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  1. sorry for your loss will be praying for you and your family
  2. hi what email address are valid right now does anyone have a good email for warka thanks
  3. get well and some must needed rest adam thanks for all you do
  4. thanks for the positive update adam is their any truth to this statement Allawi: He’s been prepared by the US. Was in the States December. He’s a businessman. Was an MP twice but resigned because of corruption. Anti Iran. Pro Iraq. True protesters want him. Already has most of his parliament chosen and said intends to complete monetary reforms and 2020 budget ASAP. Told all Iran militants to leave. thanks
  5. thanks adam for your great update looking forward to your next update and text
  6. adam whats your take on the new pm what do you think the Iraqi protesters' are going to do now not the person they wanted ??? thanks for your input
  7. thanks for your respoces i will let you no if i have any luck thanks again
  8. i need to get my new password i have been trying for months mr i has not responded any suggestions
  9. thankyou for your service biggpapi and happy holidays to all
  10. happy thanksgiving to all dressing sounds good thanks adam
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