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  1. Karsten
  2. There are so many videos out there just like this one. Then another group has being doing FOIA requests and there is no proof Positive That Covid/Sars 2 is anything more than a common Flu. But they get banned and taken doing as fast as they get found out. I have saved a bunch of then. Karsten
  3. POTUS Trump didn't fly on AF1 or use Marine1 at Davos/Bern in 2021.....Doctored Video from 2018 Karsten
  4. So, Caddieman......Do you have any names. Cities or even areas where these people lived or these like obama WH Staff dressed the Doctor coats Claiming to have known someone that they knew that had a friend Die of Ebola......Another Man Made Hoax to scare and put Fear into people......You will Die if you don't wear a mask. I had Swine (H1N1) and after sleeping on the floor outside my bathroom for 2 weeks I knew I was going to die. I Couldn't eat, drink and I was alone with no help..........12 days later I was thirsty and a little hungry and I was feeling better. Today I
  5. Caddieman....after a year haven't You Figured Covid !9 was nothing more than a Hoax, A Plandemic to kick off One World Order Once they were Rid of Trump....They Knew POTUS Trump wouldn't play ball so blame him or something they had in the works for years. Sure people died but they most likely would have of Natural Causes, Old Age, Auto Accidents, Heartache, Gun Shots or what ever but Hospitals were paid to claim it was the Dread Covid 19. \ Now they are claiming 500,000 people have died of Covid 19.....I don't know anyone that even knows of someone remotely that Actually
  6. I will just leave this right here....It makes perfect sense to me. Karsten
  7. At this point I don't think any of the Upper Level Leadership at the FBI could play Grab A$$ in a dark room....they would most like all come up completely empty and trying to make excuses for themselves and their inability to even grab their own butt to start. The FBI is now just a Shell of what it once was and may Never Recover. Karsten
  8. CL where can I find this to share.....This is awesome. Karsten
  9. Shelly....I sure hope so as it was a Very Strong Hitting Speech Calling out the Left as well as the Rino's in Congress....I keep Hoping for the Best for America, The American People and everyone invested in both IQD as well as the VND..... Karsten
  10. I Listened and thought it was a great speech until he eluded to re Election in 4 years.....There will be no more Free and Fair Elections if the 2020 Election Fraud is not Corrected....It will only get worse to the point where no Conservative will ever dare go up against the Swamp.......The Swamp is Deep and has Wide Roots in both Parties....I used to call them the Good Olde Boys Club. Should this be the end and POTUS Trump is just walking away than there will be No More America, No Justice and the End of the American Way of Life. Very sad day for me. Karsten
  11. The left's way of Justifying/Legitimating a man Beating a Woman and having the ability to walk away unpunished. Pretty darn sad If I don't say so. Way back when I wanted to play on the High School FB Team but I was pretty small and the coach didn't want me to get hurt.....He had the team get a little rough and took me aside and told me these were Team Members, Imagine what the other team will do. That was enough for me but I never tried to sign up for the Girls Team....Boys didn't play on the girls teams back then. Then again we knew who the Boys were and who t
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