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  1. What I've learned from following this site so far: I know nothing...too complicated to understand or predict What I still believe: it will sort itself out in time, it will be fine 😇👍 What I've learned about Iraqis: they are all ****** bags 👜
  2. Actual Saddam Hussein quote I found: "Nothing worse than Kurds in your milk. General, make sure i never see another Kurd again."
  3. My wife bought a new vehicle. A Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm starting a rumor among her friends: she intends to drive it around. I have no proof of this. Just speculation on my part. But her friends think the rumor is true.
  4. Russia is forming it's own G8. A bunch of countries. Brazil, Iran, India etc. My guess on this whole thing in Iraq is, all the stupid stuff we see every day in this Iraq situation, is just Iran interfering, trying to be a World Power, by controlling lots of the world's oil. What appears stupid is mostly nastiness. The real fighting is behind the scenes. It doesn't take 20 years to do this. They screwed over the Iranian currency to try to keep them in line. Yet? Iran is still alive and kicking. This continues to be a proxy war between America and Iran. I hope America wins. Trump said let Russia join NATO. Should have listened to him. Then inflation would have been low. Then the Russian alliance with Iran, would be much weaker. The more America is dependent on getting oil from outside of America, the more beholden America is, to bullshit wars like this. If you buy tickets to a ****-show, you see this: A more powerful position is oil independence, like you had, under Trump. Then you don't have to kiss everyone's ass to get oil. However, that's just more hot will be, what it is. Keep your fingers crossed. Might still work out. Enjoy the **** show.
  5. Fake Mr. Potato Head Maliki quotes, that sound real: "Yeah. You've been waiting patiently for over ten years for an Oil Law and RV. And I'm one of the best candidates these clowns could come up with, to run things. That's right..."
  6. This is very exciting. This is good. Change is good. It gives people the opportunity to change things. The thing about political change that is rarely commented on: change is brought on, by a small percentage of people. That's because a tiny minority of people are the ones that affect most political change in every country. Most people are simply not engaged enough, most people don't do anything, on politics. I mean the get out in the street level of engagement. Fan? Meet Shiite.
  7. I once saw a museum display on the Nabataeans. An ancient Arab people. Went out of business. Few people have even heard of them now. But everyone knows of their building, in a movie with Harrison Ford. A few things changed on economics in the ancient world, the Nabataeans disappeared into the desert sands of time. So I have no doubt that will happen to the present Arabs. I have a small investment in electric batteries and am looking at nuclear energy to invest in. Between the two, the writing is already on the wall for oil. It will just take time. Not happening tomorrow. I'll buy a Tesla if this Dinar works out. Take my Muslim neighbor for a spin. I won't personally destroy their way of life based on oil, but millions of people just like me, we will. You are likely right on the roll out.
  8. Trump called them “the most accomplished group of thieves he’d ever met”—jokingly, according to a former US official who spoke withTheWashington Post
  9. Iraq is such a corrupt country. Once the oil law passes, people will find ways to take advantage of that change, as it will impact the exchange rate. Word will get out. Rumors will fly all over the place. People will want to profit from insider information. So I'm guessing, once the oil law passes, they won't wait to change the rate. It will happen together. Bang. Immediate. Otherwise if there is a time lag between passing the oil law, then changing the rate, people will have an opportunity to take advantage of that delay, as speculators waiting for the price to rise, buying cheap to sell dear, as we have done. Or maybe once they know the law will pass, they might actually change the exchange rate slightly BEFORE the oil law passes. All this is just speculation, on my part. My two cents. Here's a beer for you:
  10. Welcome to the Hotel Bagdad. Such a lovely place 🎹🎶🎸 Such a lovely place Plenty of room at the Hotel Bagdad, You can check out anytime you want... But you can NEVER RV!
  11. The way out of this is obvious: both sides win more, with an oil law. Both sides have a vested interest, in trading their currencies. Both sides can win. Both sides get much much richer, with an oil law, trading their currency. The dumb way out of this is, one side loses, the other side wins. That's for fools. That doesn't help anyone. Having one "loser" in a deal and one "winner" destabilizes the deal. There is so much oil and money in Iraq, should be easy to make everyone a winner, if there is a will. Both sides must win, for a fair deal. Iraq does not lack the tools, to make the Kurds win in this deal, as well as the rest of the country. Handing over the oil file for export is a concession, from the Kurds, if it goes through. Then it would be a time for the Iraqi Federal government to implement changes, where the Kurds win, as well as everyone in the deal wins. The alternative to win-lose is win win. If not? War, eventually. So it's far smarter to hope for peace and a deal.
  12. The reason this is very, very good news: People have pointed out how bad corruption is in Iraq. That's true. How much it slows down progress. That's true. How frustratingly greedy and stupid people are. That's true. How much money people make, in corrupt ways, in Iraq. That's true. But what's missing from their analysis? When you add it up honestly, there is a hell of a lot more money to be made honestly, than corruptly. That's why honest trading wins, in the end. That's why corruption can exist in a country, while the country still thrives, opens to the outside world. Kuwait is corrupt as anything. Yet their currency is worth a lot. That big, beautiful tower, the bank building they built in Bagdad. It will win, in the end. You can't be open to the world, yet somehow not trade your currency. The forces for open trade, are gathering strength in Iraq and will win, for the same reason corruption wins: there is money to be made, in honest trade, just like there is, in corrupt trade. The difference is, in the long run, there is far, far more money to be made in honest trade, than corrupt trade. This is similar to Italian Americans and the mafia. Many early Mafia leaders from Italy, they were very very intelligent men. Due to lack of education etc. they were cut off from achieving their potential in they turned to corruption. One Italian American who knows all about this is Rudy Giuliani. Brilliant guy, friend of President Trump. Another guy who knew this was John F. Kennedy's dad, who made his fortune running illegal booze between Canada and the United States, during Prohibition. Don't worry about this. Have a beer and relax. We already won. We're just waiting for the result to come it.
  13. Stay well, horsesoldier, I need you around to avoid my starry eyed optimism, from overtaking I'm way too optimistic about this investment. I see a pile of poop, I say, "Hey, anyone got some bread? I make me, a nice sammich!" 🤪
  14. The biggest reason for the long delay is the same reason, for the great reward for us, at the end: Money There is so much money floating around Iraq. This makes corrupt people, even more corrupt, it delays progress. Money is wonderful, but also the worst thing, it corrupts human beings. Basically useless people are given an opportunity in Iraq, to steal money. So they do, rather than earn a living. I remember once reading about Japan, how they had virtually no resources. You'd think this was bad, but what it did, it forced them to be clever and work hard....resulting in phenomenal success that we all respect. Money? A blessing and a curse. Don't worry, we'll get there....
  15. It's all bargaining. Don't worry about it. They are in it, for themselves. When time is right, they'll do it. It's not about me or you. They don't care about us, or even their own people. Might take pitchforks, who knows? Let them sort it out. Have a beer. Relax. It' gonna be fine.
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