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  1. I wonder if Iran is going to match iraq currency reform and behind the scenes trump is negotiating a new nuclear deal
  2. GCR maybe I hold Dinar, Rials, Dong, and rupiah. And for laughs 100 trillion zims. I don't believe the Zim is in play or ever will be as it was demontized however its doing very well as a collectors item
  3. Just about the Kuwait thing I remember markinsa showing me a link where the value of the Dinar was zero and suddenly went to $3 or something like that. We want to see similar but different with Iraq we will hopefully see 1190 to1, then 1 to 1 suddenly then at least $3+ per Dinar
  4. Merry Christmas synopsis your always just brilliant. Please don’t go into hiding till the event happens your opinion is just genius. Have a good one with your family and friends and when the rv happens come check us out in the UK !!!!
  5. Government gets formed and seated fully before xmas January start -Iraq starts an education campaign on deletion of zeros At same time we notice activity which calls the Iraqi dinar RV a scam ie mainstream media states its a scam and increased activity from LOPSTERs attempting to convince people the dinar is a scam. Iraq announces they will RV the currency late january Iraq then denies that the dinar will revalue The next day Iraq revalues its currency
  6. They also need to fit a short but sustained education program to the citizens so at a guess I would deduce late january
  7. Purely my opinion. I think Iraq is setting up the government to be fully completed before Xmas with a revaluation of the dinar for the beginning of January(I hope).
  8. Iraq can throw every lop article my way and the main stream media can continue to call it a scam. I believe it’s not a scam and I will be very wealthy and the Dinar will skyrocket. No matter what they say I’m keeping my spades
  9. Hi im one of those that thinks the dinar rate will be a lot more stronger than most people think
  10. If they are going to increase the dinar by 1000% or more I doubt they would tell the citizens or us until its happened. God knows how they are going to do this
  11. Iraq can send as many lop articles as they want - I’m banking on the Dinar being grossly undervalued
  12. If they double the value of the IQD that might start getting the Iraqis spending their money. They might even start using the banks maybe

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