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  1. So why in the Name of God would the Muslims want a No Go Muslim Village in Las Vegas......A City that stands for everything they Hate, despise and more....... Gambling, Booze, Nudity, Show Girls, LGBT Community and who know what else goes on there these days..... Is this their way of Invading Las Vegas and destroy all that it stands for it into something like they have done to Paris? A ‘Muslim Village’ Grows In… Vegas Karsten
  2. Mom Catches Pedophile Trying to Rape Child, Blows His Head Off With Shotgun Karsten
  3. Found the same Video elsewhere and this one isn't blocked or from FB. Karsten
  4. With all the new information coming to light I don't see how Roberts couldn't kick it out........ Karsten
  5. It takes a minute for it to open but I am sure they will be trying to get it removed. Karsten
  6. Everyone needs to see and share this video Karsten
  7. 15 apps parents should look out for on their kids' phones Karsten
  8. Karsten
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