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  1. You are right....I have Never Been to Iraq. Karsten
  2. Okay, blow your horn and defend what you think is right...I know a Little more than you know I just don't talk about it....I don't did my **** from holliweird, the net.....Normally comes from a Sat Phone and no Number to callback. Karsten
  3. DoD....Ya Boots on the Grounds to me is Poser language or lame Stream Media BS.....Troops do not refer to themselves or other as Boots on the Ground nor do I believe they are allowed to boost where they are on something so simple as this. I have never heard a Contractor either use "Boots on the Ground' other than maybe Holliweird and I know or knew a lot of guys that have been there and done that crap and they don't talk that way. Just sayin, Karsten
  4. US Boots On the Ground have been out of Erbil since 2014-2015 so just who would Vato96 be with and IF he was there he would be Violating Many Rules......Just saying. Karsten
  5. Botz, Check the time stamp....This just appeared 1 hour ago for some reason. I did not see any Article that Cranman was referring to until now. I have also seen this same thing posted else where and a lot of Hub Hub about it where it came from and what Guru Contact had made the claim.....Trust me Brother.....We are all in this together and We Are all looking to find that one little diamond Tid Bit in the Rough that pans out. Trust me, I would love to get away to somewhere.....I remember Diving in Cancun, the Bus, walking the Mall and Free Shots of Sauza Blanco Tequila....Straight up, no lime or salt. I still drink that stuff just now I have to drink the Gold. Seems I am about the only person in Utah that drinks Blanco Tequila. You should have seen a bunch of locals when I showed up with a Bottle of Herradera....I told them after the 3rd Shot they would see God. Last I heard many found Religion to be a better way of life. I would love to see this play out....Come down and see your little restaurant, Some good Cerveza, Conch Fritters and look out over the waves rolling up to the shore. Dos Mas Cervaza Por Favor Karsten
  6. Botz, From what I have heard Brexit has been postpone to Late May to June and no more news if it will happen. Botz, Again I am not being Negative....I just see a pattern and when something happens over and over again with no end results I start to question the pattern. I have also noticed a few other things Like kicking the Can Down the Road, I think I started that a few years ago after all the Guru's called it for when ever. Now I just listened to Frank and he is appalled that someone Questioned WS health and bout with Cancer....That was again most likely me as my father died of the same thing. He had it for a year and was dead withing days of them figuring it out. I question things and I will say my peace about it....I still listen to them and I try to find something, anything in their words but every time the same thing happens. Being Overly Positive in hopes one of these guru's know anything want put a spare Peso in your pocket either. I am still hangin in there and looking for that one tid bit that make this thing happen. At the same time I am staying more and more grounded as the years go by that maybe nothing will ever happen so if it does I will be Super Surprised. . Karsten Karsten
  7. Next Phase is the "Supper Secret Guru Speak" for making setting the bait for kicking the Can down the Road....Just in case they all missed the 19th-21 window, Then the 22nd to maybe later this Weekend. The should start Exchanges Monday 25 to Tuesday the 26th and the Back Wall Date of the 31st. So the Next Phase is the next time something possitive happens that will mean....We Are in a Window and everything is looking good for XXXXX Karsten
  8. Now The Powers to Be in D.C. and those surrounding POTUS Trump need to seriously dig in and demand Justice to any and all that were involved....obama, Hillarious, the FBI that were in on it, pelosi, schummer, schiff, water's, comey, mueller rosenstien and keep going leaving no stone un turned. In short they all tried, planned, colluded to over throw a Dulling Elected President to take Illegal Control of the US Government and the United States of America.....Treason and Sedition short and simple........Hang them by the Neck into dead, giving a clear signal to those that would attempt it again. Seize any guilty Parties Assets to repay the American Tax Payer the 40 some Million wasted....Leave their families penniless. No one should profit and thrive from Treason, Extortion, Money Laundering and Play to Play bribes. Karsten
  9. Whoops.......The Liberals aren't going to like this one bit. I don't think this is the end for the lib's....I think it is just the beginning of the end of the democratic party. Karsten
  10. Well Hillarious just can't catch a break......Now the Ukraine is tossing her under the short bus. I have a feeling that with the mounting pile of evidence coming in from El Chapo, Jeffrey Epstien and any # of other people that have been ordered to Testify there are going to be a lot of people taking the easy way out or vanishing all together. Sorta like "Q" claims Bush Sr and mcclown where given options.....Hinting that they were eliminated. Start watching pelosi, shummer, schiff and a number of other and see what happens soon. Karsten
  11. I will just leave this hear. You all figure it out. Karsten
  12. I watched Graham state he wanted it Released to the people and Chuckie the Clowndidn't even want to go there.......I don't think it is over as they haven't found the Damning Evidence they wanted but doesn't exist. I am sure it does show where the Liberals were corrupt, just who paid for the Fisa Warrant and where the Real Russian Collusion was........Hillarious, you have so splanning to do. I did hear today what a big time official in the Ukraine rolled on guess who....Hillarious. If found the mueller deal was a sham I think those behind it need to Personally Re Pay the Tax Payers money they so Willfully Wasted is a means to cover their wrong doings. Not to mention Hanging for Treason. Karsten
  13. Check ebay and pick up what you need....That is where I go to add piece meal here and there. Karsten
  14. I think we will be seeing a lot more Suicides, Exploring Cars and building falling on people here in the next couple weeks.....Obama and Clinton have a lot to be worried about and these people are going to need to be silenced. Karsten
  15. No, springs wear and loss power over the years from use....There have been magazine from WW@ that still work fine in both .45 ACP, .30 Carbine. All my mags were cleaned, springs replaced and new followers back when I bought the. Also don't load your 30 full...stop at 28. Karsten
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