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  1. Impeachment Inquiry Public Hearings Leave Out Two Witnesses with Exculpatory Evidence Karsten
  2. BREAKING: Oklahoma WalMart Shooter Stopped by Armed Citizen Karsten
  3. BREAKING: Oklahoma WalMart Shooter Stopped by Armed Citizen Karsten
  4. 10 shot, four killed at family gathering in Fresno, California Karsten
  5. Iran shuts down nearly all internet access in response to fuel protests Karsten...The Dude
  6. Trump Impeachment Not Justified by Evidence and Testimony Made Public So Far Adam Schiff used to be an assistant U.S. attorney—a federal prosecutor. Like all people in that position, he had to follow the U.S. Attorneys’ Justice Manual. Before taking a case to a grand jury, much less to trial, Schiff had to convince his boss, in writing, that he had evidence establishing a case. He couldn’t just wing it and submit a case, however weak, based entirely on hearsay, to the grand jury on the off-chance it would indict. Yet that is exactly what Schiff is doing here—throwing witnesses into closed and now open hearings hoping that he can stir the political pot into an impeachment boil. It would undermine our system of government for a duly elected president to be removed through impeachment for partisan reasons. Karsten
  7. Video of the Day: Watch Dan Rather claim ‘truth is closing in’ on Trump, who is running a cult Dan Rather wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and slapped him on the back of the head. Karsten
  8. UH OH! Adam Schiff Releases The WRONG TRANSCRIPT…Instead Of ‘Damning Trump’ It Calls Out Vindman As HIGHLY UNRELIABLE! Karsten
  9. Schiff & Pelosi Change Impeachment Charges To ‘Thought Crimes’ In Desperation So now they are getting their Scripts from old Holliweird movies....What was the one about getting Arrested before you did something evern thought you never did it... Karsten
  10. Humm, So how would she have even known anything about the Tweet had it not been for Shifty Schiff not stopped the Hearing and read it to her? Where is this guy Tax Records and what is his Net Worth? Talk about Witness intimidation.....He came right out and told Sondland to Toe the Liberal line or what happened to roger Stone could very well be your fate as well. Kildee: ‘Very Possible’ Articles of Impeachment Will Include Witness Intimidation Karsten...The Dude
  11. 'This is an inquisition': Schiff denies GOP witness requests on eve of 'fair' public impeachment hearings Karsten
  12. Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Appears To Contradict Herself During Testimony On Bidens, Burisma Karsten
  13. If this is right things are really getting ugly over there. Karsten....The Dude
  14. Concealed Nation Fan Fends Off Three Home Invaders With M&P Shield Karsten
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