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  1. Can someone explain why the FBI shut down Sterling for pumpers and this guy is still spouting bs
  2. My husband makes less than 60k each year. We just got our first full paycheck after seaquestration and now no check at all. I dispise that either party can do this to us and yet they still get their paychecks. No one should have that power.
  3. I believe even the angels wept. God please help the families.
  4. Can someone please explain what ithe "infrastructure" law involves.
  5. EPA is also in NM and TX trying to shut down our oil fields because it might impact some little lizard that hasn't been seen in decades. Somebody has got to stop him before he destroys everything.
  6. Thanks to everyone. Got busy and missed it. I always like to hear what he says.
  7. Did anyone happen to hear Randy's cc today? Did he say anything new?
  8. thank you for clearing it up. I will admit in the 2 years I have been invested I STILL find it hard to not fall in the lop catagory (not by choice) but by reason. I feel it is going to end well for all of us "soon" LOL
  9. Thank you for your post SWFguy but I am a bit confused. If what you are saying is they will simply delete the zeros, are you saying then you believe it will lop? I promise you I am not trying to start anything just valvue yuor opinion.
  10. How can it be racist? I don't care WHAT color they are. They are criminals they come in illegally to do who knows what. Why is it called racist to. Obey the law
  11. 31 years ago my husband and I celebrated our honeymoon at the the Inn of the Mountain Gods was hoping post RV to go back love Ruidosa. Will keep them in my prayers
  12. I always thought Talibani was a good guy. Guess I was wrong.
  13. Yeah especially since he is from maliki's own party. Trying to confue the enemy
  14. Thank you Keep for the education. Hear one time it is buying and the next time it is selling and I was totally confused. I appreciate the explanation. Have a great day.
  15. ok guys I am more confused than ever. Please straighten out this newbie. Are they buying or selling dollars at the auctions.
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