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  1. Is there still a discount on VIP? And if so, what is it? I have a friend who wants to join us! 😊
  2. I got that awhile back. Just ignored it. I think several others posted that they received and ignored it as well.
  3. I just lost my mom a few months ago. Sure wish I could have her here to do that too. Good for you Pitcher. She'll love it!
  4. I was thinking the same thing about myself!! Glad he clarified what it was! 😂😂🤣
  5. Thanks! That was awesome to watch!! And educational..
  6. Can you email me @
  7. I might be interested if you still have it.
  8. That was quite a dream!! While I wouldn't want things to happen quite like that, I hope it means something good! And....'soon'.. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Do you still have the dinar for sale?
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