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  1. geman

    Buddy in military in iraq

    All is well, some really need this to pop. so they get a little harsh. thanks for the rumor sir.
  2. with fresh air comes fresh monies, I hope and pray. But seriously it's great the twenty somethings have a chance at a better Iraq.
  3. so waiting to buy some where warm, Snowing yet again.
  4. So with Iraqis fighting the Kurds what's the opinion of are fair family.
  5. So the question is! Does the Kirds get there demands or do they vote Monday. OHHHH Boy.
  6. geman

    Oil falls below $ 80

    Well it sounds like oil is right where it needs to be. Now we just need the Dinar where it needs to beeeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks Yota
  7. geman

    Adam Montana Weekly 2017 24 May

    Thank you sir.
  8. Every little bit helps, all positive news is what we want.
  9. That is great news for the citizens of Mosul, Keep up the good work. Thanks Yota.
  10. Question and Answer "I will not give specific dates, but I will confirm that victory is in hand, but we will not rush his announcement," the prime minister replied to reporters' questions, which ranged from internal and external files. He also pointed out that he follows daily the prices of commodities, stressing that «inflation at normal levels of control», while expressing optimism about the future of the Iraqi economy, he stressed that «oil prices are still below the required level», and Abadi said that there is international cooperation with Iraq in To pursue the money that officials in the former regime or beyond have fled abroad, and that there is a serious government campaign to pursue money, real estate and other activities abroad with great international cooperation. Abadi denied the existence of any US bases or affiliate of the International Coalition on Iraqi territory, stressing that the coalition and the forces participating in using our bases run by our forces to support the logistics and training of our troops and the maintenance of weapons and equipment for our armed forces in agreement with the Iraqi government, Charged with a combat mission or fighting on Iraqi soil. " Love what I'm reading, thanks Yota
  11. geman

    So...........why you here?

    no worries it was never discussed I just assumed, she took everything else. sooo ya me

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