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  1. Hi Shabs :) I always appreciate your honesty. I think both religion and politics have screwed up most folks, only a few have the courage to admit to it. You know how some of these threads end...being locked because it gets personal, hateful, etc. It appears it is "ok" for some to hate as long as they underscore that with their religion, in the attempt to make their accusations or beliefs sound legitimate when they invoke their gods. Some things never change, I think by now we should all be well aware that mixing politics with religion ruins most discussions because cognitive dissonance is difficult to overcome when peoples beliefs are challenged, and the only reaction is to attempt to target and discredit those that present challenges to those who are unable or afraid to question their own beliefs. You think for yourself, that is becoming a lost virtue, don't allow anyone to sway you from that no matter how many veiled threats of their god hating you or torturing you if you dare not submit. it is all they have...and they are convinced it is 100% you are wasting your time trying to question that although everyone should. Any time something is based upon fear and threats, run the other way, it is just more manipulation aimed at getting YOU to submit to others beliefs and fears. Just keep thinking for yourself...and let those who follow a entity they believe will treat its creation in the most sadistic ways if one does not "believe" do whatever makes them feel "righteous". Some have been taught in this manner since a child...rarely does that change. Been going on like this for thousands of years my friend...and few dare question it because superstition appears to always win out over logical thought, unfortunately. You are a decent person who thinks for himself. That is worth many times more than any attempts from others to discredit your thoughts or beliefs because they do not line up with a majority. Most have forgot the universal rule of thumb...treat others as you desire to be treated. Anything more than that just adds to human division and contempt...the very things that religion and politics are masters at.
  2. Hi Umberto Remember when some of these folks condemned you for rarely taking part in the discussion/debate of articles/posts? It is called a setup. They do not care what you have to say, they only need a target for their own brand of hatred, someone to focus their own frustrations upon. Once you began to get involved, you were just another toy for them. Anyone who disagrees with their beliefs or political ideologies are accused and labeled and then they attack you personally. It is against the rules, but it appears the rules are, there are no rules for some. Don't take their bait...don't play their game. Never stoop to their matter what they say. It proves you are the better person for it. Just remember, whenever religion or politics are involved, it is best to walk away because too many people are unable to think for themselves, they need constant validation, kind of like herd mentality. Keep in mind, many serve an angry god and angry politics...that is all they focus upon and if you do not fall in line with that toxic mix, you will be a target. Take good care, keep treating people decently, that always speaks much louder than tearing each other apart. And to think...anyone who states what I just stated are labeled "libretards", or any other popular label to side track real discussion. The ONLY discussion desired by a few here is their opinion coming out of YOUR mouth. Every few weeks, someone decides to stop the bickering...or apologize, but some just cannot help expressing their own hatred they so fondly accuse others of. Just roll with it, stop feeding it. It is a bunch of anonymous troll like folks who have nothing better to do and they have no desire other than to create conflicts.
  3. In the US, healthcare costs are now around 3.6 Trillion$ annually. Many from both political parties think it is good for govt. to control it...I don't see how that could ever work other than increasing the costs. I think the only way to "reform" healthcare is more competition from the marketplace, and less govt. involvement. Perhaps we should go back to the early model of healthcare, where it was not for profit, like in the 60's and 70's before Nixon and Kaiser came up with the insurance scam that was in part responsible for the gradual increase in costs. It is a mess, not just in the US but other countries. I often wonder how anyone survived in the days before people wanted govt. to control their lives? That never works, it only creates more dependence and statism. I think folks need to realize a country such as the US that has 320 million + people residing here is not an easy task to manage it all...not to mention trying to fool people into thinking govt. healthcare is a "good thing". Healthcare must begin with the person taking care of themselves first, eating properly, rather than running to the ER for everything like it has become now. Finland is feeling what happens when political promises are made that can never be carried through. Thanks for the post...
