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    Religion makes articulate, intelligent people say and do stupid things. - Christopher Hitchens

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  1. That's the reply I expected from the 'tardereddaddy or the insanethumping granny. I expected more from you. My only surprise? Adult women, and not 8 year old Palestinian boys. Any man that takes god as his running mate...
  2. Good morning Jim. They may not label him an anti-semite, but you know "self hating jew" will tossed at him.
  3. Gonna be an interesting Easter weekend for canuck cruz;
  4. Interesting timing for an attack on Belgium. Seems their parliament is about to recognize Palestine: continue at
  5. I gave ya the ruby, something I very seldom do. With that outta the way, who the hell do you think you are to questions one's patriotism for calling out a fascist and NWO puppet? "When fascism comes to America, it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross." Sounds a lot like Rafael. Ted Cruz: the GOP's Obama.
  6. Hahaha... Bushes don't like cruz? Neil Bush just joined Rafael's finance committee, proving that cruz is another establishment politician beholden to the bankers and NWO.
  7. No privacy left? Wrong ladies... still have my iPhone and iPad. Most members of my "gun club" moved to iPhones years ago because of encryption. The three hold outs did so yesterday and today.
  8. Not sure which to be more disappointed with ya ladies, your belief of the official story or how easily y'all are willing to give up the little privacy you have left. I wouldn't put it past this government, especially this administration, that the whole event was done to get the back door they want. In related news, I read the the land of fruits and nuts and joo York are considering outlawing encrypted phone.
  9. Trump just may such a threat to the establiment that they had to bring in the pope to bring him down? Can't wait for him to tell us Rothschildistan did 9/11.
  10. Can I have that combination now ladies? Don't overthink it, it's all good... I promise.
  11. Ladies, speaking of safes, why don't you just give me the combination of yours to me? I promise not to come clean it out while you're gone. Nor will I give it out to any crooks (hackers). As for your latest scenirio, it has jack shiite to do with any current event. Nice try. I'm not giving an inch on this one. I like my privacy, or the little that's left. God bless Tim Cook, a man that understands our need for privacy.
  12. You've already got it: cell phone and chipped cards..i was gonna suggest all following this thread research the Rocky Mountain Hour, but it seems to be wiped from the net.
  13. Tuesday, February 09, 2016 by: Daniel Barker Tags: Jesus Christ, medical marijuana, Biblical scripture (NaturalNews) Although some may find the idea a bit challenging to their traditional religious beliefs, there is ample historical and scientific evidence that Jesus Christ was a cannabis user and that he used the plant to heal the sick. In 2003, High Times published an article written by Chris Bennett titled "Was Jesus a Stoner?" which explored the likelihood that cannabis was a key ingredient in the "anointing oil" used by Jesus and his followers in rituals and for healing purposes. Benn
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