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  1. Hey @umbertino Thanks for checking in my friend. Doing ok here I think, hope the same for you! It has been a very hot summer so far, been busy as usual. Have a great day!
  2. Glad to read that everything went well. Beautiful family and I imagine you and the misses are exhausted. Do you ever get sleep???
  3. @wildeman So sorry to hear of your dad passing. Sounds like a good guy and committed to a life of service, you were blessed to have such a quality dad and my utmost respect to him for his service. In regards to his wishes, I think the easiest step you can make is to contact the comm center where he worked, explain to them his wishes, and ask them how to proceed to fulfill those wishes. It sounds like that place meant a lot to him and I bet the people he worked with loved him greatly. At the very least, they will say no, but I am thinking they may make an exc
  4. I am a broken person in many ways, due to life experiences, and it is only out of that brokenness I speak as to what I have learned and how so many things out there serve one purpose...that is to divide. Divide our minds, hearts and distract us in every way. It simply is NO way to live the life we have been given. I have got to experience many wonderful things in life, but those things that taught me real lessons are those things that hurt the most. I can only speak for myself, the things I have learned along the way in this bizarre life, and how those things have helped me to real
  5. Hi Karsten 🙂 Just a few thoughts for what it is worth, and a few things I have learned in life... Let's look at your concerns from a different angle... Let's say your post was from one of those who you label as "liberal haters, demonic this or that, liberal socialist commie..." and the list goes on and get my point. They were complaining about having to deal with the hatred and views of "conservative" <enter label here>, that they did not appreciate how the board was being "run" by those type of people, that the opinions and views
  6. That fits you well Pitcher! Thanks for the laugh!
  7. Bravo to you @Starrider Excellent post. Unfortunately, some feel the need to pursue conflict and division, insisting upon being "right" rather than learning to work together and cooperate with those that may differ with their views. I've said it many times, politics and religion are the two most divisive tools throughout history to this day, and if we continue down the path of allowing their influence to divide and distract us, to keep us fighting against each other, we will ALL lose. Hopefully someday, we will wake up and realize how very important your me
  8. Flynn case dismissed by DOJ. I think this was the proper move...the FBI coerced him as they do to many people. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department on Thursday said it is dropping the criminal case against President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, abandoning a prosecution that became a rallying cry for Trump and his supporters in attacking the FBI’s Russia investigation. The move is a stunning reversal for one of the signature cases brought by special counsel Rob
  9. It appears the movie is back up on their was even removed from there earlier this morning. Someone put it up on youtube again, probably will not last long.
  10. Now that is some serious rain coming down there Scotty. Did you have to pull over during it or were you already stopped? I used to work within the trucking industry many years ago in a service garage as parts manager. I met a lot of great guys and some not so great, but one thing was for certain, they were faithful in their duties and so many do not always realize how important trucking business is, it literally keeps the country moving. Thank you!
  11. I agree 8th ID. I have listened for two months to the official narrative and observed our reaction as a country. I now want to listen to the other side preferably those who are within the system and understands how it operates. There are many getting their thoughts out on this, but i try and find those with experience rather than speculation. This Dr. in this video as well as others who speak have much experience, and this Dr. Mikovits spent time in jail, as the medical mafia came after her after she began to talk about some of the practices within the vaccine business and what was
  12. Unfortunately, Youtube has removed this video, but you can watch part 1, same video at their website here:
  13. My two cents worth for you @PeaceSign...speaking only from my own experiences, no disrespect meant to anyone. If this Tolle fellow helps you find some balance in your life and assists you in dealing with the constant fear and doom fed to the masses daily by religion, politics, etc., and helps you cope with that, then you are a better person for it. In my opinion, any system that must use threats and fear in order to convert one to follow any ideology, will only end up sucking the life out of a person, and it encourages a mind set that pushes people into a life of fear a
  14. Part 1 is 25 minutes...from actual qualified voices, not "conspiratorial". Some questions addressed and some experiences by those who work in the medical industry, not talking heads.
  15. Anyone remember this? 100,000 dead, yet no shut down? Too many questions...
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