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  1. Jim1cor13

    all-you-can-eat buffets

    John is a funny guy. Just one of those fellows that are fun to listen to. He died in 2014, very talented fellow, and just a nice person. Thanks B/A for the laugh! :)
  2. Jim1cor13

    Slip of the tongue is no fault to the mind

    Thanks Pitcher. I really think anyone who puts party above their country is extremely shortsighted and pays little attention to history. In my opinion, a true patriot's loyalty should rest in two places, but actually they are one..."we the people" and their country. If a person is a "party loyalist", and I know more than a few, I find they are blind to anything that does not reflect positive on their parties, and that is very shortsighted. They are the first to argue and bicker which solves nothing. In addition, most do not realize that party politics are dirty, corrupt and with an underlying motive to keep "we the people" divided. I have seen the games played by both parties, over many decades, and the root of all of it is division. If we are loyal to our country and the people that give it life, and if we learn to work together rather than against each other, we would strip party politics of its influence in how we conduct ourselves toward our fellow citizens. No one needs political ideologies and the division that comes with it...we the people only need to first see each other as citizens, treat each other as we desire to be treated and work together to do the right thing for our country, not for a political party. Political parties are and always will be all about the money, and history proves they value that much more than they do "we the people" who they swore to serve. Party loyalty usually has only one fruit...maybe two...division and lack of critical thinking. Most folks DO want what is best for the republic. Unfortunately, we too often only hear from those who are more interested in power and control rather than doing what is best for everyone regardless of their party. If we are truly for liberty and freedom and the pursuit of happiness and decency, being a party loyalist will only distract us from reaching those ideals. This is clearly seen in how many folks supported bills that have slowly stripped those ideals from us, because they were more loyal to their political party than they were for the good of their country.
  3. Graham pledges to 'sanction the hell out of Saudi Arabia' over missing journalist Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Tuesday said he would "sanction the hell out of Saudi Arabia" while blaming Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the disappearance of a U.S.-based journalist. "It's up to the president," Graham said on Fox News's "Fox & Friends" when asked what President Trump should do about the situation. "I know what I'm going to do: I'm going to sanction the hell out of Saudi Arabia." Graham added that he was "personally offended" by the disappearance of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi, who has been missing since Oct. 2, when he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get paperwork needed for his marriage. He went on to say that he has been a staunch defender of Saudi Arabia, but warned that he cannot "do business" with the country until Salman is ousted. "This guy is a wrecking ball. He had this guy murdered," Graham said. "To expect me to ignore it, I feel used and abused." LINK: --- My opinion is simple: This should not go away or be swept under a rug. We need to follow up against their barbarism and tyrannical ways and it sounds like the President and others are prepared to do so. It will not change their ways nor how they treat people, but it will at least let them know we will not cover for them, "ally" or not. I would also void the 110 Billion dollar arms deal cut with them last year.
  4. Well said cranman, quite right my friend. I think we forget that aspect, 'we the people' are part of the business, we want what we want, and it is too easy to overlook the human aspects of the originating country where we do business. If it were not for the oil products, likely it would be a different relationship. To me, The Sauds are oppressive and is very much a part of their culture, but...they have what we want, perhaps the US can change that if we were self sufficient in oil...and we could be I think. Thanks :)
  5. No flaming from me cranman. It's true, all of it is about the money and running a country is a huge business and to do so, one must overlook a lot, perhaps too much in order to maintain a certain lifestyle, etc. I do not agree with that idea, but I understand it. They have a right to their cultural ideas and beliefs/traditions, etc., but I personally do not support how they treat their citizens, nor how they have harmed and killed so many innocents within Yemen. For me, how one treats another tells a story much clearer than words, and many in the region use their religion to abuse others and that to me is shameful but it happens far too often. Unfortunately, the bottom line is always the business aspect which requires overlooking too much, but little to nothing that can be done about it. If it were not for their oil, I bet how we view their practices would change, but perhaps not, because in the end, it is really all about trade, agreements and revenues, it is just reality and much is overlooked that should not be. Thanks
  6. Jim1cor13

