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  1. During the first lockdown the Dinar went up five times on eBay now it has settled to around £30-£45 but noticed prices are rising recently again but still bargains to be had
  2. They are on the list according to eBay or about to be
  3. Withregards to when did the decision happen,currently we are unable to disclose it but youcan check the link bellow to see the list ofcountries.
  4. 02:00:14 UTC buyrialuk 02:00:22 UTC Diana Rose 02:00:30 UTC buyrialuk 02:00:38 UTC buyrialuk 02:00:48 UTC buyrialuk 02:00:56 UTC Diana Rose 02:00:59 UTC Diana Rose 02:01:06 UTC buyrialuk 02:01:16 UTC Diana Rose 02:01:53 UTC buyrialuk 02:02:11 UTC buyrialuk 02:02:25 UTC buyrialuk 02:02:34 UTC Diana Rose 02:02:51 UTC buyrialuk 02:03:19 UTC buyrialuk 02:03:38 UTC buyrialuk 02:03:44 UTC Diana Rose 02:03:52 UTC buyrialuk 02:04:03 UTC Diana Rose 02:04:09 UTC buyrialuk
  5. If anyone can contact xchangeofamerica and ask them if Iraq is about to have an embargo placed onto them it would be very much appreciated
  6. But eBay have also taken another sellers listing down last week here in the uk. I thought he was bs but obviously not. I sold two 10,000 notes to someone and I had to go on chat to make sure eBay wouldn’t take the money back out of paypal for items.
  7. I have been onto online chat about this and it appears they are taking all listing down in batches. I don’t know what to say about it but I haven’t seen anything in Iraq going back under sanctions
  8. I sell some Dinar on eBay today my listings have all been stopped and I received this from eBay itself Your listing was removed: Embargoed goods policy Hello We had to remove your listing because it didn’t follow our Embargoed goods policy. Goods from embargoed countries aren’t allowed. What activity didn't follow the policy The item you listed originated from Iraq, a country against which the United States is imposing an embargo. Because eBay is a company based within the United States, it and its subs
  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if we have more twists and turns with the Dinar. I wouldn’t be surprised if they devalue the Dinar before a spike happens! #MIGA love your posts, this is closer than we have ever been to seeing this come true Go RV
  10. Actually I believe in god just not religion. I worship him in my own way just don’t believe I need to go to church or something. I believe in good vs evil.
  11. I’m no man of religion but I’m praying that trump will win. God don’t let Biden and corrupt dems get in.
  12. ECONOMY Top officials and business leaders discuss a possible ‘reset’ for the global economy PUBLISHED TUE, OCT 20 202011:52 AM EDTUPDATED TUE, OCT 20 202012:41 PM EDT staff@CNBC
  13. Just a note I would be more interested if they devalue the Dinar and leave the auctions. This might mean they are floating the Dinar and it’s a matter of getting the private sector going to see the spike we all want to see
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