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  1. George Hayduke

    XE Heart Attack

    C- gal Curious indeed. The IMF rate is headed in the right direction: IMF Special Drawing Rights 1669.2449065 At this point who knows, but this egg has to hatch sometime. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm hanging in there and pushing the limit. I'm too ornery to believe everything the doctors say. I'm back on two feet (sorta) and ditched the cane about six months ago. My goal for November is to be back on my Mountain bike. A Joe Jost picked egg for you. 🍺
  2. George Hayduke

    XE Heart Attack

    Base currency is IQD. Rates as of 2018-08-31 11:00:00 UTC I receive this rate every day with the same date and time even though today is the 31st. While the rate [IQD/USD] that is posted will give you a heart attack (or at least palpitations), XE posts a different rate at the top of the page [1190.3697655 / 0.0008400751]. Both XE posted rates can't be correct but they can both be wrong. For the benefit of my heart health I wish the latter posting is correct. 😎 GH Top 85 Currencies Alphabetically Currency Unit - IQD per Unit - Units per IQD ALL Albanian Leke11.0226578880.0907222206DZD Algerian Dinars10.0903655690.0991044371 ARS Argentine Pesos35.0132138310.0285606458 AUD Australian Dollars868.877523340.0011509102 BSD Bahamian Dollars1190.42210760.0008400382 BHD Bahraini Dinars3166.01624350.0003158543 BDT Bangladeshi Taka14.2442351320.0702038397 BD Barbadian or Bajan Dollars595.211053780.0016800763 BMD Bermudian Dollars1190.42210760.0008400382 BOB Bolivian Bolivianos172.724612090.0057895629 BAM Bosnian Convertible Marka712.043314080.0014044089 BWP Botswana Pula112.059102080.0089238623 BRL Brazilian Real289.817540400.0034504468 GBP British Pounds1549.64709310.0006453082 BGN Bulgarian Leva712.043314080.0014044089 XOF CFA Francs2.12305940020.4710183803 XPF CFP Francs11.6702869560.0856876959 CAD Canadian Dollars921.364067830.0010853473 XAF Central African Francs2.12305940020.4710183803 CLP Chilean Pesos1.78264036830.5609656427 CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi174.272112450.0057381527 COP Colombian Pesos0.39679035762.5202225329 CRC Costa Rican Colones2.10038928420.4761022195 HRK Croatian Kuna187.221127400.0053412775 CUP Cuban Pesos44.9215889650.0222610113 CZK Czech Koruny54.0932809490.0184865843DKK Danish Kroner186.754530670.0053546224DOP Dominican Pesos23.8744222380.0418858304XCD East Caribbean Dollars440.493942400.0022701788 EGP Egyptian Pounds66.4646696080.0150455875 ED Emirati Dirhams324.144889740.0030850402 EUR Euros1392.63567500.0007180629 FJD Fijian Dollars564.371538110.0017718824 XAU Gold Ounces1433779.68400.0000006975 GTQ Guatemalan Quetzales158.608813250.0063048199 HKD Hong Kong Dollars151.673236320.0065931210 HUF Hungarian Forint4.26905209660.2342440376 XDR IMF Special Drawing Rights1669.24490650.0005990733 ISK Icelandic Kronur11.1318907490.0898319991 INR Indian Rupees16.8155803870.0594686581 IDR Indonesian Rupiahs0.080876324012.364558009 IRR Iranian Rials0.028210833235.447375642 Currency Unit - IQD per Unit - Units per IQD IQD Iraqi Dinars 1.0000000000 (US) 1.0000000000 ILS Israeli New Shekels329.720115930.0030328753 JMD Jamaican Dollars8.71311439200.1147695250 JPY Japanese Yen10.6691576200.0937281120 JOD Jordanian Dinars1679.01566650.0005955871 KES Kenyan Shillings11.8294057840.0845350999 KWD Kuwaiti Dinars3930.31294430.0002544327 LBP Lebanese Pounds0.78966640631.2663575302 MYR Malaysian Ringgits289.491619360.0034543314 MUR Mauritian Rupees34.7534536370.0287741187 MXN Mexican Pesos62.6010119740.0159741827 MAD Moroccan Dirhams126.777114940.0078878589 NZD New Zealand Dollars792.850718510.0012612715 NGN Nigerian Nairas3.28853300160.3040869590 NOK Norwegian Kroner143.130898370.0069866116O MR Omani Rials3096.02628760.0003229947 PKR Pakistani Rupees9.67653750610.1033427504 PYG Paraguayan Guarani0.20608940004.8522631447 PEN Peruvian Soles361.477764590.0027664219 PHP Philippine Pisos22.2493366310.0449451602 XPT Platinum Ounces946280.958000.0000010568 PLN Polish Zlotych324.886893260.0030779943 QAR Qatari Rials327.039040540.0030577389 RON Romanian Lei299.874482690.0033347286 RUB Russian Rubles17.4893567380.0571776318 SAR Saudi Arabian Riyals317.445895350.0031501431 XAG Silver Ounces17466.9812990.0000572509 SGD Singapore Dollars871.649333720.0011472503 ZAR South African Rand81.5650925740.0122601467 KRW South Korean Won1.07350512780.9315279212 LKR Sri Lankan Rupees7.37151346200.1356573525 SEK Swedish Kronor130.674366300.0076526103 CHF Swiss Francs1226.92260060.0008150473 TWD Taiwan New Dollars38.7694146500.0257935285 THB Thai Baht36.4034872160.0274698958 TTD Trinidadian Dollars177.023606020.0056489641 TND Tunisian Dinars433.115271420.0023088542 TRY Turkish Lira178.787560090.0055932303 USD US Dollars1190.42210760.0008400382 UAH Ukrainian Hryvni42.3070409020.0236367276 UYU Uruguayan Pesos37.5886924000.0266037453 VND Vietnamese Dong0.051226781819.521038880 ZMW Zambian Kwacha117.445168650.0085146116
  3. George Hayduke

