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  1. ISIS we will give you obama, flatdawg, and ocdude..........................for free
  2. After last month’s verdict awarding Jesse Ventura nearly $2 million in a defamation lawsuit against sniper Chris Kyle’s estate, many red-blooded Americans were angry that Ventura had the gall to go after a widow and child who had already lost so much. Sarah Palin, in typical fashion, cut to the chase in a video released on her . Palin also said, according to Breitbart: “Hey tough guy, Jesse Ventura, your feelings were hurt because you perceived
  3. Letter: First Day in Court. Lycurgan, Inc. Ares Armor 208 N Freeman St Oceanside, CA 92054 TO: Whom It May Concern FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor SUBJ: First Day in Court DATE: August 4, 2014 The opposing counsel had nothing to talk about sans Pizza, Cardboard cutouts, and procedural issues. If your opponent keeps skirting the crux by pointing at the insignificant, that is a sure sign that they
  4. Wow, I didn't get a chance to try it. I wonder if it was realistic, if you were minding your own business, loving beautiful people, and you then suffered suicide attacks and rocket attacks from ugly, vulgar, evil animals, for no reason other than you were hated. Then the game was really about military response..............not attacking?
  7. Man who filmed NYPD choke hold video arrested on weapons charges AP Photo: New York Daily News, Julia Xanthos Ramsey Orta attends the funeral of Eric Garner at Bethel Baptist Church in the Brooklyn borough of New York on July 23, 2014. Ramsey Orta, 22, and a 17-year-old female were spotted on Saturday outside a known drug location on Staten Island by narcotics officers who saw Orta put a handgun in his companion's waistband, the New York Police Department said. Orta, who has a previous
  8. What happened to the gold? and the debris was wisked away to China without proper investigation.
  9. the rest would just lie, hit 'em all at once, wipe this disease from the globe. “Religion Of Peace” Murdered More In This One Month Than Ever With conversion to Islam spreading around the world, through fear, indoctrination, and lies, the U.S. is also seeing a dramatic increase of Muslims. Of 1.6 billion followers of Islam in the world, second only to Christianity, the U.S. houses nearly 3 million. That number is suspected to more than double by 2025. By 2030, Muslims will make up more than a
  10. It has been confirmed that it is airborne. yep, and this is part of the plan.
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