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  1. Gracias Amigo. (just practicing my Spanish for my move to Margaritaville)
  2. I already know what songs I'm going to play when I hear the good news: 1-It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere 2-Margaritiaville
  3. One thing I think everyone can agree on is that President Trump is a "no bullshit" kind of guy. By that I mean, he would have little to no patience for an Iraqi Prime Minister coming to him, with nothing to show, nothing to offer. He might say things like "Where's your Oil Law? We want to invest. Where is it? You want our financial help? What have you done for us first? Where is the list of crooks in prison? Have you kicked the Iranians out of your country? You want to trade your currency? You expect me to tell the IMF to let you trade your currency? Why should I? You want to bring in investment? We sent you a list of demands. How many have you done?"....etc. He won't be doing any favors for the Iraqi Prime Minister. It will all be, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. No bullshit. As I recall, after meeting the last Iraqi Prime Minister, Trump said he was impressed that they were the slickest bunch of crooks he had ever met. So in other words he sees right through their games, he won't be fooled by bullshit, if they want anything from him, if they want any help from him, he'll negotiate a deal with Iraq, which takes care of America's interest first, rather than just coddle and cater to the morons who run Iraq, like Obama and Bush did. The ride continues.
  4. Never give up. Trump doesn't quit. If he is re-elected he'll try to put him away, won't ever stop.
  5. Great comment, thanks. I hope Joe Biden gets caught.
  6. Story on Real Clear Politics, about Joe Biden's brother somehow got a large construction contract in Iraq, despite having no experience:
  7. This will go down as one of the most important speeches ever. It is one for the ages, it sums up so much of what is going on, what we are trying to do, to fight an evil sick elite at the heart of the system, that is trying to destroy America. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are "useful idiots" of the elites, who have brainwashed them by buying up the universities, putting in Marxists and post-modernists in charge of educating our children. They are trying to put a tiny elite in charge of all power. They are evil and sick. You must fight them. Stand with President Trump. Fight the evil within our culture. We must kill the terrible beast, the Democrat Party. Pick up your sword and fight. God help us all, if we don't win.
  8. Make the Dinar Great Again!
  9. Hmmmmmm....4th of July coming up....hmmm...RV smell in the air.....
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