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  1. Pretty UnGrateful How? The The Left Is Running the hateful crap and No One seems to care. No one seems to want to address the issue that there may seem to be a problem... Karsten
  2. Honestly, This is and was an awesome Forum....A place to go to get Info on just what is happening in the years past. The Never Trumpers, Anti Trumpers and Trolls have turned it into a Place of Hate....Hate anything and Everything, Trump, White, Historical.....Just flipping Hate. I was proud to see I had so many Positive Rating like what I had to post made sense to some......I be done with the BS from the Left Here and the Forum.....Frank 26 has more control of his Forum than this place.....Here....There is no Control and BS runs Rampant and goes Un Checked....Oh Well, Delete me as
  3. I still just wonder why the Hell People like this Troll are still here and haven't been Banned.....1st Amendment is one thing but out and Out Daily Hate Speech is getting Old.....Just sayin....If they don'r have anything positive to add to the Basic Reason we are all here then they are Trolls and their BS is Worthless. Karsten
  4. Looks like more Underhanded dealing by the Snowflakes and butt hurt left now using kids....... AOC joins hundreds of Twitter users claiming teens on TikTok and K-pop fans sabotaged Trump's Tulsa rally and left seats empty by reserving thousands of tickets with no intention of showing up. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8443751/American-teens-sabotaged-Trumps-Tulsa-rally-reserving-tickets-hundreds.html?fbclid=IwAR0MJEmyKzFfwNilrw07Jk8qq1qS13kh78sU1qXxvstIDaFMk6MMI_WWn3E From the looks of the stands later they most have figured it out and let more peop
  5. Candyman....come on....Bring your best, where are BA and that other Dudette,.....Shabs to jump into your Anti American Fight....Okay so much for Saturday Fight Night....The whimps are wondering what happens if they need the police, BLM is out and about, Black Panther are taking control of Seattle Chaz.....Atlanta will be on fire tonight...........On a positive note......Iraq really should do something before the 21st to make their money worth something or this Conference is a Bust. Karsten
  6. So what happened to Candyman and his Peanut Gallery.....Come on Dude or Say Dudette.....Still waiting to see you empty Venue and tearing the stages down.....Maybe they didn't want to show the Antifa, BLM, Black Panthers and pick ***** Hats getting there asses kicked by Americans....Just saying. Karsten
  7. Come one Candyman.....No Liberal Come Back or did you start looking into things and starting to think for Yourself.....I know, it is hard to walk away and really start to think for your self.....I might have t reach out the Pitcher here....... Karsten
  8. It is also Pointless to Respond to the Crap you post....Flipping Anti American BS you and your Cohorts Ex spell.....Go spend some time in Atlanta or Seattle....Me, Myself and 99% of those member here are Proud of America, Proud to be American and Proud of what POTUS Trump is getting done.....Candyman, sorry but Your Kind Will Never Win....You don't have the Sine or Balls to really take a Stand nor do you and your kind have a reason behind what ever it is you want.....Your Utopia on the Hill CHAZ in Seattle.....Has Border Walls, a Police Force and there are people getting Assaulted and Raped ni
  9. Come on Caddyman......post up your Proof ...........Oh, it is on TV, say CNN, MSNBC or some other Lame Stream Media Hate Channel....Those Channels that Celebrate Rioting, looting and Burning of Cities....Watch what ever crap you need to fill your Hate for America and the American People . Most of Us Still believe in America, Karsten
  10. Post up a link....Just maybe they moved the people as Your Antifa and BLM friends where going to show up....to start crap......They night just be saving Your Friends from an Ass kicking shown on Live Stream. Why the hell are you even here to start with........Asking for the World that Actually gives a Crap about what is happening to this country....... Liberals.....God, let me count the way We can do without them....... Karsten
  11. Post the Video or you are talking Liberal Hate Crap.....Hey, FB deleted Trump for supposed hate Crap maybe time for Your Hate crap to be looked at....Just sayin. Karsten
  12. Well what ever the link doesn't work and I watched hours ago and the place was packed for the opening Pray, Pledge and National Anthem....One or 2 rows of blue seat on the bottom level where empty......What ever video was most likely from way earlier. Haters......Screw them all.....Caddieman, go check out what is going to be happening in Atlanta or Seattle to night.....No Police in either area. Atlanta is gonna burn again. Karsten
  13. Fox news is nothing but anti Trump, Anti American and has been since Trump was elected.....Donna Brazile, Paul Ryan.....Far Left Wingers running the show. I stopped watching Fox years ago. Karsten
  14. Robbery Suspect Allegedly Demands Money at Gunpoint, Gets Shot https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/20/robbery-suspect-allegedly-demands-money-at-gunpoint-gets-shot/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3Mvq1_qtqRY1XgkPKuvWC8M2qSImce1ZBJfX0kX1cVmKGyO1KyZk7Ks-k Karsten
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