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  1. i love how someone can accidentally press a button and within minutes - some people made millions and some people lost millions - our monetary system is screwed and the money system as you and i know will collapse one day in the near future before our eyes. hopefully the RV happens soon and before the collapse - and I highly suggest you take care of all debts and prepare - days like you and i have never seen are about to hit our world
  2. I have friends that work for chase and i was in their bank today and looked on their system with my own eyes. they have every currency that they trade and then they even have some currencies that they dont trade like Israeli Shekels - it says right on their screen they dont trade these. - NEWS FLASH everyone - the Iraqi Dinar is not even in their system period - saw it with my own eyes - the people that make this crap up our full of themselves I really wish they were right but they are not
  3. I think we need to show proof of poster. Who is Range, were does he live, Is it a real person. I know it's all a stage of smoke & mirrors, the sick thing is I like it. I am just an ordinary guy that wasted my time listening to Terryk and Gankans conf call. I believe we have a good investement that will pay out great returns - not $3+ i just posted what those guys say - the more i listen to them the more i laugh - Frank is the only real credible guy I would have any faith in. - Not a diss on adam or medic - but some of these knuckleheads need to get real. nobody has any type of connecti
  4. just passing along the info - terry k allegedly has sources all over in Washington - 99.9% sure on monday Im 99.9% sure I will drink some more koolaide with them on monday
  5. on conf call now - and they have 3 confirmations today that Chase bank has a rate on their systems of 3.19 but cant cash in until monday. hope they are right and are not drinking more koolaide
  6. you would have been rich off of this RV - come on this shouldnt be in the news - there are these types of swings everyday and or week with the big currencies of the world on forex
  7. They must know that rv us almost here and people will be able to take care of themselves for once
  8. Pay to Caesar what is caesar's and pay to God what is God's then god will open the floodgates of heaven to bless you even more
  9. I will gladly take .23. But some vendor knows the rate. Please
  10. Good post but you lost me on the yen being worth .01 penny. The yen is stronger than our might dollar lol
  11. it evens says in here that the dinar could be somewhat overvalued - whatever - whoever wrote this, get off the crack pipe
  12. I agree with you 100%. Isn't it it interesting that God started manS history in Iraq. The garden if Eden was there. And that the end will also deal with Iraq. I beleive that the Antichrist will base his home on Babylon, Iraq. You all should read Joel rosenberg books. The one I'm specifically referring to is epicenter 2.0. This guy knows his stuff he has already prophecied many things in the middle east that have cone to pass. In this book he devotes a chapter to Iraq and how they are going to become one of the most prosperous nations in the world very good reading
  13. this was all we needed to be lifted for RV - yea - announcement in the next 24 hrs - seriously thought that us good news
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