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  1. Good night! I'll sleep on it. Hope its better with Stryker here tomorrow. Sorry to you personally M. NOt directed at you.
  2. If thats so, the fun is over here, and most useful input. I know a few other places you can still depend on for useful input. Give this maybe one more day. Where is Stryker? We want Stryker!
  3. How long does it take for a couple of people to talk this out? This want end good, if not. Did not know this was Iraq here and had speech controlled. No time for this Crap! We need him back NOW! or at least by in the am. Where is Stryker? We want Stryker! Dont mean to be so direct to you M, but if you could kindly pass the message?
  4. Well I hate to be this way myself, but Stryker was every bit of 50% input and then another 25% feedback responding to his posts. Should of banned lopsters sooner and he would not had to been trying to do a mods job. He always defended DV, Adam, and rest of all positive people here. I miss Stryker's input! We Want Stryker Back!
  5. I just heard he was banned! How come we havn't seen a post all day from him? Where is Stryker? We want Stryker! SOON!
  6. How long do yall have to look at him? or Preview? Are you going to wait till we all leave or get banned? Where is Stryker? We want Stryker! NOW!
  7. Knew Stryker could count on one with name "Patriotic" Where is Stryker? We want Stryker! Start signing all posts with... Where is Stryker? We want Stryker!
  8. That is BS! Thought it was free forum?! Sure he was just defending RV. He could always come back as "CurveBall" Where is Stryker? We want Stryker!
  9. So much for this forum! It got us almost home. Not staying here without him and all these lopsters and neg people here! Where is Stryker? We want Stryker!
  10. What did I miss? I didn't see anything that bad. Got a link? Where is Stryker? We want Stryker!
  11. Thats not good! All the ones that want him back need to start requesting him back with every post. Where is Stryker? We want Stryker!
  12. Talabani and Maliki agree on the need to resolve the internal problems in a spirit of understanding and agreements in the scope of the Constitution Saturday, March 24 / March 2012 22:52 {Baghdad, Euphrates News} President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during their meeting this evening, their insistence on the need to resolve all internal problems between the political forces in a spirit of understanding and fraternal conventions and within the Constitution. said a presidential statement that al-Maliki today visited Talabani and that the opinions and views were in this area are identical and uniform between President Talabani and Prime Minister al-Maliki during their meeting. During the friendly meeting, they discussed all the issues that concern the country was dealt with the preparations essential for the Arab summit, which has become a bright spot in the restoration of the status of the new Iraq and its historical role as the primary. http://www.alforatne...25-25&Itemid=54
  13. And now there is this... Deputy for Iraq denies agreement on the nomination of Khaled al-Obeidi as defense minister Read more: Like to have Stryker input.
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