    Pitching Decks US Navy

  4. VA Releases National Suicide Data Report Analysis Part of VA’s Comprehensive Examination of More Than 55 Million Death Records WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released findings from its most recent analysis of Veteran suicide data for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This report yields several important insights: Suicide rates increased for both Veterans and non-Veterans, underscoring the fact that suicide is a national public health concern that affects people everywhere. The average number of Veterans who died by suicide each day remained unchanged at 20. The suicide rate increased faster among Veterans who had not recently used Veterans Health Administration health care than among those who had. The report, known as “VA National Suicide Data Report 2005–2015,” is available at The analysis is part of VA’s ongoing examination of more than 55 million civilian and Veteran death records that is being used to evaluate and improve VA’s Suicide Prevention Program. Data from this report were obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s National Death Index and then linked to both VA and Department of Defense (DoD) data. VA is committed to publishing the most accurate suicide data possible. CDC has 2016 data, but VA works with both CDC and DoD to analyze millions of records and data sources to produce an analysis of suicide deaths for all known Veterans. This collaboration adds a layer of complexity to the analysis process thus making 2015 the most current year for which VA is able to publish complete Veteran suicide data. VA is working with CDC and DoD to innovate and refine the data analysis and plans to publish 2016 Veteran suicide data in fall 2018. The report includes suicide rates from 2005 to 2015 for both Veteran and non-Veteran populations segmented by age, race and gender, and analyzes Veteran rates based on service branch and era, suicide method and suicide risk factors. These data inform the ongoing work of VA and its partners to prevent suicide and expand the network of support for Veterans. “Suicide remains a top clinical priority,” said Acting VA Secretary Mr. Peter O’Rourke. “One life lost to suicide is one too many. Suicide is a serious public health concern in the Veteran population and across all communities nationwide. These data offer important insights to help VA to build effective networks of support, communication and care that reach Veterans where they live and thrive.” Suicide is a complex issue and is influenced by a multitude of intersecting factors that can increase or decrease suicide risk. The VA Suicide Prevention Program’s public health approach addresses the risk factors associated with suicidal behavior — such as a prior suicide attempt, stressful life events or the availability of lethal means — while promoting the protective factors that can offset risk — such as positive coping skills, feeling connected to other people and access to mental health care. Data form an integral part of VA’s public health strategy and enable VA to tailor research-backed suicide-prevention initiatives to reach diverse groups across the Veteran population. In the years since these data were captured, VA has undertaken substantial suicide-prevention efforts, including: Expansion of the Veterans Crisis Line Creation of new cross-sector partnerships Implementation of the Joint Action Plan for Supporting Veterans During Their Transition From Uniformed Service to Civilian Life Launch of SAVE online suicide prevention training Development of the forthcoming National Strategy for Preventing Veteran Suicide Learn more about VA’s suicide-prevention resources and programs at Veterans who are in crisis or having thoughts of suicide, and those who know a Veteran in crisis, should call the Veterans Crisis Line for confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at 800-273-8255 and press 1, chat online at, or send a text message to 838255. Reporters covering this issue are strongly encouraged to visit for important guidance on how to communicate about suicide.
  5. George Hayduke

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Always good to see you bring stability to the table C. 🍺
  6. George Hayduke

    No Mercy in this Land
  7. George Hayduke

    While my guitar gently weeps

    Prince absolutely shreds the guitar!
  8. George Hayduke

    Stateboros Blues

    Can't hardly sit still listening to that combo
  9. Yes, of course comrade... The Russians are trying to own Iraq's oil: Badra oil field situated in the Wasit Province of eastern Iraq is estimated to hold reserves of about three billion barrels of crude oil. The Iraqi oil field stretches about 16km long and six kilometres wide. The field is operated by Gazprom Neft, which also owns 30% stake in the project in partnership with Korean Gas (KOGAS, Gazprom Neft is the fourth largest oil producer in Russia and ranked third according to refining throughput. It is a subsidiary of Gazprom, which owns about 96% of its shares. Thanks Yota.
  10. George Hayduke

    2nd Amendment Humor Thread

    You are smokin' hot Toolman. The fresh air of Idaho has definitely proven to be clearer than most. Keep up the good work my friend.
  11. George Hayduke

    2nd Amendment Humor Thread

    So that's where it ended up...
  12. George Hayduke

    Simple Man


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