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  1. A few observations Mark...just my thoughts... You honestly expect anyone to buy into your reasoning for posting something like this, knowing exactly the kind of reaction you are desiring...which is FEAR, and pushing the typical "impending doom" narratives that too many Christians have been fooled by including some that actually believe this injection is the "mark of the beast"? Too many stopped living long ago and are only existing due to the mindset of seeing everything as "doom" and pushing fear upon everyone. I personally do not believe your intentions with this post
  2. Shabs, notice how when all else fails, the religious threats always enter the picture? The most powerful mind control in the history of humanity is...religion. Fact. An example below from the movie "Apocalypto" during the eclipse scene...and how they used this to claim it was their god...right before they were about to murder a young man in the name of that god. This is how the game works... Pure mind control...still to this day using fear and threats. Why? Because it works. Don't play the game...
  3. I always thought it strange that no one said a word when President Trump banned bump stocks...just an observation.
  4. Hey CL! Oh you're welcome. I always thought it was important to learn how things came to be, and so often the origins of certain religious beliefs came from planetary adoration, that then morphed into persona's being given to certain planets, etc. Anyway, I find it to be an interesting discussion for those with an open mind, because in truth, we know so very little, about so many things, and it is always easier to just follow certain narratives than to learn of their origins and how they change over time. Some things never change, they are just repackaged and resold to
  5. Hi Shabs! I can only speak for myself, but I spent many years researching into many things that no longer made sense. How can we learn if we fail to question? I learned to question everything, because I had been very misled as a young man in the church, and I witnessed things that should never be inside any church, manipulation, threats, fear tactics, and I knew there was something wrong. Of course, because I questioned those "leaders", I was viewed as a heretic, and I proudly wore that badge once I understood how the game was played. Sadly, I see the very same things I
  6. Hey Shabs, hope you are doing well! It is amusing...the term is the new mantra or trigger word being used, and most folks have no clue what it is they are referring to...other than the religious superstition of that name being an evil persona to accuse others. The following is not meant to demean anyone, it is meant to educate how things became transformed into what is believed today. It is also not meant to be turned into yet another religious conflict. We are free to believe what we want, but we should understand how some of it came to be from its origins. Food for t
  7. Some will likely bash you Shabs for even posting this article, but I for one will tell you that the wreckage left behind from this cult is very real. Just my thoughts from some experience I have had talking with some folks... I know a lot of what is stated in this story to be true, based upon my experience with those that believed every word, because it mirrored their own beliefs and political ideologies, and their world views, in addition to the patriotism and love of country that was taken advantage of throughout the last 4 years by those who lied to them. Those behin
  8. Hi cranman Just some of my thoughts, speaking for myself with my own experience. Just know that you are not alone in your thinking. I have a lot of experience in religious matters, watched for years how the system operates, and the manipulation within it. When I was active in the church, it was labeled as "full gospel" which I always thought was funny, mainly because I thought as opposed to what? Half gospel? Anyway, after about 2 years within, as a young man easily influenced at the time, I began to question what was being taught...too many things no l
  9. How? By telling people what they want to hear. And when they are proven as charlatans, many just run to a new source of claims under the guise of "prophecy". This is a big part of the problem the last 4 years, so many such as "Q" that have lied to people time and again, and yet people seem to be ok with being lied to. Mention any of this, most just get angry. Recall the Pat Robertson "prophecy" where he claimed the president would be re-elected and we would prosper for 5 years, then his god would send an asteroid to earth and kill us all. Can you imagine why anyone would get all ex
  10. Thank you Scott for taking the time to also write such a thoughtful post. Being honest with ourselves rather than living in fear and desperation is always wise. All we see, read and hear today are those who will tell us what we want to hear, and often outright lie to us in order to manipulate our emotions. I know you understand that, and allowing our emotions to direct our behavior is a bad path, I know from experience. This year has been difficult for all of us I much misdirection and distraction, people seeking and searching for some peace in the midst of
  11. Well, I'm not a "liberal" or any other political label, but you can accuse me of whatever you like, but I am going to reply to you and I am NOT attacking you...I want you to take the time to read every word...before you react. After all the accusations you made towards anyone who did not agree with your politics or your religion, accusing them time and again of being "filled with hate"...yet here you are...showing what real hatred looks like. Perhaps you should spend more time on your "Acts of Love" thread that is much more constructive than to allow politics to transfo
  12. Hey @umbertino Thanks for checking in my friend. Doing ok here I think, hope the same for you! It has been a very hot summer so far, been busy as usual. Have a great day!
  13. Glad to read that everything went well. Beautiful family and I imagine you and the misses are exhausted. Do you ever get sleep???
  14. @wildeman So sorry to hear of your dad passing. Sounds like a good guy and committed to a life of service, you were blessed to have such a quality dad and my utmost respect to him for his service. In regards to his wishes, I think the easiest step you can make is to contact the comm center where he worked, explain to them his wishes, and ask them how to proceed to fulfill those wishes. It sounds like that place meant a lot to him and I bet the people he worked with loved him greatly. At the very least, they will say no, but I am thinking they may make an exc
  15. I am a broken person in many ways, due to life experiences, and it is only out of that brokenness I speak as to what I have learned and how so many things out there serve one purpose...that is to divide. Divide our minds, hearts and distract us in every way. It simply is NO way to live the life we have been given. I have got to experience many wonderful things in life, but those things that taught me real lessons are those things that hurt the most. I can only speak for myself, the things I have learned along the way in this bizarre life, and how those things have helped me to real
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