    DV Prayer Family

    Thanks shabs for updating us. It sounds like you have a strong family, and you are getting through this one step at a time together. The emotional stress can be gut wrenching, but you all made it through to this point. You never really "get over it", but time will help everyone accept it and also cherish your memories of your brother even more. You are a class act my friend, and I am certain your family appreciates your love and strength because it is helping them get through it all also. Love and peace to you, always.
  7. Jim1cor13

    DV Prayer Family

    So sorry to hear of this Shabs. There is no making sense of it, but the part that is most important is what you said about him and the type of brother he was TO YOU. It shows you loved him, respected him and now life will have to go on without him. There is no easy answer, just one day at a time to process the loss and be grateful he was your brother and your friend for 58 years. It is all going to take time, and I have no doubt you will be very instrumental in comforting his family, not with a bunch of words or phrases, but by just being you AND by being close to those hurting. Your brother was a decent person, a good man who kept to himself, and didn't hurt anyone. There is no greater character trait or quality than how one treats others. It sounds like your brother understood that. Rather than trying to make sense of it, just be there for those who remain, you will get through it together and hopefully find the grace to make something beautiful out of the pain. All the best to you my friend...
  8. It is a circus but in too many ways, politics as usual. Lives being ruined via at this point an accusation rather than any solid evidence. How is anyone supposed to investigate something of this nature when the people involved do not even recall a specific time or date other than a summer time party? One would think for any of this to be legitimate and sincere, details and solid evidence should have been sought BEFORE making this into yet another circus. Apparently we live in a time when it only takes an accusation to be considered "truth", and that we have seen time and again when it comes to politics or political posturing. Washington is good at destroying lives based upon accusations, which makes it exactly what it has been for decades, a literal cesspool. In my opinion, we are watching just more social engineering going on and the push to get human beings to become even more divided by hindering normal healthy conversation and interaction. Truly a tragedy in the making...and it is always "we the people" who lose.
  9. Jim1cor13

    Where in the Bible does it say God the son?

