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  1. You know what I don't like Donald Trump but boy do I respect him. He is the first president who is actually making real moves to get peace in the middle east. He sticks by his guns and he get things done. I hate to say this but if I was an American I certainly would be voting him in for a second term. Your lucky over the pond to have someone in charge with Balls
  2. I have been in this since 2005. I have not been following the dinar that much these past few years however recently since I started cheching this forum again the Buzz and News is definitely at an all time high. I say within a year we will see the RV. Another observation that makes me think we are super close is the spike in prices of dinars on ebay. Its not just Iraq currency that is volatile in its price. The Vietnam dong and Indonesian rupiah is becoming very scare and the prices are going up for both currencies on ebay. Don't give up hope Mary this will happen and thanks for posting news a
  3. Ive been in this since 2005, Apart from 2013 when Iraq came out of most of the sanctions, the buzz and news is unprecedented at the moment. We are at the end of the very, very long tunnel. This is something I haven't done in ages: GO RVVVVVVVVV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. He is still selling RV alerts and mugs and T shirts and begging emails for subscription to his RV site lol
  5. He say no RV ever but his site still sells an RV alert. T shirts with the RV and Mugs with the RV. PMSL
  6. Also one thing I remember following Iraqi ya tv before isis. Politicians stating that Iraq does have a good future and that the Dinar is grossly undervalued. !!!!that why some people are paying such enormous prices on the Dinar. The Dinar is massively undervalued
  7. The RV is going to be huge. I wouldn’t put this going past one year. One of the indicators for me is that the Dinar is going massively up on secondary markets due to lack of supply. eBay in the Uk and USA is unbelievable for prices on the Dinar. I really think we are coming to an end with this currency now. As for kaperoni please stop sending me begging emails to rejoin dr.
  8. I'm very lucky to have met someone recently who is a successful trader, I got to know him through the professional betting. He is teaching me soonish but I wont be actually trading for about a year after. I will be using the demo account for a long time before I start putting a lot of money into it. But the people he associates with are not the sort of people that you find by just doing a google search, they are all successful traders. His motto is that most stuff your told on the news is a complete scam and bases his trades around that being the case. he has a very good hit rate. He made load
  9. hey Pitcher hope your well man!!!!!!!!! I haven't given the dream up and never will but made the right decision to not spend hours researching it. Crypto is something else I need to get into. I've realised the key to getting rich is having several incomes and not just one. Trading is gonna be the icing on the cake for me if I can master it. If I do master the trading then that means I can give my actual Job up and just work for myself. Socialists = communists lol
  10. Although I still own my dinars I have definitely moved on with the dinar RV. I do believe it will happen one day but I'm no longer relying on it to do so. What the dinar has taught me is that its a stagnant speculation and wasting time researching it for hours on end will not make you any money. So I moved onto stuff that does make me money like amazon and arbitrage sports betting and professional matched betting. If I add trading then I think I'm heading in a direction that stops me from having my eggs all in one basket. The dinar is risky and speculative and should be treated so. With tradin
  11. $50 per 25000 dinar check out what going on in the uk with the dinar on ebay. people are paying anything from £50 to the highest I have seen £170. The dinar on uk ebay is skyrocketting
  12. I am still a dinar RV believer but don't spend hours researching or waiting for news on it. Been learning to arbitrage bet on sports market and a technique called matched betting. I'm doing pretty well at it and have several incomes now. I will be in the nearer future be learning actual trading like stocks and forex but wont be putting any money into it until I have mastered it. From what I gather (and I don't know a lot ) to be successful with trading involves doing lots of little trades for around 6 hours a day. I have been advised that there is no easy root to doing well at trading so to av
  13. You telling me Tescos, Natwest, HSBC and Barclays bank all smuggled my currency illegally out of Iraq. Some how I don't think so Rock. Hello again been a while
  14. Anyone selling toilet paper and attempting to make a profit off this virus is scum in my book
  15. It’s not over the RV that is. This was always going to happen as Iran is completely infiltrated in Iraq. There will be a war and it’s likely to include over Iraqi airspace and land. The RV will happen just not this year or the next. Once the situation is sorted out and the companies and contractors return That’s when we should start seeing moves towards the rv. In the mean time I think trump is going to sort out the crap in both Iraq and Iran. Don’t give up this is just going to take longer
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