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  1. Oh back in the day it was Red Haired Sens ...What ever Bud. maybe a Little Hashish Oil on a Smoke or if you really knew the street...Tooth Pick a Smoke and pack it with White Powder and hit the bars.......That was a long time ago. Then again we danced to this stuff abd knew we would get lucky. Karsten
  2. Back in my day it was "Don't Bogart it....Pass it on" Karsten
  3. Well, this guru makes it appear the IMF Meeting went well and Iraq should be moved the Art VIII >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There's been indications in the IMF's own reports, in what's called their article IV consultations...there's been comments from the IMF...where they've told them [Iraq] to liberalize their foreign exchange, to move to article VIII. There's been statements in those Article IV consultations that have been very encouraging regarding our investment leading us down the path of what we're looking for...freedom of movement of capital...'moving to article VIII will send a strong message to the global investment community that Iraq is open for business.' So there is no confusion there...they have to move to Article VIII...if they want to convince the world 'hey, we're ready. Come and invest.' So article VIII isn't a dream we're hoping for, it's a step in the process and we're just on the cusp I think of that occurring... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Karsten
  4. Well....Just listened to so n so he he kicked the can clean into next year and beyond depending on how it looks to China and whether Trump in going to get Re Elected for his 2nd Term. I also find it odd that Judy Byington is no longer posting nor is markz on twitter or You Tube next week. Karsten
  5. Karsten
  6. There are said to be 2 ways to skin a Cat. Now everyone is busy trying to Impeach Trump, Stop Barr and now the Epstein Case......Trump played them and now he has them coming, going and not knowing what the hell to do next. Now let's not forget the silly Raid on Area 51 that was supposed to take the heat off. Karsten
  7. Don't get the S250......The F150 Rides like a dream or so I am told my a guy it the USPO here.......Had a F250 and hated the Ride, drove a f-150 and loved it but couldn't sale this truck......Found another newer used F-150 and is happy as can be. Me, I will just keep my H3 Hummer, 1998 Chevy Hot Rod P.U. and my old 1994 Corvette Vert......But I do need a new Motor Home. Karsten
  8. It is strange how some people Hate Guns, They Hate Cops and they Hate God........But who are they going to call when the SHTF....Most likely a Cop with a Gun and Pray to God he get;s there in time,,,,,Or you could have called me, the guy next door who could have been there in seconds and saved your ass....Yawn, and go back to sleep and i will Hope Someone cares to do a drive by in 20 Minutes. Karsten
  9. Botz....I feel the same way. I see all these videos of the Poor Me's that broke the law and want to start crap after they are caught. Why not just Obey the Law and do as the Office Asks....I see all the people pulled over and bitching Vid's, people getting shot..... I carry a gun everyday for the past 10 years and have never been stopped. I have called the Police for this or that and never been questioned, I took a CERT Training class and never got questioned..... Respect goes a long, long way and more so these days. Karsten
  10. Sorry to have offended You Karsten
  11. I added it here because the Thread is already going and didn't want to start another Thread. He that shouldn't be mentioned doesn't sound quite like Rumors and some give him great credits. Karsten
  12. Just listened to the 7/16 and 7/17 short blips from ....You might know who...... He seems to believe this weekend is about the last chance they will have to get this done. HCL. 140 are Post RV Laws that need the new rate and will need 10 days to pass them, make them law and add them to the Iraqi Constitution. All this needs to be done before the Extended end of this Legislative Session which ends the end of July. This all needs to happen so they can get on with Reconstruction of the War Torn Areas and to do that they need to be International. Interesting stuff if I am understanding it correctly. Karsten
  13. What is going to come to the surface next........ Karsten
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