ministry announced Friday, federal, it will launch the first 2012 budget next month to the ministries for the purpose of expediting the implementation of important projects. The Iraqi Government approved emergency meeting (5/12/2011) 2012 budget by 100 billion dollars (about 117 trillion dinars) a deficit of up to 13.5 billion dollars (around 17 trillion dinars). The Iraqi Council of representatives passed last night balancing 2012 after a number of changes including raising social benefits valued at 100 billion dollars. Minister of planning thanks to news agency of Kurdistan (aknews) that "Ministry of planning ministries and decided to launch the budgets of District Councils in March with a view to accelerating the implementation of the budget." "The adoption of House budget in the second month of the year will contribute to the disbursement of budgets regularly by the ministries, bodies and provincial councils". "The Government's actions contribute to addressing many of the problems and constraints facing the implementation of the budget on the ground highlighted those procedures direct coordination between planning and other ministries. He argues constantly citizens lack basic services that successive Governments had been unable to provide Iraqi despite the passage of nearly nine years previous projection system. And ensure balanced 2012 activate citizens financial loans for housing and farmers without financial benefits, which may make them a real housing crisis solutions and revitalizing the agricultural sector. The budget is expected to approve the launch of 59,000 degree functional Pan-Government ministries and institutions, which means reducing the unemployment rates in the country, according to official sources up to 15 percent but civilian and international organizations says that for larger. From Jafar Alunan, minimize: Waleed Al-zaidi, a Baghdadi pen:
  3. Finance committee approves the allocation of 2% of its oil revenues to Iraqi citizensPosted: February 22, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Wednesday February 22, 2012 The Finance Committee that it had agreed to be a financial allocation of 2% of oil revenues and the budget included and distributed to the Iraqi people. The MP said the Liberal bloc Zamili governor: “The bloc demanded that the money given to the citizen and not as items in cash and then do not apply.” He said: “This is followed in most of the contexts of the world that are Musdarat oil.” He said: “Among the applications approved by the Committee of Finance has to be within the current budget and functional scores at least 50 thousand degrees”
  4. sorry if this is a repost ........ Posted: February 22, 2012 MPs to vote on budget bill tomorrow; Oil revenue allocation provides citizens 10m IQD ($8,500 US) eachPosted: February 22, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Tags: Arabization, Iraqi dinar, Iraqi Kurdistan, Kurdish people, kurdistan, Kurdistan Regional government, Saddam Hussein, United States Senate Committee on Finance ERBIL, Feb. 22 (AKnews) – MPs will vote on the budget bill tomorrow after receiving the Finance Committee’s final report on the proposed legislation. Second Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Aref Tayfur said no parties, including the Kurds, have objected to the bill as a whole. Kurdish MP and member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib said another article was added to the bill earlier concerning compensation for citizens who lost their property as a result of Saddam Hussein’s Arabization policy. According to the article, compensation will be awarded provided that the court supports the claim. AKnews previously reported that 52bn IQD ($45m) has been allotted to the budget to reimburse families affected by Arabization. Kurdish politician Shorsh Haji said this figure was sufficient for “only 5,000 families”. “The total number of families to be compensated reaches almost 650,000 in the Kurdistan region alone,” he said at the time. Reports estimate each family will be given 10m IQD ($8,500). According to the final report of the Finance Committee the budget stands at 117tr IQD ($100bn). Some 19.8tr ($17bn), equivalent to 17 percent, will go to the Kurdistan Regional Government. The news follows renewed threats from Ahrar parliamentary bloc to boycott the budget vote unless its demands are met. Advertisement
  5. All part of the fun, trying to find what we cant see .. lol i would love to send my formula over to iraq and let them go ahead and use it ... :lol:
  6. Im sure im just grabing lol. Wishful thinking. but dropping / raisen the 3 o's for the 25 tril makes 25 bil, then they want that down to the 15 bil so we take the 15 bil they want into the 25 bill they have 0.6 , divide 1 into 0.6 gives a rate ( 1.66666666666 ) now that just my formula ... lol but it sure sounds good.
  7. Now we wait to see if 01/01/12 brings simple math to their class room.
  8. It would almost be impossable for them to r/d befor they r/v, could u ever see the us with a note worth. .0001 of a dollar. Their cashdbox could'nt hold payment for a loaf of bread. I did say almost cuase this is iraq .. lol and to raise the rate they will r/d and we know they want to release new note around the first of the year and smart bet is a r/v atlease 30 days befor said release . So we are in a great window for say "the next 15 to 20 day" but that jmo
  9. 1 most remember iraq was reborn, and they have to learn to walk first befor they could take off running it takes time to learn for some, but now their up and running, and running down the right track, we are close..
  10. Rate first then r/d thats always been the plan. We are close . In a post yesterday that said "Iraqworking to reduce the mass of cash through the deletion of zeros 16/11/2011 14:31 Baghdad, November 16 (Rn) -The Central Bank of Iraq onWednesday that seeks to reduce the monetary mass of 25 trillion dinars to 15billion dinars over the deletion of zeros to facilitate cash transactions in thefinancial markets and banks." If you work the math that is suggested in the post 25 tril to 15 mill the 15 into 25 you should come out with a rate of ,,,, 1.66666 ,,,, but hey thats just my thoughts. And if u go by what is said .
  11. Ok this sounds to me like preRV smoke . Remember there not going to come straight out and say were going to Rv for so high , way out rate .. .any news about the change of rate is news in the right diraction.. Thanks PV.
  12. This is just for news , as it comes out . Headlines and links only . no forums no chat no gurus no rumors .. just real news ... Dinarvets has aways been ,and will always be my #1dinar site .
  13. Like me .. Some need that dinar fix.. Lol but spend more and more time away from there computer as this ride gos on , and with our smart phones , we to can now feed our need for info when away from the dinar family .. .. :D .. Just shareing ..
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