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  1. Mark was being sarcastic, echoing your own words about losing "a lot of dumb people". Sounds a little callous doesn't it? Maybe a better more compassionate choice of words next time you pass judgment upon someone while you invoke your religion to make it appear you actually care about those "dumb" people.
  2. If we read this carefully, and think about what is being stated...this should explain a lot as to why we often do what we do, and that often without thinking. Thought this went well with your video Scott...
  3. That video I think was a very well done presentation, gets right to the point of how the game is played, and has been for literally all of human history. We're watching it now, and have been for a very long time...gradual mass psychosis and a lot of people suffering from being mentally raped for so long. I posted this the other day in a thread...everything is pushing fear today, because it works...if we allow it. No matter who it is, politics, religion, finance, every facet of life has those who use fear to gain power over others. We all really need to remind those that play the fear game to get out of the way...all of them, just get out of the way and let people live freely. The mind has always been the target... I fully understand your wife's thoughts...believe me, I have never seen so many people so divided and not thinking straight. The moment they open their mouth...there it is. Thanks for the posting this...I hope more folks take time to listen and realize how the fear game is used, and I hope they walk away from that game, no matter the source.
  4. Indeed, much of this was very predictable. School openings soon...already hearing the hysteria. In my opinion, much of our society are experiencing a form of PTSD, and that can be terrible...all due to the constant fear and gradual mental trauma over time. We have to maintain an open mind, learn to think for ourselves...or someone else will definitely think for us and I do not see that as an option. Everything appears to be wrapped in agenda now, even some sources of alt. media. Fear is the most useful tool...unfortunately. It sucks the life out of all of us if we allow it. Past flu seasons have been in many ways higher numbers than covid, more hospitalizations and more sick...and we never heard a word about them. We're being played in many ways I think.
  5. I forgot to mention...we used to spend over $100 per bottle when we first started taking CBD oil. It was very good oil, but after we found the Swanson brand, its quality has been very comparable to what we were spending 3 times more for. Paying a higher price for something does not always mean you are getting a superior quality product, this seems true for CBD oil also. A lot of companies grabbed some serious dollars for this early on, but as more companies got into the scene, prices have come down. Supply and demand in action I guess.
  6. Excellent and well said @md11fr8dawg All that is pushed is fear all day every day. We all want to be left alone and make out own choices. We have chosen not to participate in the experimental mRNA shots. We see no need to do so, and I do not trust the medical mafia for the most part, they are all making billions on top of the fear. We take supporting supplements, eat healthy and keep a balanced mind. Too many injuries and harm done if one digs through the VAERS reporting. In my opinion, any "mandated" medical procedures are illegal and all about the money. You are in charge of your health...not anyone else. I have family that do not want to be around my wife and I because of our choice not to participate. We are viewed as being "irresponsible". I explained to them the reason for our choices...also based upon science, this is not a "vaccine". It is gene therapy, we have no interest in that at all. They see it differently...sadly. They are genuinely scared, but we are not their threat...the voices they listen to ARE their threat to their sanity. Everyone has a choice for now...we shouldn't make those choices based upon fear, but I am seeing bizarre behavior from some folks so scared that they stopped living a year ago. I have heard of other families where they are being torn apart and not permitted to see their families if they are not "vaccinated" due to fear and believing everything they are told and the associated hype. Yes, people get sick, but this was never a reason to shut down the entire global economy, and in my opinion, it has never risen to "pandemic" levels if compared to previous severe flu seasons where 40+ million people got sick, 800,000 plus being hospitalized...this was 2017-2018 flu season...and we heard nothing about it. So we are beyond really is a mass psychosis, keeping people in a state of fear and mental trauma. This appears to have been the agenda since 9/11...covid broke us even worse my opinion. Bizarre...and seriously sad.
  7. Thanks Bigwave. Cannabis is an amazing plant. We have been taking CBD oil since early 2016. The last 2 years or so we found a good source, very reasonable price and it is "Full Spectrum", which we have liked best. Full spectrum contains more cannabinoids in addition to CBD (Cannabidiol). We buy the 'extra strength' 2 oz. bottle at Swanson Vitamins, usually well under $40 per bottle. Currently, the Swanson brand "Extra Strength CBD Full Spectrum - Mint" is priced at $34.41 for a 2 oz. bottle. It has been very effective for us. Some folks are expecting more of a "buzz" effect...what they want is not only the relaxation benefits, but what the CBD does inside the body. Here is the latest COA analysis of the most recent batch as of March 2021. Impressive numbers I think. lot 392008001 COA.pdf
  8. I think this video goes along well with this is called Mass Psychosis - How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill I think we are watching this unfold, and has been the last 20 years. The usual factors involved such as fear and mental trauma. This video explains how the game is played. Very good presentation well worth watching...I know some folks that are simply not thinking straight, and I think it is PTSD from swallowing so much propaganda. Just my opinion...I also think we were fooled...again in regards to covid. Much of what we have seen the last 15 months has been criminal in my opinion. I have siblings that refuse to be around me and my wife because we are not interested in getting the mRNA injections. sad. Have a good night guys...
