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  1. CL, I would agree with you on 99% of your posts yet this one seems way over the top 840+ Covid Patients........Where is the proof, the pictures, the video without Proof you have here say from the Lame Stream Media....If they have Video it have been proven that many of these Actors don't work at such and such place, Died years ago at such and such place........ You are feeding into the Mass Media Panic they want you to.....Very few people are dying from this and no one it getting eaten by Zombies. This is more like some some paired Orson Wells War of the World with Soylent Green and Escape from Never Never Land into real life Media footage........As for your Decline all PPE....Have you been to CERT Training....I have and if you haven't you should take the time to do so. Karsten
  2. CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if You're Just Assuming or It Only Contributed Karsten
  3. I had someone send me something about the Underground Children in Cages but I haven't been able to find anything to validate it....still looking but at this point nothing would surprise me am more.. Karsten
  4. Someone from California called in to Rush this afternoon....5th largest economy in the world, 40,000,000 people and they are completely shut down. They have had 250 Covid-19 deaths total or 3 deaths per 1 million People. On a daily average they have 750 deaths from various reasons....old age, vehicle accidents, overdose, murder, suicide and what not. California....closed for business. Karsten
  5. OUTRAGEOUS! Hidden from the American Public -- 74-78% of COVID-19 Patients have At Least One Underlying Health Problem! I also read that NYC has claimed 450 deaths sine this started from Covid-19......They didn't want you to know 419 on the Average Dies Everyday in NYC. Karsten
  6. Thanks, that was the one I was listening too and poof it was gone from youtube and Vital Brad's page. sounds like we are going to need more Ammo here soon. Karsten
  7. I find it 5 5G/Covid-19 videos have been deleted from youtube and FB....I was just watching one posted by Vital Brad that was getting pretty deep into the Medical Aspects that Radiation Causes and the way the Body fights/rids the body of it. Took a break for lunch and it was gone, not found on Youtube or Vital Brads page. Karsten
  8. Was this something to do with 5G? if so it was posted on FB and also removed after someone wanted to discuss it. Karsten
  9. Remember this when you're watching the news... US was more prepared for pandemic than any other country, Johns Hopkins study found. Karsten
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