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  1. I know his ASKING PRICE is $ 995! What I am asking is the AMOUNT of dinar he is selling. I am guessing it is around 1 - 1.5 Million dinar??
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments. My gut feeling about Clark Howard was the same as all of you. I think he's good at finding bargains but is really cheap too bad he won't spend more of his money as you can't take it with you! You'll never be good at investments if you won't take a calculated risk and are that afraid. We're not millionaires (yet) but are OK- so I told my wife she should have married someone like Howard and when she found out how cheap he was she said forget it! Women are funny and so security conscious I love women been married 40 years- thank God my 2 boys take after me! I definitely think RV this year sure hope Sonny1 is right about July 26 I think they have to at least have a new gov't and PM and Pres. in by then in order to RV.
  3. I very rarely post but I am really mad! I first learned about Iraqi Dinars in Sept. 2009 and have been buying ever since. Of course my wife, friends, family etc. all think I am an idiot no problem I have made a lot of money in my life by following my instincts they all know this but in this case still think I am being scammed. Well my wife loves to follow this famous "money guru/ genius" Clark Howard on TV. So today some wimpy whinning Dinar investor called up crying that "he has had his dinars for a long time and nothing has happened" and asked Clark Howard's opinion on Iraqi Dinars! So Mr. Genius (Howard) tells him dinars aren't worth hardly anything because the country is still too unstable (OK so far) and asked Mr. Whimpy/crybaby if he had a lot of money invested? Whimpy said no he didn't. So the "expert" told him that He didn't think dinars would be worth much anytime soon and he actually told crybaby that he should keep the dinars as SOUVENIRS!! This is all my wife needed to hear! This guy is a multi-millionar but is so cheap whenever he rarely takes his wife on vacation he refuses to stay in a really nice hotel but will only stay in a "cheap BARGAIN hotel". I can't wait for the Dinatr to RV so I can call up this Genius and let him have it!! As for the wife we have been married long enough to know this so called Genius (JACKASS) won't stop me from buying. The longer this takes the bigger my Dinar pile is going to get. Amen Bullett
  4. Possum I love to read your quotes I think you are hillarious!! Your Avatar of "Bagdad Bob" is appropriate as you have been wrong Every Single Time so far!! Hey I hope this time you are right after all even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while-even a broken clock is right twice a day etc.etc. Anyhow I like many others are looking forward to meeting you in person in what I assume will be in Las Vegas when this finally RVs. I'm curious to see if you're really a henpecked funny old man who likes to drink a lot. I would love for this to be over and an RV of even 1 to 1 would be awesome!! Bullett
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