  9. Kevin, I am thrilled to hear this in regards to your wife. Similar situation here. My wife was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical cancer in 2015...she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit with massive blood loss and nearly died a few times during treatment. Somehow, she came through it and after 6 years she is doing awesome. She takes supplements, and shortly after her treatment she began taking CBD oil and continues to do so the last 5 years. I prayed for her...but never begged. I told "god" if I had to beg for her life, then take mine, because that would just make him a monster. I was very angry, at several things at the time. That she was sick and suffering, and the suffering I witnessed in other sick people. It changed my life and I found compassion for others, no matter what they believed or thought, it was heartbreaking to see it, not just with my wife, but in so many others in the oncology unit as well as radiology. Her recovery was "miraculous" also...after having so much radiation and after almost dying after her 5th chemo treatment, her wise radiologist told her to stop all chemo...he wanted her off it before he began her cervical radiology. She was burned so badly by the first 6 weeks of radiation she rec'd locally, it was just so sad. Then she finished with her cervical brachytherapy and her recovery was amazing. Was it "god"? I have no evidence of that, although I did pray for her, I could not take credit away from her doctors. How could I claim "god" intervened with her, when I saw so many others so sick and dying, and so many praying for their loved ones with seemingly no result? It made no sense to me then or now, but I am very grateful she is doing so well. I cannot prove anything else, and I know too many that lost their loved ones and I have no explanation for them other than time can heal but the wound never goes away. I did have a bad experience for years within the church...people that were only your friend if you agreed with them...I saw things and manipulation within the church I could write a book about. Corruption, lies and mental manipulation while they praised their god. So yes, I was hurt...I spent many years observing and I would not turn a blind eye to some things I witnessed. I lost friends because I walked away from it all...they were hypocrites but we all are to some degree I guess. It was liberating to walk away for me and stop living in fear. I loved those folks, and everything was great...until I disagreed with their beliefs and tactics. I also saw some pushed towards mental illness during my years there. I witnessed an "exorcism" done on a made me sick to see how they treated him...he actually went on to have to be institutionalized. When someone claims another has "demons"...then goes through the motions, and are still sick...some never recover from that claim, understandably. This fellow didn't, and if something did not work after the church "elders" prayed for them, it was easy just to blame the person...or "lack of faith". That IS cruelty and I saw what it did to people. This was a "full gospel" church..and as a young man I swallowed everything i was taught...until it no longer made sense. I stood up against the mind rape, and let them know I was not going to play the game any longer. When I dared to question some of their did not take long to feel the coldness that came from some of them. I knew I had to get out and I did. They just wanted me to agree and not question...that doesn't work with me. So before anyone judges me, learn a little of where I have come from and the suffering I have seen. Everyone is free to believe what they want...what matters to me most now is how people treat others...and how they control their words and actions towards others...otherwise their bible tells them their religion is in vain. I wish more people understood that, but they tend to condemn others if they do not agree with them. I support freedom of religion AND freedom from religion. I do not care if someone worships ice cubes...just do not claim I must also do that in order to be saved from some kind of sadistic torture. That is cruel in my opinion. Some people are just nasty, and some of those people became that way from their religion. I have seen it so many times over the years, it is tragic in my opinion. I tend to stay clear of them, and some still think "god" hates me for walking away. I will leave them to their own delusions. I had one woman tell my ex-wife that "god" was going to KILL ME if I did not get back together with her. This woman knew nothing about my ex wifes cheating and lying...or anything going on in our lives at the time way back in the 1980's. Talk about a twisted person. No thanks...I'll keep treating others with decency, I have nothing to sell them other than decency. Thank you for sharing about your wife...I am so glad to hear that!
