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  1. Same thing happen to the New Madrid fault line drill in February .. Than it happened..
  2. Ever since the high profile emergance of Barack Hussein Obama in 2007, America has seen a cult- like following behind him. They are often referred to as Obamabots, Obamazombies, or Obama Kool-Aid drinkers. Anyone that has studied history knows that we have seen this type of behavior before. Specifically, we saw it in 1939 Germany with the rise of Adolph Hitler. As far as the Kool-Aid reference, one can google “Jim Jones” and/or ”Jonestown” to learn that cult leader Jim Jones and his followers committed mass suicide by drinking a beverage laced with poison. My opinion is that if enough people drink the Obama Kool-Aid, America will surely die. Now to my theory. I studied subliminal programming (which is used in most stores through their intercom systems to help curb stealing) and backward masking (the placement of messages inside a message in a backward fashion) many years ago in a church course that I took. I believe that in the case of Obama followers, these techniques are being applied. In some cases, they may be man made such as the current buzz words that we hear today like “hope” and “change”, “democracy”, “fair share”, and “moving forward.” In other cases, I believe, it is purely spiritual. The Holy Bible says in Eph 6:12 “for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darknessof this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Now we move on the the Christian faith of Barack Hussein Obama. A Christian would not turn his back on Isreal, a Christian would defend God’s Holy matrimony, A Christian would not promote the LGBT lifestyle, a Christian would not omit the word “Creator” numorous times when reciting from our founding documents. If you really want to see who Barack Hussein Obama really is, view the link below. Now let us move on to the spiritual aspects of this. I’m sure that we have all encountered an Obama supporter at least once in the past four years, and a few things stand out about them. First, there is no reasoning with them or being allowed to offer an opposing point of view. They would not know common sense or the continuous ongoing destruction to America if it slapped them in the forehead. One would find that they are mostly secular humanists, atheists, or members of a spiritually dead church. They have managed to have prayer removed from our schools,want “under God” removed from our pledge of allegience, “in God we trust” removed from our money, and many other atrocities like brutal attcks on Christmas and Easter. The following video is an idea of how this all works in the spiritual realm. This is a prime example of backward masking. Again,when looking at history,who did Hitler choose to wipe from the face of the earth? God’s chosen people. In this day and age, there are people trying to eliminate any connection to God. One such group is the Muslims who have sworn to wipe God’s chosen people from the map. Remember the first video? Who did Barack Hussein Obama say he was in his own words? Just as a side reference, Hiltler dabbled in the occult as well. These people need to wipe out the presence of God because they know that He has already won the spiritual battle. The Holy Bible says in Acts 9:18 “immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he received his sight at once; and he arose and was baptized.” Stand strong in the Lord, America, and He will bless us once again. Barack Hussein Obama The Cultural Muslim President Obama is betraying the Jews. He is a cultural... Watch The Eligibility Proceedings Against Barack HusIsein Obama Live Mark your calendars: On January 26, 2012, The Honorable... What Conspiracy Theory? I keep reading about how I am part of a... Deconstructing Jonathan Alter’s “Five Myths About Barack Obama” In The Washington Post The Washington Post is a left-wing newspaper, so I’m never... C.S. Lewis Vs. Barack Obama On Economics And Government by Dr. Marvin J. Folkertsma As Americans prepared to mark...
  3. It's not a spur of the moment war.. It's been planned since 92'.. A systematic war..Plus Kuwait can redirect the oil flow around thru them..
  4. So what your saying is a 25,000 will be worth the same as a 25.. Just asking 4 x25,000 = 100,000 4x25 = 100 both worth a hundred dollars
  5. Or is Tiananmen square.. Confused to which Dictator Obama prefers..
  6. What restricted to protest around the Kremlin.. What's next?
  7. Here you go stryker hope this helps.. Asiacell Telecom wins court case against the Warka Bank Earned Asiacell Communications, which filed the lawsuit against the Warka Bank for Investment and Finance, and the judge to return the entire assets, according to a company statement on Saturday. The statement said that the company obtained the provision to compel the Warka Bank for Investment and funding a full re-balances Asiacell in his custody, whether in Iraqi dinars or U.S. dollar with all the legal benefits. The statement and the act of good faith which tried hard and continuous contact with officials in the Warka Bank to resolve the problem amicably and to recover money owed by the bank in question, but its efforts failed because of the intransigence and evasion of bank officials in the confrontation and find a solution to the problem.
