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  1. ISIS we will give you obama, flatdawg, and ocdude..........................for free
  2. After last month’s verdict awarding Jesse Ventura nearly $2 million in a defamation lawsuit against sniper Chris Kyle’s estate, many red-blooded Americans were angry that Ventura had the gall to go after a widow and child who had already lost so much. Sarah Palin, in typical fashion, cut to the chase in a video released on her . Palin also said, according to Breitbart: “Hey tough guy, Jesse Ventura, your feelings were hurt because you perceived your reputation was besmirched by words in a book?” * “So you turn around and sue, expecting $2 million from a military widow and her fatherless children? Yeah, like that is going to help your reputation, jackass.” There’s no way one could misunderstand Palin’s point, but just in case, she reiterated it. “You went after the bereaved family, whining that you, a public figure, were defamed in Chris’s book, ‘American Sniper,’ even though Chris never wrote your name in the book. Since when are public figures immune from hearing something we don’t like, anyway? Chris always stood up for every American. Now we’re standing up for him.” There are times in life when circumstances allow one’s true character to shine through. In the case of Jesse Ventura, his “shaking down” of a widow and her child was more defaming than anything Chris Kyle or his buddies could have possibly said about him.
  3. Letter: First Day in Court. Lycurgan, Inc. Ares Armor 208 N Freeman St Oceanside, CA 92054 TO: Whom It May Concern FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor SUBJ: First Day in Court DATE: August 4, 2014 The opposing counsel had nothing to talk about sans Pizza, Cardboard cutouts, and procedural issues. If your opponent keeps skirting the crux by pointing at the insignificant, that is a sure sign that they have nothing of substance to discuss. Essentially, the Judge did not believe that the ATF has shown substantial reason to maintain the sealing of the affidavit. She has ordered them to submit a brief to her in the next 30 days that shows the specifics of how exactly the government will be damaged by releasing the affidavit and they must also prove that there is no alternative means available such as redaction that would defer those damages. They are no longer going to be able to say "ongoing criminal investigation" and think that is enough. The ATF's counsel told the Judge that we had sold images of an ATF Agent to be used as targets by our customers. This is incorrect. It is disappointing that the ATF has resorted to fiction because they do not have truth to tell. Here is a public statement from our Facebook page in response to being asked to turn "Richard Cranium" into a target. This statement was released prior to the hearing. The ATF watches us closely and is very aware that we have never sold "Richard Cranium" as a target nor do we condone violence of any sort. "The Target Question: They are the ones who use violence and force to offend what is morally right. We do not advocate violence in any way because that is stooping to their level. We fight with weapons they are unaccustomed to. We fight with laughter. We have been granted the prayer of having ridiculous enemies. We point out just how ridiculous they are for all the world to see. VIOLENCE IS THEIR TOOL, LAUGHTER IS OURS. Let's see who wins?" On the topic of targets I want to be very clear. I am unsure on the legality of turning the image of a Federal Agent into a target. I am sure on the morality of it. We must remember that they are people. Their lives have value. If we do not show and appreciate the value of human life, how can we expect others too? The world we live in has more than enough violence in it. You have the choice in life to improve the world by one person or detriment the world by one person. If you want things to change for the better, start with yourself. It is actually encouraging that they used arguments that were completely incorrect. It clearly demonstrates that they are the aggressors and that their game is coming to an end soon. All in all, it went pretty well and we are looking forward to the future! Justice is a slow, expensive process in this country... But it is coming!!!! Sincerely, Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor
  4. Wow, I didn't get a chance to try it. I wonder if it was realistic, if you were minding your own business, loving beautiful people, and you then suffered suicide attacks and rocket attacks from ugly, vulgar, evil animals, for no reason other than you were hated. Then the game was really about military response..............not attacking?
  7. Man who filmed NYPD choke hold video arrested on weapons charges AP Photo: New York Daily News, Julia Xanthos Ramsey Orta attends the funeral of Eric Garner at Bethel Baptist Church in the Brooklyn borough of New York on July 23, 2014. Ramsey Orta, 22, and a 17-year-old female were spotted on Saturday outside a known drug location on Staten Island by narcotics officers who saw Orta put a handgun in his companion's waistband, the New York Police Department said. Orta, who has a previous criminal conviction, faces two charges of criminal possession of a weapon. At some point during his arrest, Orta told officers, "You're just mad because I filmed your boy," an NYPD spokeswoman said. The comment was apparently in reference to the July 17 cellphone video shot by Orta during the arrest of Eric Garner, who was placed in a choke hold by a police officer while being detained for peddling illegal cigarettes. Garner later died, and the New York City medical examiner ruled the his death a homicide. Footage of the incident circulated widely on the Internet, triggering outrage and raising questions about police tactics and use of force. The choke hold is banned by the NYPD, which says it is investigating why the maneuver was used. Police did not immediately comment on Orta's assertion that he was arrested as retribution for taking the video. The New York City Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, the largest union representing NYPD officers, said in a statement that it was "criminals like Mr. Orta who carry illegal firearms who stand to benefit the most by demonizing the good work of police officers." "Sadly, in the effort to keep neighborhoods like Tompkinsville safe, a tragedy occurred. But that doesn't change the fact that police officers routinely risk their lives for the benefit of the community," the statement said.
