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  1. Has all the elements of get a desired reaction and to personalize their attacks. They never were interested in finding anyone to join in a conversation or discussion, they were only interested in attacking others beliefs or lack thereof, then the usual condemnation.
  2. Kokomartin...I think you put this thread in the wrong should have gone into the "Join my club and believe like me, or you'll rot in hell" category. Your contempt for your fellow humans who do not believe like you or follow your gods of wrath and anger is a reflection of everything wrong with your brand of religion. That same brand that has driven multitudes of people throughout history to accuse and murder those they deemed "unworthy". Your "convert or die" mentality has unfortunately become too common in a religion that once taught "god is love" and to treat others decently, and love is greater than all else, and that you would find life in that simplicity. History is full of examples of what some men will do in the names of their gods...and yet we have yet to understand the meaning of "treating others as you desire to be treated." Some actually enjoy threads like this...whether they need constant validation for their beliefs or they want to watch the carnage unfold...makes some feel "alive". I bet you were well aware of exactly the reaction you desired to you feel fulfilled now? A shame to see another thread of contention...or one that turns into that.
  3. Thanks so much my friend, the very same to you! You are a quality person Umb, I always appreciate your kindness and decency that you show on this forum and towards myself. Hope you also have a great year ahead! All the best...
  4. What an amazing video, beautiful to watch. Great way to start the week, no bickering, just something positive to take with us for the day. Thank you KristiD! Have a lovely week...
  5. Interesting article KristiD, thank you! Yes, you commented that the world has been conned for centuries...actually it has been literally thousands of years humans have been conned. No easier way to con someone than to add some form of religion to the mix, along with all the reasons one "must" adhere to its beliefs or of course they will suffer some manner of terrible outcome, which brings in the best controlling tool of all...fear. This article underscores the relationship of religious beliefs and how far some will go in their efforts to feel they are some how more favorable to their gods by how they conduct their daily rituals, of which eating is one of those rituals for some folks. Veganism is indeed a religion, part of that religion is their ritual of eating. I understand someone making a choice NOT to eat meat...but when it is based upon a religious belief, it becomes a ritual in order to gain some manner of favor. In addition, try to challenge a vegan's beliefs in WHY they do what they do...some will turn angry, just like the reactions of many when their religious beliefs are questioned, or political beliefs, etc. Most choose to defend their beliefs rather than considering the challenge if it is valid and something they should think about rather then reacting to. Religion generally tends to demand control over each adherents life, their minds, what they eat, how they THINK, how they see others, all used to shape the belief system, and when it comes to a business...religion is one of the largest on this earth, buying, selling and shaping the beliefs of those that submit to them AND making sure they do their best to provide the underlying framework that assists in keeping the faithful under their control in every aspect of life. Demonize those foods that do not fall under their beliefs. Then create the reasons why everyone should be a "vegan". Use fear, threats, whatever it takes to enlarge the fold. Spread stories about the consequences of "eating meat", how it will harm your health, etc. Then, sell it as the "only true diet" or "only true way to eat". Yes, just like religion...all the while the goal is reaping the financial benefits of those you control. If you own the various business establishments that play a part in their influence, you can expect huge returns.
  6. Unfortunately, some folks are actually taught this manner of hatred, from their pulpits. Glad he didn't murder anyone in the name of his gods. I have known some folks so close to the edge in their religion, they transformed from "hate the sin love the sinner", to the mindset this guy displayed, pure militant hatred, and mentally unstable. Strange how many religious folks actually support something like this. When these actions are done in the name of religion, it is beyond dangerous...and some encourage this. He belongs where they put him, before he carried out other acts of "vengeance" and ended up killing in the name of his gods.
  7. Everything is seen through that "doomsday" lens now Shabs. The threats lodged against those who do not submit to the veiled threats. We know what those threats are, angry wrathful gods who tell us to "love", yet will violate their own words by slaughtering those who refuse to submit to the tyranny kind of mind set. It is the only thing left that some folks have to use...threats, anger, hoping somehow they will be validated and will attempt to make every event appear to be the "end". Been this way since man stepped foot here, as long as people follow various superstitions, it never changes and some folks push this narrative into just about everything. Maybe someday, we humans will learn how we treat others is actually the bottom line, any thing other than that is just noise. Over the years, I have met enough folks in real life that are so enslaved by what they think it "truth", they are incapable of normal conversation without lodging some manner of threat. Now that is all over social media, with the same destructive results...but those who do such things must believe they are justified in some way, or it is really just a game to them to gain control over others minds.