  4. Mannarino has been saying this for the last 10 years, right after Bush bailed out criminal bankers, strapped taxpayers with it, and that policy continued by Obama and now Trump. Greg and many others are quick to promote the fear porn in order to SELL something. They have no other "plan", but all admins since Bush take the same stand. Bail outs, then strapped on the people. When the markets corrected back in November 2018, Mnuchin stated the same mantra of the treasury standing ready to help, etc., and it is always the people who shoulder it. I am amazed so few noticed it back in 2008, Bush got away with what should have been seen as a criminal act against the people, who had little to do with the housing crash, some borrowing more than they should have, but it was the lenders writing mortgages to those not qualified for the amounts lent, then wrapping them into "mortgage backed securities" (MBS) and selling them as fast as they wrote them. Banks profited, then it went global and they all got nailed. Then were bailed out...the same action would occur today if it happens, and most would say nothing about it, but it gets politicized and everyone gets blamed except the ones who began the insanity. Rewarding criminals within the system only encourages them to continue the charade.
  5. Thanks CL for the thread. I always ask the same question when it comes to "gun control" debates, etc. Does a gun, rifle, etc., ever on its own, pursue its target? A human must pick it up, point it at a target and pull the trigger. The trigger puller must be held accountable, the gun did not commit the crime but it is blamed. if someone drowns in a pond of water...should we blame the water? A human beats another with a baseball bat...blame the bat? Agreed on education, but the real problem is always the human factor. Humans have been for the most part predatory since time began. Little has changed on that fact, only thing that changes are the weaponry employed to be used by humans. Violence, war, conflicts of every type are now part of american culture, fed by politics, media, etc. 2nd amendment was created so the public could protect themselves from govt. abuse, tyranny. Of course personal defense is close second and THAT should never be toyed with by any political party. We the people must maintain the right to bear arms...and the very reason is what we continue to see played with by both parties..."gun control". Now having said that...often those involved in shooting crimes are often on the younger side. What drives this, going back to mid to late 90's when school shootings began to become far too common? Most school shootings if one digs deep enough have been linked to some form of pharmaceutical drug, some psychotropic drug. Many labels on these drugs warn of potential violent outbreaks, etc. Especially in the YOUNG, but can affect anyone with bouts of violent behavior. We hear little about that factor, the drug factor, because much of media will NOT report it specifically because pharma is a large part of their advertising and they are told NOT mention it. In addition, where do some kids get the idea to pursue violence? parents? Parents politics or political ideologies? The constant left/right bickering the young may see or hear? Bottom line is the problem is a human one, and one that no one or nothing has been able to tame. It all goes back to one major principle of life...treat others as you desire to be treated. This one principle is older than any religion, and is the basis of human interaction. This too has failed. As long as the minds of people young or old are fed a constant diet of spin and media programming often with violence a part of the daily diet, any attempt to "control" guns is simply missing the point. Anyone has the potential to become unstable due to a myriad of causes, influence of politics or religion, mental instabilities, that may push them to take their anger out on innocent people.
  6. Take this for what it's worth...It is called Statism, basically just another religion demanding blind acceptance. Statism is a "belief" that the state should control either economic or social policy, or both. Real patriots reject this, but cannot stop it. Too many desire full govt. control, based upon the belief of Statism and that belief is firmly entrenched within both political parties.
  7. Thank you Kevin for your sentiment. Unfortunately, too many out there on BOTH sides live for the conflict. They bicker, they blame, they simply enjoy the conflict while accusing each other of things they are both guilty of. Both sides are guilty of their own brand of personality cults, yet both sides deny it. Politics...religion...both very similar in how they promote their ideologies, how they divide and how they market that division to their faithful. Until we the people understand the game AND goal of politics and political division, we will continue to allow its influence to control too much of our lives while both parties thrive on the discord. I do not post much any more, mainly because it is futile to try and have decent discussion. To many desire to label, twist words and then accuse those who do not agree with the majority. We see it daily and it is beyond old by now. Thanks for the refreshing common decency in your post Kevin, much appreciated, and telling how few supported your post. We all better get our heads out of our bottoms and learn to treat each other decently. it is OK to is NOT ok to demonize others because they disagree. That is childish BS. Two things will be the ruin of this country if we are not careful...politics AND religion. The modern brand of both is toxic. All the best to you folks...and treat each other kindly. Life is too short to live in fear and bitterness.
