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  1. 2005 is when I got into the Dinar game, all of my was purchased thru Ali too. This investment was supose to be over in 2006? With all the millions we were going to make and capital gain taxes, the U S Treasuery was going to have so much money! Like George W. said, the war won't cost us anything? well, that didn't work out, but its been nice to be apart of a great comunity here in DV. Spoey
  2. I like that idea Alreis, Iraqi finance ministers should br talking to Ripple.
  3. Thanks Adam , great excitment forsure! throw a lottery winn on top of an RV! POW!!!
  4. wow Synopsis, you really do the math!! I appreciate the info. this is really positive for Bagdad,
  5. Good Morning All, that's some seriouse cash!!! for a suspended sentance!
  6. Yikes, these animals are good specimens of malnutrision!! obviously the war torn area has no feed! you don't see that with our buffalo our west here!! thanks for the pics!!
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