  8. Good observations adhoc10. Most of us know "fear sells". It motivates humans to SUBMIT to whoever causes the fear. You mentioned the "health system"...same tactics in many cases...scare the patient, create a business opportunity. Nothing uses "fear and doom" as well as religion and politics. That is a fact, and just look at how many people have bought the BS that at any moment, an angry wrathful entity is going to decide to destroy the world, slaughter its enemies, and somehow this act will bring "peace"! It's hilarious, yet very effective...thousands and thousands of years worth of mental rape trying its best to control society by introducing the most effective tools in order to accomplish it all...religion and politics. The most divisive tools ever used to stoke fear and discontent within the human population. If you can keep the masses living in a state of fear and the expectation of some form of horrible outcome IF one does not do this or actually renders human resistance to a fraction...which of course IS the and always has been the goal. I'd say it has worked perfectly to divide, distract and swallow its adherents in fear and causing many to stop living and just "exist" within the confines of their programmed fears and constant diet of speculation. I think if you allow others to think for you, you open up something that will surely enslave you in some fashion...exactly how religion and politics work...but few who dare admit to it, although it is right in front of their faces.
  9. I think I have read about some of this Greg. A lot of folks leaving Ca., understandable, many are tired of the path the state has taken and the expense of living there, not to mention the glitter of the region has worn off over the years. Hollyweird is flailing in their own illusions.
  10. I'm glad someone remembered the mountain of evidence against those VIP's and other twisted people. This tragedy runs DEEP into the heart of both politics and religion...beyond anyone's imagination and those who try hard to cover it all up. We should never look the other way no matter who it implicates just because we want to avoid admitting the problem is within certain institutions or political parties, etc., that we may support or be a part of. Sexual abuse is rampant within the "church", has been for centuries, and usually covered up in order to "protect" it all, when in reality, it is the people and followers who should have demanded all involved be held accountable. That still has not happened, and I call that hypocrisy. It is also rampant in some political circles, it is not a "left right" issue, it involves all of them and many within these religious and political circles are actual sociopaths, and use their positions of perceived "authority" in order to take advantage of the defenseless and those they fool with their authority. It is indeed tragic, but it IS the people who must stand up and demand accountability rather than too many hiding behind their religion or political favorites hoping that it all goes away without taking action. It is not just a democrat socialist issue, it is a sickness deep within the system and has affected religion, politics and law enforcement also. Thanks LGD for mentioning you recalled this back in 1989. Glad someone did, most never heard of it OR they outright denied it, but it was ugly and is STILL going on within DC and various religious institutions across the matter the sect or denomination, most have been hurt by some of their twisted controlling "leaders".
  11. We really need to deal with more facts when it comes to who started the precedent of bailing out financial criminals and basically offering corporate welfare. It was the economic stabilization act, and it was signed into law by Bush. Not any other president, it was BUSH and it has continued as LAW by every president after him. The remaining presidents are continuing this terrible policy because it is now LAW. Some find it convenient to blame their political opponents, in order to cover for their particular parties guilt, but there is no doubt this baby was birthed by the Bush Admin, and the same policy is being done by everyone since. To deny these facts is to show willful ignorance, and divisive political tactics rather than speaking up how bad this policy actually was and is. No, it was not an Obama thing nor is it a Trump thing, it was signed into LAW by President George W. Bush and trillions have been laid out and "WE THE PEOPLE" were strapped with the debt. My question...where were all the conservative mouth pieces in 2008 condemning this "act"? No where to be found, noit a WORD against their all of this is pure political hypocrisy and finding blame on everyone else but "their man" or their party...BOTH parties agreed to it all...and WE get the bill. Nice right? Bush LOBBIED for congress to pass the bill. Now that it is LAW, every president asks their treasury secretary to PROP up markets, which requires 100's of billions of dollars in order to keep the credit machine flowing and reduce massive margin calls, etc. We the people had NO SAY as to how this was rolled out by Bush, we just use it to fight about politically rather than dealing with the facts it is LAW. Now that the economy has heated up, consumer debts are at historic levels, rates must come down and the "plunge protection team" based in the US Treasury must act to avoid market implosion. Blame whatever president is convenient, but the truth is it was Bush who began the process, and signed it into LAW. That is reality, so we should really get beyond this bickering nonsense about who is to blame...those that created this insanity opened up the doors for trillions of bank and corporate welfare, and we the people could do nothing to stop it. Now, Trump's treasury secretary Mnuchin has stated several times they stand ready to "intervene", and they are big time. So anyone still denying the facts of WHO the parties were behind the housing crisis and resulting bill signed into LAW? The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, often called the "bank bailout of 2008," was proposed by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, passed by the 110th United States Congress, and signed into law by President George W. Bush. The act became law as part of Public Law 110-343 on October 3, 2008, in the midst of the financial crisis of 2007–2008. The law created the Troubled Asset Relief Program to purchase distressed assets from financial institutions. A financial crisis had developed throughout 2007 and 2008 partly due to a subprime mortgage crisis, causing the failure or near-failure of major financial institutions like Lehman Brothers and American International Group. Seeking to prevent the collapse of the financial system, Secretary of the Treasury Paulson called for the U.S. government to purchase about several hundred billion dollars in distressed assets from financial institutions. Paulson's proposal was initially rejected by Congress, but the ongoing financial crisis and the lobbying of President Bush ultimately convinced Congress to enact Paulson's proposal as part of Public Law 110-343. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 created the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program to purchase toxic assets from banks. The funds for purchase of distressed assets were mostly redirected to inject capital into banks and other financial institutions while the Treasury continued to examine the usefulness of targeted asset purchases.[1][2] Estimates for the total cost of the bailout to the government are as much as $29 trillion.
