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  1. Smells right for some reason. 👃
  2. Borat was Jewish. So is the female Ambassador. They would not like either of them.
  3. Or else what? No one goes into a negotiation, without a threat. Was is it?
  4. Thanks for your hard work and integrity Adam. 👍
  5. Horsesoldier, When you mention "polite company" I sure hope you don't mean me. Southbeach? Sure. TB and Where's my RV? Sure. DoD, and screwball, sure. But me? noooooooo. I'm barely housebroken.
  6. Money and greed can make people quite stupid. We've seen that lesson played out in Iraq, a thousand times. Basically this investment is about watching for: "How long can the rich guys in Iraq be stupid with money and destroy themselves?" That's why this investment often feels like we are watching a 3 Stooges episode. Only less funny. Don't let that happen to you in your life. Don't be a Stooge, just laugh at them. I was thinking about that, in my life. I'm an older guy. One of the benefits of being older is I've done many stupid things already in my life. I'm running out of time to do stupid things. And I realize it. Hopefully this will steer me and my boat on course, help me avoid rocks. If you are young when you get a lot of money, be extra careful, as you will have a lot of time, to do stupid things. Money is nice. It gives you opportunity to do fun things, nice things, helpful things, make your life better. But money can turn you into an idiot. A thousand ways to be a fool. ⛵
  7. Maybe Iraq is not on board with OPEC, is trying to do it's own thing or is still terrified of offending America, after being blown up for ten years. The U.S. is likely trying to get Iraq to act as an independent oil producer, without OPEC limits, pressuring them not to be part of OPEC. Politically now Russia and Saudi Arabia are trying to lower production output, in order to raise the price of oil. Russia of course has lots of reasons they want higher energy prices, like getting rich and screwing over the Americans, financing their aggression against Ukraine. Saudi Arabia goes along, as they want to be able to blame Russia for high oil prices, while getting rich, while having an excuse to becoming less under the American thumb of dominance. Blame Russia, go along with Russia, works for the Saudis. The whole world is politically shifting as other countries vie for more power. This is not like the old days of the 1970s when America could tell countries what to do and they would do as they were told. Those days are gone forever. Joe Biden seems to think its still the 1970. Joe's too old to realize global power has shifted under his feet. However that's just one man. Lots of sharp people still around. They may be lining up Iraq, hoping to disentangle them from OPEC influence, to push for Iraqi oil deals and finalizing the Iraq Oil Law, as well as lining up the money, currency exchange a necessary part of controlling and ramping up oil, so long term Europe doesn't have to freeze in the dark. Or, maybe I'm just wishful thinking.
  8. I was thinking about, what are the real reasons I invested in this Dinar? Lots of surface reasons like money, but I came to the conclusion that wasn't the real reason I've stuck around for a long time. The real reason is I believe miracles eventually happen. I'm looking for a lot of happiness in life, I have a list of things I want to do, that will make me happy and help a lot of people out. Yeah, I'm looking for a miracle. And I believe that will happen.
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