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  1. Once they have a working oil and gas law they won’t have any choice but to add value to the dinar
  2. 3 - Foreign institutions hoarding the Iraqi currency for several reasons, including the remote investment in the Iraqi dinar in the hope of a rise in its price in the future, or for reasons related to trying to control the local currency in order to pump more currency into the local market, which leads to an increase in inflation, which is a small possibility, but it is possible
  4. Defo by July this is the most exciting point I have ever seen with the dinar
  5. I reckon the RV will be done by the end of the summer I think we are gonna go through some twists and turns first
  6. They can diversify easily they have the Tigris river for agriculture they have rare earth minerals, they have everything needed to be self sufficient, they have a massive gold mine In Kurdistan, they have a massive gold mine outside of Baghdad that is yet to be exploited. They have not reached peak oil with their couple of dollars per barrel to refine, they have the largest gas field in the world. Yes they will revalue and it will be huge
  7. Look around you Iraq everything around us has an oil based substance in it. The world worships oil - we will always want and need oil
  8. They are talking about the dinar a lot recently good and bad, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing articles on the zeros project which will be frequent and lead to a zeros education campaign with the new lower denominations.
  9. I reckon they will revalue at some point in 2022 when the sanctions are lifted and they enact the oil and gas law
  10. This has been long ride but I can see the end of the tunnel. I remember the articles back 2013 when we thought they had been removed from chapter 7 especially to do with the dinar. More purchasing power
  11. Biden should resign over this. He is a complete disgrace and has shown just how dangerous and incompetent he is. What’s happening in Afghanistan is making the USA look weak what a mess and total embarrassment
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