  12. I don't recall this news back in 1989, I was surprised to find it a few years ago because little was ever known of it as it was covered up quickly as far as I can tell. Apparently this was going on with certain key "officials" at the time in the Reagan Bush whitehouse. We can't over look the fact there has been a pedophilia problem in govt. and it involves people within both parties, not just one. There is also similar problems in other countries govt's. Of course most never hear of these matters, they are quickly covered up. Preying upon children is certainly nothing new, been going on for thousands of years, embedded within religion and political circles. Many of these twisted folks would have been exposed by the likes of Epstein, but before he sang like a bird, he's gone. We should never ignore or deny the evidence over decades of this happening, and the child trafficking along with it. If our political loyalties ever blind us to this manner of corruption, what does that say about us? Here is an article that at the time went no where, as so many of these cases go. This corruption still exists no matter what the party affiliations are. This is from 1989. More at this link: Also, This was the biggest pedophile scandal in the history of the U.S.A. The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a TV News Media blackout on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it. Former republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production a documentary called "Conspiracy of Silence" it was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.
  13. The people who DO NOT hide behind their religion and politics are the people that often show the most integrity. They are often those who are not afraid to ask questions and keep learning outside of their comfort zones and those things they convince themselves of. You use both politics and religion to get reactions from those you dislike, so you can twist their words, accuse them, and walk away thinking you are somehow better than they are, when in reality, you are just as indoctrinated into your beliefs as you accuse them of being. You think only ONE party is corrupt, when you know the truth is BOTH parties are corrupt and have been complicit in the decay of this country over the last 100+ years. When you demonize everything that does not agree with you or your beliefs, you only do yourself a disservice, because most folks who actually CAN think critically, understand it is never a ones sided issue when it comes to politics OR religion. Both have goals to encourage division and distraction, because when the people are divided, it provides great cover for the criminal elements within. "We the people" have allowed much of it...we allowed politics to redefine the true meaning of a "patriot". A patriot is not one who is loyal to a party, but one who is loyal to the people AND their country first. Both sides have their corruption within, so to believe one side represents good and the other evil, is simply shortsighted. Both parties thrive on division and a culture of corruption, and you know this to be true.
  14. Thankfully, MOST folks regardless of their politics or religious beliefs, are actually decent human beings AND know better than to allow either to cause them to harm their fellows. Allowing their beliefs and ideologies to drive them to a violent path is simply not a part of who they are. MOST stable folks are able to "agree to disagree" and move on and live their life in peace without feeling they have to have the last word on anything or make threats towards others because of differing beliefs, etc. Keep in mind, politics and religion tend to turn OFF a persons critical thinking abilities because they allow these tools to control their thoughts and actions, and are often too fearful to question those things that insult their intelligence, yet they just cannot bring themselves to admit it. Nothing uses fear like politics and is the only method they have to enforce their manipulation when all else fails. There are unstable folks, some sociopaths within politics and religion that live so close to the edge that it takes little to trigger them into doing something they would never consider if it were not for politics or religion or media feeding them a constant diet of bull sh*t. People like this Wiles character thrive on making claims and selling their BS to their audience, usually using fear and uncertainty to push their own twisted speculations.
  15. Hi Shabs :) I always appreciate your honesty. I think both religion and politics have screwed up most folks, only a few have the courage to admit to it. You know how some of these threads end...being locked because it gets personal, hateful, etc. It appears it is "ok" for some to hate as long as they underscore that with their religion, in the attempt to make their accusations or beliefs sound legitimate when they invoke their gods. Some things never change, I think by now we should all be well aware that mixing politics with religion ruins most discussions because cognitive dissonance is difficult to overcome when peoples beliefs are challenged, and the only reaction is to attempt to target and discredit those that present challenges to those who are unable or afraid to question their own beliefs. You think for yourself, that is becoming a lost virtue, don't allow anyone to sway you from that no matter how many veiled threats of their god hating you or torturing you if you dare not submit. it is all they have...and they are convinced it is 100% you are wasting your time trying to question that although everyone should. Any time something is based upon fear and threats, run the other way, it is just more manipulation aimed at getting YOU to submit to others beliefs and fears. Just keep thinking for yourself...and let those who follow a entity they believe will treat its creation in the most sadistic ways if one does not "believe" do whatever makes them feel "righteous". Some have been taught in this manner since a child...rarely does that change. Been going on like this for thousands of years my friend...and few dare question it because superstition appears to always win out over logical thought, unfortunately. You are a decent person who thinks for himself. That is worth many times more than any attempts from others to discredit your thoughts or beliefs because they do not line up with a majority. Most have forgot the universal rule of thumb...treat others as you desire to be treated. Anything more than that just adds to human division and contempt...the very things that religion and politics are masters at.
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