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  1. Ok, first off, Saddam was just killing his competition. He WAS a terrorist. Second, nothing against Trump but I would not vote for him. Our problem is a break down of families and morals and good old fashion work ethic. It's pretty simple in my make X amount of dollars, you have X amount of dollars to spend. Now with the break down of our families, values and down right laziness our kids learn from parents these days the equation becomes: We have X amount of dollars to spend + whatever we can steal from our neighbor or mooch off of them + whatever we can mooch off our government + whatever we can scam from our insurance companies + whatever we can run up on credit cards and loans (because momma taught me that was free money, woo hoo!).....hmmm. This is the DEBT mentality....where we don't own anything, the things own us. This is the mentality in A LOT of our well as in our government. How much of the US does CHINA own?? we even still own this country or do we just think we do? The economic crisis is a SYMPTOM of the problem, or one variable branching from the root issue. We need a leader who understands business for sure, but we need one who will also be looking at/dealing with the root. Can I get another band aid?
  2. are right on, had to give you a +1. And why are a lot of people typing G-d?? Is this not the USA?? Did we not have so many die just so we could have the RIGHT to say what we want to say, believe want we want to believe and SERVE GOD ALMIGHTY if we want to? The way I see it, if someone wants to stop us, they are going to have to come and TAKE that right from us....we don't give away anything that costs so much to obtain. PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. GOD BLESS AMERICA. GOD BLESS ISRAEL, The Chosen. Hopefully Israel has spies ALL OVER the M. East.
  3. I LOVE ISRAEL!!!! It would be a sad day in the US of A if we turn our backs on Israel. Watch Obama....he's the "sneaky" one. GO ISRAEL!!!
  4. This post is making me cry. I feel so grateful to our Marines and all our military. I would kiss those boots without hesitation!! Just the sight of those men brings me peace & security. God I pray that you YOURSELF will defend these men. I pray you will send your Holy Spirit to guide them at every second, to instruct them and show them which decisions to make, and at the appropriate time. I pray you would reveal the enemies plan to them in advance, and give them wisdom in what to do. I pray you would unite them as one, and they would be strong in the face of the enemy. I bind the spirit of fear from coming upon them. I pray that they would rise up with BOLDNESS AND FEARLESSNESS. I pray you would grant them everything they need, that they will be able to rest when they need rest. That you will give their minds rest, and let them have a peace that surpasses all understanding according to your word. Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty before you for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds. I pray that in the spirit, you would send your angels to fight with these men, alongside them, and to destroy the stronghold of the enemy in the spirit. I pray that their momentum would grow and that the enemy would see them and be overcome with fear and flee in all directions. I pray their character and resolve would be strong. I pray if they begin to fall, their brothers will lift them up, and you will carry them all through this. God you are mighty. You are able. You merely speak and it is so...I pray you would give these men the victory. I pray each of these men would find favor in your sight, GOD ALMIGHTY. There is no power that can stand against you God, you said we stand because your are able to make us stand. You said you pull us out of the muck & mire, set our feet upon a rock, and establish our goings. I pray you cause these men to stand, with your righteous right hand, that their feet are on that rock, that their way through this be established. You said you will go before us, and make a way for us. I THANK YOU that you have ALREADY prepared the way for these men....that you have already gone before them...and that they are victorious. I thank you for your goodness, and for our Marines. I pray you will bring peace to the families of each of these men and that you will cause everyone who comes in contact with them to be a blessing in whatever way they can to these families. I pray that EVERY NEED of these families be met and that you will already have the need met, the solution ready, before it even arises. Thank you for your goodness Lord, our God and King. In Jesus name, AMEN. There are no words that are good enough for those who have fallen. Thank you for laying down your precious lives for me, my family, and our Country.
  5. As far as Cap Gains being a reason for delay, not a possibility. Most don't realize, but this investment will NOT qualify as Cap Gains, not short or long term, regardless. This is confusing if you don't read all there is. Look in the tax discussions area for posts by ExecConsult for his comments (in different threads) that discuss Ordinary Income versus Cap. Gains. He has broken it down and shown exactly why this will not qualify for Capital Gains (even though I am sure we all think it is ridiculous). So, if it doesn't qualify as Cap Gains, then the code pertaining to Cap Gains and when it changes to what won't have an effect on the RV. I know, most will say, My CPA/EA said otherwise. Remember, the tax code is forever and a day long. A CPA/EA is not going to know EVERYTHING there is to know. If you read ALL the information covering this senario, it will be very clear. If you study out what ExecConsult has already written you will see he is correct, and it will be clear as to why.
  6. ExecConsult, You are absolutely correct. It's all in the "fine print" so to speak. Very nice job of breaking this down and connecting the dots. Thank you for taking your time to share some of your knowledge without a retainer. F.D.
  7. Holy toledo...that thing could eat you for an afternoon snack....I hope I don't see you on that Fatal Attractions show.
  8. WOW...I really don't know what to say about this one...ugh.
  9. IMO, if this thing RVs and people will have a few to several million dollars, you need a whole TEAM of advisors. Tax attorney, accountant, financial planner, estate planner...and more. We will need specialists in all different areas.
  10. I thought I read somewhere that the smaller denominations were already printed, and that Adam's intel told him they are already at the banks.
  11. Yes, it is very sad. Can you imagine the depth of hatred these people have to have in their hearts to do this?
  12. C-BOLT: I don't think carlablum was trying to take credit for this post. Part one is posted twice, because carlablum realized it should have been titled differently as some could not tell it was part one. However, in the very first post at the top it says "I had to share this!" and when I saw that I could tell that carlablum was just passing someone else's post on to us. Perhaps a better job of clarifying could have been done in the other part or the re-post, but really, I didn't get the impression that carlablum was trying to take the credit for the post. That's just my take.
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