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  1. Are we (Dinar Vet Members) considered a Tier 4 Internet Group to exchange or Are we considered Tier 5 Public exchangers? Please Advise. Thank You
  2. Has anyone been following the stories of Treasury Direct Accounts? If so, does anyone have info of how to access them or any pertinent info regarding them?
  3. Where do I purchase a ticket and the cost of a ticket?
  4. Good Morning, I know I should not be reading other forums and sites, however would just like to know what is meant when there is talk about 800#s coming out. I know probably a silly ? but it is what it is. LOL Thanks
  5. Good afternoon, My? is in regards to Non Disclosure Agreements. From what I have read, NDAs will be required to be signed in order to exchange currency. It is my understanding that the NDAs will put many restrictions (other than not disclosing info) on us. According to some info, they are a document to trap us into what the government intends for us such as labeling us traitor or enemies of the state by getting us to talk to them by asking us ?s etc. thus enabling the to confiscate our funds along with other requirements mandated by the government. Please advise to any knowledge
  6. Good Afternoon, Am writing to inform that I did not receive adams email sent this week. Week of the 22nd Feb. Checked my profile and my email is listed and I am a VIP & OSI member. Please advise. Kjnrainman
  7. Thanks Adam, This Louisiana Cajun thoroughly agrees. True Americans feel the same way.
  8. Why doesn't the Speaker and Representatives know this. How can they make laws if they do not know the procedures with which to make them. Dah, wake up. OUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOMS ARE AT STAKE!!!
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