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  1. This has been coming for a long time....Colt sale have been down and with the number of Manufacturers these days it is getting really thought to compete. You can't hardly build a great quality AR when some companies will toss an entry level platform on the market for $400.00. The average guy just getting into shooting will jump on those before spending $800-1500 for the better quality. I have a few older Bushmasters before the company was bought out and went cheap. KAC make a get SR-15 SR-25 but for the Civilian Market they might produce 75 or so a year. POF make awesome stuff but the lowers start around $700.00 with a complete rifle up to $1900-2500.... Colt can drop the Civilian Sales and put more time and effort toward the military Contracts. Heck of a lot easier to Shrink wrap a rifle in Cardboard, pack them 500 to a box/ pallet and not have any warranty to worry about. Handgun sales for the Civilian Market will stay the same but rgw Quality there has suffered as well lately. Karsten
  2. Just listened to Jeff So N So.....Remember back in June or July when he was deadd set we were done with this thing......Time was getting short and Boom he kicked the can down the road to Sept 21-22 and then the Art 140 and the HCL woud be past after the RV/RI on the 21st......Time is come up and guess what.......Boom he is kicking it into Oct as there is no news. for 2 weeks he said they were going to be quiet and now he claims they are too quiet. Reading comments under his You Tube and he has been deemed Just Another Guru and lost the faith of a few of his followers, ' Then shortly after he did a longer video telling everyone to calm down and not loose hope and faith. Guru's........ Karsten
  3. Karsten
  4. It is far worse than people would ever imagine and it goes Global for those that have the money to pay what it takes. There is also a small time circuit that travels from Hawaii, up to Seattle, touches here and there in SLC, down to Texas and then heads East. I had a GF who's Niece up and Vanished only to reappear in Hawaii and started telling her story years ago....20 years I have lived with Trolls, Private Number phone Calls, Websites Hacked, Calls from a number that has not been used for 15 years here abouts. LGD, Just be careful and don't go looking into something you really can't handle....You Sir are a Man of God and you will need all the Strength he can give you to to watch over you and Your Family. Karsten
  5. LGD, Be careful going down this Rabbit Hole.....Some will call it a Conspiracy Theory and nothing Exists....... The sick really do Exist, they are out there and you would never know just how deep this goes. The Media has done everything possible to destroy the story of Comet Ping Pong, Epstein, The Lolita Express, the Now Ladies that are coming out.....These people are out there and they go up very high in those PTB these days with a lot of simple trolls making everything play out. Just today another Doctor bust for Trafficking Children..... Just be careful because you wont like what you see is going on and people will call you nuts......... Karsten
  6. That has been the going price for a few years. 25K note about $32-34.00 USD. Karsten
  7. Today is also the day of the Rare Harvest Mood.....I forget when the last was but the next one wont be until 2046 on a Friday the 13th...... Harvest moon is said too bring Change.......Maybe the Change in the Value of the IQD. Karsten
  8. Honestly....LGD and the other PTB like Texas Granny and Adam.....We have trolls here, Anti American Trolls that do just a bout anything they can to bring their Anti Trump, Anti American crap here. I see numerous posts where LGD is the center of the attacks from those I wont mention........They know who they are and they need to be gone. These 2-3 trolls has nothing to do with the Dinar but are all about anything Anti Trump.....This has been the same BS from the Same People for 2.5 years and it still goes on. These people continue to Insult Members and nothing is done to banish them into the waste land they want to promote.....They seem to get a pass and say what they please Yet you Banned a few members for making mention of some other guy and what ever....... I come here to learn and Gleam anything I can about the Dinar.....I figure this is just about the best place to find that info....At the same time I am an American and Proud of it and live in the greatest Country ever and so do they. There are Forums to Hate Trump, To Hate America, To Hate Americans......Honestly, these people have been here way past there welcome and the Admin and mods knows just who they are. Ban them so we can get to business at hand and not the Hate from the Left Twisting everything anyone says to make them happy. Just my thoughts to make this a better forum. Karsten
  9. While Open carry might be a Right or Legal in your area if is rather foolish IMO......I carry Concealed from the time I wake up until I hit the pillow and then it is close. If you Open Carry you draw Attention of not only other people that hate guns, you draw the attention of those that carry legally Conceal......And, Wait for it......The Bad Guy or Guys. Should you be Open Carrying you have lost the element of Surprise and the Bad Guy will most likely target that person 1st. Another thing to be aware of your choice of apparel......NRA Hats, Come and Take It Hats.....Shirts that are Pro Gun, Pro 2nd Amendment all scream.....Hey, Bad Guy...Over here, I might or most likely do have a Gun. People will Case a Place 1st and take notice of any threat before they act Here is another case in point. Karsten
  10. Then Again" Some People Did Something Again" Rocket Attack on the US Embassy in Afghanistan shortly after Midnight Wednesday. Karsten
  11. I have picked up a little here and there on Ebay from Nevada Coin and Jewelry.....fair prices and he ships fast. Karsten
  12. It is Sunday Night and there are nor Redemption Cemters Open within 50 miles of me.....I will just hang out, have a few more beers and wait until the Local WF opens.....Or I get a text, an email or hell I just might start drinking again and waiting.....Just maybe Madam Woo will drop ship her sister.....Never mind....I better get another beer. Karsten
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