  10. Look at some of the quick condemnation and division starts...because that is the purpose of religion, to divide humanity, but it also carries with it deep emotional reactions and people get angry quickly. That should helps us understand how it has been used to condemn and divide people for thousands of years and how people always need to reinforce their beliefs and seek validation in these type of conversations. In all due respect, not one single person can honestly claim they know with 100% certainty anything when it comes to their religious beliefs. Belief requires no evidence...that is why it is belief...truth stands upon its own evidence, no belief is required for it to be seen as truth. It doesn't need defended by threats and condemnation. People still run to attack those who question, run to condemn those that do not believe as they it any wonder humanity has been so divided all in the names of peoples gods, and the violence and bloodshed that has resulted throughout history? I think it wise to pay attention to the following from Thomas Paine...he actually understood the dangers of religion...and how it can cause people to believe absurdities and push them to commit atrocities. History proves this without question. How about learning to treat others as you desire to be treated...that is the foundation of ALL human interaction. Humanity has still not understood this basic principle, and always appears to revert to the use of threats and condemnation to enforce their beliefs when they become desperate to validate them. Sometimes, it is very beneficial to wonder just what some people actually follow...especially when they so easily try and justify tearing others apart in the name of a god who will "torture those that do not submit"...that isn't love, it is fear based religious tyranny. Don't be fooled...THAT is what creates cruel people. Many will get angry because of my thoughts...reacting rather than listening. Not meant to demean anyone, just thoughts based upon reason and decency. Be good to each other...always. Threads such as this when religion enters into the discussion almost always get locked...there is a reason for that. Too many become volatile...just watch it unfold.
  11. You're welcome Shabs. I would do this for anyone I thought was being fooled and setup...there are others, and they are always those who have a differing opinion than the majority. I have no emotional attachment to politics or religion as you know...but I see people use those two things daily to literally tear others apart that dare to question their world views and beliefs. I stuck up for Umbertino years ago as many tried to accuse him of somehow trying to subvert our country...I was told in a private message right afterwards that I was "on drugs, evil, drunk, and a waste of human life." THIS accusation came from someone that claimed they "knew god" about delusion. So, this is why I say to you, do not trust any of it.
  12. I didn't need to "know" your thoughts Mark...I read them in your words. Of course I forgive, daily...but your words were not directed at me, they were directed at someone else. You should consider following your own advice and apologize to the one you called "dead man walking". You don't have to try and justify your words, or make excuses, or trying to use religion to hide behind, just be genuine...and follow your own advice.
  13. Shabs, you will always be made out to be the villain. It is the boards politics to do so to any dissenting opinion, to justify targeting people deemed as whatever label given to them. It is all misdirection, and the very things some accuse you of, they are masters at, knowing how to use the psychological tricks to fool others. This constant back and forth just pulls down the entire forum, and the insanity of it all is that some others blame YOU alone for most of it...never taking responsibility for their own part...making excuses using their religious beliefs, and turning them against you. Some just want their safe place without dissent. It is how the game is played, just do not trust any of it. Some just want you gone...and will say or do just about anything to try and get you to "cross a line" they have already crossed long ago, and get away with it. It is called being set up...trying to finally come unglued but they have failed. I see this in many online it says is exactly how reality is when it comes to religion and politics. Never trust it...just observe the extent some will go to create the villain. Hope you are doing well...
  14. A few observations Mark...just my thoughts... You honestly expect anyone to buy into your reasoning for posting something like this, knowing exactly the kind of reaction you are desiring...which is FEAR, and pushing the typical "impending doom" narratives that too many Christians have been fooled by including some that actually believe this injection is the "mark of the beast"? Too many stopped living long ago and are only existing due to the mindset of seeing everything as "doom" and pushing fear upon everyone. I personally do not believe your intentions with this post. What is the opposite of perfect love? FEAR, exactly what you are promoting in my opinion. How does that edify or assist those who have already got the shot? What do you expect them to do with this information? They cannot undo it, therefore some will react in fear and helplessness due to something you have ZERO proof of other than speculation presented as "truth". Using this to promote FEAR. Things like this is why many no longer bother to post here...drama all day long, bickering all the time to anyone who does not agree with what is posted, no one is allowed to have their own opinions, especially if those opinions disagree with the majority, and some would like to have the forum censored, to stop any opposing opinions or thoughts. Religion and is gradually destroying what was once a fun forum. Would be nice if we could learn to allow others to think for themselves without being treated like fools or being issued veiled threats such as you did with Shabs "dead man walking". Why would you even go there or say something like that to another member here? Don't use your religion to justify these type of are not fooling everyone. I don't get how nasty some folks here have become...disagree with someone, and you get trolled or taunted which to me is destructive to everyone who would like to be involved in discussions, but do not want to be treated like trash if they disagree. You are better than this Mark...don't allow your emotions to take you so far down the path of fear and will literally destroy you, all the while you think you are doing "good". It is not about anything other than taking some time to weigh the benefits of posting something of this nature claiming people may die within two years if they got the injection. I think you knew exactly how some would something that is pure speculation.
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