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  1. I have been here for a long time, sometimes hopeful sometimes not so much. Right now I’m in a hopeful frame of mind and it could come out none too soon. I appreciate the DV Family and all who contributed. And I certainly appreciate Adam Montana and his crew.
  2. I asked this before but could not find an answer. If it rv’s at $ .10 could we cash in part of what we have and exchange the rest for lower denominations? If so wold we have to pay the spread and/or taxes?
  3. Is there a way to cash in a small amount of dinars And take the larger bills and exchange them for smaller bills? And if so would there be a spread on that?
  4. What if it is Alice Kramden and she just missed the moon?What if it is Alice Kramden and she just missed the moon?
  5. Am I right that these 50 Dinar notes are no longer good?
  6. Please Lord do not let me ever meet Luigi
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