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  1. I appreciate the updates and all the work that goes in to them. I especially appreciate all the work you and your team does to keep us all in the loop. Now back to crypto 😘
  2. Loved the metaphor, Adam. And, Yoda, I got a kick outta your cat riding the wave pic.
  3. Adam and Mods, I want to thank you all for your due diligence and hard work on our behalf. It is greatly appreciated by myself and many, if not all, on this site. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a VERY PROSPEROUS New Year!
  4. Shabs is getting tired of their procrastinating...hopefully one of these days he'll just DO IT!
  5. 9:03 AM [bondLady] wanna see me 2 favs 9:03 AM [bondLady] only got a min 9:03 AM [dinardoe] soon you wont be chasing them any longer 9:03 AM [bondLady] let me grab them real quick from me email links are in the forum 9:06 AM [bondLady] this 1 or 1 like it wwe saw yesterday 9:06 AM [grashopa] gm boss 9:06 AM [bondLady] Expert: need for the stability of the dinar in order to be desirable in the outside 05/07/2012 0:00 BAGHDAD - Al Sabah attributed the financial expert, wholesome Elias Abou, the cause of the unwillingness of countries in the world to deal with the Iraqi dinar to the fluctua
  6. I can see the cat's hind end moving just a bit, tail slowly swishing, whiskers twitching.....and the bird just barely able to eat knowing the cat is ready to pounce!
  7. yota691 - Thanks for the post. I agree, if they want to, much can be done in the remaining time. GOOOOOO RRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVV!!!
  8.;0NDQ3Mjk5NTk=1 Long chat, but very detailed about articles.
  9. As you can see, we really are a family here - reaching out to one in need. You, Joe P, are loved by many here on DV - even if you've never even met us. We are here to help share your burden of pain and sorrow and get you through this very difficult time. Prayers are being sent your way, friend. As for making the right decision on not telling your dad about the DID make the right decision as it was in God's plan all along - not yours.
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