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  1. Here's a thought: Joe Biden should send an American delegation to Baghdad, to learn how to implement Voter I.D. and fair elections! 🤣
  2. Question: Does the $200 Million Pizza come with free topping? Hope so, at those prices...
  3. Thank you Adam and everyone for your comments....I know this RV will happen. Adam is right. When it does many of you will have many sensible answers, as to why the RV happened. I read you and your many sensible answers in the different comment threads. You are brilliant people, very smart, very intuitive. As to me when the RV hits, I will continue to believe the first answer I believed, as to why this happened:
  4. Obvious comment of the Day: Who uses the Auctions? The political elite, the economic elite of Iraq....the ones with the most financial acumen. They know "something's up". In poker you call this "A Tell".... Tell...from Free Dictionary by Farlex: Games An unintentional or unconsciously exhibited behavior that reveals or betrays one's state of mind, as when playing poker.
  5. Go Fear Go POW! Go 2021 Go "This will help the banking system to suck in more chunky money" Go $1+
  6. Merry Christmas to all. Be ye Christian or if you are Muslim or an Atheist or Jewish. May the joy of Christ's blessings be with you and your family also. Christ came for all.
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