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  1. So I take it Pelosi hold a grudge against those that Oppose Her. Karsten
  2. Way past time for Serious Background Checks and Investigations into Every Member of Congress and find the Abuse, Corruption that they are all fighting so hard to cover up by getting rid of Their Problem......POTUS Trump. They aren't there to do the Job the American People Sent them to do.....They are sucking the life out of America and the American people to better them selves. Karsten
  3. Ouch....Pelosi drinks nothing but Top Shelf boozes and guess who footed the bills. Karsten
  4. It appears Clipping pelosi's wings has be long over due. She reserved a G5 every weekend for her own personal use canceling many at the last minute......Can one say Abuse of Power? Karsten
  5. Karsten

    Where is our clown?

    I saw Thug post the other day......One of may favorite.....A Tribute to Thug and his return. Karsten
  6. Karsten

    How to: Cash Out

    TMills.....It can be a very daunting, drawn out process waiting for the 800 #, Madam Woo, Chinese Elders, Reno, the Redemption Centers, the email from someone that doesn't even know you have IQD,. Then you will need to find out what TIER you are in and if there are any sub groups within the TIER and which of those Sub Groups you might be tied to.Then you could be required to make an appointment on even or odd days depending on the Tier, Tier Sub Group and so on. Be sure to schedule at least 2 hours plus, for your appointment, don't show up any earlier than 24 minute or you could be disqualified for that day. Take 3 forms of ID, Utility bills. Birth Certificate, Business Lic and proof of any and all humanitarian projects you are going to be funding. Or you could do like most of us here that don't have all that much time.....Simply check with you banks local branch to see if they exchange (no Cash In) Foreign Currency or where the closest branch is that does....Take the amount you want to that branch and exchange it for US Dollars (assuming you are in the US). Then simple deposit it in you account.....Bingo. No need for a Body Guard, Rental Car, making 3 left turns and 1 right turn before you pull into the parking lot to switch vehicles and you wont need the services of an Armored Car unless you are leaving with a bunch of Gold Bars. Now you just have to WAIT until Iraq and the PTB get serious about putting Iraq back in the World Market Place. Karsten
  7. Pitcher....Thanks, I am just doing what I can to maybe help a few see what they don't want to see or believe.....The more that open there eyes and see what is going on is one less target or opportunity to have to take out. I had to toss that in after a few of someone else's jabs at someone here. Karsten
  8. Bring the Cameras back to show who is saying what........ Karsten
  9. I was just listing to this on Rush.......She is gonna be tick off now. Karsten
  10. Humm, Interesting concept and I will play along. #1. Start an investigation into where the 2006 Secure the Border Money went and why it was not used as thee bill stated. #2. Get the Money and Build the wall plus added security measures alone the Border, ports, airports for both Customs and Border Patrol. #3. Detailed background checks into ALL DACA Applicants (Any with a Criminal Back Ground are Out of Here) and not allowed back. #4. Time limit of say 6 months to 1 years for DACA Applicants to file papers for US Citizenship......Miss the dead line You are out of here. #5. More more Anchor Babies, Birth Right Citizenship. #6. No More Welfare, Free Health care, Social Security and Tax Refunds for Illegals. #7. Employers caught Hiring and Employing Illegals (1st Offense) will be fined $1000.00 per Employee....Payable within 90 days....Period. #8. Employers caught Hiring and Employing Illegals (2nd Offense will be fined $5000.00 per Employee...Payable within 90 Days #9. Employers caught Hiring and Employing Illegals (3rd Offense) Immediate Forfeiture of all Business assets, 1-5 years in prison. #10. Revoke all Drivers Licenses and end all Sanctuary cities, counties or states.....Arrest any and all Government and LEO that Refuse to Follow Federal Law. #11. Any and All Criminals currently serving Life and a Death Sentence for Crimes against Children Shall be Converted to the Death Penalty and the Sentence carried out within 30 days. #12. No More Tax Payer Funded Foreign Aid to Countries that either support Illegal Immigration, Condone or support Terrorism. #12. Start enforcing All Current Laws (within reason of some that were within 100 plus years ago)(Like no riding you elephant after dark on Sundays. #13. Enforce Firearms Background Checks.....You fill out the form and lie and are found to have a Criminal Record 1-5 years. Karsten

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