  8. They have been sued by Asia cell and bankruptcy allegations since 2010.. They have been trying to keep their head above s... for a long time. At least if the CBI takes control it will be insured and will be able to get a portion back ..
  9. Results for Washington Republican Caucus (U.S. Presidential Primary)Mar 03, 2012 (100% of precincts reporting)Mitt Romney19,11137.6%Ron Paul12,59424.8%Rick Santorum12,08923.8%Newt Gingrich5,22110.3%Other1,7493.4%
  10. Iraq News The start of the eighteenth session of the Arab parliaments in Kuwait with the participation of Iraq 05/03/2012 01:50 Started today in Kuwait City events Eighteenth Conference of the Arab Parliamentary Union with the participation of parliamentary delegation to Iraq headed by House Speaker Osama Najafi, Chairman of the Higher Committee of the Conference the Secretary-General of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Allam Al-Kandari said that the conference began after a meeting of the Executive Committee to adopt its agenda, indicating that the heads of and representatives of the parliaments of eighteen Arab countries participating in the conference, and was a parliamentary source said that the visit of the Iraqi delegation will be allocated to participate in the conference will address the Arab parliaments to discuss the outstanding issues with Kuwait Hits 58
  11. – Does the Obama administration intend to enforce the nation’s immigration laws or not? Two Republicans are asking that question, after a federal appeals court halted the deportation of five suspected illegal aliens on Monday, asking the Obama administration whether it plans to stop the deportations. In a 2-1 ruling, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals set a March 19 deadline for the Obama administration to explain whether it intends to use “prosecutorial discretion” to prevent the aliens’ removal. The five cases are on hold in the meantime. On Thursday, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas,) chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Utah), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the Obama administration must make it clear to the court that the administration will enforce immigration laws, including the deportation of illegal and criminal immigrants who lose their cases in the federal court. In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday, Smith and Grassley wrote: “In responding to the Ninth Circuit’s question, the administration will be required to reveal whether it intends to manipulate our legal system and waste taxpayer dollars, as part of its efforts to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. “Your response to the Ninth Circuit’s order must clearly and unequivocally indicate that the government will enforce the immigration laws, including promptly deporting all removable aliens who lose their cases in the federal courts of appeals,” the lawmakers wrote. In its ruling, the appeals court instructed the Obama administration “to advise the court by March 19, 2012, whether the government intends to exercise prosecutorial discretion in this case” – and if so, how that would affect “any action to be taken by this court.” John Morton, the head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, directed ICE officials last June to use “discretion” in deciding whether to detain or deport illegal immigrants. The intention is to kick out the worst offenders and release the all the others – specifically victims of domestic violence and other crimes; witnesses to crimes; or illegal aliens who are charged with minor traffic violations. In their letter, the Republican lawmakers said they are “seriously concerned” that the court, in placing the deportations on hold, “ignores the rule of law and confounds constitutional principles, and we would like to know who how you plan to respond to the Court’s actions,” they added. And if the Obama administration, in its response to the court, indicates that illegal and other removable aliens will be granted amnesty – “then it must explain to the American people what that answer means for the integrity of our legal system and why their tax dollars are being spent on prosecutions that the Obama administration has no intention of enforcing with deportation.” Grassley and Smith said the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision to put several deportation cases on hold is an “overreach of judicial authority and shows the inherent danger in his administration’s backdoor amnesty policies.” Instead of deciding these cases under the law of the land, the court is deferring to the Obama administration on whether to grant the illegal immigrants amnesty under the prosecutorial discretion. The Republicans leaders accused the administration of planning to close tens of thousands of cases involving some 300,000 aliens who are in removal proceedings. They said the Ninth Circuit has acted beyond the bounds of its judicial role and is inserting itself into an area – prosecutorial discretion -- reserved solely to the executive branch. “No previous administration, irrespective of political party, has chosen, en masse, to place restrictions on the type of removable aliens that may be processed for removal before immigration courts,” they wrote. “Previous administrations have processed for removal those removable aliens who came to the attention of law enforcement. In other administrations, prosecutorial discretion was properly implemented on a case-by-case basis for a small number of aliens under especially compelling circumstances, but it was never used to circumvent the Immigration and Nationality Act.”
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