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  1. Gagged by his dominatrix maybe... (Did I say that out loud?)
  2. If they wanted to catch the world off guard, THAT is how they could do it!
  3. I'm betting that he doesn't realize that TRANSPARENCY has been granted. Sad lurker...
  4. "stopped Iraq on Monday from not notifying the world" His good grammars raises flem in my throat...
  5. @Adam MontanaI am glad to hear that you have a LIFE! I've said it before but it bares (bears?) repeating. You getting offline a bit has helped to decrease MY addiction to the "news" as well! THANK YOU for helping me to realize that I have a life also!
  6. I don't see "VIP" near your avatar so it looks like you aren't one of those members. I'd advise you to tap on Adam's name anywhere you see it, scroll down on his profile to see his content, and catch up on all he has posted within the last few months. THERE you will find his explanation and avoid looking like...... Better still, pay to be a VIP and take advantage of the opportunity to receive more information.
  8. I've got your international best practices right here.
  9. I, too appreciateall contributions, but want to see the information AS SOON AS POSSIBLE regardless of who starts a thread.
  11. I love hearing from @Adam Montana But I'm going to go out on a limb and say if anybody needs an update, they haven't been paying attention! I'm hoping that the next thing I hear from him is my text notification.
  12. For anyone looking for updates (or ANY news Adam shares) just tap his name or avatar and scroll down to his "Activity" tab.
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