  8. What happened to the gold? and the debris was wisked away to China without proper investigation.
  9. the rest would just lie, hit 'em all at once, wipe this disease from the globe. “Religion Of Peace” Murdered More In This One Month Than Ever With conversion to Islam spreading around the world, through fear, indoctrination, and lies, the U.S. is also seeing a dramatic increase of Muslims. Of 1.6 billion followers of Islam in the world, second only to Christianity, the U.S. houses nearly 3 million. That number is suspected to more than double by 2025. By 2030, Muslims will make up more than a quarter of Earth’s population. Why should you care? Because 15-20 percent of the world’s Muslims participate in terrorist activities. That means that the millions of injured, enslaved, oppressed, exiled, and slaughtered victims of Islam are already suffering at the hands of only around 300 million violent Muslims. If such a small percentage of religious followers can exact such devastation, imagine what will happen when that population doubles. Although terrorism never sleeps, one month seems to warrant more attacks than others: Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims. Ramadan is supposed to be a time when war against non-Muslims is put to rest, but this hasn’t been the case. In fact, last month was the most deadly since 9/11. The dead tallied to 2,429, which is equivalent to 10 MH370 crashes, or 8 MH7 crashes. If 10 passenger jets crashed every month worldwide, there would be a deafening outcry from the press, as well as the world’s leaders. For Islam, however, media and government can be terrorists’ best friends. After all, there has been no word from the liberal media or President Obama on those suffering at the hands of Muslims.
  10. It has been confirmed that it is airborne. yep, and this is part of the plan.
  11. IDF Kills Senior in the Islamic Jihad In a joint effort between the IDF and the Israel Security Agency (Shabak), Danian Manzoor, a senior in the Islamic Jihad and the man responsible for aiming the rockets towards Israel, was killed. Manzoor was in charge of the intelligence in the organization and was killed by Israeli fire. Two additional terror tunnels were also revealed tonight.Aug 04, 2014, 08:30AM | Ayelet Izraeli Senior in Hamas was killed, Archive Photo: Reuters / Channel 2 News In a joint effort between the IDF and Shabak, tonight (Monday) a senior in the Islamic Jihad was killed. The senior, Danian Manzoor, was in charge of the organization's intelligence and was responsible, in the current round of fighting, for aiming the rockets towards Israel. Manzoor was killed in the joint operation tonight in Gaza. Meanwhile, the Palestinians report that 10 people died as a result of the IDF's activity in the Strip. IDF spokesman states that during the last day about 100 terror targets were attacked. At the same time, during the night, two additional tunnels were located in Gaza, both tunnels were destroyed by the ground forces. In addition, the IDF is still looking into the report that an UNRWA school was hit has a result of Israeli attacks. A senior military source claims that it's possible that the school was hit as a result of an attack of three terrorists near the building, however, it hasn't been proven so far that there is a connection between the school being hit and attacking the terrorists.
  12. maybe some tactical nukes on high profile targets, or just drop payloads of 3/4" coarse thread nuts on groups like isis and hamas, from 30,000 feet of course.
  13. I didn't have any rubies to give or I would have, because this anti-Israeli crap needs to be opposed.
  14. hamas has broken all of them. stick to music.
  15. ISRAEL Women vs HAMAS Women (you decide) Posted on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 2:02 am. by: Conservative Infidel ISRAEL, BareNakedIslam HAMASQuick Somebody Please Get Their Headbags .. My EYES HURT…
  16. ISIS Crucifies Young Men For Leaving The Peaceful Religion Of Islam by Shoebat Foundation on July 9, 2014 in Featured, General, Highlight By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Sources from the Middle East reveal that ISIS has crucified more young men for being accused of “Ridda”. Ridda in Islam means defection from the religion. Crucifixions has become a normal occurrence in Syria and Iraq in which young men are seen crucified on trees. And on scaffolds: Mass slaughter has become a way of life in Caliphate controlled areas: This is all part of Hiraba which is Islamic law regarding punishments. We are beginning to see an escalation of crucifixions and it will soon get applied in full force in all the areas that the Caliphate rules. A nightmare is on the horizon and what we see now is the tip of the iceberg. When we first reported a crucifixion during the Arab Spring carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, columnist Jonathan Kay at Canada’s National Post described it as a “hoax”. So where are all our critics today? They are hiding in a cubbyhole since Islam as we described it is exactly as we see it today; behold the peace loving religion of Islam. And yes, we will be like the prophet Elijah mocking all the prophets of Ba’al. Things are much different than yesteryears, the images of the carnage caused by the Islamic Caliphate are impossible to deny today. To us, it was only a matter of time since “Hiraba” as we declared and announced our predictions years ago is from what we studied during our childhood. Today it is all coming to fruition, for it comes straight from the Quran itself: “The punishment of anyone who fights against Allah and His apostle and do mischief in the land is to be killed or crucified or to have their hands and feet from opposite ends or be banished from the land.” (Quran: The table spread) It includes 4 styles of punishments; public execution (Qatl), crucifixion (Salb) and as crazy as it sounds amputating one hand and one foot from opposite sides (Yuqata’ Aydihim wa-Arjulihim) or exile (Nafy). So listen up all you love the Lord and are prepared to do what is righteous, next will be more executions of Christians in Syria and Iraq and there are millions of them in the Fertile Crescent.
  17. the full counsel of God's word is not in your heart, and you play the victim card, lol Your false accusations against Israel prove your heart.
  18. I am not saying the death was justifed, but whoever was filming, appears to have made up the part about the big guy only breaking up a fight, there is no evidence that is true. Also, the cops were confronting him over the sale of illegal (untaxed) cigarettes, which he was known for, and had a history. The big guy was resisting arrest, which is obvious if you watch it without a biased position. If you break the law, get caught, and don't cooperate, then you are creating your own situation.
  19. I must admit that is a very good point, obama is president only because of massive voter fraud, and a strong spiritual delusion.
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