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  1. Maybe the admins of this forum should call this forum " THE GURU BS FORUM " instead for the Rumours Forum. It would make more since.... since there is more BS on this rumours forums than actual rumours roflmfao
  2. Why do these moderators let these morons post this crap on these forums is beyond me roflmfao!!!!!!!
  3. Don't worry about it. It ain't gonna happen.. It's just another troll talking SH|T as usual!
  4. Regardless what people may say the bottom line is that the OP IS FULL OF CRAP PERIOD!
  5. instead of guessing here is a Capital Gains Tax calculator for the U.S.
  6. Just a question............ Why do some people read the BS posts from other guru's. Does not make sense to me. You guys know it's BS but you guys seem to complain about the BS that is be posted. Why comment on the BS posts? Sorry I guess I just don't understand sorry
  7. Well as usual I won't hold my breath I will only believe it when it happens not before. IMHO it is just BS and since it is December 8, 2014 nothing has happened yet. Like I said ..... it is just BS!
  8. Well if the Guru's want all the hate mail to stop then maybe they should stop posting BS lies on the forums. Sounds logical to me. If not then get ready to get more hate postings on their BS lies that they post. Like I said sounds logical to me. Just remember.....Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out lol
  9. It would be a cold day in hell before I would believe any of the Guru's on what they say much less go to their web sites. What a waste of time to do that. I rather watch paint dry lol
  10. Yawn.......... How many more BS Rumors will it take before we get the truth about an RV? hummm................
  11. not going to get my hopes up hahahhaha Too many liars posting BS!
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