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  1. Ever read or Studied about Nazi Germany, The Jews, the Holocaust......that is the same way this Invasion is starting. Karsten
  2. What is your plan other than let them is was pretty simple....turn your ass around and go back where you came from. As for Shooting 1st, last or never that seems to be an Option for those that want to live and stay alive.......The other option was for those that didn't care, wanted to kill me and made themselves a target....So be it and God Worked it all out. Karsten
  3. End of this.....You Sir if you did what you claim to have done and serviced come across now as pretty much a Liberal and most likely Never Served a day in Combat......Maybe some state side job loading planes. As for it being Easier to Tell some one, Order Some One to go do the Killing.....Many never needed to be ordered, many still don't and many still want to protect there them Vet's or Civilians....there are still many that what America to be just that America....a Place to be Proud of, To Respect those That have Died for.....I will call it as I see it......Cranman is a liberal here to start ****. Karsten
  4. I would have to agree and while some still thing these are all wonderful people just wanting a better life..... How about 14,000 Americans try to land in Cancun, cross the Texas or Arizona border......They would be looking at the Mexican Army and Marines with Full Auto Weapons and they want papers. Been there and I was just a Tourist on a Dive trip....I even paid my own way to get there and back and I had Papers both ways. Karsten
  5. I wont agrue or even debate you on this subject.....Why, you seem to have a plan to house, feed and pay for 14,000 more illegals that could care less about America or the American Way of Life. Israel has a Border and they use Lethal Force to protect it from Hamas. China has a Border and they protect it with lethal Force or some long time Prison time. North Korea has a Border and they protect it with a Mine Field as well as Lethal Force for those Coming or going Iran has a Border and caught crossing that could get you killed Turkey has a Border. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Africa and even Mexico have a Border they are willing to protect. Only in America do you get to cross the border illegally, get to vote, food Stamps, Welfare, Social Security, Legal Council, and someone to interpret as you have no flippin clue of what anyone is saying as they don't speak English or do they ever want to learn it either. Just for fun imagine if you will....Crossing into Mexico Accidentally not sure where you where and getting caught.....Spending the next 214 day chained to a bed, beaten and wondering if you would survive or if anyone even cared. That is how Sgt. Tamoresi was treated......A US Marine.....One Marine made a wrong turn and could have spent his life in a Mexican Prison. Then you sir claim all this National Guard service for 30 years........I know US ASFG, Many Army National Guard and Active Duty Guys and Gals that would call crap on you 30 years....They loved the Service, many wanted to go back to Iraq and Afghanistan just because they thought they were making a difference. Letting these people cross and run amuck here will destroy this country. Here is a thought....let them all in and us Americans go take over Cancun, Cozumel, Porta where ever and clean it all up.....Make nice, no Drugs, say Mexico City is no a Tourist Trap as the Americans came there and made it nice......... You think for a minute the Mexicans wouldn't be stomping back Demanding what they left make and start burning crap when they didn't get there way? Ponder that...... Karsten
  6. I am pretty sure everyone is still here........I have no clue what your whining about now as I blocked you long ago. Move on nothing to see here folks.......just a lost liberals that can't find the light switch. Karsten
  7. Been to the border and spent some time there wondering around the desert....Not a lot to see but trash left behind. I am sure you have a solution to this and many other issues like the muslim Invasions of France, Europe and the U.K. and it is a Peaceful Coddle them and they will like us.....These people aren't carrying American Flags and symbols of Peace.....They are burning our Flag, Carrying messages of Hate Trump....They are for th3e most part all men with a female and a child for photo ops. Same thing happened in the UK, Europe, France and Spain and the people are being over run, cars burned, women and children raped.....these people, this Mob is Not coming in Peace, they are not looking for a better life.....They are looking to take control of a country. They could apply for Asylum at any of 9 US Embassies in Mexico but they aren't going that route....... Cranman....What do you do to stop this.....What would be your Idea About the Next Caravan of even larger number.....this is said to be 14,000 and growing daily. So the next is 30-40,000......Where do we house them in America, How do we feed them in America, Who is going to Pay for them In America...... They wont care because by then there will be nothing left of America to save........America and the American way of life will be gone. Turned into a 3rd World Country, rife with Poverty, gangs, drugs and diseases we have not seen in 50-100 years here. Liberals love the world and want to take them in until they are the ones having to pay..........Just say no to Liberals and MAGA. Karsten
  8. Let us all know when this calls for serious action against the Invasion. The Mexican Police and Military didn't fare well against the mob then they so peacefully broke through the border fences did they.......These are the same people headed to the Southern Border of the US......Maybe they will have learned to be more peaceful by then.........Right. Karsten
  9. Willa Cat 5 Hurricane head right for the Caravan now claims to be 14,000 and growing. Karsten
  10. Mini Guns and Little Birds then let "Willa" wash it away. Problem Solved.....No more liberal voters living off welfare and the American people. Karsten
  11. Looks like the GOP is calling for an Investigation into this booker allegation. Kiss 202p good bye cory........Or I suppose you could appeal all the way to the SCOTUS***-man-goes-public-with-sex-assault-allegation/ Now they just need to get serious about menendez and the Child Prositution. Karsten
  12. Karsten

    Question about the VND

    I don't know how much you have but unless it is taking up a lot of space and you don't mind taking a loss to dump it I would say just put it a way and forget about it for a while longer. Just my thoughts and in no way should it be taken as anything more as no one really knows what if anything is going to happen with anything these days. Karsten
  13. I am sure the liberals are already all over this trying to show this is nothing more than a non issues, nothing can be believed and nothing to see here so move along folks......... Karsten
  14. I am getting the Feeling that Khashoggi wasn't on everyone's Christmas mailing List and there is more to this story than what is surfacing. It has been said he had ties to Bin Laden, some sort of connection to Illegal Arms Trafficking, Muslim Brotherhood, Cousin to Dodi Fayed who was killed with Princess Diana...... Sorta sounds like someone had him shut up before he could talk.....We will need to see how this plays out. Just sayin but it is starting to sound like a C Family Cover Up but the Victim didn't Suicide Himself this time......This one was to send a Message loud and clear. Karsten
  15. I found the comments and discussion in this article rather disturbing........I have to wonder why nothing is being done to stop them? Karsten

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