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  1. grelsin


    Praying for your family!🙏🙏 Hoping you and your husband see this thru to a revalue!
  2. It's already been later so it's gotta be sooner!! I agree with you Laid Back!
  3. Thanks Adam! Stay WARM in this terrible cold!
  4. Thanks Adam! I especially look forward to Wednesdays because of you and your post. Keep it coming!! Thanks again!!! P.S. And Sundays also now that the Packers are back in action!!
  5. Glad to hear! Everyone deserve a great day on their birthday! 10 more minutes to go!! Have a good night!!
  6. Happy Birthday Genx4me!! I hope you're having a Great one or two +++++++
  7. Thank You Adam!! I just got my wife VIP Platinum. Now my whole family is VIP. Yes, I saved the Best for last!
  8. Adam, Is there any special deal going on now for Platinum VIP that I might not be aware of? I would like to get my wife Platinum VIP. Thanks!
  9. Hi Adam! Would now be a good time to remind people to check the expiration date on their passports? It's been awhile for a lot of us! Thanks!!
  10. Thanks Adam! That felt great making my donation! I rounded the donation up to the next decade of my age. I'm from Cowtown ,WI. If I can be of more assistance in the future don't hesitate. Hi jvincer from Kaukauna
  11. Thanks Bumper64 for stepping in!
  12. Thanks paperboy! I appreciate your response to this matter . I also enjoy reading your replies to others. You are a great asset to this team.Thanks again for sharing! PS. I once was a paper boy a long long time ago. Take Care, grelsin
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