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  1. Theseus, I wont edit out what your thoughts were to the previous poster or even myself. I have always Found Value in what you have to say and would never say you were wrong. However maybe we run in different circles, Different Social Media Platforms and have somewhat varied out looks on just who is good or bad to be around. Hear me out and I mean no disrespect in any way. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&
  2. Luvalife, I have been on this ride for some 13 years now and somehow I whittled out the good from the bad after listening to many I forget Chronicle, some Community Place, Frank for a while.......I have pretty much heard all the BS and I am still here thinking beyond my means, trying to put a square peg on a star shaped hole and somehow thinking it is going to work....Tomorrow is another day and I just need to figure it out. I am not getting off the ride....Hell I just watch an wait to see what is about to happen....4 maybe 5 years ago there were more people in the Chat
  3. LGD, I watched this yesterday as well.....If the people wont stay home because they told us too due to Corona Virus we will just cut off the Fuel Supply and see how they like that then.....I found these two items of interest om my FB page this morning >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So...
  4. At Best I would Give Them and I for "Incomplete" due to the fact Neither of them have shown Any Ability to Lead, Were Never Truly Elected and are poor Actors to say the least.... They can't get an F as an F would require some sort of attempt to accomplish anything.....They simply have failed to show up at all. Karsten
  5. Gypsygirl.....Come on and make sure your Pendulum was answering about the IQD....The 13th in the day after Ramadan that ends on the 12th which happens to be a Wednesday or one of the Days Iraq Publishes Stuff in the Gazette......Maybe just for fun Check again. Karsten
  6. You Twist and Turn things to appear Important.....Sorry, No Time for your crap so Boom....You also made my Ignore List. Maybe a few others will also follow suit. Karsten
  7. Greedy, I can see a lot of Truth in what you are saying, I can see some feeble attempt to keep keep newbies grounded but at time it appears you are like the Dinar Guy with the Patreon Channel Offering to Buy Dinars then going on about how it will Be Years. If you Don't have Faith in the Dinar Then Dump what you have and move on into Cryto's or what ever. Honestly, Myself......I don't believe Iraq and the PTB have come this far to just drop the ball and go home.....There would be more hell to pay there than here in the US and we still has Fir
  8. Just a Little Friendly Advice you might want to take into consideration.......One is if you have been Lurking for Some Time then just Maybe you didn't Lurk Long Enough to Know what the Forum is All About.....Go Back to Lurking....You are looking more and More like a Well Educated insult ant Brat that drives a Bemmer Daddy Bought for Graduation. This Forum is Not so You and Your Ilk can come here and do or say as you please.......Believe me there are more than a few I can deal with out.....You have indeed not provided anything worthy of any knowledge of the IDQ or what this Forum is
  9. PP I was going to say something but I stopped myself......It really seems things has gone off the rails these last few week With In depth talks of Flying bugs that draw Blood to somehow the earth is more like a Pan Cake than a Beach Ball.....Not only do we have the Usually Lefties, now a few newbies and LGD jumped in as well..... I think we need to get this RV done so the World in General can get off this ride and back to what makes them happy in Their Lives and Stop Interjecting themselves into Other People Lives. Karsten
  10. I am in the same belief as you are.......Way to many positive things happening, VISA's for Contractors, Employees, Deawoo, GE, Siemans and some 40 other companies with Contracts or MOU's to just drop everything now. How does iraq and the PTB expect to become the central Hub of the Middle East with a Currency that is worthless and not International. The Videos of High Risa Apartments and other Travel Blogs I have seen....Does Not show a War Torn Iraq but more so an Iraq Headed back to the Glory Days of the Past....I am sure Mosul and other places are still in need of rec
  11. The US Census Bureau show it pretty Well....No Flippin Way could bumbling biden have won. Some folks had better wake up to the facts that other people are politely showing them....The Left out and Out Cheated. As such any American Citizen should be Outraged and Demanding Justice Done. Karsten
  12. The Walls of the Liberal Empire are Beginning to Crumble and Fall and They know There is Not a Damn thing they can do to stop it......They tried and their feeble Attempts to stop this or cover it up have turned against them. The American People, "We The People" have had enough. Soon Michigan, then Georgia and in time PA....Even the US Census can't see it happening. Karsten
  13. Haven't seen any of this yet here in Utah. Karsten
  14. I will just drop this right here.....According to the US Census Bureau Biden's Winning is Impossible according to the Numbers. One of the questions the Census Bureau asks is if you voted in the last presidential election. The numbers have usually been very close and the times it wasn’t close, the Census count was much higher (By as much as 9 million). But this time it was much lower than
  15. That about says it all.....Where do You Stand in this Fight? Karsten
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