    Thanks coors...your post I quoted is called having some class and respect. People forget it is called "belief". I can believe the sun is made of charcoal and gasoline, but that doesn't make it true. It never seems to fail, religion and politics are the two most divisive subjects in human history, they were created to be that way, but most rarely realize this. Due to some of my background over the years, I have met and talked with all manner of folks about religion and why they believe in certain things, etc. When pressed about subjects such as what we have in this thread, there are always those who immediately become defensive, and turn on the questioner, or they issue the standard "burn in hell" threats and run, because apparently that is all they got. Fruit? Usually not, but there are always a few who are willing to read rather than REACT, and everyone learns something from each other rather than demanding to be "right" in their beliefs. Some have a need to constantly be validated about their beliefs, it is just part of being human, we all want to believe we are "right" when in reality, not one single person can say with 100% certainty their religion is "truth", due to lack of evidence, which is why it takes faith. Only thing that matters to me is a persons character and how they treat others, especially those they deem as "beneath" them or their perceived subordinates. If they fail in their treatment of others and begin to accuse and condemn, those folks are a sham and I have seen this time and again. These type of folks only want to believe they have it all figured out, and they are only fooling themselves. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment. It tells me much about your own character :)
  10. That means simply that you are willing to think for yourself and ask questions about life and the bizarre world we find ourselves in I wonder if the god of some religions was created in the image of some twisted men who lusted after power over others and the god they created they made capable of committing atrocities against others so they could justify their own devious actions. If one refused to submit, it only takes a threat of endless torment to force conversion. It all does make one wonder, and that is a healthy thing.
  11. Good attitude cranman and refreshing to read. Have a good evening.
  12. Good discussion so far, hopefully it can continue to be civil and decent. Good and very valid point you make in your reply cranman. I just have a few thoughts based upon my own personal experience... I discuss and debate religious issues quite frequently with some folks. Over many years, in my personal experience, I have witnessed within religion the good the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately, much of it was ugly and yes, very manipulative. Religion and its history can be a very interesting study, and also very troubling considering some are taught about a being that is said to have done some horrible things to its own creation. Religious belief and certain religious superstitions resulting from those beliefs can be some of the most difficult things to get free from. I know this personally from experience, and the fear that goes along with it due to how we are taught and literally programmed to "believe". Some never are able to escape the sense that their god will torture them forever if they do not blindly follow its decrees and demands. This alone has been the cause for many people to end up institutionalized because they were no longer able to function in a rational manner and could no longer live under that kind of horrible burden. The manipulation and the desire to have power over others using various religions and beliefs has often been the spark that sets off violence, torture, and murder within civilizations. Some even condone these actions based upon being taught that their god would treat them the same if they did not comply with its demands, etc., so they feel justified in using similar tactics towards others. I find religious belief and how one reacts to it depends much upon their own state of mind and personality to begin with. Religion can be very helpful to one, and a complete train wreck for another. One may be drawn to hope and love within the pages of their bible, while another may be drawn only to certain sections that justify them developing hateful unhealthy attitudes towards others who may not believe or think like them or choose to follow their religion, etc. The latter person is most dangerous to themselves and to others. Certain traits can begin to appear in some who become consumed by their beliefs such as a "martyr complex" or some only ever seeing the bad within life, and a 'devil behind every tree'. Taking literal what is meant as parable or metaphor/allegory can have a very high cost associated with it and it can be very destructive which can be seen often within certain "fundamental" religious sects. I have met all kinds of people, some who have no interest in any religion or gods, that have proven to be quality decent people who do not hurt anyone and who are respectful of others and are able to control their mouths. This one area alone, controlling ones own words can be a real challenge to us all! Often their reason for having no interest in religious affairs is because they have been treated like trash by those who claim to represent certain religions or gods, etc. At first they may have been treated kindly, then when they showed no interest in the claims being made, they felt threatened and in some cases they were by those who enjoy condemning anyone who does not "submit or convert". To me, the subject of "free will" is also interesting. "Free will" can suggest a persons own will can be elevated above the will of their god, which should be seen as absurd, but it appears to be generally accepted as "truth". This way, the doctrine can be used to relieve any responsibility of their god, and be used to guilt a person into thinking something is all their fault, when often they had little to no control over a situation. Some even go so far as blaming others for their problems due to "lack of faith" and that they "chose" a certain predicament they may be experiencing. This too is often absurd thinking in many cases. The bottom line to all of it in my opinion, is not whether or not a person believes in this or that person, doctrine, dogma, decree or some religious is that they learn to treat others the same way they desire to be treated. If one fails in this area, the rest of their religion and beliefs would appear to be vain and self serving and can easily become destructive. I have seen this happen too many times to some who thought they had all the "answers" so to speak. Thank you cranman for the discussion! Unfortunately these topics often end up getting nasty. I sincerely hope it remains civil and productive.
  13. I find it all to be hypocritical in many ways. Both sides have their own style of tactics usually to cover or hide evidence, or simply outright denial. Washington politics are dirty and both sides play the game well. Meanwhile, there are many other issues we should be focused upon rather than what a person did or did not do sexually 30 years ago. The amount and price of covering up various abuse claims within Washington is huge, it is not anything new and how those on the inside react to something of a sexual nature is comical, when they all know it is rampant on both sides. We have no idea who is telling the truth. Both sides should be heard and I hope this is not just more drawn out drama, because most folks are getting very tired of how politics is slowly destroying our land...and how politicians continue to think up ways to distract and divide.
  14. Jim1cor13

    Inside the Secret Moon Documentary

    Fascinating, all of it. A healthy reminder of how little we actually know about these matters and about what is actually "out there", let alone our own origins. We may never know, but it is all fascinating. I think the worst thing anyone can bring to the table of something of this nature is a closed mind. A closed mind suggests we think we "know" when it is evident we have little clue. Thanks B/A
  15. Good observation with Greg. You're right, he sometimes has broad swings in his enthusiasm I have found over the years most of these guys in one way or another have helped move a lot of metal, and the best way to do it is to publish articles claiming various financial fall outs. The entire globe is steeped in debt, and my hope is that the debt system finally fails but not likely in our life times. In the US alone, credit card debt if I recall correctly is OVER 13 Trillion. Seriously, this is bizarre, I think it is the highest consumer debt ever recorded. We seem to never learn when it comes to so much spending often far above ones means. Thanks B/A

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