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  1. Maliki puts even the clintons to shame with corruption
  2. I wish I could have attended this meeting lol
  3. Educating the Iraqi people before the RV !!!!
  4. Hopefully yota this will meet your expectations - what I posted yesterday wasn’t a rumour and was actually a guru opinion
  5. The University of Ceyhan hosts an economic symposium on the Iraqi currency in the presence of 150 academic personalities money and business In Erbil on Monday morning, the Economic Dialogue Seminar entitled "The Iraqi Currency" was organized by the University of Ceyhan in the presence of more than 150 academic personalities, representatives of organizations, officials, students and students of the university. The well-known economic expert Dr. Hammam Al-Shamaa delivered a valuable lecture, which was attended by "Economy News", in which he reviewed the importance of preserving the value of the national currency in light of the challenges facing the world as a result of the declared economic war between the great powers. Al-Shamaa pointed out the stages of development of the Iraqi dinar exchange system, pointing to the duplication of the official and parallel exchange rate after stability. Al-Shamaa said that the stability of the national currency, which was achieved thanks to the monetary policy followed by the Central Bank, faced some of the challenges of trying some of those affected by the damage through Nafdeh stopped selling the currency stirring up a fuss against the central bank and the governor. Al-Shamaa identified these challenges with two important issues: 1. Has been stirring the issue of buying US Treasury bonds as part of international reserves as he explained that these bonds have served to strengthen reserves because of high value from the hand and high liquidity on the other. 2. The second challenge raised by those affected by the stability of the dinar exchange rate is a fabricated fuss about the governor's signature on the recently printed small currency denominations " Al-Shamma said that the signature can be in the form of writing a name by hand or in a symbolic manner, indicating that the quantity issued and signed by this type of signature amounted to 90 billion dinars, pointing out that it does not constitute either 0.19%, or less than two thousand Of each monetary mass offered in circulation. The authority to design the currency is the exclusive jurisdiction of the central bank as a technical issue, and the signature by the governor is customary in all countries of the world and its speed in Iraq since the issuance of the Iraqi currency. After 2003 and so far, pointing out that many of the world's currencies bear the name of the governor printed by the typewriter and not written in a manual signature. After that, extensive discussions were held by the attendees. The lecturer answered most of them with transparency. The participants came out with an impression of the importance of such information and the need to continue such seminars in a transparent manner to enlighten the public opinion. The conference organizers agreed to hold such seminars in Kurdistan and all of Iraq in universities and institutions of economic importance.
  6. Have you heard anything from your Kurdish contact at all ?
  7. This needs bumping up what a significant article
  8. dinarbeleiver

    Central Bank: Deletes zeros still exist

    I think the cbi has been ready to do this for a long time - politics has got in the way. The time is getting right now, I haven’t seen this much activity since 2013 when Iraq came out of sanctions
  9. dinarbeleiver

    Central Bank: Deletes zeros still exist

    No way are they lopping. I’m wondering if the lopster brigade comes out - good timing to get people to sell up just as the cbi has declared the project is still there and going to be implemented
  10. dinarbeleiver

    Central Bank: Deletes zeros still exist

    They will trade side by side however the bigger notes which become too valuable for everyday transactions will probably be used for trade between banks. The introduced lower notes will become the norm in everyday transactions.
  11. I’m trying to bite but can’t I want to smack that mofo terryk.
  12. The 50,000 notes have the kurdishlanguage on them. I’m guessing they want the language to appear on all the denominations

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