  8. Great post Shabs. Although this is nothing "new", the things people believe today is stunning. Few realize how we are toyed with daily, by the very things that get the most emotional reactions. Most of the BS is used only to get a desired reaction...for example, a site that always pushes doom and gloom, fear, "end of the world" type of mind rape and is covered in ads for "survival foods", because fear always sells something. Alex Jones takes in over 40 million$ per year on sales of various products, sold to those who hang on his every word, that believe everything he tells them, it never matters if it is true, they just believe it, because it reflects how they view their world. Attempting to point that out just makes many of them hostile. Thinking logically and rationally in today's world is damn near revolutionary, and rarely welcome, especially any challenges to what folks believe. People will always seek out those things that support their beliefs...they just never realize that just because one believes in something, that in itself does not make it truth. Truth never needs belief as a validation, it stands firmly upon its own evidence. Only beliefs need validated, because if it takes "belief", then there is a lack of evidence, they are easily challenged, and few ever want to admit what they believe was found to be an illusion. Hope you are well and happy
  9. There is never a shortage of "systems" like this that really only want your money, and to get it, they will promise folks the moon along with the holy grail of trading systems. Their targets are often those who are novice traders, those that rarely have successful trades, and their favorite targets are those who are desperate. Anyone who preys upon people like this are low life's in my opinion. Thanks B/A
  10. Thanks PP. Probably a good idea before it goes too far south as usual when it comes to religion. LGD has the right to choose his own spiritual path, he doesn't need anyone to critique those choices, too many just want to start arguments, shake their fingers at each other, and bash another's faith. All it accomplishes is dragging everyone down to their level. Why not learn to build each other up? Is it really that difficult or do some just need the bickering?
  11. True, but do not most of Washington do that no matter what side they are on? Each believe their party to speak for them, when in reality, that rarely is the case if we look at history, they pretty much do what they want, and throw in a few mentions to their base in order to pacify them, at least this is what I have seen for decades. At least Trump is trying to keep his promises, but gridlock is the order of the day, again, it is how it all seems to operate on both sides. I think often we the people are set aside, with no opportunity to vote on issues I would certainly want to have a say in. That never happens really, we get to vote every few years, meanwhile, a lot of damage can be done during that time, yet we repeat the process and then walk away.
  12. If you can get the actual picture address link, such as on a computer, right click the picture and choose from the menu "Copy Image Address", then paste that address in your post, it will be embedded into the post and show the picture. If you are on a phone, not sure how that operates, but you must get the actual image address to where the pictures reside, then paste that into your post to embed them. Oh sorry, forgot to mention a thank you to Karsten for the actual link, thanks Karsten
  13. Here you go PP, I think This is the hostess for an Italian afternoon TV talk show. And this is the hostess for an American afternoon TV talk show.
  14. Government waste? Congress and the salaries, they vote themselves raises without the peoples consent. Lobbyist buying up politicians for the sake of favoring them, at the expense of the people. Pork barrel spending all the time often based upon those "special" lobbyist paid for political prostitutes. Political parasites that often become wealthy while they serve within Washington, catering to their own careers and ignoring the will of the people. Trillion dollar deficits that keep growing with no end in sight, bank bail outs that rewarded criminals that WE THE PEOPLE were strapped with the expense...(how could that have ever happened without our consent??? Bush admin started it and didn't care, didn't consult we the people, neither did the Obama admin.) "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed) 3rd president of US (1743 - 1826) The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object. Thomas Jefferson
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