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  1. Sorry for the miss spellings. Fat fingers here. Once again only a rumor.
  2. Take it for what it’s worth. I have a friend who knows someone high up in the banking no chain. From he told me several weeks Iraq had conference with about 100 investors. Several weeks later it was 200 investors. Last week or the week prior ur was 500 investors. His POC was in conference with Trump during his presidency. He mentioned the end of May which is tomorrow but I am not holding my breath. I one knows for sure but this guy has not been wrong yet.
  3. Maybe we need to pull the salaries away from Obama and Biden. Investigate them both. Maybe trump should look into that after the impeachment
  4. Yes. I have had it with the soon!!!! Soon!!!! Comments that went on for years. The it going to happen soon or tomorrow. After a months of this it gets old really fast. Thanks for the grammar correction.
  5. Don’t know. This is the rumor section is it not or does the name need to be changed to lire’s.
  6. Who is mark. I don’t know any marks
  7. Ok last time I posted on the RUMOR section I got slammed. Well here it is again. A friend of mine has friends in the banking industry, a connection to the treasury department and contacts in Iraq. He called this am to inform that the banks are showing 3.90 on the dinar and +2 on the dong. I am not giving up my source and yes the banks due show the exchange rates on their screens. I have seen the screens. Not totally verified but me excited for the first time in 14 years. Take it for what uts worth.
  8. Take it for what is worth since last time on here I was nothing but slammed for my comment. I have friend who has heard through a group that a non profit has been asked to go into exchange in Atlanta ga. No rate was released. I understand this was verified several times. I’m bruised enough from last time.
  9. I didn’t realize a rumor could cause such a frenzie. Not worried about being called a BSer. Not a rumor I went to an international exchange counter the other day to exchange $100.00 for dinar and was turned down. They would not sell dinar to me. Can somebody explain that!
  10. How does anyone know how it’s going to work in Iraq unless your there. Like I said before the s is a rumor section. If I had facts they would not be here. I have been told by reliable source that is happening. The US dollar is no longer being used in Iraq. The atms machines are only carrying dinar now. The head of parliament stated somewhere on the web that Iraq can support a 1.30 to one dinar. Go find it yourself. I saw it once but cannot for the life of me find it again. Still looking. I’m retired military and don’t have time for BS. This is the rumor section treat it as such please. If I had more facts I would tell you all about it but I don’t. My source will remain my source as he does not belong to any website on this planet to put it politely. I’m just tired of all the BS I’m seeing on this site so I plan to disappear for a while. I haven’t been on this site for awhile and when I come back with something which I put in rumors I get slammed. I will keep source and my comments to myself from now on and when it pops we’ll all be surprised. See ya.
  11. No this is not delta. Bulldog. Got a text from my buddy that is why it is in the rumor section. Or so I thought. Been on this site since 2010 left Iraq in 05. Had my dinar since 04 where the old Saddam currency was still around. People on this site can get really harsh sometimes even in the rumor section. If I knew a fact that this was verified it would not be here. Rumors people not facts. I said my last words in this site as everybody thinks they know everything good bad and indifferent. It’s coming very soon. Hate to use that word. Everything is falling into place very fast. Reading that online thru Iraq today. Not a website just what I type into see what going on. Bye
  12. Just received an email from a buddy leaving Iraq. They were able to cash in at .83 to 1 dinar. Only problem they could only leave with $150.000.
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